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Billy Preston, often known as "The Fifth Beatle" because he played keyboards on three of the albums, died. Click on the link to visit his web site that has information about his death.

June 1st, 2006:  Despite their recent high court battle, Apple Computers want Beatles music available on their iTunes service. "We certainly will do everything we can to get them on iTunes," vice president of iTunes Eddie Cue said. "The Beatles aren't available in any digital format today but they are going to be one day. We certainly hope that happens on iTunes." Earlier this week, the high court ruled against Apple Corps' claim that Apple Computers were in breach of their 1991 agreement, which stated that Apple Computers were not allowed to use the "Apple" name or logo to promote their music services.

May 30th, 2006: Macca Named "Top Vegetarian"
The National Vegetarian Society has revealed Paul McCartney topped a recent poll for the UK's favourite veggie.
The poll was conducted during the 2006 National Vegetarian Week, with Morrissey coming a close second. Paul's daughter, Stella, was named as the most popular female vegetarian celebrity.
Paul commented, "I am really thrilled. People are becoming more aware of what they eat and where it comes from but many still don't make the connection between their own actions and the suffering and death of a real living creature."
"Once you truly understand the consequences of buying and eating meat, you can't claim to care without going vegetarian."
Other nominations included Joanna Lumley, Fiona Phillips, Martin Shaw and Tobey McGuire.

May 25th, 2006: It's A "Magical Mystery Tour" For The Beatles
The Beatles embarked on a "Magical Mystery Tour" yesterday, as the first ever Madame Tussauds wax models of the famous four were returned on their spiritual home on the 14:17 high speed Virgin Trains service from London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street.
It was First Class all the way for the life like models from the "Hard Day's Night" era as they were accompanied back to the North, to their new home at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool's Albert Dock, where a private collector has donated them.
Jim Rowe, spokesperson from Virgin Trains commented: "We were delighted when we received the request to transport the band from London up to Liverpool on one of our Pendolino trains. The Beatles Story chose to transport the group on a Virgin train as it is the quickest and safest way to get to Liverpool in just 2hrs and 29min. Our on board staff are excited to be in such close proximity to such A list stars and I expect passengers will certainly look twice as they see them loaded on and off the train at London Euston and Liverpool Lime Street Stations!"
To celebrate the return of Paul, John, George and Ringo to the Albert Dock, Virgin Trains has also teamed up with the Beatles Story Museum to offer 1/3 off admission fees to "Day Tripping" Beatles fans when a valid Virgin Train "Ticket To Ride" is presented at entry. This will run from 1 July through to 30 September.

May 17th, 2006: Heather Mills and Paul McCartney split

Capitol Records just released (April 11) Capitol Albums Vol.2 - The Beatles. Below you will find links to approved publicity photos, a review in Rolling Stone, the EPK (electronic press kit), the official press release, a link to the Vol. 2 MySpace profile, and an Amazon.com buy link .
Publicity Photos (Apple Corps Ltd.)
Rolling Stone Magazine 5 Star Review
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Windows Media High
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RealPlayer High
QuickTime Low
QuickTime High
Beatles Myspace Page
Amazon Buy Link

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Movie about Linda! 

Article from Newsweek about Standing Stone.
Article from AOL about Standing Stone.

Paul going to the Hall of Fame! 
Official Hall of Fame site

Paul and Linda's song gets banned!
Ringo to tour again!

Article about fake Beatles discs

NEW BEATLES SONG: The Beatles are back - sort of. Paul McCartney reportedly has collaborated with the Welsh pop group Super Furry Animals on "Free Now," a new song which includes out-takes from the Beatles's recording sessions in the '60s. "It's a new little piece of the Beatles," McCartney told Britain's Sun. "[It's] an outbreak from my normal stuff."

MCCARTNEY IN LOVE AND WITH HIS DAUGHTER: Paul McCartney is talking for the first time about his romance with model Heather Mills. The former Beatle says that his new love helped him cope with losing his wife Linda, who died two years ago of breast cancer. "Obviously, I'd been going through a hard time," McCartney said on the British show, Stars and their Lives, in which Mills was profiled. "Now I've got romance back in my life. I love her, and I get a lot of pleasure from that."  Paul recently attended an event where he presented his daughter Stella with Designer of the Year award.  "I I had no idea he was coming here," said a dazed McCartney, "And I'm a bit freaked out".  Paul wore a t-shirt that said "It's about flippin' time".  Stella wore a similar shirt at his induction to the Hall of Fame (it wasn't as polite).

George Harrison Dies (if this link is not working, try here)
George Tribute

The Anniversary of John's death (if this link is not working, try here)

Check out the Beatles Album of #1 hits, "1".

Recent Beatles-Related News!

Linda Click here to find more information about Linda's death (and 
pictures of her and Paul) that I got off of AOL. 

Paula Yates funeral.............

The funeral in the 12th century church is expected to attract a list of celebrities, including ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and Jools Holland, a musician who used to work with Yates in television, British newspapers said. 



Cycling-Spanish riders sign for Linda McCartney team

MADRID, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Two of the riders representing Spain at the Sydney Olympics will be joining the Linda McCartney Foods Procycling team next season a spokesman for their present team confirmed on Friday. 

Miguel Angel Martin Perdiguero and Juan Carlos Dominguez both ride for the Vitalicio outfit which will be wound up at the end of this season when the team's sponsors withdraw from cycling. 

The two riders will join fellow Spaniard Inigo Cuesta of the ONCE team who has already signed up for British-based outfit. 

The team was set up by former Beatle Paul McCartney's wife Linda just before her death from cancer in 1998 in order to demonstrate that it is possible to perform at the highest level in sport while following a vegetarian diet. 

All the team's cyclists are obliged to become vegetarians when they sign their deals with the team. 

09:04 09-22-00


That Was the Week That Was

.c The Associated Press

Entertainment highlights during the week of Sept. 24-30: 

In 1967, John Lennon and Paul McCartney appeared on ``The David Frost Show'' to talk about the virtues of transcendental meditation as taught by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

In 1969, ``Abbey Road,'' the Beatles' last studio album, was released in Britain. 

AP-NY-09-21-00 2132EDT


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Proudly Announcesa Retrospective on John Lennon

LENNON: His Life And Work' Opening October 19th 

CLEVELAND, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum proudly announces an upcoming retrospective on John Lennon. Titled LENNON: His Life and Work, the comprehensive exhibit will open on October 19th and run through the summer of 2001. 

This is the first major American exhibit on John Lennon, and it coincides with the 60th anniversary of his birth (October 9th) and the 20th anniversary of his death (December 8th). The exhibit is being mounted with the full cooperation of Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono Lennon, and the vast majority of the artifacts are from her personal collection. 

"I am very happy that the first major American exhibit on John Lennon: His Life and Art is opening in the year of his 60th birthday. John, the singer songwriter in him, would have been especially pleased that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum is doing this as a tribute. It's an honor he would have accepted with joy. When you come to the show, you will see that this is not just an exhibition but a statement, just as John was all his life. Jim Henke and his staff worked hard and well. I am looking forward to being there myself. See you then. Enjoy!" said Yoko Ono Lennon. 

Jim Henke, the head of the Museum's curatorial and exhibitions department and curator of the exhibit, said of John, "Few artists have impacted popular culture the way that he did. Both as a member of the Beatles and on his own, John was a pivotal cultural figure in the Sixties and the Seventies and is still revered by artists and musicians today." 

"This is a tremendous gift from Yoko to John's fans," continued Henke, "and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will be the only place in the United States where they will be able to see this rare and valuable collection." 

In addition to several hundred artifacts, the exhibit will feature a short film about John's life. It will be located on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors on the Museum. 

Enterasys Networks will be the official sponsor of the John Lennon exhibit. Enterasys' contribution will provide underwriting support for this major exhibit and networking equipment for the Museum's ongoing operations. Enterasys is focused on providing global enterprise network solutions for e- business. 

Among the artifacts featured in LENNON: HIS LIFE AND WORK are: 

-- The bed used by John and Yoko, made from two church pews, when they 

first moved to New York. 

-- The upright Steinway piano from John's office in the Dakota apartment 

building. He composed many of the songs for Double Fantasy and Milk and 

Honey on this piano. 

-- School report cards, Daily Howl notebook and other items from John's 


-- Multiple drawings, paintings and collages, including pieces he made for 

Ringo and George. 

-- More than 10 of John's guitars, including the 1964 Gibson J160E used 

for the Bed-Ins and "Give Peace a Chance," a Rickenbacker 12-string 

used during the Beatles era, the Fender Telecaster guitar played at 

John's last concert performance; various guitars used on the Double 

Fantasy sessions. 

-- John's Academy Award for Let It Be. 

-- The kimonos John and Yoko wore in the "Starting Over" video, 1980. 

-- John's black leather jacket worn when the Beatles performed in Hamburg 

in 1960 and 1961. 

-- The white tuxedo John wore in the film Magical Mystery Tour. 

-- John's collarless Beatles jacket, featured on the picture sleeve of "I 

Want to Hold Your Hand." 

-- Denim jacket frequently worn by John during the Seventies. 

-- Brocade frock coat John wore during the Beatles' performance of "All 

You Need Is Love" for the Our World television program, the first live 

Global satellite television broadcast ever, 1967. John also wore this 

coat on numerous other occasions in the late Sixties. 

-- Numerous items from John's personal wardrobe; 

-- Original lyric manuscripts, spanning John's entire career, including 

"When I Get Home," "Drive My Car," "Run for Your Life," "We Can Work 

It Out," "In My Life," "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Glass Onion," 

"Tomorrow Never Knows," "Imagine," "Instant Karma," "Working Class 

Hero," "God," "Starting Over," "Gimme Some Truth," "Happy Xmas (War Is 

Over)," "Beautiful Boy" and "Dear Yoko." 

SOURCE The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum 

CO: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum 

ST: Ohio 



09/19/2000 12:02 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com  

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