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Don't miss the tips page I've made!

Botspot.com  Learn all about bots!  Fun!

Guide to finding Drivers  Looking for a particular missing driver for your sound card, etc.?

Qbasic Learn Basic for free!   Here is how to download it if you don't have it.

Richard's Programming Page   Lots of neat stuff about programming and how to use it.

3DTop A program that makes your desktop icons 3D.

Paste'm Notes 1.0 A reminder program for those of us who are forgetful!

Welcome to emachines - e4me.com

UCITA a licensing time bomb

Welcome to the WordStar Resource Site!

Inkjet Cartridges - high quality and low prices! Online shopping and free delivery!

PC World.com May 2000: - Five Tools to Make Your Windows Shine


PC Clock Sync

How TheMail puts a buck or two in your pocket

E-Stamp Offer

Webshots - Download the Ultimate Screen Saver and Wallpaper Today!

Printsville: Home

Learn how to cut, copy and paste with the BIG 4 Forum's fun, easy-to-understand ''Cut, Copy and Paste'' Tutorial! --Page 1

BIG 4 Forum: Dell, Gateway, Quantex & Micron [Message Board, Chat Room]['Cut,Copy & Paste' Tutorial][Trivia & Useless Information]

Viking Office Products

BugNet The World's Leading Provider of Software Bug Fixes

Computer Certification Learn how to get certified from about.com

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All documents created using Microsoft FrontPage. Graphics created using many products over the years. Currently I use MS Paint, ThumbsPlus, and MS PhotoDraw for all other graphics.

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