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  Monday 8/29/16

The handyman, Richard, was supposed to come today to fix things, but he asked to come tomorrow instead, so I said okay...hopefully we can find get our stuff fixed and put together tomorrow!

I slept in way too late, around 12:30.

I still have that swelling in my mouth, near my tooth, so I need to call the dentist about that. I still never heard back from my doctor, either.

I've been sick as usual the past two days from the gluten. I guess I should have been more careful in El Dorado. It's so difficult, though.

The pork chops I cooked up yesterday are good with barbecue sauce and/or melted cheese, so we've been enjoying those. I also made a really good salad with them tonight.

I spent part of the last two days uploading all of my June photos to Facebook. There are many, so I have them divided up into several different albums. Check it out!

I transferred a ton of photos from my phone to my laptop as well, from July and August. It was way past time!

I finished hanging up all of my clothes, and I did tons of laundry and hung all that up. I also had a lot of dishes to do. That's the problem with cooking -- too many dishes!

There's a little drawer in the kitchen, by the stove, and now I can't close it! It only has little lightbulbs in it (the kind you use in a nightlight). When I feel behind the drawer, it feels like there's a big coil there. Something from the stove? I have no idea.  Hopefully Richard can figure it out.

Tomorrow I need to clean up the pile of papers etc. next to me and organize the boxes and things in the other 3 bedrooms so that I can make room for someone to come in and clean. It's getting seriously dirty around here. Oh, I forgot to mention that I cleaned some of the guest bathroom. It was pretty dirty, and I just couldn't stand it any more.

We went for our nightly walk...no deer this time, although we did see a really cute little dog that wandered out from the garage where his master was working. He was a very tiny dog whose head was too big for the rest of him. He wanted to be friendly, but he couldn't quite bring himself to trust us, so he got really close and then ran away. He was so cute! Well, kind of one of those cute-ugly dogs.

I noticed a dead wasp on the floor. Yuck! Glad he died before he could sting us, though.

I tried to go to sleep around 5 am, but I couldn't. I need to do something here, and then try again.

  Tuesday 8/30/16

I was very tired but couldn't get to sleep until after 8:30am!  And then the phone woke me up about a half hour later. UGH. But that's okay. It was Richard, and he came over and got most of the things done that I really needed. He fixed two kitchen drawers that were giving me problems, he put together the two bedstands, he put up my curtains, and he took all of the child proof locks off the drawers. Hurrah! That makes me very happy...

He's coming back tomorrow to take away some of our extra boxes, so he can use them to move. Also, I joined this Facebook group about buying/selling/trading stuff in our county, and I had posted that we're looking for all sorts of furniture. This woman is bringing over a recliner and love seat tomorrow morning! We can use those in our sunroom. I hope they're not in bad shape or smelly or have insects :) She's only charging $45 each, so that's great.

I took a nap in the afternoon after Richard left. Later, we went for our walk outside. No deer sightings or any other animals this time.  Later on, I did a little more laundry because I had to re-wash a skirt... the soap is sticking to my clothes a little; hope that's not going to happen too often.

I ate mostly salads today. Trying to lose the weight!

I swept the sunroom in preparation for the new furniture. It's amazing how dirty a room can get, even if no one goes in it.

I was very tired and went to sleep a little before midnight.

  Wednesday 8/31/16

I woke up at 9am. Hopefully I can keep this schedule going! For a while, at least.

I had ordered a Fall wreath and door hanger, so I put those up when they arrived today. The wreath lights up :)

Richard and his wife came by to borrow some boxes and bubble wrap...right now I'm waiting for this woman Shannon from Facebook to bring by the furniture. I hope she gets here soon so I can have lunch! I didn't want to start it and then have to stop in the middle. I had to move all of our rugs out of the way.

She and a guy (I didn't catch what their relationship was) came by with a trailer and unloaded the loveseat and recliner.  They seemed very nice, and we chatted a bit. The furniture is well-used, so I'll probably buy some covers and new throw pillows. Still, it's much cheaper than buying new ones!

David came by about 10 till 1 and took me over to the dentist. I still have a little bit of swelling in my gums, so he's not sure why, but he gave me some amoxicillin just to see if it will get rid of it.  He took an X-Ray and poked around in there but didn't see anything wrong with the tooth or anything else. He cleaned my teeth. Apparently, in small towns, the dentist does his own work instead of having a dental hygienist do it. So that was odd. It didn't take very long. Much better than last year when I had it done in Hawaii. Either he didn't do as thorough of a job, or I've been brushing my teeth a lot more (probably a combination of the two).

I totally forgot to remind him to measure my teeth for a nightguard! I didn't realize it until later.

I was chatting with the receptionist about how I've been buying furniture and rugs. She mentioned that they had a rug in the reception area, but it kept sliding around, so it's been sitting, rolled up, back in their office for 3 years. I said, "Do you think he'd sell it?" So she took me back there, and it's pretty big, and has a nice design, so she asked the dentist, and he was happy to get rid of it. I said, "What do you want for it?" He said, "$50." I said, "Sold!" So I bought a rug from my dentist! So funny... His nice, handsome, young assistant took it out to the front area, and then when David came, he took it out to the car for us and helped us fit it in there.

It's in our bedroom now and looks nice! Just like the others, I've had to weigh it down, to get rid of the wrinkles, but it works fine. I was afraid it would be a problem, after 3 years, but the wrinkles or creases came out easily.  It actually matches most of the room. I'm going to have to get a different comforter at some point, though, because that does not match at all.

I also put up some more framed photos around the house, and I finished organizing the music room. I just need more chairs in there, and maybe a desk.

David stopped to get my prescription and a few other things. I used the glue he bought on the wallpaper in our bedroom; a little piece was sticking out. Oh, and earlier I had super-glued one of the hooks on the wall over the stove. I've got most of my potholders on the wall now.

I also sprayed Fabreze around some parts of the house that smell musty. I hope that takes care of it!

For "breakfast" I had some of the leftover pork with bbq sauce and melted cheese; for "lunch" I had a salad.  I'll probably have more of the same for "dinner." Not that I have huge meals at all... Nope, I had some snacks...some cheese snacks and some strawberries with whipped cream.

We had half our usual walk; we were both pretty tired. I just watched some TV and did the dishes again before bed.  Going to bed at midnight again! Yay!

I slept for a few hours but kept waking up itching, or too hot, or pain in my neck. I finally got up around 3:30. Hopefully I can go back soon. I tried again, but it still didn't work. :(

I'm so bad with plants. The flowering plant I bought a few weeks ago is dying, and the sunflowers one I bought last week isn't looking too good, either.

  Thursday 9/1/16

Wow, it's September 1st! That sure went fast.

I didn't get back to sleep until after 8:30 and then slept until after 2:30. So much for sticking to my early schedule.

Apparently one of the problems of living in a small town is hiring people to do stuff because there are fewer companies. I'm trying to find someone to clean my house. There are no Merry Maids etc. here. I'm still trying to find someone to help me plant flowers, too.

I ordered a bunch of new stuff for the house, to make it look nice, plus a new printer/scanner. That's the problem with moving so much, and especially when we got rid of so much stuff in Hawaii because we didn't want to pay to move it. We need just about everything. This weekend, we're either going to Shreveport, or we're buying more furniture. I'm good either way! "Star Trek Beyond" is still playing in Shreveport, so hopefully I'll get to see that.

I bought some plants on Amazon that are supposed to be really hard to kill. I hope so! LOL! I want to put plants and flowers all over.

I admit it...I pigged out at McDonald's tonight for dinner. Oh, well! I had a big salad later on, with tuna. It was good!

I started going through the boxes in the collectibles room, to divide things up.  It's pretty tiring, though. I just can't take too much bending after awhile.

We had our evening walk and it wasn't too hard. It was a lot cooler the past couple of days. It's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow, so that will be a nice change. One of the nights this week, when we were out walking, a very large bee kept landing on the back of David's shirt. We kept shooing it off, and it kept coming back. It really liked him!

I was very tired around 11pm, but then I ended up staying up way too late, anyway.

  Friday 9/2/16

I didn't get too much done today, except I did attempt to clean the new loveseat and recliner I got. It has a faint smell.... I tried Fabreze, but that did nothing. I found a site that said to sprinkle baking soda on it and then vacuum it off, but that also didn't help. Also, my little handvac overheated while I tried that. I got rid of the couch pillows (was going to replace them anyway), and I might also take off the couch cushions, wash the outer part and re-stuff the cushions with new foam. Also, I found a better site that says you have to do more than sprinkle baking soda, you have to practically coat the whole thing with baking soda, and then let it sit overnight. It also tells how to use vinegar if that doesn't work. That's what I'm doing next, but I have to wait until we get a vacuum. I'm determined to get this done and not have to call a furniture or carpet cleaner (not even sure we have any in our town).

David and I went to Tokyo for dinner, and the sushi and sashimi were good.

I know we did our evening walk, but otherwise I don't think it was too interesting of a day.

The swelling in my mouth was still bothering me quite a bit, and my shoulder was hurting a lot, so I wasn't having the best day. I did do the dishes and laundry, and a few other things....Later, when I tried to sleep, the itching kept me up as usual.

  Saturday 9/3/16

My mouth is doing much better today!

We drove to Shreveport, Louisiana for a few days. Too bad because we missed our neighbors' garage sale, darn it! We could have gotten some good furniture there, maybe.

We stopped at the state line, which is at Springhill, Louisiana. They have some "Welcome" signs, a little truckstop and a casino.  No gambling in Arkansas, but plenty in Louisiana. I took a bunch of photos and we spent some money in the casino.

It's a very pretty drive, but you do see lots of casinos along the way (mostly little ones). It's only about 90 minutes to Shreveport. We stayed at the Quality Inn because all of the nicer ones were either booked up or cost almost $300 per night. It's not a bad place at all.

We had lunch at the El Dorado Hotel & Casino buffet. It was really really good and had Champagne as well! Fabulous dessert buffet.  Everything was good.  We played a little bit, and I took lots of photos, and then we drove back to the Quality Inn so we could check in. They didn't let us check in earlier but managed to get our room together before 2pm, so that was great. I was really exhausted from lack of sleep the night before, so I took a long nap. David won $250 while I was sleeping! We managed to give it all back later, ha ha!

Later, we went over to see the Sam's Town casino. It's not nearly as nice as the one in Vegas. It's very small, actually.  That was disappointing.  A lot of the ones here are riverboats, and they're pretty small. The main good thing about this one is that they hand you free beer or water as you walk into the casino! That's pretty cool. They should all do that! LOL!

We went up to the third floor, which is the top of the riverboat, and it overlooks the river. It's really pretty up there, and I took more pics.

After that, we walked around to find other places to go. We stopped in at Fatty Arbuckles to just sit and have a few drinks in the cool a/c. There was a super drunk guy there, that we could barely understand, who kept talking to us. It was also hard to hear him, but we tried our best to be polite. He was an interesting character with a long rap sheet, let's just say. He wanted to tell us about his whole life, it seems. He was nice enough, I guess, for a former felon.  Anyway, we noticed they have this Star Trek beer (more advertising for the 50th anniversary), but it was not very good, apparently.  We left there and then went to find someplace to eat. We went back to the El Dorado, which is next door, and I had a glass of wine at this steak place. It smelled good, but we didn't want to sit down to a full dinner, and they weren't serving food at the bar. So we walked across the bridge, which goes across the whole river.  It's quite a walk, especially in the humidity. There's an outlet mall and other stuff on the other side, but we were pretty tired and hungry by the time we got there. We went to the Margaritaville Casino there and ate at some little place that had mostly sandwiches and burgers. I had a steak. It was excellent, but about twice as much as I could eat! We played some there and walked around the little boardwalk area for a while. We stopped briefly at Hooter's. Most of the other places were closing down.  After that, we went back to our hotel. I did work while he went to sleep. I tried to sleep but had the usual itching problems.

I wanted to try some karaoke here, but my luck was not good (I didn't win at the machines, either!).  The only places I found that were doing it tonight were either really late or not nearby.  Too bad because the El Dorado has live band karaoke on Thursdays!   Well, maybe next time... Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to see "Star Trek Beyond."

  Sunday 9/4/16

We were quite shocked to learn that the hotel had not stocked our room with any towels! Unfortunately, we didn't notice it until after David took a shower.  I found a maid as we were leaving and told them about it, so she said that she would tell the one who makes up our room.

We went to brunch about 10:30 to Denny's. I always love their gluten-free food. The people there were very welcoming and friendly. We stopped at the pharmacy after that, so I could finally buy some Sudafed.  Then we drove back to our hotel.

Then we walked over to the Horseshoe Casino. It's really nice and has a whole wall of hundred dollar bills, totaling a million dollars! The other side of the hallway has a great history of the whole Binion's Horseshoe organization, which started in Las Vegas. We played there, and then we walked over to the Boomtown Casino and played there for a bit. Then we walked over to Diamond Jack's, which is a much smaller casino. It was pretty hot out, and we got quite a lot of exercise.

Most of the casinos are riverboat casinos, so they're not very large, but they do have multiple stories.  We enjoyed exploring them. We didn't win much, but we had fun.   We walked back to our motel after that.  The maid was still making up our room, so we hung out in the lobby for a little while.  After we got back to our room, after she had left, we noticed that there were still no towels! Also, the floor was soaking wet, so I almost slipped on it. I had to mop it up with the bed runner. There was literally nothing else to use.  I went to sleep while David was reading.  A little while later, the hotel maid knocked on our door and then opened it without waiting to see if anyone answered! Fortunately, David had put the chain over.  We were not dressed.  That was really annoying. She was finally bringing us towels. She wasn't at all apologetic for any of it.  Other than that, we enjoyed our stay just fine. It was a good location to the casinos.

Later, we took a cab back to Sam's Town. We were going to eat in a steak restaurant there, but they were booked up, so we just ate at their coffee shop instead, Paradise Cafe. It also had a large Chinese food menu. I ordered the Kung Pao chicken and shrimp, which was pretty good. The rice was not great.  Then I had a flourless chocolate decadence cake, which was very yummy.  The waitress was terrible, though. First she got David's order completely wrong, and then she brought the right thing but not prepared the way he asked. Wow!

After that, we walked over the bridge again to the Margaritaville casino to play there for a bit.  I looked it up on my phone and it's a mile and a half, so that's great exercise. At the end of the evening, we found this little out-of-the-way bar that overlooks the river. It has a beautiful view. What a great way to end the night.

We had a great time in Shreveport/Bossier City. It was a very nice vacation.  I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend as well! I didn't get to see the Star Trek movie after all....oh, well!

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