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  Tuesday 11/1/16

What day is it? LOL! I keep getting messed up this week because of traveling and Halloween. Halloween was really fun. I wasn't sure if we were going to get many trick-or-treaters. Our house is in a somewhat-secluded cul-de-sac, with only two houses, and although there are many houses nearby, to get to our area, you have to walk on some streets with a lot of traffic, and there are NO sidewalks anywhere. Most of the kids who did come, came in a car with their parents.  Maybe next year I'll put up flyers...?

Kids started coming around 6 and finally finished about 8:30. We only had about a dozen families or groups of kids, but it was fine. Much more than I expected. We still have way too much candy left.  It was pretty hot for Halloween, and I know I was pretty hot in my leopard costume, even though I had a/c.  Plus the shoes are too small. I need to get new ones for next time.  I had on makeup and it was very itchy, so I kept rubbing my nose and re-applying it. Also, my eyes were not liking the contacts. I think I got some mascara in my eye.

One little girl saw my costume, and her eyes went wide, and she said, "Oh! A cheetah!" and asked, "Are you a cheetah?", so I replied, "No, I'm a leopard, see the spots?" And she said, "Oh, I thought that was a cheetah." I thought about it, but couldn't remember for sure, as I said, "No...I don't think so...?" Then I looked it up later and remembered that a cheetah and a leopard are the same thing. I hope that poor girl got the right answer online or somewhere else! LOL!

There were a lot of really cute kids, including some babies in costume that parents held.  There was one that was old enough to grab the candy, even though her dad was holding out the bag and getting the candy for her, so I grabbed a chocolate bar and handed it to her. She seemed to enjoy that, even though she didn't really understand what the whole trick-or-treating thing was.  There was a shy boy in a magician's costume that stammered out that he really liked my decorations. I got a few comments on them, so that was cool.

I watched the new "Rocky Horror" that FOX did, that I recorded a while back. It was ok. Then I watched "Poltergeist" (2015) on HBO, which was very good. I don't like super scary/gory movies or shows, so these were both about right. I was very tired and went to bed about 11:30.

I woke up around 9:30 this morning and I was kind of sick all day from gluten allergies. Probably from something I ate over the weekend in Little Rock.  Then my allergies got really bad so my eyes were really watering and itching, and I was itching all over, and my nose was running. It was awful, like a cold. I took lots of medicine, but nothing helped.

After I first got up and got dressed, I went outside to check the mail, and then I took down all of the Halloween decorations outdoors, and the ones in windows.  That was about all I had the energy for. I did some work on my site, but after awhile, I was just too tired and feeling bad, so I went back to bed. I tried to sleep, but it took me a long time. I was reading Facebook etc. on my phone for a while. I think I finally got to sleep around 2:30pm or so.  I woke up again when David called at 5:30. I was so tired!

I made us dinner and took down some more decorations. I just have the ones in the living room and sunroom to go, then I'll bring in the boxes from the garage and start putting up my Thanksgiving decorations.

Then I'll start my Christmas cards after that! I want to send them out mid-November if possible. The earlier you send them out, the earlier you will get cards back. Plus, it will remind everyone of our change of address.

I don't normally like sports, especially baseball. It's too slow-moving for me.  I have to admit, though, that I really go into the World Series Game 5 on Sunday (David had been watching it) because it was very close and exciting. So then we watched Game 6 tonight and it was pretty exciting again. I'm pulling for the Cubs, so I hope they win.  We lived in Illinois for a few years, and we still have some friends there. We do have one from from Cleveland, but honestly, the one time we went to Cleveland, we hated it. We usually love cities, but this one was really boring, and our hotel was terrible, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was kind of boring. There wasn't much to do there and the whole city seemed very downtrodden. Cincinnati is great, though!

Anyway, after I got up yesterday evening, my left shoulder/arm was sore and kind of numb. This is from my usual spine problem. It may be from holding my phone up with my left hand, in the morning while I was in bed. I don't know, but it sure was painful. I took 2 Aleve, and a muscle relaxer, and a hot shower, and it still was bad. I couldn't really work or do anything that way, so I went back to bed around 11pm.

  Wednesday 11/2/16

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I woke up around 2:30am, felt better, and did work on my site. I was planning to go back to bed but never did. I took down the rest of my Halloween decorations.

Later today, we're driving to Texarkana so I can see the periodontist. I hope this lump in my mouth is easily gotten rid of and I won't need a root canal or a biopsy or anything!

I killed another plant. (SIGH)  I bought 3 aloe vera cactus plants and one of them died. Maybe too much water, not enough water, no sun? Who knows. The other two are doing ok, at least!

I was very tired when we drove to Texarkana. The periodontist's office is in Texarkana, TX.  Weird to have to drive an hour, to another state, just to get some dental work done.

The dentist is a very old but nice guy. He talked to me, looked at the lump in my mouth, and then had his assistant take an X-Ray. This is not your normal X-Ray machine like you may be used to. They didn't have to put some weird thing in my mouth that poked my gums and made me want to gag. This was a machine where you stand up, put your chin on something, bite down on one little thing (like a tongue depressor) and then the machine moves around you. No leather apron needed, either. It was great. Very scifi. Here's a picture of the type it is

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong either in my gum or in my tooth.  He doesn't see any gum disease that would cause that growth. He thinks I probably do have a crack or abscess in my tooth and will need a root canal, but it's not showing up on the X-Ray.  He went in and poked around a little more, and he said that there WAS a little gum pocket there, so he went in, cleaned it all up, drained the growth and then sewed it up with sutures and this putty stuff.   He gave me a lot of novocain, which was very painful.  Thankfully, the procedure didn't take too long, just about 20 minutes.

David had gotten me food at Chik-Fil-A, but I couldn't really chew at that point. Also, the grilled chicken sandwich looked like it had something on it, not their normal sandwich. I just nibbled on some fries and then gave up. When I got home, I had a pumpkin yogurt with whipped cream. I went to sleep around 5pm and woke up about 6:30 when David came home. I had some scrambled eggs. Not too much else I can eat right now besides soft foods.

I just did a little work on my site while we watched Game 7 of the World Series. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but these games have been pretty exciting. Now, I typed that before the Indians came back from behind and tied it up. Wow, what a game! Unfortunately, between not getting much sleep Tuesday and taking some painkillers, I was very tired and had to go to sleep around 10, so I missed the ending. I'm glad the Cubs won, though!

  Thursday 11/3/16

I woke up around 8:30, so I had a lot of good sleep. I rushed around to straighten up the place a bit because the guy is coming from Miller Pest Control sometime this morning to spray for insects. He's a nice guy, very amiable. Turns out that he has his own haunted house over on Mockingbird, so we're going to have to check that out next year.

My mouth is feeling much better today. I may not need any painkillers now. It's just very uncomfortable because there's this piece of plastic or whatever it is, in my mouth, covering up where he sutured. It kind of covers up half my teeth and gums on the left side. I hate having anything foreign in my mouth. UGH. He said the sutures should dissolve on their own and this piece of whatever should come out within the week, otherwise I can take it out myself next Wednesday.  I hope it comes out before then! I can't brush or eat on that side. So annoying.

Later on I did feel pain, so I took an Aleve, but that's much better still than yesterday.

So busy today. I don't know where the time even went.  First off, I ordered my transcripts back in early October from all 7 colleges I attended. 3 of them required signed authorization (because of some California law), so I printed out the forms, signed them and mailed them in. I kept getting these emails reminding me to send in my form, so I emailed the company back but heard nothing. I finally called today and they hadn't received them! How does the post office (or their company) manage to lose 3 different envelopes, all mailed at the same time to the same company? Fortunately, they said I could scan them in and submit them on their site. Well, it would not take one of them, no matter what I did, so I had to call again and then they let me email it. What a complete waste of time. Now I hope that the other 2 schools sent theirs in. I'm waiting to hear back from SAU about that.

I brought in all of my Halloween and Thanksgiving boxes, so tomorrow I can put one away and get out the others. I phoned in a prescription, too. Lots of little things like that I got done.  I had some hamburger meat that I cooked up for breakfast with tortillas, and I froze the rest.

You may recall that we moved here in June.  I set up the DVR for my summer shows, and then I had to later set it up for the Fall shows. I wasn't able to get the closed-captioning on the CW shows I recorded at night, nor on their live shows. I had the local CW, plus DISH, plus the national network, trying to help me figure it out. Today a DISH support person called me and tried to help. Then her colleague called me back. He was supposed to call another hour later, but he didn't. In the meantime, I finally figured out the problem! Or at least, how to solve it. Basically, the way mine is set up, I can't get the closed-captioning on the CW HD channel, but I forgot that they have an SD one. I'd set up my Guide to only see the HD channels, so that was the one I was recording. So I just had to set the DVR channels up again for the SD channel, instead.

I mean, that's not really the complete reason because obviously, there is some reason that only The CW's, and not the other networks' HD channels, are affected by this. But at least it will work for me now! Yay!

I spent way too much time on work stuff and on the computer today! I went to bed about midnight.

  Friday 11/4/16

I woke up around 7:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I had awakened many times, so I knew it was futile to try to go back to sleep again.

My repotted plants seem to be doing better today. I hope that continues!

DISH called me a few times today to ask more questions about this problem with the closed-captioning on The CW.  Apparently I'm not the only one who's complained about it (what a shock!), so they're still trying to figure out why it's happening.

I'm still trying to figure out if I should re-plant some of my plants into larger pots. I've been asking friends online. So far, the answer seems to be that I should.

I was just feeling tired and sluggish all day. I didn't get too much done, aside from the dishes.

I had a late lunch, around 3pm, so I wasn't all that hungry for dinner. We went to the Japanese place, Tokyo, for dinner. My mouth is still hurting a bit. The plastic-like or putty stuff he put in my mouth to protect the wound has come off (he said it would), so now I'm worried about eating anything that might touch that area. So I had some great miso soup at Tokyo. I don't know that it was gluten-free, though. I forgot to ask.  I had some crab sashimi as well, and a glass of wine. I wish I'd had more wine...

I was very tired and went to bed about 10pm.

  Saturday 11/5/16

I woke up around 6:30. Way too early! I was kind of sick with my usual problems. That soup yesterday was probably a bad idea.

We went out about 11:30. First we went downtown and voted. There was not much of a line. In fact, we got a parking space right out front!  Then we had lunch at Antigua's. I did make sure to ask about gluten there. The waitress didn't seem to understand much English, but she asked another woman (a manager, maybe?) who did, so she came over and asked me what I was asking her about.  So hopefully she was able to fix that. The food was pretty good. I got  plate that had one taco, one chalupa, one enchilada and one tamale.  The latter two had a delicious cheese sauce.  I didn't eat the chalupa, but the rest was good.

Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly grocery shopping.  Now I'm working. Hopefully I can finally put away the Halloween decorations (been putting that off) and start on my Christmas cards.

I wanted to get some more medium size pots at Wal-mart, but they were out of them. They only had the really small and really big ones.

I spent the afternoon working.  Then later, after dinner, I finally starting putting away the Halloween decorations and taking out the Thanksgiving decorations.  I had a really bad choking fit when I bent over for a while and then stood up, and had some horrible acid reflux, then I was choking on that. UGH. It was awful.  So I took a break and will have to go back to putting the stuff away. I'm almost done, though.

Now that the stitches are exposed in my mouth, they're very annoying. I can feel them more, and pieces of them sticking out.  I'll be so glad when this thing heels up and the stitches dissolve!

I went to bed pretty early. Oh, it was weird...the power went out twice, very briefly. It wasn't raining or anything!

  Sunday 11/6/16

It was a very busy day, and I got a lot done. I did the laundry and put up all of the Thanksgiving decorations, and took down all of the Halloween decorations and put them in the boxes. I did a lot on my site, too. I got up around 9 am.

We went to lunch at Taco Bell, and I had their Power Bowl again. It was just okay. We stopped at the grocery store, Brookshires, to pick up a few things I forgot yesterday.

We're having a little cold snap, and it's supposed to get down to the 40's this week.

We've been figuring out our finances, so we can plan whether to go to San Diego for Christmas or not. Still working on it. The flights are pretty expensive. I am getting my new laptop, though.

I spent some time online with a sales person to pick out the laptop I want. You get a discount if you pay through the sales person online instead of just ordering online the regular way.  I'm getting the Inspiron 17 7000 series 2-in-1 laptop (meaning it can be a tablet or a laptop) Honestly, I don't care about the touch screen. I just wanted a big screen again (17.5 inches), and a fast computer that doesn't freeze up. This one is great because it has a lot of power and room. I can't wait!

I cooked up some pork chops I bought. They were really delicious.

I ended up staying up until about 1am watching TV and working.

My stitches finally did come out. I guess that's good! Have a great week! Don't forget to vote!

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