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  Monday 8/15/16

I woke up after only 4 hours, stayed up for a while, and then went back to sleep several times later...I was having a hard time sleeping. The phone rang etc.

I called the electrical guy, Scott, to find out if anyone was coming to hook up my TV's. I left a message.

I made an appetizer that I found online Bacon Cheese Poppers but they didn't really turn out the way I wanted. They taste fine, though.  I also made Garlic Mustard Chicken Breasts that I had in my cookbook (taken from a newspaper long ago). They were good, too. I also made some gluten free pasta that I had bought a while back. It came with its own sauce. I loved it, but David didn't. He did like the chicken, at least.

I spent a lot of time today cleaning and cooking. It was also raining a lot. I finally went through and unpacked the last box of kitchen stuff. I went to bed early, around 10:30.

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  Tuesday 8/16/16

 I woke up really early, then went back to sleep and slept until noon! I had breakfast while I was still up (leftover Subway salad).

I got a lot done today! I did the laundry. There was a ton of stuff on the floor here in the living room, near the front door. It was mostly DVD's, computer disks, photos, wall decor, some other decor, some musical and electronic stuff, and some office stuff. Basically, it was stuff that I wasn't sure yet where I wanted to put it. I put a lot of it in our guest room for now, and some of it in other places. I left the DVD's stacked in the corner.  Later, I unpacked all of my boxes of DVD's and stacked them alongside these (there's still a lot less there on the floor than was there earlier). I did this in order to get out the large wooden cubes that I had bought and put together in Hawaii (which I kept my DVD's in). I put them in the music room and hooked up my older laptop, so I can record myself singing again when I get the chance.  It's nice to finally start setting up my music room. 

The treadmill came today. It was very heavy. The mail carrier had a dolly, but he wouldn't put it inside the house (maybe for insurance reasons?).  David and I managed to push the box into the bedroom. The electrical guy, Scott, called me and apologized that the other guy never showed up. He's sending another guy, maybe tomorrow morning.  Maybe I can get them to put the treadmill together for us, too. It's way too heavy for me to deal with.

Anyway, that was a lot, even if it doesn't sound like very much. I also spent a lot of time on the computer, and watching TV.

My tooth started hurting really bad this week. This happened to me back in May as well. I think I do have a problem with one of my upper teeth on the left side, but I think that I grind my teeth (sometimes at night or sometimes while awake; if not grinding, then gritting), and that makes it hurt, and then after a few days, it's all better, but I think I still have a problem and might have a cavity or need another root canal :( I made an appointment with the dentist for Monday.

I found out that they have no cab service here, which is disappointing. I knew they had no bus service, but I had read online about a cab service. I guess they went out of business. So did the one in El Dorado (a town about 40 minutes away that is slightly larger than ours).  So now if I want to go anywhere, I have to walk or get a ride from someone.

  Wednesday 8/17/16

I'm so very tired of my laptop freezing up! Well, I don't know if it's the laptop or just the programs on it, especially Firefox, Chrome, Expression Web, and Frontpage, but it's darned annoying! I plan to get a new laptop sometime this year.

I tried going to bed at 3 am, but I couldn't sleep. I've tried a couple of times and it's almost 7 am. I shall try again soon, but I have to get up at 9.

Scott came by, along with his other guy, Richard. They figured out what stuff they needed and left, then came back later. They put up both TV's on the wall. Yay!  Richard is coming back on Monday to put together the treadmill and do some other stuff. That will be awesome!

I slept off and on between their visit and the dry cleaning guy. He delivered David's suits.

Around 1:30, David came home and took me to my doctor's appointment. I have to admit that I'm a little miffed. First of all, the insurance here is terrible! There's a deductible of almost $600 for ANY medical treatment, and they had me pay $65 upfront as a deposit. I've never had this before. You know, we had Blue Cross in both Alabama and Georgia and all I had to pay were co-pays of like $20 per visit. There were only deductibles on certain surgeries or procedures that we never had. Same with Kaiser in the other places we've lived.

So here's the other thing.  On the insurance company (Blue Cross)'s site, it says "choose your doctor."  Now, I wanted to have a female doctor. They only listed two in town with their insurance, and one was a pediatrician. So I chose this doctor, Dr. Shaver, who's at the UAMS Family Medical Clinic.  Well, the doctor I got was Dr. Suggs. She's very young. As she explained it, Dr. Shaver is the main doctor there, and everyone else is under her. She doesn't see too many patients, I guess.  So the good news is that there are more than two female doctors in town, but I don't get to pick which ones I want to see. :( That's very disappointing.

Other than that, my visit went fine....

In the evening, I put all of my DVD's that I bought or received while in Hawaii the past 3 years into the very nice built-in wooden cupboards in our living room. There's plenty of room leftover, where I'll put other DVD's that are in our garage, later on. For now I'll probably just put the boxes of recorded DVD's I have (all of the many DVD's that I made myself from shows I recorded, from the past decade).

I ate way too much today and then I did go to bed early...I was very tired.

  Thursday 8/18/16

I woke up early but then went back to sleep. I was really sick all day from something I ate. It was very painful and unpleasant. :(

I've bought a few things online to help spruce up the place. I have green items for my kitchen (mostly dark green), so I got a green wall clock and a green owl hook. They look nice. I also ordered some green Command hooks so I can put my potholders up on the wall behind the stove.  The backsplash is stone, so I can't just put in a nail.

It just keeps raining and raining! I think it's been a week.

David brought me home salads from McDonald's. I researched on their site and others to make sure that their Bacon Grilled Chicken Ranch salad is all gluten free. It's good, too.

My teeth hurt a little less every day. I think the gum on the inside of my mouth is a little swollen there, too (it hurts when I press on it).  I sure hope I don't need too much done. I hate going to the dentist because I have a tiny mouth and I gag so easily. I hate that little hose you have to suck on. I would much rather just spit into something. Sorry, I know that's gross...

I was up late because of all the sleeping I did earlier, so I wrote a lot of stuff for my site.

  Friday 8/19/16

I slept in until about 3pm. I got ready for dinner because David's college had their annual dinner to welcome back faculty and staff for the Fall semester. It was "business casual," whatever that means. I didn't really have anything good to wear that I wouldn't have to iron. I just wore a regular top and pants, and a necklace. I did feel a tad under-dressed, but not terribly so. Normally I would have worn a dress. I didn't have any stockings to wear with it, either. This is not Hawaii, so I wouldn't wear a dress without stockings.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun! There were a lot of new people to meet that David works with. Before this, I only knew the president and his wife, and two of David's faculty that we'd had dinner with before. There were over 300 people there, so I met a lot! First there was a reception for retired faculty, and then there was a dinner. The reception was smaller. They served water, lemonade and cookies. I just had the water, which was fine. We met some nice people. Then there was the dinner in a bigger ballroom-like place. I was pretty hungry at this point. We met more people and then had to wait until everyone was seated. Then David gave a very nice speech to welcome everyone back. At least, we could eat the salads at this point.  There was also a wonderful-looking cake on the table. That was hard for me. I tasted the filling in David's and wow, it was great.

Then the president gave a speech, and they had an invocation, and then they showed a nice video about the university, with music and lots of photos around the campus. Then they gave out awards to the faculty - the ones who'd been there a long time. That was really nice. Well, the whole thing was. We had dinner, and it was very good. They had one piece of chicken and one piece of steak, some rice and grilled veggies. I had mine without the gravy.  It was really good. They don't serve any wine with these functions. I guess there's some sort of rule or law against it. Ah, well.

They had some beautiful white flowers in the centerpieces, so they gave them away in the end, and I got quite a few! They look nice in my vases. I'm not sure what kind of flowers they are, though. Perhaps Apple Blossoms? Those are the state flower.

It was really great to see everyone and meet new people. We had a great time! We watched some TV and then I think we both went to bed pretty early.

  Saturday 8/20/16

I got up pretty early, too, but then I ruined it later by taking a nap...I was just too tired.

We went to the Mexican restaurant Antigua's Grill for lunch, which is near the university. David had been there before, but I hadn't.  I just had chicken enchiladas. The waiter seemed to understand that I shouldn't have flour, and he asked the cook as well. I had the red sauce, which was super spicy! They were really good, though. I had flan, too, which was pretty good. There are three Mexican restaurants in town here.

We also did some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I bought some potted sunflowers that are really pretty. I tried to pick up my prescriptions, but my doctor didn't call in the right ones, even though I gave her a list of all of them and checked which ones I need, plus mentioned one in particular to her like three times. That's so annoying. I won't be able to fix it until Monday.

 Later on, we listened to music on the DISH Network Sirius channels, but we're pretty tired of the same songs over and over on the 70's channel. I tried to get my BlueTooth speaker to work so I could play some online music, but it just won't work. I don't know why! It's very frustrating.

I set up part of my music room now, so I can record myself singing again, with my older laptop and my really great microphone. I took the wooden boxes that I was using for DVD's in the old place and stacked them up in the music room, then I put the laptop and speakers up there, and I set up the music stand and microphone stand, and plugged everything in. I need to set up the rest and start practicing guitar again! At least I did get to record a few songs.

Since it wasn't raining any more, we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood again.

I tried to go to bed early, but it just wasn't working. I stayed up until about 3 am, I think. 

  Sunday 8/21/16

David had a work thing to go to in the morning. He woke me up around noon. I made sandwiches for lunch. Later, we just went to McDonald's for dinner. I picked up a couple of big salads to have this week. Easier than making my own and they aren't bad.

I got a lot of work done today. First I did tons of work on my site. Then I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  Then I put away the remaining DVD's and CD's that were in here in the living room. Later, I had David help me move boxes in the garage, so that we could put all of the holiday decorations in the storage room (it is really a tool shop). We also cleared a path so that we can get the other garage door working with the new opener. He also moved a few other boxes for me. I broke down a ton of empty boxes as well. I kept many of the ones that were still in good shape so I can use them for other things. I also put all of the bubble wrap into plastic bags, which I'll also put in the garage. Basically, the living room is all free of boxes and junk now, and the dining room is heading that way. Now I just need to get more furniture and rugs, and I will be all settled in and ready to have visitors! :)

I was hoping to go to the Tokyo restaurant again, but they don't serve wine et al. here on Sundays, so I decided not to go. It's definitely better with wine.

I cut up some watermelon after dinner. It wasn't bad, but it could have been riper. I've been making a conscious effort to eat healthier, exercise, and mostly avoid sweets.

Although I do miss Hawaii, I have to admit that I like Arkansas. It's very pretty. There are lots of trees and flowers, and wildlife. People are very nice here. What's great about this town and university is that it's growing. It will be nice to see how it grows and improves while we're here. Apparently we're getting a Wendy's soon, so that will be great. Some sort of coffee place as well. Not Starbucks, but one of those other chains that's regional. Maybe it's P.J.'s?  I hope they'll get a few more restaurants, and an Arby's. It would be nice to have a real sit-down somewhat-fancy restaurant that serves food that isn't fried, barbecued, or some type of sandwich/burger.

Have a great week!

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