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OLIVIA was the star singer at the 2000 Olympics' opening ceremonies!  Buy the official video or dvd


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Women's Wire article

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Singer Olivia Newton-John will receive the American Red Cross Humanitarian Award for her dedication to community education and to helping people in need. Newton-John, a breast cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy in 1992, was chosen by 10 local chapters of the American Red Cross. The Fox TV drama "Party of Five" will receive a Red Cross Spirit Award for story lines covering important health and safety issues, the organization said. "The awards recognize people who elevate the public consciousness on critical issues and help people in need," said Jenny Cooney, who is chairing the March 6 awards ceremony in Santa Monica.

Olivia was on the cover of Parade Magazine Sunday, July 5th, 1998!

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Last year was the 20th anniversary of the release of "Grease"!  Look for it in your local video store.

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old news: I hope you got to catch Olivia on "Murphy Brown", she was great!

Olivia was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show--Download clips and other stuff

From the Soap Opera Digest site: "A THEME SONG FOR ATWT'S DYNAMIC DUO This Is Our Moment, a new love song written by pop singer Olivia Newton-John and the Emmy nominated songwriters Victoria Shaw and Earl Rose, debuted on As The World turns on January 13. Sung by Newton-John, the song was heard during Lily and Holden's (Martha Byrne and Jon Hensley) wedding reception. This Is Our Moment marks Shaw and Rose's second collaboration for ATWT. Their first effort, All For The Sake Of Love, aired on the soap last year and earned them an Emmy nomination. This Is Our Moment was recorded by the Grammy-award winning Newton John and appears on her upcoming album from MCA."

Buy Olivia's new album, Back With a Heart!

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