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I spend most of my time working on my web page at http://www.tvmegasite.net; taking classes; taking photos; and taking care of our house, and my puppy, Brandy.  Sometimes, we travel, which is a lot of fun.

Any time I'm not on my own site, I'm either posting on my blogs or on social media.

I used to spend much of my time online in Delphi's Forums.  I don't go on there much any more, but there are some good places.  The only one I go to any more (that's not mine) is The Star Trek Forum. My own forums are for my TV site: Primetime Forum, ABC Soaps Forum, CBS Soaps Forum, Days and Passions Forum, Port Charles Forum, Sunset Beach Forum, and my Volunteers Forum (Closed--only people who work for my site may join and read).

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I do have other interests besides singing, t.v. and movies. Here are lists of my other hobbies and collections that you might find interesting.  Click on the picture! (However, I rarely have time to updated these pages)

Bears Picture Collecting Stuff- lists of all my collections, trading info, links and more.


Computer Photo Computer Tips-Where to download interesting programs and other things I've learned. Especially good for webpage makers!


picture of painting Drawing and artwork - by me!


catalog picture I used to like to order from mail order catalogs (now I shop online)…here are many I like.


I love to grow plants, especially indoors (although I'm bad at it).


Food platter picture Cooking - recipes

Star Wars figures in a line

These are pages I hope to put up eventually:

Space Ship picture General Science Fiction - info about conventions, fandom, and newsletters; what's new and interesting on the 'Net. 


Fountain Pen picture Writing/Reading- my own work and others', not all of it science fiction.

Picture of money Sweepstaking - Why I do it, tips, general faqs, newsletter addresses, new sweeps I've found.


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