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  Week of 11/7/16

I didn't keep up daily on the blog this week...ah, well. Just so busy!

I've been sticking to an early schedule, so that's been great! Going to bed around midnight and getting up around 9am.  Also, I started again on watching what I eat, and exercising. I try to eat mostly salads and not any desserts that aren't sugar free. Low carb as much as I can.  I've been getting on the treadmill every day for about a half hour. I'm mostly walking, but I've been running a little as well. Our treadmill is in the bedroom, so I watch some of the soaps while I'm on there.

Monday I called up my SIL to chat, and we were on the phone for 2 hours! That was fun. I had to do a bunch of tedious housework, like putting away the laundry, so I chatted with her while I did my housework.

Tuesday was a wild day because of the election. I spent a lot of time on social media.  It was such a close race! That certainly made it more interesting.  I have friends of all types, from all walks of life, and all over the political and religious spectrum. There is a lot of arguing on Facebook, but I would never Unfriend someone just because they don't share my views.  Some people have Unfriended me, but that's their loss.  Not real life friends, just online friends or old acquaintances. People who don't really know me and vice versa.

I finally bought "Star Trek Beyond" on DVD and watched that. It was not bad. I enjoyed it. I really hope that when we do some traveling at the end of the month, I can get to see either "Doctor Strange" or "Fantastic Beasts" or both.

I had bought this clock for the bedroom about 2 months ago, and the battery ran down, so I replaced it.  Then it didn't work again. The second hand seemed to get stuck - it just went back and forth instead of going forward. So I complained to the company I bought it from, via Amazon, and they just sent me a replacement immediately! They didn't even reply to my email. I thought that was great.  Then the second clock had that same problem. I tried it with a different kind of battery--turns out that it just doesn't like Energizer battieries! So now I have two clocks. I've emailed the company to see if they want me to send one back or not. They probably won't want to bother or else they'd have asked me to return it first.

The place in my mouth where I had that lump removed is still a little sore, but I think it's largely getting better. If it still hurts by Monday, I'll probably call the doctor and see what he thinks I should do. It doesn't hurt a lot any more, and mostly just when my tongue or food touches it. (UPDATE: It's much better now)

I ordered my new laptop this week from Dell. I got a pretty good price for it. It has a big screen and a lot of space and power. Also, it's a 2-in-1, which I guess means that I can use it as a tablet if I want to. That might come in handy when I go back to school in the Spring. Only trouble is, they don't tell you that it comes from China, so I won't have it for another week or so. That's very annoying.  Well, it'll give me time, I guess, to back up this one. Then as soon as I get the new one, I'll get this one ready for David to use.

Last night I was looking at my friend Anji's wedding photos online (she got married in April), and suddenly my internet went out. I couldn't get it back on. I rebooted. I unplugged things. Nothing helped. I called tech support, and the guy had me reboot again. I checked David's tablet, and he was able to get online just fine! So it was just something about this stupid laptop.  It finally did work after we rebooted again. I can't wait to get rid of this piece of junk! David will be using it, but I think he will have fewer troubles because he pretty much only uses the Web browser (occasionally Word or Excel).  I think the fact that I use two or three different browsers, with an ad blocker, and two web editing programs, and a macro program that's always running, and Notepad, and an anti-virus, and two different graphics programs...makes it hard for this thing.  Hopefully the new one will be better.

I made some more sugar-free caramel ice cream this week.  I just have a little Cuisinart, so it doesn't make all that much. Maybe I need to buy a bigger one. I think I'll make some coffee or mocha flavored next.

One of my spider ivy plants died...probably from too much watering. I'm worried about my ficus, too. I don't know WHAT its problem is, but it's losing a lot of leaves and some of the leaves are yellow. I give it enough water, I think....?  The others seem to be doing well, or at least, no worse! I replanted a few of them and need to do more of that. My plumeria plant, which is one of the newer ones, is doing really well but needs to be replanted. It's actually a tree and it's getting tall.

Not one of the plants I bought that is supposed to flower has actually flowered, though. :(

I don't know yet what we'll be doing for the holidays. Hopefully we'll figure it out this weekend. The flights to San Diego are pretty expensive. It's about $1000 for both of us.  We have to decide that before we decide what to do for Thanksgiving.  If we don't go to San Diego for Christmas, then we can go somewhere like Shreveport for Thanksgiving. We tend to spend a lot there because of the casinos and many great restaurants, etc.  so we may not go there as well as San Diego. So we'll see.  The week after that, we'll be in Austin for two days (he has some conference).  He has to teach on Friday, so we'll be coming back before the weekend, unfortunately. That's my birthday, too, which I didn't realize until this week, so that's kind of annoying. Now I'm just waiting for him to figure out which days he has off, so we can finally plan the holiday vacations!

Originally, we were going to have some other people from his work over for dinner, but he didn't get around to it in time for November. Now we're probably going to do it in January.  In the meantime, the lady that was cleaning our house before is all booked up until the end of December! That sucks. So I'm probably going to have to clean it myself, unless I find someone else. I really don't want to clean it. It's hard on my back and my dust allergies. It's not the actual physical work I mind, it's the bending over and reaching, which is tough on my spine problems. I don't know. I guess the main problem is the bathtubs and showers, and moving furniture.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, and we're home, then I plan to take down all of the Thanksgiving decorations and clean, then put up the Christmas decorations.  We'll see how it goes!

Earlier this week I phoned SAU admissions to see if they had gotten all of my transcripts yet. The woman said she got them all except for Palomar and Stony Brook. I figured Palomar would be there soon, since I had to get all the letters of authorization last week, but I was concerned about Stony Brook because I sent in the transcript request form for that one at the same time I sent in all those other authorizations that got lost in the mail. I was finally able to get into Stony Brook's online system (which I'd had problems with before), and it said they sent it out in mid-October. So I called SAU back.  Turns out that the post office had changed the SAU address of their on-campus post office, and they hadn't fixed it on the website, so the address I had them all send it to was not quite correct. Instead of being P.O. Box it's something else, and the zip code is different.  The woman searched and did find Palomar, but not Stony Brook. By the time I called Stony Brook back, they were closed for the day, so I just ordered another one, online this time, with the right address, so hopefully they'll get it this time. Sheesh.

During the week I don't leave the house much, aside from checking the mail, unless we have some event.  On the weekends, we go out, eat lunch or dinner, run errands etc. It gets dark early now! David comes home in the dark.  Friday night, we went to Flying Burger, but it was dark. The place was packed. Now, understand that this is a fast food place. I mean, it's got really great food, and it's a little pricier than most fast food, but it's still fast food. It comes on a tray or in a bag. You pick it up at the counter.  The seats are plastic. But it's arguably the best restaurant in town, too.  So strange. Anyway, it's just too crowded to go there on Fridays, so we should stop even trying. We got the food to go instead. I got the grilled catfish salad, extra spicy. It's really good.

Yep, poor David comes home at 6:30 pm and it's dark out. I have to remember now to put the porch light on for him.

Next week we have a jazz concert, and a play, so that'll be a nice change.

I don't get as many spam calls on either phone, so that's good! I did get a weird call on Friday from some company that acted as if I was a regular store. He said that one of their representatives wanted to drop by next week to talk to me. Before I could tell him that wouldn't work, he mentioned something about how they would make it easier for me to take people's credit cards. I said, uh, we don't sell anything...just ad space and stuff through Amazon.  It always amazes me when people email or call me about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my site. It would take about 2 minutes for them to visit my site and figure out that it's a waste of their time. Ah, well.

Saturday we went first to the post office to check my mail box, then to KFC for lunch. He loves it, and it's fairly healthy for me because I take off the skin.  Their register was not working, so we got our food and then had to pay afterwards.  Then we went to Walmart for groceries.

I did work on my site Saturday, and then I replanted some pots into larger pots.  Then we drove over to the track at SAU and walked around it. He thinks it's about 2 or 2 1/2 miles. It was a bit chilly. I should have worn a warmer shirt because my arms were too cold. Especially since the sun was going down. It was great exercise, though, and we got to see lots of animals. It goes right by where they keep the cows, bulls, horses, mules and ducks.  Oh, and we saw deer the last two nights when we were out driving. They were standing by the side of the road as we drove out of our cul-de-sac. I wish I'd had my camera!

It was a bit of a stressful day because I had to fire someone who works for my site. I felt bad. I hardly ever fire anyone. She just wasn't able to do the job and couldn't improve on it adequately. She'd done work for us for years, but I just didn't have the time to keep track of what she was writing.  Oh, well.

Saturday night I got very tired but still went to bed just before 1am. David woke me up around 9 am Sunday. I'm still on my early sleeping schedule - yay! I did work on my site in the morning, and then we went to lunch at Antigua's Grill, one of the good Mexican restaurants here. Then we looked for a car wash but couldn't find one he liked, that was open, so we skipped that and just stopped at Brookshire's briefly for a few groceries

Later, we drove again to the track near the farm to walk. I took my jacket and scarf this time, so I was warmer.  We saw the same animals and I took many photos, and some videos, which you can see on  Instagram   For some reason, when we walked up to this one group of cows, they were all mooing very loudly! Maybe they had been fed or something, I don't know. They kept walking over to the fence as if they expected us to give them food.  A large group of them followed us as we walked by, which was hilarious. Then suddenly, they all started running over to the other side of the pasture. I wonder if maybe their dinner was late, so that's why they were acting that way? It sure was funny, and they were really loud.  Also, when I walked closer to the goats to take photos, they walked away as if they were shy!

I stayed up a little bit later than usual, doing some baking. First I made some gluten free, low carb spicy muffins that have eggs, sausage and cheese. Those are pretty good. Very dense and filling.  Then I also made some low carb, low sugar, low fat, gluten free, low salt chocolate chunk cookies. These turned out really good. I might take some over to the neighbor tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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