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Suzanne's Fun and Favorite Links

Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet

The Cybergrrl Webstation Women (grrls) on the Internet.

Infinet's Cool Site of the Day One of the first "cool sites"!

The Official Bottom 95% of all Web Sites Funny links site!

25 Most Useful Sites From Yahoo Internet Life

Hot Links! - A Major Bit of Web Linkage

SPR-The Society for Parental Responsibility Links to all the programs that help parents block sites for their kids.

How Now Top Web sites

CyberTeddy Online's Top 500

The Internet Index  Links, search engine and more!

Geoffrey's Geek Site of the Day

Internet Websites Top 100

The Front Page

Astounding Websites

LookSmart - Your Guide to the Internet! User-rated guide to the Web

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