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  Monday 9/19/16

David woke me up really early, about 6:15, because the internet wasn't working.  After we got it working, he left pretty early for work, around 7 am. He works so hard!

I had a breakfast smoothie and then stayed up for a little while before going back to sleep. I finally woke up around 1am. I didn't too much tonight. I've just been really tired.

I made bacon cheeseburgers for dinner, which were good. I use the really lean meat and put barbecue sauce and herbs in it, so it still is fairly moist.

I still didn't get the loveseat cushion that I ordered! One came last week, but I ordered two.

Tomorrow should be a big day for furniture delivery. We're supposed to get our dining room set, and our coffee table set. I hope they won't be too hard to put together!

I'm just not feeling right tonight. I don't know if I had too much sugar, or not enough, or it's something altogether different.

I called the dentist's office earlier, and he has no idea what this thing in my mouth is, but he think it's from gum disease, so he's sending me to a periodontist. Apparently there is none in this entire area, so I'm going to have to go to one in Texarkana. They're only open Tuesday through Thursday, so I'm going to have to call tomorrow and hope I can get an appointment soon.

  Tuesday 9/20/16

I woke up at 3:15, itching, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I stayed up for a while and watched some TV. I had breakfast and went back to sleep in the recliner around 8:30 because the furniture delivery guys said they'd be here sometime between 9am and 9pm (great window, huh?), and I can't hear the door from our bedroom. I set my phone's alarm for 11 because I had a conference call at noon, but it didn't go off, for some reason. Whoops! That's a bummer.

Earlier, I woke up when David came home to grab something, but I was SO groggy and went right back to sleep.

The delivery guy came at about 12:30 to deliver our dining room table and chairs (they still have to be put together).  He said he'd tried to call, but my phone showed no missed calls.  Turns out that El Dorado has a lot of numbers starting with 310, so he'd ignored the area code and just called the local number instead. Oops! Hope that doesn't happen too often.

I called the periodontist's office and made an appointment for next Wednesday. A few hours later, I noticed that the bump is my mouth is down to almost nothing! I've had this thing for at least a month, and in just a few hours, it's disappearing!!???!!  So weird. I guess the antibiotics finally kicked in, or maybe it's because I forced myself to leave it alone and stop poking at it, or maybe it's because I was being more conscientous about brushing and flossing more. Whatever the reason, I'm so glad! Especially since the periodontist is an hour away, in Texarkana, and David would have had to take a half of a work day off to go. Yay! I hope it stays small or gone.

I had to make a few other phone calls about some other things, too. I paid $100 to the local hospital. I went to there ER in June for bronchitis and that was the amount we had to pay, after Kaiser paid most of it. I was not sure because I swear I got two bills, and one said that I didn't have to pay, but I may have just been confused. Anyway, we paid, no biggie.

I've been trying to find another doctor because I don't like the one I had. I prefer a female doctor, but if they exist here, I can't find them (I looked a lot online).  I called the medical office where she works, and they said all of their doctors are residents, so switching due to my doctor's inexperience won't help much. But I still don't like her, since she never called me back and wouldn't give me a prescription for Sudafed. They said I would have to come in and fill out a form, stating that I want a new doctor, so I guess I"ll have to do that.

I vacuumed the love seat and cleaned up the floor all around it (I'd had it soaking in vinegar and baking soda for the past few days). I think it worked pretty well. Only one of my replacement cushions arrived, so they're sending me another one.

I put together one of the dining room chairs. It was fairly easy, just time consuming because it's just screwing in a lot of screws, and I don't have an electric screwdriver. I should get one. I took a break from that to put the one cushion in the cushion cover, and then I realized the package had TWO cusions! So they actually did send me both. Whoops! I had to email them to say, "never mind...."  The cushions were about an inch too big, so I had to cut an inch off of each one, but it worked fine. After that, I put on the new cover and the new throw pillows, and now it looks pretty good.

That really tired me out! I might wait until tomorrow to do the rest of the dining room set.

David had a late night...he didn't come up until almost 9pm. He brought in a heavy box that UPS left on the porch. It's our new coffee table and end tables. More stuff to put together!

I'm very tired...not sure how much longer I can stay up! I got my second wind after that. I put two more chairs together. It's not that it's difficult - the instructions are easy. It's just that screwing in the screws takes a while and is difficult without an power screwdriver. You have to do it by hand until you can tighten it with the Allen wrench. There are about a dozen screws per chair!

I have a lot of new shows to watch and review this time of year, so it takes up a lot of time. I also have about 10 DVD's to watch and review. That on top of all of the furniture and other house stuff doesn't leave much free time!

I went to bed about 3am...

  Wednesday 9/21/16

I got up 8am and couldn't get back to sleep for awhile. I had a smoothie for breakfast and went back to sleep, then I woke up around 1:30.

I got this new "air plant"  (Tillandsia Streptophylla). It's very exotic-looking, and I believe they're from Mexico and other tropical places. They don't need any dirt or planting, just a little water occasionally. Pretty cool. I just wanted a small plant for this tiny little vase I have, so it works out perfectly.

I had also ordered some plant saucers, but I ordered bigger ones than I thought I was ordering. It worked out ok, though. I also got a new large umbrella. We had a great one in Hawaii that we had to leave behind because it wouldn't fit in any box or suitcase. This one looks great in our new umbrella stand!

Later on, I also received the papasan chair that I ordered. It was super easy to put together and looks great in our sunroom.

I had smoothies for breakfast and dinner; I had a cheeseburger with no bread for lunch. I'm trying to eat healthier!

I was taking some pictures of the music room, since it looks better now, and I decided to spend a little time singing and recording...I need to get back into that more. Unfortunately, one of the karaoke sites I go to a lot has been down quite often recently. I hope it's not going to be down for good.

We had our usual evening walk. It's been much cooler, so it's not too bad. It would be nice if it dropped another 10 degrees, though, or got less humid.

I went to check on delivery of a painting I ordered, and it said that it was sent back because it was damaged, so I emailed Amazon, and they said to call and they would give me free quick shipping, so we got that worked out.

Other than just watching TV or working on my site, the only other thing I did was finishing putting together the dining table and chairs. The chairs have 10 screws apiece, so that was annoying. Long screws, too, so there was a lot of twisting. Then the table, which was very heavy. It was actually even easier to put together - only 8 screws for the whole thing.  Then I couldn't figure out how to get the leaf out. When I first opened the package, I took out all the parts, and they had strapped in the legs and other parts to the bottom of the table using some kind of strap, and heavy metal staples. Well, the bits of staple and straps were getting in the way and preventing the table from opening up properly, so I had to cut all that off, which took a lot of time and effort.  I finally got it all set up, though. It's a big smaller than I expected, especially with a leaf and 6 chairs. The chairs don't all really fit under the table.  You get what you pay for. I paid less than $700, which is really cheap for this. Most new dining sets are over $1000.  Well, it's fine for now.

I cleaned up the dining room of all of the packing debris, and I put the table cloth on, and a vase with flowers. It looks nice! The table cloth barely fits, which is funny because I had trouble finding one that I thought would fit.

  Thursday 9/22/16

I woke up early in the morning, and my throat really hurt, so I thought for sure I was coming down with something! I took Claritin and a couple of Aleve and went back to sleep. Later on, I felt fine, so I guess it was just allergies. So weird.

The guy who cuts our lawn was going to come this afternoon, but he texted me to ask if it was okay to come tomorrow. That was fine with me, so I slept pretty late. I was not feeling well, anyway. Even though I've been eating at home all week, I was still sick like I ate something with gluten. Something at home must have gluten in it, even though I didn't think it did, or it's not supposed to. I sure hope that gluten test kit comes soon!

Most of my time this week has been spent watching TV shows and reviewing them for site; plus, I had three interviews this week with producers and actors from FOX shows.  Most of my interviews these days come through Syfy, FOX, and NBC, with a few others....keeps me more busy!

For some reason, I thought it was Friday all day. Don't you hate when that happens?

I phoned the doctor's office to ask a few questions, including what my lab test results were. She called me back today, and we had a fairly nice chat. Most of my tests came out fine. My a1c is still too high (which I knew). That's the diabetes test which shows your average for the past 3 months. I wasn't doing very well while we were moving. Too much stress and then stress-eating! I mentioned to her how annoyed I had been that she never called me back before or gave me a direct answer about the Sudafed. Although it was awkward, she did apologize and give me the prescription finally, after checking with her boss. She's a resident, so she's new and has to go by what the main doctor says.  Sounds like they are getting a new automated system so we can get our info online and email our doctor, which is great. That's what we had with Kaiser and it was so convenient. I guess I'll stick with her for now.

I had bought some kitchen stools, but they were way too tall for our kitchen counter. So I bought smaller ones and had to return the others. Again, I didn't have the original box. Fortunately, they fit fine in the huge box that the dining room set arrived in! Amazon is great about returns, at least, so that works out ok.

I spent a lot of the evening taking the new living room coffee table and matching end tables out of the box they came in. It was super heavy! Also, the little plastic bag with screws and washers came home, so a lot of them were rolling around the box. Then to top it off, there was a lot of styrofoam, and tons of it came off in tiny little pieces, all over the place. What a mess! Then I figured out that there are lots of gouges, nicks and scratches on the furniture. It's too much to send back, though. I asked Amazon to just send me one of the end table tops to replace the one that's the most beat-up, but they said they can only send the whole thing again, so I said forget it.

I also got the new rug for the sunroom. It looks great! Our sunroom is almost complete now. I just need a little more artwork for the walls, and another plant.

  Friday 9/23/16

I'm still staying up way too late...I got up around noon, but then moved to the couch and slept there for a few hours. I was sick again, too.  Later, the guy came to mow the lawn.

I didn't eat until about 4pm because of being sick and not very hungry. I pan-fried some frozen meat with some chopped veggies, and barbecue sauce, and then added cheese. It was really good!

I got the painting that had previously been sent back, due to damage. It looks nice on our living room wall. I got another plant, called Queen's Tears.

TVLAND sent me a nice promotional package for their shows. I used to get a lot more of these from the various TV networks. It's a pretty cool one, with T-shirts and more. It even has a small bottle of Jack Daniels! Wow! Sure, ply me with liquor! LOL!

David brought home McDonald's, but they were out of ice cream, so that bummed me out. I was not in a great mood, due to being sick, so that sure didn't help. It's okay...later I made some sugar free chocolate pudding.

We didn't go for a walk because of my being sick. We watched some TV. Nothing too interesting going on.

Later on, I did the laundry and dishes. I was feeling better, so I had more energy. I put the two end tables together. They were actually very easy. They had similar screws and washers to the dining table.  I couldn't put the coffee table together because it requires two people. There's a bottom level, so one person has to hold the level up while the other person puts in the screws. Hopefully David can help me and we can get it put together.

I also broke down all of the boxes to get them ready to go out to the trash on Sunday.

So far the plants have not died on me. I have about 25 and most of them still look pretty good. It's funny how some plants let you know right away if they need more water, or if they're not doing well (like with brown leaves), whereas others just seem to die quickly overnight. They look fine but then suddenly you can just tell they're dead.  Hopefully I will be able to treat these plants better. In Hawaii, I would sometimes over-water them, or I'd go away for a week and they'd get too dried out. I didn't really take good care of my plants. I'm trying to do better here!  That's why I bought plants that they said were hard to kill. I hope with just a little care on my part, I can keep them all alive for a while, anyway....it will be an interesting experiment.

Now I'm just waiting for a few things in the mail to finish the living room, kitchen, sunroom and dining rooms, so that we can have company over soon.

  Saturday 9/24/16

I planned to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, but I just couldn't sleep.  After David did his morning run, we drove downtown, but the antiques place was closed (they changed their hours).  We went to the Dollar Tree store and got a few things, then to Wal-Mart for groceries. We took our stuff home and then went out to eat at the Flying Burger. It was okay...not as good as the other times, I thought.  I had the grilled fish again, which was so good last time. I think maybe they just didn't cook it that well. David's looked a lot more well done.

After that, I went to sleep until about 4. David had to go to some work thing in the afternoon, and then we went over to the football game. Not as many people as the first game, of course, but there were still plenty there.  I bought a T-shirt, a visor, a sticker and a bear. I brought some snacks but also got 2 cheeseburgers and a soda. We didn't stay the whole game, but we did have good seats. It was really hot but not as bad in the shade. They were behind when we left, but they did end up winning!

My laptop is still freezing up. I just don't have the time to try things to fix it, but then again, I don't have the time for it to keep freezing up, either! Grrr.

I was so tired when I got home...just did a little work and then went to sleep around 10pm. Too early for me, but I was so miserable from not enough sleep. I woke up for a few hours in the middle of the night, but then I went back to sleep.

  Sunday 9/25/16

We went to Antigua for lunch again, and it was still very good.  They use way too much salt, though.

After that, we stopped by the university, so he could check out the progress on the engineering building, which is being refurbished. I took quite a few photos while we looked around. The campus is so pretty!

I did a lot of work around the house, straightening things up. We took a ton of flattened boxes out to the curb for trash pickup. David helped me put the coffee table together, so it's all set now.

I took quite a few boxes out of the garage to go through. I've been looking for certain boxes that have things I want/need. I plan to go through a few boxes every day until I'm done. Hopefully it won't take too long!

It's still been very hot here, in the 90's. Whew! It's almost October. I can't even believe that. We went for our evening walk and it had cooled off a little bit.

I still haven't actually met our neighbors. I should go over there sometime. I feel kind of bad about it.

There's a show I really want to watch on Netflix, but I would feel too guilty to sit and binge-watch it when I have so many other things to watch! SIGH!

It feels like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want and need to do. SIGH.

I hope you have a great week!

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