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  Monday 8/22/16

I wanted to go to bed early last night, as usual, but work and allergies kept me awake a little while longer. I went to bed about 2am and got up at 8:30. I was going to take a shower etc. but instead, I went back to sleep and waited for the repair guy, Richard, to call.  He called about 9am and then came over to put our treadmill together. I got dressed and tidied up a bit before he came.  He was here for a couple of hours. He also fixed our mailbox. The flag wouldn't stay up, so now it does. He also trimmed the ivy around it because it was pretty hard to see. I would have liked him to do more, but he had to be somewhere and left around noon. He might come back on Thursday for the other stuff. Now we have a working treadmill...yay!

I had salad for breakfast...it was pretty good! For salad, ha ha!

I tried to go back to sleep...eventually I did, but I didn't sleep very much or very well. I'd had some caffeine because I was tired and had no idea that he was leaving at noon. Ah, well. Anyway, then I did get up around 1:45pm to shower and brush my teeth before my dentist visit.  My teeth don't hurt any more, but I have some swelling inside my mouth, near the gum line, so we'll see if I have a bad tooth or what. I'm really dreading it. UGH.

I had a little time before David picked me up, so I took another box out to the garage (it has various items that I want to keep but don't need right now. I wrote the date on the top so I would remember it wasn't one of the others that I need to unpack). I looked in this long box, that was taped up, but it's empty. I thought it was one of mine, but I guess it was from the previous owners. Weird. Why tape up a box if it's empty?

We had some boxes taped up with framed paintings and pictures in them, but they weren't the ones I was looking for. Then I found the painting of a sailboat that my father-in-law painted. It wasn't even in a box! I'm surprised that it wasn't more filthy than it was. I cleaned it off with a wet rag and hung it above our fireplace, where it looks very nice. Thankfully, they already had a hook up there. I hope I find my King Tut painting because I haven't seen that one yet.

I went to the dentist about 2:45. I didn't have the right insurance card, but the receptionist was able to figure it out. All of the people there are very nice. I had to fill out a long form, and then the dental assistant led me back to a room, where he took an X-ray. He was a very nice young man and the X-ray was super easy and not painful (which is rare). The dentist, Dr. Falkoff, is older. I'm kind of glad. I don't like having young doctors and dentists. It makes me feel really old, for one thing! LOL! Also, I like them to be experienced. Anyway, after chatting with him, he poked around in there and looked at my X-Ray. He said that I don't need a root canal or anything like that. Yay!!  Apparently, besides grinding my teeth, I got some food stuck between my teeth at some point, and it irritated the gum, causing an infection, so that's why it's swollen. He said the food is no longer there, and the infection is already healing, so I don't even need antibiotics.  So it was the best dental appointment ever. No pain, no surgery or medication needed, and the insurance paid for the whole thing. Too bad they can't all be that great! Sounds like the dental insurance doesn't pay for a mouth guard, though, and that's around $300.  I have an appointment next week for a cleaning, so they'll measure my mouth for it then.

For the past few days, my eye has been twitching. It does this sometimes. I thought it was from eye strain, but from what I've read, it sounds like it's from dry eyes. Eye drops do help. It's really annoying otherwise.

I've been looking at Christmas cards online. I love the beautiful ones at The Gallery Collection, but they're very expensive. I like cards with glitter and gold foil etc. as well as personalized. I like Walter Drake cards, but their web site is not very good at showing big pics of what the cards look like. Their catalog is better about this, but it's not out yet. I really want to order them early this year so I have plenty of time to work on them before sending them out. I send out quite a few.

  Tuesday 8/23/16

I woke up around 11:30... then I went out to the living room and fell asleep in the recliner!

Then I was having an email argument with  someone....and I thought we were just having a nice debate/discussion, but this person took it as something else, so that bummed me out. Then I have some friends who are going through some terrible troubles, so I was chatting on Facebook about that. Man, sometimes life just sucks, especially for some people.  Then because of all this, I forgot I had a conference call at 2. I lost track of time and it was 2:30 before I realized it. :(

My eye is twitching and bothering me again. The swelling in my mouth is also bothering me again (hopefully I won't have to go back to the dentist for that).  I'm just sitting here, watching DVD's and trying not to stress out.

The kid is supposed to come to cut the grass, but we'll see. Also, we're going to Blue and Gold Day in a few hours. That's an event for the college, in the town square. Should be fun! Hopefully it won't be too hot.

I was not sure if I really wanted to go to Blue and Gold Day in this heat, but I decided to give it a try. Getting out of the house is always a good idea! I took a shower and put my hair up, so I made sure I was as prepared for the heat as possible.

The lawn cutter kid did come, and I paid him, since we were leaving. We went to the town square. Parking wasn't too bad, and we didn't have to walk too far. There were a lot of people there, though, and I'm sure they had more as the evening wore on. There were a lot of booths from local groups, some of them giving away free food and drinks. They had a main stage where the president and others got up to speak. They played music as well. The local pet care place was there with dogs to get people to adopt! There was a girl on a horse, the official Mulerider. (Okay, I guess that was a mule, not a horse - like I know the difference!) We saw some people we knew and said hi. I wish I had brought my hat because it was so hard to see in the sun. I did have a little electric battery-powered fan that helped with the heat. It was a very fun event. Next time, I'm bringing a hat!

I was right...going out definitely put me in a better mood!

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home. Later, we had a nice walk around the neighborhood. We saw more deer! This time they were across the street, running through the forest. There were 3 or 4 of them, and at least one of them a young one.  They are so cool.

I put all of my business cards in the hall closet. Well, most of them. It's a pretty big closet, but I have a lot of business cards in my collection! I had to put four more boxes in the guest bathroom (lots of cabinets in there).  At least it got them all out of the way.

Over the weekend, I bought a plant that has little sunflowers on it, at Wal-Mart. First I put it on the kitchen window sill, but then I realized it would look great in our sunroom. I need to buy more plants and flowers.

  Wednesday 8/24/16

I slept in too late and woke up around 12:30.

I've been trying to get hold of my doctor, to get her to call in the Sudafed prescription at the pharmacy. Today I spoke with a woman who said that the doctor is looking into it. Apparently she thinks that it interferes with one of my medicines, lisinopril.  Now, Lisinopril is a blood pressure medicine, but that's not why I take it. I take it to protect my kidneys. I don't have high blood pressure whatsoever. Sudafed does raise my blood pressure a little, but that's one of the reasons I don't take it that often. I only take it when I'm really congested from colds or allergies.  But it's just really annoying that it's only sold here with prescriptions (it's not really a law, as it turns out...it's just something that the doctors and pharmacies decided to do. That's crazy.)

I called the city, and it turns out we can put huge boxes out on the curb with the trash, so that's quite a relief! We have many.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, and did some work on my site. I also spent some time recording songs again.  When David got home, I made him a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. Later on, we took another nice walk and saw more deer! They were just running around on this guy's lawn like it was no big deal.  It was much less hot today, so that was good.

I had to put the flowers from last Friday in fresh water and cut off some dead parts. They're slowly dying, poor things. They're still beautiful, though!

Other than watching TV, I did nothing else useful....

  Thursday 8/25/16

The repair guy, Richard, called this morning and said he is still working on this other house, so he won't be back until Monday. I told him it was fine...

I ended up sleeping in until about 12:30, though. I was hoping Richard would come at 9 and that would help me get back on a good schedule. Darn it!

I'm going to try to record some more if my allergies aren't too bad. Still waiting to hear back from my doctor about the Sudafed. Apparently it's not technically illegally here to get Sudafed without a prescription. It's just that the Wal-Mart and Walgreens decided at the corporate level to do it that way. Hopefully, I can find another pharmacy here, or in Louisiana, that isn't that way.  I guess we're going to Louisiana over Labor Day weekend, anyway, so I'll just get some then.

I got quite a lot done today. I recorded some more songs. I made a little bit of progress setting up the music room more. I unpacked most of the bathroom stuff and all of the jewelry. Almost done with the master bathroom. We took our evening walk (we did half what we normally do; it was raining). I got a video and pics of the deer this time!

I did the laundry....I did quite a bit of work online. It's all good. I can't complain!

I think my new plant is dying. I think moving it to the window was a bad idea. I think it got too much direct sun.  I'm just not good with plants! I'll keep trying, though, because I like how they look. I'm ordering some on Amazon that are supposed to be hard to kill. That's what I need!

Saturday we're probably going to drive to El Dorado, have lunch and dinner, and spend the night...explore the town.  Unfortunately, Star Trek is not playing there.  I hope it'll still be playing in Shreveport over Labor Day when we go there.

I could tell my allergies were bad today, especially when I was trying to sing. UGH. I was sneezing a lot on Wednesday.

I still have the swelling in my mouth near the gum, so I guess I'm going to have to call the dentist and let him know... I'll probably need antibiotics after all. Fooey!

I bought a good pillow on Amazon, and it has really helped my neck/spine. It doesn't hurt to sleep now. Hurrah!  Speaking of Amazon, two things I ordered didn't arrive this week like they were supposed to. Amazon is sending me a free replacement for one thing (some green Command hooks for my kitchen). The other one is from a different dealer, so I emailed them and am awaiting their response...I've been ordering quite a few things from Amazon for the house, to make it look nice and because we threw out a lot when we moved (plus this is a big house, not a small apartment). I've spent about $300 this month, not counting the treadmill! With that, it's more like $800. Some of it was free because of points on my Amazon Visa, so that's always good.

  Friday 8/26/16

I can't believe it's Friday already, and almost September. Where did the summer go????

I stayed up until about 5am....and slept in today until 1:30.  Someone from Virginia phoned me around 10:30, waking me from a very sound sleep. I said "Hello" like 3 times and then a voice said, "Goodbye" and hung up. Weird.

The swelling or whatever it is in my mouth is much better today. Yay! I have an appointment next to get my teeth cleaned, so maybe the dentist can check it out again then, just in case.

I finally did add our land line to the Do Not Call list, so hopefully that will mean fewer sales and robo calls.

I hung up some framed paintings and photos in our bedroom today... I've been spending a lot of time all month, looking for certain things for the house, to make it look nice and more comfortable, for company as well as for us. When I find something I like, I add it to my Amazon cart and then click on "save it for later." Then I buy a little bit at a time. Today I received some sidelight curtains and curtain rods. We have some sidelight windows on each side of the front door, and they need curtains. Not that we have a lot of neighbors or traffic, but I still would like some privacy...as I run around my house in my underwear :)

They're really pretty curtains, lacy with little dragonflies on them. I will have Richard put them up because I don't have a drill.

I also got a big 8 X 10 Turkish rug that I ordered. It's great! Looks awesome in our living room.

David and I went to Flying Burger for dinner...someone gave him a $25 gift certificate for it, so that was nice. It's an expensive place. I just had one grilled fish and some French fries, and a soda, and he had the grilled fish plate, and it was more than the gift certificate covered! Their stuff is delicious, though. Gluten-free, too, which is great for me.

Later, we went out for our evening walk. No deer this time, but I did almost step on a snake! It was a brown or black snake, about the length of my forearm. I doubt it was anything dangerous. It was near a yard that we were walking by. I'm going to walk more carefully from now on, I tell ya! I jumped quickly out of the way with a little bit of a scared sound and a lot of shuddering.

Tomorrow we're going to drive to El Dorado, so tonight I'm doing the dishes, and a little more laundry, and getting everything ready.... I'm sure I'll be very groggy when I wake up because it'll be a lot earlier than usual. We're leaving around 11.

I had to finally throw out the dying flowers. Aw!

  Saturday 8/27/16

David got up early and went to get his hair cut at the Wal-mart. He woke me up about 10:30, and I got ready for our trip. We're just going overnight, so it's not too hard to pack for that.

We drove to El Dorado (pronounced El dorAYdo) and checked in at the Union Square Guest Quarters, which is right on the town square. This town is slightly bigger than ours, so it has a movie theater and more restaurants, and their town square is bigger. There was no one at the front desk and the door was locked, so we had to call a number on the door, so that the guy would come and give us our room key. It's a little boutique-y place. Almost like a bed and breakfast. The room keys are actual keys, like the old days, not key cards. We had to go outside to another small building and then walk up stairs to get to our room. There's a building in between that's part building and part an old train car, which they call the dining car. They have free breakfast there for guests. We were in room number 5 (just like our address!). It was a nice suite, again decorated more like a home than a hotel.

We walked around a little, looking at the stores. It was pretty hot. I bought some fudge at a place called La Bella, which has a little deli and a bunch of food-related things you can buy, like hot sauce and various jams and pickled things. The fudge is really good.

We were both very hungry, so we went to the Laredo Grill for lunch. It's a pretty good Mexican restaurant. The waitress was not Mexican, so I don't know how authentic it is. I told her I was allergic to flour and we had the whole usual conversation where I ask her to ask the cook and make sure that there's no flour on the meat, etc. I ordered the Tacos Al Carbon.  So they were supposed to bring it in corn tortillas, with no seasoning, but instead it came in a flour tortilla, so I had to wait while they re-made the whole thing. David got his food, in the meantime! It was pretty good, though, once I finally got it.

We stopped in another place called The Black Cat for some soft drinks. We thought it was like a bar, but it was pretty much a restaurant. They didn't have a lot of customers, though, so they were glad to have us. The waitress was very nice and kept joking with me.

Then we had a nap for a while...later we went out and walked around a little, but most of the stores were closed. We were going to have dinner at the nice restaurant in town called Faywray, but it was closed for a private party. Darn it!

They were having some big to-do in the downtown. Apparently they have summer music acts, so they had one area where people were listening to a guy play guitar, and another one with a big band stage, where a band played later on. They also had vendors and were selling food. We ducked into a place called Rascal's that I had read about online. It was not the most comfortable place because I didn't want to sit outside in the heat, where most of the chairs were, so we sat inside, which is mostly the bar, with just 3 or 4 small tables to sit at. Neither of us were very hungry, and we were kind of grumpy. I wasn't sure if there was anything on the menu I could eat because it was a very small menu of mostly fried food. However, I just ordered the chicken breast sandwich with no bread, and fries. I had asked if the fries were coated with flour or anything, and the waitress's answer didn't make much sense to me, but I was too tired to inquire further. Once again, they brought me the wrong dish! They brought me a chicken fried steak sandwich. I'm like, um, this is not what I ordered. So I had to wait for them to bring the right one. But at least it did taste really good. I think they fried it in bacon grease, so that's why. It had little bits of bacon on it. The fries definitely looked breaded, so I didn't eat those.

We walked around a bit and found a place called Marilyn's, which seems to be mostly a bar, although I think they do serve food. The band outside was too loud, so we were looking for someplace quiet to sit.  However, Marilyn's had a band, too, but they were mostly just practicing and tuning before they played later on. Also, it was a fairly large place inside, so if we walked to the back, we didn't hear the band very much.  The place was decorated with photos of Marilyn Monroe all over. There was also a large, lighted Eiffel Tower in the corner.  It was kind of a neat place, and the bartenders/waitresses were very nice.

I probably should have eaten more because the wine I had there really hit me. Well, one non-wine drink I tried was pretty strong, so that was the main problem. I had one and a half glasses of wine and then their version of a chocolate martini. I had hoped to find hot chocolate because they had the a/c on really high.  So they made this for me, instead. It was vodka, kahlua, chocolate syrup, and I think there may have been a third alcohol in it as well. It also had whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. It was really good.  After that, I was very sleepy...LOL! I've turned into a complete lightweight. I used to be able to drink 3 or 4 drinks with no problem. Not any more! I usually only drink for karaoke, for the most part.

I still had to take my nighttime pills, and I figured eating something else was a good idea, so we stopped in again at the Laredo Grill, and I had a tamal.  It was actually really good. They sort of drowned it in cheese, but it was yummy. We went back to the hotel and I went to sleep. I woke up around 1:30am and had trouble getting back to sleep for a while. I was really itchy as usual, from my allergies. I couldn't get my laptop to work on the hotel's internet, for some reason. That was very annoying. My phone had no problem, and neither did David's tablet, but for some reason, the WiFi just didn't work on the laptop. It said it was connected, but nothing would load. I wonder if one of my programs is somehow blocking it? It works fine now that I'm home again. I kept trying everything I could think of to fix it, but nothing worked, and it was late, so there was no way to ask anyone for help.

  Sunday 8/28/16

We both were up pretty early, so we had breakfast in the dining car. It was very elegant. They had a full service with real china on every table. The breakfast was not huge, but it was pretty good. They had a lot of fruit and cereal, and some breads, and boiled eggs, and hot oatmeal, sausage and ham. I just had some fruit, sausage and ham, and a little orange juice. It was really good sausage.

Then we realized we had no cash to tip either the staff here or at our hotel, so we went searching for an ATM. Most of the places were closed, it being Sunday morning and fairly early!  It was a little crazy. We went to three banks before we found one with an ATM. What bank doesn't have an ATM??? Ridiculous.  There was one store that said "ATM," but it wasn't open. After we did that, we went back to the one open coffee shop, PJ's, so we could get change for our tips. I just got a soda to take with us on the road.  Then David realized he left our room key back at the dining car, so we hurried back there, got the key, and tipped the server.  Then we headed back to our room. I was already exhausted from all of the walking!

I went back to sleep for a while, and then we left about 11:30, I think. We drove home, stopping at Wal-Mart on the way to get groceries. I also got some new rugs.  After that, I had a nice long nap. I worked on my site for a while  in the evening.

We went walking in the neighborhood, but I took my camera so I could take photos of any wildlife we saw, plus I took photos of all of the flowers I saw, and a few houses that I like.  On the way back to our place, there was a deer there, and he was standing there, staring for a long time, and then he just ran out across the road in front of us. I didn't have my camera out in time to catch him doing that, but I got it out after that and he still just stood there, staring at us. It's funny how they can do that.

Don't forget to look at all the Photos on Instagram!

Later on, I went through the remaining boxes in our bathroom. I had 3 or 4 big boxes full of clothes and hangers, and a big pile of clothes as well. I hung up a lot of things, or found room for them, and organized the hangers, and I put a lot of the clothes into the laundry basket so I can wash them because they're really wrinkled. I also finally cleaned up the bathroom area and put away all of my bathroom stuff that's been sitting there all week after I unpacked it. The bathroom looks nice and organized now. It needs some plants and other decor.

I also unrolled the new rugs and put them out, and I put some things on them to iron out the wrinkles. I think they look great! I cooked up some pork chops as well.

Hope you have a great week!

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