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How to have text scroll across the bottom of the Web browser on your HTML page

First, type this url into your browser (or click here):

Your browser should prompt you to save the file, do so. You will need to put it in the same directory as your homepage. Then put the following code into your HTML document (highlight it with your cursor and copy it, then paste it):

<APPLET CODEBASE="YOURURL" CODE="BkmTexter.class" WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0><PARAM name=line1 value="Welcome to my home page......"><PARAM name=line2 value="Be sure to check out the photos of me and my friends......"><PARAM name=line3 value="By the way, this is a JAVA applet."><PARAM name=line4 value="More about JAVA on the homepage of BKM Online:"><PARAM name=delay value=75><PARAM name=chars value=100></APPLET>

Where is says "YOURURL" type in your own URL. Substitute whatever you want to scroll across the bottom of the screen into the parts where my text is, such as "Welcome to my Home Page". You can add or substract lines, too. Delete whichever code you don't want to use. For example, if you only wanted it to scroll one line of text across, you would delete everything from <PARAM name=line2 to <PARAM name=delay value=75>

Or if you want to add more text, then add the code <PARAM name=line5 value="This is my new text…">

Substitute your own text and add as many as you want; just make sure to change the number after <PARAM name=line I think <PARAM name=delay value=75> tells it how fast to scroll across, so you can experiment with it to make it go faster or slower by changing the number 75 to something else.

This is a JAVA applet, so now you can tell people you've added JAVA to your homepage! It's that simple.

I got this applet from BKM Online so I always give them credit. You can, too.

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