How to make a popup menu like the one on my page at

Thanks to Sattar!

1) Create a new file, make sure you save it as popup.htm

2) In the above page do whatever you want to do, i.e. create links, blah, blah,... then save it (popup.htm), we now have finished with this page.

3) Open your main page that you want to have the popup menu come up on.

4) Copy and paste in the script below, right underneath the line that the command <HEAD> appears at the top of the page



<!-- Begin

function popupPage() {

var page = "popup.htm";

windowprops = "height=400,width=400,location=no,"

+ "scrollbars=no,menubars=no,toolbars=no,resizable=yes";, "Popup", windowprops);


// End -->



5). Now go down the list a bit and you see the body section of HTML,

which is something like this

<body background="../_themes/wood2/blbkgnd.gif" bgcolor="#D2B893" text="#004221" link="#800000" vlink="#CC0000" alink="#00CC33">

just delete the word body, and nothing else

6.) Copy and paste the script below just before the word background


BODY onLoad="setTimeout('popupPage()', 5000);"


8). Now the section will look like this

< BODY onLoad="setTimeout('popupPage()', 5000);"

background="../_themes/wood2/blbkgnd.gif" bgcolor="#D2B893"


link="#800000" , blah, blah, blah............

9). Now save your page.

10) OK, now, theoretically, when people go to your page, the above script will open popup.htm, size 400 by 400 pixels after 5 seconds delay. If you want a different size page just mess about with the height and width figures in the first part of the script. If you want different time delay, mess up with figure 5000, in the second part of script (i.e. 5000 represents 5000 milli seconds which is 5 seconds, so if you want 3 seconds delay change 5000 to 3000)


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