Suzanne's Favorite Links

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My Favorite Links (that don't fit into my other pages)

Gamesville (formerly Bingozone) It's a blast!  Other games, too.

Sparkletags I love going here for sparkly animations

Yahoo! Random UR Now THIS is surfing.

Bluemountain Greeting Cards My favorite site for sending Webcards.

DeeT's 70's Page

Burma Shave

Project Denny's

You Tube is a fun site for wasting a lot of time!

Second Life 3D vritual reality world

Yahoo's Guide to Web filters Do silly things to web pages!

Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

Heartless Bitches International Deal with it!

Amish Porn Check out those ankles!

Where's THAT from?  Fun etymology quiz game

Big Weenie's Wurst of the Web

Bob's Fridge Door

The Onion  Got to have this one...

ZooAss  Proudly, the worst page on the Web! changes often

The Miraculous Winking Jesus Christ

Troops! Star Wars-Cops parody

The Hampster Dance If you have haven't seen this, you must be living in a cave!

Happy Valentine's

JOMC 50/EIS Valentine's Resources Page

ThE WeEkLy GiGgLe Giggles and stuff that will make you laugh 6 feet away from your PC.


The Internet Addict Quiz

Buff's Tufftalk This is a hilarious gay guy's blog

Panic in Year Zero Really great political and media blog

Some Useful Condescending Phrases

TBD a social network for people over 40

Stixy a fun site to leave notes, make friends etc.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

The Hunger Site  No joke, click on a button and give food to starving people!

Just click here to save the rainforest, feed the hungry and give relief!!!

K-Mart Stores A great place to shop online!  And their employees are unionized, unlike Target or Wal-Mart. Learn all about France and prepare to travel!

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Godiva Chocolates The best chocolate in the world!!!

The USDA Nutrient Database Find out the nutritional stuff in your food.

The Los Angeles Times


Duane and Eva's Old Kentucky Home Page on the Web

Habitat for Humanity

Alta Vista's translator--translate anything!

Africam  Live cameras show animals in the wild!

The Official Star Wars Website

Operation Clambake  All about the Church of Scientology cult

Las Vegas Casino Deathwatch

Vintage Vegas Postcard Museum Official guide to Vegas

Las Vegas #1 Casino & Hotel Guide

Las Vegas Restaurants & Buffets

Help Katrina Victims!

Stop Global Warming

Search Google for fun sites!

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