Computer Companies

Aphids CommunicationsA great new Web design firm run by my friend Susan and her partner.

Netscape Download it now! You will be assimilated, resistance is futile…


Apple, Inc. No, I don't have a Macintosh! But I use to work on an Apple IIE in school.

Adobe Download great programs like Acrobat and Amber!

GadgetWorld - Your No.1 Gadget Shop for Cool Gadgets and Rare Innovations from Around The World

McAfee Makers of VirusScan

 inKlineGlobal. Visual Day Planner for Windows!

Opera  A really good browser that doesn't take up nearly as much room as the other two...

Earthlink A good cheap ISP, especially if you travel a lot and have to check your email...

The Door  My old ISP.  If you live in Lubbock, check it out!  Cheap prices, great service.

[DownloadMall.Com -- Great Software Instantly!]

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All documents created using Microsoft FrontPage. Graphics created using many products over the years. Currently I use MS Paint, ThumbsPlus, and MS PhotoDraw for all other graphics.

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