RESUME For Suzanne Lanoue

(address and phone available by request) I live in Magnolia, AR


I would like to write articles and reviews for sites or publications, to build my portfolio.

To join the Television Critics' Association.

                      SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

   Almost five years working for the “Ask Jeeves” search engine, where I tested software, edited content, built web pages, and answered customer e-mails.

21 years of designing and writing for my own very large personal web site.

17 years of running my own corporation that grew out of the web site, including co-ordinating hundreds of regular volunteers to work on the site with me and obtaining advertising for the site.

Other work experience includes singing in a band, teaching English to junior high school children, proofreading, and general office work.

                      RELEVANT SKILLS


·        Numerous software packages including MS Office.

 ·        HTML/web design

·        A thorough knowledge of the Net and its resources

·        Typing speed of 95 words per minute

·        Outstanding customer relations and interpersonal skills

·        Very strong writing skills

·        Vast knowledge of television and music trivia, television and pop music history

·        Web chat and hosting experience with forums

·        Strong online presence and social media skills


                      EMPLOYMENT HISTORY      

                       *June 1996 - present   The TV MegaSite (my web site that is now generating ad revenue)   
                        President as well as writer/manager

                     *December 2003 - August 2003 I worked part-time for Camera Cafe
                    hosting karaoke online and doing  promotion for the site.  The site is no longer in business.
                            Supervisor: David Warthen (number and email available upon request)

                    *February, 1996-December, 2000   ASK JEEVES, Inc.  Emeryville, CA
Customer Service Representative, writer, web page designer, database tester
                            Supervisor: David Warthen (number and email available upon request)

                      *1997-99  SOUTHWEST COLLECTION/TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY., Lubbock, TX
Web page designer and HTML teacher (volunteer position)
                                Supervisor: Derrick Austin (number and email available upon request)                             

 *1991-1996  RIVERSIDE SCHOOL DISTRICT, Riverside, CA
not continuous, as a substitute teacher
    Human Resources Office: 909-886-5331

                         *1992   JTL SERVICES, Riverside, CA (not sure if they are still in business)
                            Customer service (phone support) and database entry
                                Supervisor: Jim Weigel --medical supply company                 

                           *1989-1991   Full-time school teacher   (1 year each)

                      SHANDIN HILLS MIDDLE SCHOOL, San Bernardino, CA Supervisor: Don Simpson (number available upon request)

                      OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP SCHOOL, Riverside, CA Supervisor: Bob Clutter (number and email available upon request)


Southern Arkansas University, B.A. in Mass Communication/Mass Media, 2020

State University of New York at Stony Brook, B.A. in Liberal Arts, 1987

Illinois State University, Normal, IL, Music and English Education, 1987-1989


Computers, television, music, traveling, reading, singing, collecting, drawing, cooking, and more.


These are websites I have helped create, design, and maintain

The Carlsband High School Chamber Singers Reunion 2006 May 2006 to present

The American Business Card Club 2005 to present

Alpha Omega Taxicab Service June 2003 to 2009 (no longer available)

The University of Alabama Political Science Department   January 2002 to 2005

Southwest Collections / Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University  2000-2001

Ask Jeeves 1996 - 2000

Jess Walton Online 1999 - 2001 (no longer available)

Anna Lee Online  2000 to present

The TV MegaSite 2000 to present 1996 to present

Soapsgirl's Multimedia Site 1998 to present

Please email me for more information!

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