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  Monday 8/1/16

I woke up sometime in the afternoon.... I phoned the dry cleaners to see when they could come by to pick up David's suits. Looks like they're coming tomorrow, although I don't know when yet.

I'm back on my diet...ugh! I don't have a lot of healthy food in the house right now, though. I had bacon for breakfast.  David brought me some cheeseburgers and salads from McDonald's. I had the cheeseburgers for "lunch," then later on I put the salads together in a bowl to make one big salad. I added stuff and made it really great. It was very yummy. So I had a fairly healthy, low carb day.

I spent some time recording songs and singing....didn't really feel like doing much else.  David and I watched some TV after he got home, and then I did some unpacking. I still need one more cable for my desktop computer that I need to find. I just wasn't very energetic today.

I did more laundry and ironed some stuff for David. I hate ironing!

  Saturday 8/6/16

Wow, I did a terrible job this week of keeping up on the blog. I've been really busy. I've mostly just been going through the boxes to sort through them a bit and to look for the computer cables I needed. I finally did find them Thursday night. I've only got about 10 boxes left. I'm going to have to find a computer repair guy to come here and hook up the cables for me, though. There's this one that I can't fit in, and I'm afraid if I force it, I might break the pins. I recall this was a problem in the past, too, and that the repair guy usually has to bend the pins a little to make it fit. I'm going to call a place this morning to see if they'll do it.

When I say "going through" I mean, I figure out if the box is all one thing (like, all business cards, or all Christmas decorations) and or has many different things in it. I sort it out so that different things go in different rooms. One bedroom is for music, one is for collectibles, and one is for guests.  I ended up switching the guest room to the one farthest from our room because it has curtains and will be more quiet and private.  So, anyway, I still have to actually unpack quite a few boxes and unwrap many breakables that are wrapped up in bubble wrap.

Wednesday I called this handyman guy. I got his card from the realtor's office. His card says "Electric & Maintenance." I want him to put our TV's up on the wall. He's a busy guy, though. He was supposed to come on Thursday but didn't show. I called him on Friday, and he did apologize for not calling. He's supposed to drop by this morning, so we'll see.

I've been eating healthier (mostly salads). I haven't exercised all that much, aside from unpacking. I figure that running around from room to room, carrying boxes, is some exercise. Friday night we did go for a walk around the neighborhood, which is about a mile.

It's been very humid lately, but I mostly stay inside, aside from going to get the mail. It was horrible when we went walking. It was in the evening, so it wasn't very hot, but that humidity was awful. I looked it up and it was about 76%.  No wonder! It felt like we were swimming out there! It was a nice walk, other than that. We saw fireflies!

The dry cleaners picked up a bunch of suits on Tuesday and then brought them all back on Wednesday! Wow, that was fast.

Other than that, just been doing the usual, working on my site... but mostly, I've been going through boxes. Thursday night I really over-did it. I couldn't sleep, so I was up until after 8 am.  Then on Friday, my back was killing me all day. Also, I had ground my teeth sometime, so my tooth was hurting a lot. I took Aleve and used Ben Gay, and went back to bed, but not for long. I wasn't sleepy, so I couldn't sleep. I then took a muscle relaxer and had a nice shower, so I felt better after that.

Last night I went to bed around 12:30, and I woke up this morning around 7. That's really too early for me.

I finally used my dish washer this week! Before this, we were mostly eating off paper plates and using plastic utensils, so we only had a few real dishes: a couple of knives, some pans etc. Not enough to put in the dishwasher, so I washed them by hand.  It's nice to have my things around again. I can't wait until it's all done.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about our collectibles room. It's not big enough for everything. I might just make it an all-lady bug room. We'll see!  Right now it's mostly business cards and about 6 boxes of collectibles. Those are just the things I had in Hawaii or had bought there in the past 3 years. I still have tons of boxes in the garage. I do have a few magnets on the fridge, but not as many as usual. We're trying to make most of this house look nice for company, so the bedrooms are the only place we can put tacky stuff.  Maybe I'll put some collectibles in the other bedrooms...who knows. At least the sunroom does have a shelf across the entire top of one side of the room, so I might put our mugs up there.  They'll look nice up there, I think. The only thing is that dusting will be difficult, since it's so high. We might have to get a real ladder instead of just a stepladder, just to put them up there.

I ordered a new laptop desk that might work better than the one I have. It's supposed to come over the side of the chair rather than from the front. Since I'm in a recliner, that's what I need. I haven't put it together yet, though.

We finally know our new insurance, so I picked a doctor, but they make you go to the place first and fill out an application before you can make an appointment. That's the first time I had to do that! David picked it up for me, so we just have to return it.

Here in Arkansas, you can't just buy Sudafed in the store. You have to have a doctor's prescription! So that's one of the reasons I need to go. I still have a lot of congestion from allergies, and I cough at night, so Sudafed is practically the only thing that will help that.

Originally, we were going to have people over the second week of August, after some event at David's work, but now he tells me we don't have to do that. That's a relief. I do want to have people over, but that put a lot of pressure on me to get the house ready quickly. We don't even have furniture yet! Hoping to get some this weekend.

Looks like we'll be traveling to Little Rock again at the end of September, so that'll be fun!

The electrical/repair guy came by to take a look at what I wanted. He has a friend who might help me out this week or next, so we'll see....no rush on it, of course.

I talked to a computer repair place, and they said to call back Monday about having someone come out to help me with my hookups. Hopefully that will work out!

We went to KFC for lunch, then we drove downtown. I went to the newspaper office, but they were closed. I'm trying to get copies of the July 21st issue where we were featured. I guess I'll try another day!  Then we went to the post office. I checked my PO Box and mailed a couple of things. Then we went to Ivan Smith Furniture and bought a couple of TV stands and a dining room set. Today is Tax-Free Day. Technically, that means any school supplies or clothes are tax-free, but some stores, like this one, give you a discount because of it (they pay the taxes). We need a lot more, but I couldn't talk him into buying it all at once. Ah, well. Anyway, one of the TV stands is really big and nice. I was shocked because it was the cheapest one and yet it's really large.  That's for the living room, which has to look nice for company. We got a smaller one...it's not technically a TV stand, but more like a bedstand, for the bedroom. Then we got a small dining set for our little dining area off the kitchen. I really like the one we got. The top is really pretty...it looks like something fancy, but it's actually metal. The chairs look very comfy.  We'll also have to get a bigger one for the formal dining room. Anyway, the whole thing was $643 , including delivery charge. It would have cost us almost $800 if it weren't for that special tax-free day sale!

We then went to Wal-Mart and bought a few big rugs, and groceries.  We had tried to go to Hibbett Sports to get a treadmill, but apparently they don't sell them. We had hoped to get one in town so that they will deliver and set it up for us. We might try our Sears Hometown store tomorrow. They sell mostly appliances like fridges or washer and dryers.

I had a nap after we got back. I was so tired! Then later we went to Sonic. I love that place, especially the tater tots! Not a very healthy eating day, I'm afraid.

We watched TV, did the laundry and moved some boxes around. I worked on my site quite a bit and then ended up staying up until 5am.

  Sunday 8/7/16

I got up around noon, and we went to the local Mexican restaurant that we like, El Compadre. I love their scrambled eggs and chorizo.  A woman nearby had a birthday party, so that was fun. They brought her a sombrero and played a recording of "Happy Birthday" sang by a Mexican band.

It was funny, though, they had a sign on the bathroom stall door that was obviously supposed to say something like, "Don't flush paper towels or feminine hygiene products down the toilet," but instead of "paper towels" it says "toilet paper!"  Not quite what they meant, I don't think...LOL!!

 We went over to Sears and they do sell treadmills, but they only have a couple there. You have to find them online and then buy them, and they'll deliver them and set them up for you.  That's good to know! We're not buying it quite yet....hopefully soon, though.

Then we stopped briefly at Brookshire's (grocery store) to get a couple of things we forgot yesterday.

I had a nap after that. I was very very tired...

I finished sorting through the boxes in our dining room. I also went through all of the holiday decor boxes to separate out which were Halloween and which were Christmas.  Good to be done with all that! I want to put the holiday boxes in the shop room in the garage, but there are over 100 boxes in the way at the moment (from our storage unit).  Hopefully David can help me move them around next weekend or the one after that. I don't want to try to do it alone, since there might be spiders... He's a lot more careful than I am.

I'm going to need to move everything out of the dining area near the kitchen so that when our new dining set arrives on Friday, there'll be room for it!

Right now it looks like I have about 21 Christmas decoration boxes, 6 Halloween and one Thanksgiving (one of those also has some stuff for Easter). I have 16 boxes filled with business cards and about 12 filled with collectibles; the latter are just the ones I accumulated while in Hawaii. I have way more in the garage.

I took a break to eat some food and watch "Transformers" that I had recorded from HBO. I really enjoyed it!! Very good movie. I went to bed about 4am.

It rained and thundered all evening.  That's good because our lawn was looking a little dry.

Have a great week!

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