Web Services

C|Net The Computer network; an invaluable resource.

Yahoo! Internet Life Monthly magazine that I subscribe to; or try their Yahoo! Internet Life Daily.

.net Magazine A British Internet magazine

John Labovitz's e-zine-list A list of all the Internet 'zines

Technofile The consumer's non-technical guide to today's technology.

WIRED.COM News and much more! Great magazine, too

American Greetings Forget Me Not service This is so cool! Type in those dates you always forget, like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day…and they will send you an email reminder! It works great.

Bet@ Books  Free computer books (before they're published) from McGraw-Hill

A Web of Online Dictionaries   Tons of online dictionaries, for all different languages!

SelectSurf  Internet Guide

Alexa  Download this Internet Guide, sounds cool

Microtimes The Buyer's Source for Business Technology

EntryPoint Push service/Software for bringing news and info to your PC.


Reference Desk Best source for facts on the web

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