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  Monday July 11

I went to bed early last night, around 11pm. I'm still fighting the congestion from my cold/bronchitis and allergies, so I took Robitussin before I went to sleep. I slept for about 2 hours, then woke up coughing and itching. :(  So then I took some more, different medicine and tried to go back to sleep. Eventually, I was able to. I woke up around 9am, and I should have stayed up, but I was very tired, so I went back to sleep and woke up around noon.

I kept dreaming about characters from "The Young & The Restless!" LOL! I don't remember the details, unfortunately.

I worked on my site, then I decided to go out. First I cleaned out the fountain out in the back. It had a lot of water in the bottom, so I had to skim it out and then soak up the rest with paper towels. There is a palm tree next to it, and it has big palm fronds that cover that area, so I think it kept most of the rainwater out, which is fortunate. I'm going to have to get something, though, to cover it up so it doesn't get any more water in it.  Either that or read the instruction manual to figure out how to set up the fountain. I think it plugs in.

I looked around the yard a little bit. I have to do research online about how to care for these bird houses. There's bird food, but I'm not sure how you put the bird food in the houses or what, or how much to put in.

I'm trying to avoid mosquitoes, so I wore long pants, socks and shoes, and the only long-sleeve shirt I have here, which has sequins all over it - I wear it for karaoke. :) Well, I'm sure I looked silly, but it did the trick.

Then I changed into shorts and a tank top, got my phone, keys and sunglasses, and went for a walk. It was about 4:30pm, so it was pretty hot out. I should have gone earlier. But once I got out there, I realized it wasn't too hot or humid, and there's a nice breeze.  According to magnoliareporter.com, it's about 93 degrees out with 41% humidity. That's pretty dry compared to what we used to get in Hawaii. So I guess that living in the heat and humidity there for 3 years, and walking around a lot, I got used to it. That's a relief.  Because when I lived in the South before, I was miserable. I mean, I know it's bit a little drier than usual, but still...so far it hasn't been too bad when I've gone outside.

I'm going to make tacos for dinner. This is the first "real cooking" I've done since we moved in. I forgot how hard it is. I mean, physically. With my back problems, anything that requires me to put a lot of pressure with my right arm is difficult, so browning the hamburger meat with the spatula was actually painful. :( If I had all my stuff here, I could used a bigger spatula or perhaps put the meat in the food processor first...ah, well.

At least it tasted good! And clean-up is fairly easy because we're still using paper and plastic plates/utensils.

I watched "National Treasure," which is a fun movie...My DVR here with DISH now has so much space that it's a lot harder to fill up. (it holds 5,000 hours!) I usually only DVR TV shows and then I fill it up, but now I can actually record movies to watch at my leisure. Especially since right now, there aren't a lot of new TV shows for me to record, and I can't watch DVD's except on my laptop.

I stayed up too late again, until almost 6 am. I got a lot of work done on my site, though.

  Tuesday July 12

Even though communications are much easier than they used to be, they still suck when you think about it.  I get lots of wrong numbers and spam calls on both my land line and my cell. Today I got an accidental video call! This little girl, who's the daughter of one of my former band members, called me. I've never done a video call, so when it said I was getting a video call from Bobby, I thought, wow, this is weird. I swiped or pressed the green button but somehow it hung up instead. So I called back, and I got the little girl, who had no idea that she had accidentally called me.  She recognized me, though, and asked if I still sung with her dad. I said, no, I moved back to the mainland. Her eyes got so big in surprise! LOL!  She said, "Why?" so I replied it was because of my husband's job. I told her to say hi to Bobby and then I hung up. That was so hilarious. But yet, also kind of annoying when you think about how easy it is to make the wrong call, even a video call now!

Then there's email. Don't even get me started on email! I have way too many addresses and two major Gmail accounts. The idea is that one was supposed to work and one not, but somehow I get work emails in both, and I never have enough time to read them.  And then when I reply to people, half the time they don't answer, so I never know if they didn't get the reply, didn't see it, or they're just choosing to ignore me for some reason. It's so frustrating!

Phone calls are better for reaching people, but I hate talking on the phone. I don't know why. Especially to strangers. I just called this lawn service and had to leave a voice mail. Well, I'm congested so my voice is very froggy. I hate the sound of my speaking voice, anyway, but it's particularly bad with allergies. Yet I would still rather leave a message than talk to a real person.

I'm still having problems with my programs freezing up, particularly my browsers and the two web editing programs I use. I've figured out that if one of them freezes up, then if I close the others, the one usually starts working again. It's really annoying, though.

I got up really late, around 3pm. I feel really lazy and I ate too much. I wish I'd gotten up earlier so I could have gone out and walked. I don't want to walk late in the afternoon again. It's too hot.

I've been feeling a little down all day. I'll be fine, though. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched part of the All Star Game. We also took a short walk. It was way more humid today than yesterday! Yikes.  I've been eating way too much, so it was good to get out.

We hired a kid to mow the lawn, so he's coming tomorrow. We really can use him.

I went through all of our May photos and posted them...makes me kind of sad to look at the pics, though. I miss all my friends in Hawaii and the beauty there. It's nice here, though, and we'll make friends at some point. Right now we're kind of in limbo until we get the rest of our stuff, and our furniture.

For those of you who don't know, we usually spend every anniversary in a different state. This year, we were going to do Virginia, since he has a conference there right before our anniversary, anyway. However, it's not going to work out because he had to make the reservations this week and we don't know exactly when our boxes are coming. One of us has to be here. I phoned yesterday to see if they had a better idea about it, but they don't.  So we'll just be going to El Dorado instead. That's fine. They seem to have some good restaurants as well as a movie theater. Arkansas is a state we haven't done yet.

After this, we just have RI, NH, MS, VT, VA, MO, ME, NC, SC, KS, SD, WV, DE, MT, NE and WY left.

I practiced guitar again. I need to do it more often because I'm losing my calluses some.

  Wednesday July 13

I got up around noon, got dressed and moved to my recliner chair, where I dozed. This kid came to mow our lawn. The previous owners of our house left us a flyer from Isaiah's lawn service. He only charges $25. Well, he came to our door, and he looks about 12! I'm sure he's at least 16. But he has all of the right tools for the job and did it well. I woke up again around 2pm to the sounds of his mower out back. I had to be dressed to pay him when he was done.  Very nice kid. I asked him if he knew how to plant flowers, but he doesn't, so I'll have to find someone else for that.

Meanwhile, the people I phoned about putting our TV's on the wall still hasn't called or come here. The two people who contacted me about selling me furniture haven't emailed me back, either. Grrr!

While I was sitting here, waiting for him to finish the front yard, I happened to look over to my left, to the outside, backyard, and there was this beautiful bright red cardinal perched on one of our lawn chairs! I grabbed my phone to take a photo, but by the time I got there, he flew away. Too bad!! He was so gorgeous.

I asked David to pick up McDonald's for dinner on the way home. I wanted to try this bacon cheeseburger they have, which comes with carmelized onions. I didn't read the description carefully enough on their website. It has Big Mac sauce, which has wheat in it. So I got it and wiped off most of the sauce, but it wasn't enough, I guess, because it made me very sick. I was already really congested and had a sinus headache before I ate it. Things got much worse and I was sick all of Thursday from it, too. UGH.

Don't you hate when you ask a question, and then someone answers with something you didn't ask? LOL! I sent a private message to a restaurant here to ask which of their foods were wheat free, and I mentioned several of their dishes. Their response was to tell me that another particular dish was wheat free. OK, but that's not what I asked!

I made a salad later on. I chopped up some romaine lettuce, and some carrots and celery. Then I heated up some of the leftover taco meat from Monday and added that, and some cheese, and some almonds. Plus ranch dressing. It was really delicious.

I didn't feel like doing much but worked a lot on my site. I tried to go to bed around 4, but I had terrible itching, so that kept me up a few more hours.

Earlier, David met our neighbors. He said they seemed nice and are older. The wife wanted to know if I wanted to go to El Dorado with her (40 minutes away) for line dancing because she wants to get more exercise. I don't know if that's my kind of thing. I mean, exercising is great, and doing things with friends if fun, but I don't know if it's worth driving all that way, particularly when we're both out of shape. I guess I'll talk to her about it one of these days... there's always the risk, though, with getting to know your neighbors, that they might not turn out to be normal or they might not be people you want to hang around with, but you're kind of stuck with them next door after that.  Well, hopefully they're nice and normal.

  Thursday July 14

Very sad about the deaths today in France. It was extra horrible that it happened on Bastille Day, too. :(

I woke around 1:20, then was very sick and went back to sleep. I was up off and on all day.

I had another taco salad around 4.  We still don't have too many dishes, so I used a pie plate to mix the salad before putting it into the small styrofoam bowl.  I forgot to get saran wrap. I have a large bowl where  I put all the chopped up lettuce and veggies, so I just put a paper plate on the top and that worked ok to keep it fresh in the fridge.

I took a shower around 5:30pm.  David came home a little bit after that. We talked about going out to eat, but he decided he didn't want to go anywhere, so he just got take-out from Chicken Express and brought it back to me. I wasn't feeling well, anyway.

I'm doing the laundry, and I'll be working more on my site, but otherwise, not doing too much tonight...tired from being sick.

I'v been trying to co-ordinate the people who go to San Diego Comic-Con and take photos for my site.  They get some special access to press events because of my site, but not as much as they should. I wish I had done this stuff a month ago, but between moving and being sick...

We had a little rainstorm tonight and our power went out for just a couple of minutes. Glad it wasn't longer!

I went to bed pretty late as usual...around 6am. Allergies kept me up.

  Friday July 15

David tried to get me up for lunch, but I was still sick, so I kept sleeping. Then the phone rang around noon. It was the moving company, Cardinal, to let me know that our stuff would be here between July 21 and July 24. Yay! I'm so happy to hear that. The guy on the phone gave me other information as well, so I wrote it down. I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

I was up all day but still sick off and on. I just had toast for breakfast.  Later on, we went to a restaurant downtown that we hadn't tried yet, called The Corner Clubhouse. It's one of only two places in town that sells beer, wine or spirits with your food. The other one is more of a bar, I guess. It's near the campus and we haven't been to it.  This one was more like a sports bar. They served the same kind of food that most other places here serve: hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and barbecued pork. The only thing different is that there is no deep fried food. I guess they only have a grill, not a fryer. I had the BBQ nachos. The waitress checked on the ingredients for me. They weren't 100% sure about the tortilla chips, so I probably shouldn't have had them, but I went ahead. We'll see if that was a bad idea or not. My stomach was still delicate, though, so I only had about half of them, and a glass of chardonnay. The wine was good and helped relax my neck, which had been hurting. David had a taco salad and said it was good.  I don't know if we'll go back there, though, because they put peanuts on the table in a bucket. Even though we had them remove the one on our table, there were other people eating them and it bothered his allergies, so we left as soon as he started feeling a little congested. 

I was sick a little later, but I don't know if it was from that place or still from my earlier problems. SIGH. It's so hard to know.  We should probably just not eat out much at all.  We just got so spoiled in Hawaii, having so many great places to go to.  Even David misses that about the place, and he wasn't the biggest fan of living there.  Well, once we get our stuff, the unpacking will keep us busy for a while. As his job gets busier, he'll have more to do, and we'll have more social stuff, I'm sure.  It's too hot to do much, anyway.

Well, we had planned to go walking in the evening after it cooled off a little, but I was too sick still to do that. Maybe tomorrow we can go.  When we went out to dinner around 5, it was 94 degrees with 57% humidity and no wind. It felt very muggy. I'm always glad to get home to the air conditioning!

We just watched TV the rest of the evening...I got a lot of work done on my site. I tried to go to bed around 12:30, and I did sleep briefly, but then I woke up, itching, and it was too hot to sleep. I might try again in a little while.

OK, I think I've narrowed down a list of all of our restaurants here in town:

Ones we've been to:

Flying Burger (burgers, fish, chicken, salads)
Tokyo (sushi, Japanese and asian buffet)
Andy's (bbq, salads, fried fish and chicken)
Cancun (Mexican)
Sonic (fast food - burgers & chicken)
Domino's (pizza)
Taco Bell (fast food Mexican)
McDonald's (fast food hamburgers)
KFC (fast food fried chicken)
Chik-Fil-A (fast food chicken and sandwiches)
Chicken Express (fast food fried chicken and fish)
Subway (fast food sandwiches)
Burger King (fast food burgers, salads and chicken)
Chen Chen (Chinese buffet)
Larry's Pizza (pizza and salads)
Corner Clubhouse (burgers, sandwiches and salads, bar)
El Compadre (Mexican)

Ones we haven't been to yet

My Kitchen Table (home cooking, lunch)
Dairy Queen (fast food burgers)
Backyard Barbecue
Crayton's BBQ
LaLa's Deli
Marlar's Cafeteria
Edge of Town Cafe
Mister James (soul food, breakfast)
Wade's Burgers
Pizza Hut (pizza)
Bayou Bistro
Connie's Cafe
Quizno's (fast food - sandwiches)
Chick-a-Dilly (fast food chicken)

  Saturday July 16

I  stayed very late again. I was itching and coughing a lot last night as usual. I've been sick a lot, too. UGH.

We went to Dairy Queen for lunch. I love their burgers! I had a small M&M Blizzard as well. Yum.

I took a nap after lunch and had a lot of weird dreams. I even dreamed about the M&M's! LOL!

We went to Wal-Mart after that to get groceries. We were out of a lot of stuff; it's good to stock up. Wal-mart has a bakery, and it has a meat section, but I couldn't find any kind of fish.

We just ate at home for dinner. I only cook a big meal once a week, so far. The other nights, we either have fast food or have something simple, like fish sticks or sandwiches. We're both trying to eat less and lose weight, anyway.

Otherwise, we just watched baseball and I worked on my site.... the usual!

  Sunday July 17

I slept really late and then slept a lot during the day, too.  I was really tired.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood twice, so it was about a mile. It was hot, but not unbearable. It's been pretty hot, but not too humid. I think it rained this morning. It got up to 100 today. It's supposed to get up to 105 on Thursday, but the humidity will be less than 50% so it won't be too bad, hopefully.

We went to McDonald's for lunch.  I didn't know it was National Ice Cream Day, but I got a hot fudge sundae there, anyway :)

We also went to the Brookshires grocery store later on. They didn't have fresh fish, either, just frozen, so I got some frozen catfish.  Later on, I cooked up the bacon (I like to cook the whole pound up and then use it later for sandwiches, salads etc.), and I also made pancakes. I found a gluten free Bisquick box, so I used the whole thing to make pancakes. The mean reason is that I don't have any measuring cups or spoons, so it was just easier to make the whole package.  Also, I have no milk, so I just used water, and some whipped cream. The pancakes came out fine, anyway. I had bacon and pancakes for dinner.

Mostly I've just been working on my site and watching TV. Nothing too exciting!

This past week, I wrote some Young & The Restless updates 3 days because we didn't have anyone else to do it. I hate doing those because it just takes so much time and energy, but people come to our site to read them.

I texted my SIL a lot, too...always nice to chat with her.

I hope you have a great week!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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