RealSystem Audio and Video RealPlayer 8.0

Quicktime Download this program and you can see .avis and JPEG's easily on your own PC.

Seattle Filmworks Get your film developed by them and get it back on disk for only a few bucks extra!

The PocketThe Pocket Lots of great multimedia stuff, including electronic cards you can make.

JFAX Personal Telecom Get your faxes and voice mail through your email!

Faxsav Similar to JFAX but without the voice mail.  Tons of great screensavers for your computer

ICQ An instant chatting program for you and your friends (My number is #17667960!)

ICQ Private Helpdesk

Computing Out Loud Page about speech recognition software.

Bonzi Software Download Voice E-mail 4.0 and other fun programs (not free)

Scanning Tips The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and hints, fundamentals and other basic scanning information to help you get the most from your scanner.

3d Greetings Create animated email messages


Making Your Own Wav Files

CameraWare -- Your high-speed, zoomable, multi-channel, Internet video solution!

Club Photo

AudioPix - Multimedia Software for Creating MP3 Slideshows

Third Voice | builder's tools

Welcome to streaming webcam video picture community

My Free LD Make phone calls with your PC

BuzMe  Free Internet Call Waiting and Voice Mail

  Streaming music on different channels!

See more music programs/links on my Music Page

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