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  Monday 7/18/16

I slept way too much again! I had a hard time getting to sleep early last night, even though I was really tired. I kept coughing. My allergies have been so bad.  Also, I scratched my leg and arm up really bad a few days ago, and so they were really hurting. The things I do to myself!

The doorbell rang during the day, and the phone rang, too, but I went back to sleep both times. The doorbell was the mail carrier leaving a package, and the phone was a wrong number (as usual!). I didn't get up until after 3:30.

I had leftover bacon and pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. I did some work on my site and watched TV.

Around 5:30, I started working on dinner. I fried up the catfish. It was ok, but not nearly as good as fresh catfish. It has a fishy taste, much stronger than the fresher kind. I found two places online, nearby, that say they're fish markets, one in town and one in the  town of Stamps, but I don't know if they're still in business or not. We'll probably check them out over the weekend. There are a couple of other grocery stores I can check, too. Otherwise...no more home-cooked fish for us. It's too gross tasting when it's frozen, unless it's Gorton or one of those other types. It's just a lot better to get it from Chicken Express, anyway.

I was proud of myself for frying it up, though, and not making too much of a mess. When I used to make it in Alabama and Georgia, I would pound the fish really thin and then pan fry it. However, I don't have all of my kitchen tools here yet, so I just used the catfish coating and deep-fried it. Well, sort of. I don't have a deep pot or pan, so I filled my deepest frying pan with oil, and then turned the catfish over half way when it seemed to be getting crispy. It worked, though, and the fat didn't splatter too much or boil over. I look forward to getting my stuff because I have a deep fat fryer and also a George Foreman Grill. They'll come in handy.

It rained while I was cooking, which surprised me because I had no idea it was going to do that. It didn't rain long, and it was very pretty.

Last week, Amazon gave me a free $30 gift certificate, which was really nice of them. See, it had been Prime Day, and they sent an email out saying if you buy $150 worth of merchandise, then you get $30 discount. So I was all set to do that and then it said that the promo code had expired, so I gave up. I was really annoyed about it, so I vented on Twitter to them as well. Then I got an email saying that because of the misunderstanding, they were giving me a $30 gift card. That's so cool. They really are great, especially if you're a good customer.

So today I got the stuff I ordered. I bought some things for our guest bathroom. I'm decorating it in dark blue, so I got the little package that has the toothbrush holder, soapdish, cup etc. and a matching wastebasket, and also I got dark blue cloth cube that I'm using to hold magazines. It looks really nice.

Another thing I don't miss about living in Hawaii - stuff I order arrives much faster!

I went to eat a yogurt later on, and it tasted weird. Turns out the expiration date is July 4th! I just bought it yesterday. I think the problem is that the writing is very tiny and hard to read. Even the people who work at the store have problems reading it! Yuk.

Nothing much else going on...just working on my site and watching TV. I might try to go to bed a little bit early. That doesn't work very often, though... The problem is that I worry so much about waking up David with my coughing. What's been happening a lot late is this: I try to go to bed sometime before 4 am, but then either I'm not all that sleepy, or I start coughing or itching. So then I get up and watch TV or something and don't go to bed until sometime between 6 and 8 am. That really sucks.

The Star Trek movie comes out on Friday! I hope we can see it and that it'll be good.  Suicide Squad is coming out soon, too. That one I might have to just wait and see on DVD.

We had hoped that we could spend our anniversary in Virginia this year. He's going there for a conference next Tuesday (our anniversary is on Saturday).  But then we didn't know if they were going to deliver our stuff from Hawaii during that time, and he had to make his reservations. But now he also has to drive to Little Rock on Friday, so he couldn't stay over for our anniversary, anyway. However, Little Rock is a much better place to have our anniversary than El Dorado, the nearby town we were planning to go.  Anyway, to make a long story short, he's going to see if it's feasible and not too expensive for me to go with him to Virginia, and then after we land back in Texarkana, we'll drive up to Little Rock.  I hope it works out!

  Tuesday 7/19/16

I got up pretty late, sometime in the afternoon. I was hungry and made myself a bacon cheeseburger on gluten free bread. I had some hamburger meat to use up or freeze, so I made patties and froze most of them. First, I fried up some onions.  In the meat, I put salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, and barbecue sauce. I got Guy's sugar free, gluten free barbecue sauce from Amazon and used that.  I put it on gluten free bread and it was delicious.

I'm still eating leftover pancakes I made, too.

I did the laundry. It's so much easier now,  with the big laundry room, that I do it just about every 3 or 4 days.

David has been watching baseball a lot lately...

I ran some commands on my laptop to see if it would help to fix my problems with freezing up, but it hasn't so far.

It was not a very interesting day today...sorry! I just worked on my site and watched TV, as usual.

Looks like I will be going with David to DC, then we'll fly back and drive to Little Rock for our anniversary. That should be fun!

  Wednesday 7/20/16

I stayed up until about 8:30 because I had to call our moving company to find out the exact name to get our cashier's check for, when they arrive this week (assuming they do). I just left a message, but then later I woke up coughing around 2, so I called again and got a real live person.

I'm back to testing my blood sugar and dieting...hopefully I can stick to it this time. I'm tired of seeing my fat legs and my double chins! LOL! Especially in these huge mirrors in our bathroom. I pigged out a lot last night, so today when I tested, it was 191, which was not good. However, later on I managed to get it down to 125 so that's more normal. Yay!

Today I'm cleaning up the place a little. I thought it would be a good idea to sweep so that when they bring in the boxes, they're not sitting on a dirty floor :)

Tomorrow I plan to get back to walking around.

I did a lot of texting back and forth with my SIL, who lives in Vegas. Lucky her!

I guess it's not going to be as hot this week as they said. It did say 105, but now it says 98. It looks like a storm is moving in. I hope that doesn't mean it'll be too humid.

Besides sweeping, I also broke up the rest of the boxes. Whew!

  Thursday 7/21/16

I woke up around 4pm. I'm so tired of people calling me and waking me up! It's always robo calls or sales calls or wrong numbers.

I've been in a lot of pain all day. I must have pulled some muscles yesterday sweeping and ripping up boxes. My shoulder/neck hurts as usual, but also I pulled some king of groin muscle. I took two Aleve and then later had to take a muscle relaxer (I haven't had to take one of those for awhile).  It still hurts. UGH.

Then I had my other usual problems from allergies as well....

I'm still trying to diet. Mostly successful! LOL! I've been taking my blood sugar like I'm supposed to, at least.

I got a UPS package today...I thought it was for me, but it was for the guy who used to live here. I opened it up before I realized that. It had concert tickets etc. so I called the realtor to ask her what I should do with the package. So we're going to leave the package at the realtor's office tomorrow. She also told me that David was on the front page of the newspaper today!

Here's the link: Link  It requires that you pay 99 cents for a one-day pass.  However, if you don't have an Arkansas address, it may not let you.  Here's the text of the article Unfortunately, we couldn't get a hard copy. They ran out quick. I phoned them to see about getting more copies, but I just got the voice mail, and no one called me back.

We went out to dinner to Tokyo. I can't eat much there. I just had edamame.  David had the buffet. Something there made him sick (he's allergic to nuts).   He was supposed to take me to Sonic afterwards, but instead I let him just drive through McDonald's, since that's faster and he was feeling sick. He felt better after taking some Benadryl, after a while.

We were planning to take a walk, but neither of us was feeling up to it.

It did get up to 108 degrees today!  UGH.  Thank goodness our house is cool.

I got a weird letter from some woman named Lisa Hamilton, who lives in Northern Virginia. She didn't put her return address (coward!).  She said: "I am disappointed in the errors (mostly DOOL, sometimes GH) in transcripts. Missing dialogue, dialogue attributed to the wrong character, dialogue from two people attributed to one person - very annoying.  And you're not capable of correcting anything? I never produced a sloppy work product and don't like seeing one."

Well, I wish I could tell her that we don't have any regular proofreaders for most of the transcripts. Gisele does the best she can, but these type of errors will occur unless the person who's proofreading them is sitting right in the front of the computer and watching/listening to the show as well.  We don't have people to do most of those. Gisele does GH that way, but otherwise she just does the best she can.  All of our writers and other workers are volunteers, like myself. We can't afford to hire someone to proofread.  There are notes to that effect on our site, such as on the FAQ page.

The errors are in the original closed-captioning from the networks, so they're the ones making the mistakes, not us. Furthermore, even if there are a few mistakes, people do make errors. If you find a mistake on my website let me know so I can fix it! Also, if you have time to volunteer to help us out, please do!  I wonder if this woman spends her whole life writing letters to websites? She must because there are a lot of typos and mistakes on websites out there! LOL!

  Friday 7/22/16

I couldn't sleep all night because of allergies. I kept waking up coughing or itching, and I had a lot of pain still. I finally slept between 2pm and around 7pm.

We went out around 11:30 and had lunch at KFC.  Then we took some mail to the realtor's office (for the previous tenant) and also went to the post office to finish buying my post office box. They won't let you just sign up online. You have to go in person and show two forms of ID, and the second form has to be either a voter ID card, or car registration, or car insurance, or home insurance. I guess that means if you're poor, you can't rent one. That seems unfair. Anyway, it didn't take long. 

My new mailing address is P.O. Box 882 Magnolia, AR 71754. I'll probably only check it once a month at most, though. It's not that close to our house.

Then we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries. I also looked at rugs...they're pretty cheap there, so that's good. They had some nice patterns.

So that was our eventful day... the movers called to say that they're coming tomorrow, so we're very happy about that!

I just worked on my site and watched a little TV. I'm still trying to stick to my diet. It's never easy!

A few days ago, I took off most of my browser plugins to see if that would help things. So far, it seems to have. Why even have plugins if they're going to cause your browser to freeze up? The only one I put back in so far is Adblock Plus.

I went to sleep around 5am.

  Saturday 7/23/16

I got up at 7:30am because the movers came at 8. David was out walking but came home before they arrived. The movers seemed very nice and got everything done pretty quickly. I went back to sleep while they were here, and David dealt with them.

We went to the Mexican restaurant nearby, El Compadre, for lunch. I made sure to ask them about whether my food had flour in it or not, so the waitress checked for me. Hopefully she was right. It's hard to say because I've been sick a lot lately. I had a little bit of a nap after lunch.

We had a lot of rain and thunder this afternoon, and the power even went out for a few minutes.

We had been invited to dinner tonight by one of David's professors who lives nearby, so we went there. They have two great pitbulls (very friendly). It was a very nice night with good company and delicious food and wine. We even stayed longer than we planned because we were having such a good time.

We watched some TV when we got home, and I did work. I started looking through the boxes. I was mostly looking for this one box that may have my computer cables in it, so I can use my old desktop for my site again.  However, while doing that, I discovered two boxes that aren't mine.  Oh, no! That's terrible. I gave up looking for the one box because they were too heavy for me. I'll get David to help me with it tomorrow. We're going to have to look at every box and make sure we have all of ours. I really hope we're not missing any. If we are, I'm going to be very angry. it's bad enough that we have these two extra boxes here that are supposed to go to someone else! I don't really see how they can lose mine, though, because it has my name, address, and phone number all over it, as well as the moving company's label with my name on it. We'll see, though.  I guess I was wrong about this company, and they're not as good as we thought they were.

I had hoped to start going through the boxes today, but I'm too tired and haven't been feeling very well. Hopefully I can tomorrow.

Here's the obituary for my friend Sonny, who passed away this year. He was the lead singer and guitar player in my band (the one I had for a while in Hawaii).  So sad. I didn't know him that well, but he was very nice to me and sang and played very well, despite many hardships in his life. Sounds like they had a nice ceremony where they scattered his ashes at the beach.

  Sunday 7/24/16

Today was the first day all week that I didn't have that pain in my groin from the muscle I pulled. Wow, that was awful. Lesson learned. No more housework! LOL!

We grabbed a quick bite at McDonald's for lunch, and then I went to Wal-Mart to get my hair cut. It's been quite a while! I think it might have been April when I last got it cut...I don't know. I got some groceries, too.

While I was doing all that, David went through our boxes to make sure they were all there. It appears that they are. I didn't do the best job of numbering them, I guess, so there's about a dozen that have duplicate numbers. That's also about the same number we're missing, so I'm sure it's fine. I'm not too worried.

I started going through some of the boxes, but it's taking a long time. Oh, well...

I made some gluten-free, low carb, chocolate chip cookies for our trip tomorrow. They're really delicious. Also, I did the laundry because we're leaving tomorrow night, so we have to pack.

Here's something I found out earlier this week... you can't buy Sudafed in the state of Arkansas without a prescription! So weird...

I'm going to try to to go to bed a little bit early tonight (before 3 am). I have to get up tomorrow in case the kid comes to mow the lawn. He was supposed to come Thursday or Friday, but I had to call him because we're going out of town. I said, "Either come Monday, or next week." However, he didn't call me back, so I don't know if he's coming...and I have to be awake if he does come, so I can pay him.

Well, that didn't work. Allergies kept me awake again.

Have a great week!

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