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Sticks with No Words

(descriptions and pictures coming soon!) The numbers in parentheses mean there is more than one from the same place, usually a different kind

bulletbeige one in shape of crook
bulletbeige one w/football
bulletbeige one w/small crest
bulletsmall beige one w/fleur-de-lis
bulletblack one w/sun face on top
bulletblack one w/ball on top
bulletblack one w/owl w/moving eyes
bulletblack one w/witch
bulletblack one w/treble clef
bulletblack one w/bowling guy
bulletblack one w/nude woman on top
bulletblack one w/building on top
bulletblack one w/drama faces
bulletblack one w/ornate thing at top
bulletblue one w/ball on top
bulletblue one w/golf club
bulletblue one w/owl w/moving eyes
bulletblue one w/fish on top
bulletblue one w/snow globe on top
bulletblue swordfish
bulletblue one w/sailboat on top
bulletblue one w/elephant on top
bulletblue one w/mermaid on top
bulletblue glass (2)
bulletblue whistle
bulletblue one w/sailboat on top
bulletblue one w/shell on top
bulletblue one w/hand at end
bulletlight blue one w/ball on top
bulletsmall blue one w/arrow
bulletbrown one w/Thanksgiving theme
bulletbrown one w/ranching brand on top
bulletbrown one w/ornate thing at top 
bulletbrown twig, painted w/trim
bulletlong clear one
bulletanother clear one (different)
bulletclear one w/martini on top
bulletclear drinking glass, bubbly
bulletclear ghost
bulletclear one w/woman diving on top
bulletclear glass one w/chili pepper on top (3)
bulletclear one w/blueberries on top
bulletclear one w/red strawberry on top
bulletclear one w/watermelon on top
bulletclear one w/yellow pineapple on top
bulletclear one w/lime wedge on top
bulletclear one w/flowery thing on top
bulletclear purple
bulletclear skeleton arm
bulletglass one w/scoop at bottom
bulletglass one w/gold temple(?) on top
bulletglass green w/ball on top
bulletglass one w/cactus on top
bulletgold sparkly one
bulletsparkly gold one w/yellow whistle
bulletgold barb wire
bulletgold clear one w/lion on top
bulletgold sparkly one w/star
bulletgold metal one w/sun face on top
bulletgold one w/trumpet on top
bulletsmall gold golf club
bulletgreen glass one
bulletgreen one w/ball on top
bulletgreen sword
bulletgreen one w/paddle at end (2)
bulletgreen one w/ball on top and pointy end
bulletflat green clear one w/ball on top
bulletgreen one w/palm tree at top
bulletgreen one w/smiling clover on top
bulletgreen one w/indian
bulletgreen one w/odd monster-like design
bulletgreen one w/white hat on top
bulletgreen curvy one w/clover
bulletgreen one w/Christmas tree
bulletgreen one shape of palm tree
bulletgreen one w/ranching brand on top
bulletgreen mermaid
bulletgreen one w/cactus on top (2)
bulletgreen one w/carriage on top
bulletlarge clear green palmtree
bulletdark green clear one w/black hippo
bulletdark green clear rifle (2)
bulletgrey one w/ball on top
bulletmarbled one w/ball on top
bulletmetal spoon w/leaf
bulletorange one w/pumpkin
bulletclear orange one w/ball at top
bulletorange clear one w/football and helmet
bulletorange barbed wire
bulletorange one w/basketball (flat) on top (2)
bulletorange one w/anchor and ship's wheel on top
bulletorange one w/ship on top
bulletorange snake one w/black trim
bulletorange one w/naked woman
bulletorange one w/shell on top
bulletpink one w/ball on top
bulletpink one w/flowers on top
bulletdark pink one w/silver car on top
bulletpink flamingo
bulletpink one w/parrot on top
bulletpink one w/round flowered top (looks like a letter opener)
bulletpink one w/fish on top
bulletshort pink one w/flamingo
bulletpurple one w/flower at top and ball at bottom
bulletpurple palm tree
bulletpurple w/round top and gold swirly
bulletred one w/ball on top
bulletred one w/ball on top (different than other)
bulletred one w/Chinese building on top
bulletflat red one
bulletdark red one w/bird on top
bulletred one w/wreath on top (2)
bulletred one w/hippo doffing hat
bulletred one w/letters on top and spoon on the bottom
bulletred, flat, clear one w/pink elephant on top
bulletred one w/Santa on top
bulletred one w/donkey on top
bulletred one w/heart on top
bulletred one w/star in circle on top
bulletred one w/golf club on top
bulletred one w/fleur de lis on top
bulletred one w/3D bowling card attached
bulletred flower
bulletred one w/lips on top
bulletred one w/shell on top
bulletred one w/O at top and black tie
bulletred one w/gold man's face
bulletred tennis racket
bulletshort red one w/elephant
bulletshort red one w/gold lady on top
bulletsilver metal golf club
bulletsilvery glittery one
bulletturquoise one in shape of dolphin
bulletturquoise one w/parrot on top
bulletwhite coffee stirrer
bulletsmall white one w/monogram on top
bulletsmall white one w/some type of flower
bulletwhite one w/dolphin on top
bulletlong white one w/large red round thing on top
bulletwhite one w/Santa
bulletlong white one w/camel
bulletwhite one w/checkered flag on top
bulletwhite one w/silver snowflake
bulletwhite one w/shell on top
bulletlong white one w/pelican on top
bulletwhite one w/blue tennis racket painted on
bulletshort white one w/elephant
bulletwooden one
bulletwooden one w/clear round Asian-like thing attached (2)
bulletwooden one w/painted bird on top (2)
bulletyellow lightning bolt
bulletyellow one w/round top
bulletyellow one w/ball on top
bulletsmall yellow one w/bird on top
bulletyellow one w/pumpkin on top
bulletyellow one w/balloons on top
bulletyellow one w/circles on top
bulletbig yellow spoon
bulletyellow one w/lemon wedge on top
bulletyellow key
bulletyellow flamingo
bulletyellow one w/orange sun-face on top
bulletyellow one w/parrot on top
bulletyellow one w/sombrero on top, red trim
bulletbrownish-yellow one w/moose on top
bulletbrownish-yellow one w/pink elephant on top
bulletone w/candy cane shape and colors. 

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