Freeware Home Collection of free software and internet services

PC Computing's 1001 best downloads Very cool. and Two great pages from C|Net, I use them all the time!

Tucows Shareware

Nerds Heaven Tons of free stuff, mostly software.

Happy Puppy Big games site!



Puzzle Depot's Puzzle Library Download Across Lite, a great puzzle program.

AmericaOnLine software to download for a free trial membership.

Prodigy software to download for a free trial membership.

CompuServe Free trial membership.

BHS2 32-bit Download Center

Pegasus One of the best email programs around, and it's FREE!

VitalSigns Netmedic It works with a user’s browser to monitor, isolate, diagnose, and correct Internet or intranet performance problems.  Download a free trial version!

nonags.gif (2063 bytes) NoNags freeware and shareware.

Alchemy Mindworks Software, books and other resources

Surplus Direct Cheap software and hardware to buy. But their customer service STINKS!

Microsoft Free Downloads, especially check out Dialup Networking 1.3 for Windows  If you have an older copy of Windows 95, you should download this newer version of Dialup Networking--it will help your Internet connection!

Internet Tools, Browsers, and Viewers

List of the Best Software on the Net

Ztec Software Homepage

EastBay Technologies

The MantaDB Utilities

PIBMUG.ORG - Dec97 - Current Meeting Files

GameZone Online - The PC Gamer Connection!

ZDNet Downloads - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more


Download Gator - freeware internet utility.

Freeware - Free Software for Windows

FREE Download Accelerator Plus - Software And Driver Updates

Robin Keir's home page - Software


jrmac Enterprises - software,books,magazines,gambling,john macinnis

BlackWidow is a web site scanner, a site mapping tool, a site ripper, a site mirroring tool, an offline browser, an FTP program, and a snooping tool.  It's $40 with a 30-day trial. That's ideal because unless you have a dramatic need, most of you will try it out of curiosity and won't use it   more than a few times.  The site's often not working so you can grab a copy from PIBMUG. It's an 884K file that installs automatically. If you're a  novice, you'll have a little trouble understanding it. Read the text file first (it ends in TXT). "-Steve Bass

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