Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center A FANTASTIC resource for both newbies and those who've been around awhile!!!

Navigating the Net Help with getting around the 'net from Delphi, the online service.

Newbie U.   Great help for newbies to get more knowledgeable on the Net The complete reference to Usenet Newsgroups, FTP sites and Discussion Groups.

Yahoo's List of MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, etc. All you people into these role playing games, here is a giant list of lots of those that you can play in real-time.

Internet Resources Database

Developer's Resources Resources for serious programmers

Symantec Antivirus Research Center Information about viruses.

The List A huge list of Internet Service Providers.

Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic Help with computer stuff.

Typing Injury FAQ Home page Wrist hurt? Check it out.

Keyboard Yoga  Helpful exercises you can use to keep from getting typing injuries.

Electronic Postcards Links Page Send lots of fun postcards to your friends through the Web and email!

The Commodore Forum Information about using this computer, for those of us who still have them lying around…FAQ and more!

Dummies Daily From the people who bring you super books like "Windows for Dummies", daily tips on everything from surfing to using Microsoft Office 97.

Tipworld Sign up for helpful email newsletters about computer and Internet stuff

Using the Internet for Research FAQ Helpful FAQ on how to use the Net for research.

Windows Lots of help for using the operating system.

What time is it? Cool java applets tell you what time is it where you are or other parts of the world.

Rob's Internet Gadget List  A huge list of lots of great stuff!!!

Free Internet Services Some good links

OneList  Free mailing lists!  Make your own or sign up with someone else's.

Egroups  Same as the one above.

Listbot Same as the two above (I use this one)

World Wide Web FAQ's Help with lots of programs and with surfing

Smartbounce  Manage your email lists better

Mailstart Check any mail box from the Web!

iName  Get a better way to have people find you, and more

Juengerman Help Desk Help with surfing, finding things and much more!

Cookies from Learn about what they are, why so many people overreact to them, and how to put them on a website.

Chris' Place  Aimed at new Web-surfers.

Internet FAQ Consortium Links of (possibly) all the FAQ's available on the Web from newsgroups. A wealth of information on every subject.

Dejanews View and post to newsgroups on the Web.  Convenient search!

Net EZ User

BookmarksPlus - The Ultimate FREE Web-based Bookmark Solution

Internet Call Manager get phone calls while you're online

Windows 3.1 FAQ

high speed

InternetBOOST '99


SpamCop a great site for getting rid of email spam!

DSL LIFE: The Consumer's Guide to xDSL Technology

Welcome to eDock

BackupNet - Online Backup Software for Internet, Intranet or Dialup Backup

Welcome to Xdrive - Your FREE Hard Drive on the Internet! Network - Tons of Free Multimedia Postcards


How to Avoid Trojans in your mail

Snopes - Urban Legends References Page

Web-Based File Storage Services

MediaRing Talk

Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis

Broadband Digital Group - 100% FreeDSL

Ask Me Help Desk - The coolest calendar on the net!

PIBMUG.ORG - Audio Archives

Netiquette Home Page -- A Service of

Junkbusters: Alert on Web Privacy

Quickdot Forums Help with javascript, html and a lot of others things

Zing Free Email Greeting Cards and Online Photo Album Domain name lookup

JunkBusters Keep spam  another annoying things away

Anonymizer Anonymous web surfing and more

SilentSurf another anonymous web surfing service

PCPitStop Free pc tuneup

Choose Your Mail Get special offers and free stuff in your mail Online activity center

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