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  Monday 6/27/16

I'm getting a little better every day (recovering from my bronchitis). I have much less coughing. I'm still taking all of the medicine, though. There are two more days left of antibiotics. I slept pretty well, but I had some terrible nightmares. I don't remember most of it, but I know it started out well and then ended with me going to Hell! LOL! How does that work? ;)

For once we didn't have anything much to do today...nothing scheduled. I spent most of the day in bed the past two days to try to get over this thing.

I felt a little better in the evening, so we tried the Tokyo restaurant. David liked their sushi. Unfortunately, they don't have too much I can eat. Their miso soup was very good, though. I tried their steak, plain, but it wasn't a great cut.

It was very hot today, so I'm glad I stayed inside. My phone said it was 103 but not sure if it really was that hot or not. It didn't seem all that bad when we were out in the evening. Thankfully, our house stays pretty cool, even without a/c.

The fix-it guy came by today...he's still fixing up the hole in the bedroom. He has to come by one more time to sand it down, I guess. I asked him if he knew how to put our TV's up on the wall, but he doesn't have any experience in that and doesn't want to risk it, which I can understand.

We were trying to catch up on shows we missed while traveling, but DISH Network's On Demand isn't nearly as good as the one we had in Hawaii, Oceanic Time Warner Cable.  First of all, it only has a few networks on its list.  Secondly, it uses our Wifi, and they said the DISH Hopper was "delicate" -- that's how they said it in response to my wondering why their On Demand doesn't work. :( We downloaded a few episodes of HBO's Real Time and Last Week with John Oliver, and both didn't run well. They would freeze up and/or pixelate and skip ahead, so it was irritating to try to watch.  If your service doesn't work, then you just shouldn't have it. But I wonder if it's just HBO because I haven't had as much trouble watching other shows.  Still, it's frustrating that we can't watch the Daily Show or Nightly Show, and I can't watch Bold & Beautiful, on DISH's On Demand at all (they don't let you). We can watch them online only.  That's a great disappointment because we both hate watching online.

OTOH, I'm happy to have DISH back for a number of reasons. For one thing, I really missed their skip-ahead and skip-back buttons. I hated having to always fast-forward or rewind on TWC by having to hold down the buttons. It's hard on my fingers!

I'm glad to have some channels back that I missed, too, like POP.  Also, we can now record 16 shows at once if we want, and the Hopper holds a lot more shows.  But I have to say that OTWC was great, and cheaper.

I didn't do much today, but I'm very tired, so I'm going to bed early.

  Tuesday 6/28/16

I slept for 12 hours, which is great. That's the first good night's sleep I've had in a week. I only woke up briefly, around 8am, coughing. I took some pills, drank some water, and went back to sleep.  No nightmares, that I recall, although I did have a weird dream about going to Disneyland!

Not to be too gross, but this is the first day that I woke up and coughed up stuff, and it was clear, not green. I think that means I'm officially on the mend.  This is the last day of taking the antibiotic, too.

Around 1pm, we went out. I was still half asleep.  We went to People's Bank (the same people that we used for our home loan) and got our new checking account. The people there were very nice (everyone here has been very nice, without exception).  Partway through, the woman helping us recognized David's name from the previous loan work. It was kind of funny.  She said, "Oh my gosh! You're David Lanoue!"  LOL!  And then one other funny thing. When you get an account, one of the questions they ask you is whether you want to have your picture taken to go on Facebook to announce that you opened an account with them. Wow! That's a new one.  We both said no... I probably would have said yes, if I'd thought about it, but I was very tired and groggy. We got a new lawn chair for opening an account, too. It's very much like the ones we bought in Honolulu at Wal-Mart when we first moved there and had no furniture.

After that, we went to McDonald's for lunch. I was starving. I felt much better after eating. I should know better than to wait so long to eat.

Then we went to the state revenue office to get our driver's licenses. We were a bit surprised that there was a long line of people, since it's a small town.  We took numbers, and they were on 10 numbers before us, so we figured it would be a long while. However, we didn't have to wait all that long. A woman came out, probably the manager, and she organized us all. I guess that some people there were renewing licenses, and some were getting new licenses, so they had different things to do than us.  It was pretty easy. We just handed her our old licenses and answered some questions, then took a very brief eye test.  Then we got our pictures taken and about five minutes later, we had our new licenses. Not the paper ones, either. They were impressively efficient. Other states could learn from them.

Hawaii was terrible about it, so that's why I never got my license there. We had to wait a long time, and they had a ton of documents you had to bring, and then they refused to let me use my social security card because one of the letters in my last name was wrong.  They didn't care that I didn't have a W2, since I own my own business.  And then when David got his license, they gave him a temporary paper one until they mailed the new one. They are way behind the times there. I really wanted that pretty license with the rainbow, though! LOL!  At least now we both have the same state license. It was hard to explain to strangers why I still had the Georgia license, and I always felt that they were staring at me suspiciously when we went through airport security.  It didn't expire until 2018, luckily. Hawaii doesn't require that you change your license until it expires, so I was able to keep the old one.  Arkansas requires that you get it done within 30 days, I believe.

I just wish they would let you choose the picture as well as design on your license, the way they do with your ATM card or checks! :)  I got a cloud design on my ATM card. All the other choices were college- or sports-related.

Anyway, after that, I came home and took a nap because I was tired.  However, later I did wake up coughing again, but I was fine after that.

I ended up having a lot more energy and getting a lot done today. I did the laundry and straightened up the whole house again (we keep messing it up). I did the dishes and cooked us a light dinner. I watched some TV and opened a couple of the packages I've gotten lately that I hadn't gotten around to opening yet.

One package is a mattress topper, so that will hopefully feel nice....  The other one is supposed to be a Table Mate II like I used before (for my laptop), but the company sent me the wrong item. It's some kind of extendable instance fence instead! So I have to wait for them to fix that. I still have one more package to open. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Our internet got really slow about 1 am, so I phoned our internet company, Suddenlink. The tech support guy said we had "packet loss," so they're sending someone Thursday morning to look at it. That's the soonest they can manage. Fortunately, the net was working a little better later on. It's just sporadically slow,  I guess. Maybe DISH was right to blame the On Demand problem on our Wifi, who knows? We'll find out...

I still have to get our new phone out of the box and hook that up. I have a pile of other stuff to go through, a pile of DVD's to watch and a pile of clothes to iron.  Bleccchhhh!

Oh, last week sometime I stupidly stepped on my computer and broke my DVD player. Well, turns out it was just the outer part that broke. The player works fine. Yay!

So far I've only seen two insects. One was a little spider near the couch (it was on something I picked up). The other was a crane fly or daddy longlegs. I thought it was a spider at first. I was in the bathroom and it looked like it was jumping by, really scared me at first. I hope I don't see too many more!

I really hope we get our stuff soon from Hawaii because I don't think I'll feel "at home" until we do. I'm sick of using paper plates and such. I stayed up until after 5am!

  Wednesday 6/29/16

I slept in after 2pm. I guess my sleep schedule is all messed up again. Ah, well. Once I'm all well, I need to make sure to get up earlier to get things back to normal.  I'm much better today. I have a lot less coughing. I'm still pretty tired, though.

We went to Wal-Mart. I had lunch at Subway while David got his hair cut. That place was freezing! Brrr!  Then we picked up a few items and took them home. Then we went out again, to the 2 furniture stores downtown.  We're looking right now for nightstands and for a casual dining room set.  We didn't like the prices much at either place.  After we went home, I found a couple of nightstands I liked on Amazon and ordered them. I paid less than $15 for them after using my Amazon Visa points. Great deal!

I finally got our new mattress topper out of the bag and put it on the bed. It's very comfy!

I started going through the stuff in the bathroom. I still have two suitcases to go through, but I've made progress. I can only do so much at a time before I get too hot or tired.

We're still looking, but I think we're probably going to get the dining room set we saw today at Ivan Smith for about $130. It was definitely the nicest one we saw for anywhere close to that price.

We just watched TV after that.... nothing else too exciting going on...

I tried to get to bed before midnight because the phone company guy is coming early tomorrow to look into our Wifi, but I just couldn't sleep. I guess I'm a lot better today, or I would have been able to sleep.

  Thursday 6/30/16

I had to get up way too early... The phone guy came and did a lot of investigating into why our internet was not working that well. He replaced the modem, so hopefully that will fix it.

I went back to bed. Later, we went to the store and had dinner, but I forgot to keep track of where we went. I think we went back to the Cancun Mexican restaurant. It wasn't as good thing time around. I should have stuck to the carnitas as they were pretty good.  Let's just say that their idea of a taco and enchilada are not the same as mine.

Later on, at night, I was sitting in my chair here, eating a sandwich. A large black cockroach swooped down from the light across the room, right at me! It was so fast, I didn't even have time to jump out of the way. Instead I sort of scooched backward on my chair and it flew under the recliner. Then I jumped up, shook out the blanket etc.  I saw it on the wall behind there and tried to take a photo, but the picture didn't work (sometimes my camera doesn't take photos - no idea why). Then I ran into the other room and grabbed my shoe, ran back in and smacked that thing, and it fell, but then it disappeared. Well, it can fly, so I'm sure it flew away somewhere. ICK. I was quite distressed and grossed out. Now, this is not the first time I've seen one. I've seen them all over in most places we've lived. In fact, in both Riverside and in Lubbock, one flew on me while I was at the computer and I jumped up, shrieking a bit. But this was the first one to dive bomb me! It was scary.  I'm definitely calling the pest control company tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the house. I love our Frigidaire fridge, which has an ice maker in the door, including a crushed-ice button. I've always wanted one of these! It came with the house, so I'm very lucky.

Unfortunately, I gained 15 or so pounds in the past year, so I need to work on getting rid of that, and all the extra. So far I haven't been able to get motivated, but I hope to do that soon.

Thursday night was very noisy. We heard lots of fireworks. Wow, that's pretty early. They went on for quite some time.

My Facebook page is public, so check it out! I don't think you have to have a Facebook account to read it or view the pics. I post many fun videos etc. there.

  Friday 7/1/16

Today was David's first day back at work! Apparently the university closes down on Fridays during the summer, too.  He had a  meeting with his boss and set up his new office, though.

I called Miller Pest Control. They were here in April, apparently, but now they're coming back again and will come regularly to keep out the roaches, mice, spiders etc.  Good!

Looks like our internet is fixed....yay!

I seem to finally be over my cold and bronchitis.  Last night I didn't take any cough medicine, and today I haven't taken anything extra, either.  I have just a little congestion, but otherwise, I'm fine.  It's about time! It's been 11 long days.

We went to Flying Burger for dinner. They have pretty good food...not just burgers but chicken, fish etc. It's mostly southern style, but they do have grilled. I just got a cheeseburger. Next time I need to try their grilled chicken or fish.  It's not as cheap as other fast food places. I guess that's because it's made up fresh. Most places around here pretty cheap, fortunately.

We caught up on a lot of TV shows tonight...that was fun!

I stayed up way too late working on my site (about 6 am) and getting some stuff done for a change as well as laundry. Very exciting LOL!

No fireworks tonight. I guess they used them all up last night!

  Saturday 7/2/16

David woke me up about 1:30, which is fine. I want to start getting up earlier if possible again.

As usual, I've been texting my SIL off and on all day...we have a good time...

David saw some deer when he was out walking this morning! Too bad he didn't get any photos. Later, when we were driving out of our neighborhood, there were two really large black birds standing by the road...I think maybe they were crows, but I've never seen them so big. I thought they were geese, to be honest.

We went to another Mexican restaurant, El Compadre; this one's right near our house, but we never tried it before because from the road, it looks closed. David went there for lunch with his boss. It's really good. I just had eggs and chorizo, but they were excellent. We went pretty late in the day, so there was no one else there. I hope they get more customers. It was really inexpensive, too.

We stopped at Brookeshire's, another grocery store here. It's very nice, and I had fun exploring it.

Last week I ordered some bedside stands from Amazon, and they came Friday (They weren't supposed to arrive until Monday). We still have to put them together. I hope it's not difficult!

By the way, our mail comes super early here. I've never seen that before. Like 7 AM! Wow!!!

I finally unpacked the phones from the box and set them up. Yay!

Other than that, and some cooking, I didn't accomplish too much today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. I was very tired all day but made myself stay up until almost midnight.

It got pretty hot last night, so we had to put on the a/c while we slept. We don't normally do that.

  Sunday 7/3/16

They'll be having fireworks tonight here. I guess that's because it's a weekend, and they don't want to have their big party on the Monday? I don't know...it's called Sparks in the Park. I would like to go check it out, but I'm not sure I can talk him into going. It's in the evening, for one thing. He's a morning person.

I woke up about 11, so I had plenty of sleep. I had a lot of weird dreams last night. First I dreamed that we rented some of our bedrooms to "Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore and one of his correspondents, Mike Yard.  It seemed very real, and then I started thinking about it, and in doing so, woke myself up. But it was very gradual, so my thought processes were strange. At first, I thought, "Wait, isn't Larry married?" then I thought, "Wait, did we rent them one room or two? Are they sleeping together?"  And then I thought, "Hold on, how can they do their show if they're living here?"  And honestly, I think my brain is still thinking that it's in Hawaii, so it wasn't even "here" as in "Arkansas," it was just "not in New York or Hollywood." I also thought, "Oh, maybe I can interview them. Wait, did I do that already?" By that time, my brain was more awake and I realized that the whole thing was ridiculous and didn't happen. What a weird dream!

I know I had some other dreams about living in Hawaii. I had some dream that I was helping to make people's dreams come true, so for one friend, a guy I knew in high school, I convinced an old rich lady (who lived in a dirigible with her man-servant! LOL! That part was kind of steam-punk-like) to hire him to design an app for her. The app was for creating musical theater involving beadwork. Yeah, it's a dream...it made no sense. But still it worked. And I helped another friend, too. Then I thought, "Hey, wait a minute, what am I getting out of this? Who's going to make MY dreams come true?" which was a weird way for the dream to end. Or rather, segue into another dream because that's what they do.

I dreamed I was calling a cab from a street in downtown Honolulu. Rather than call the cab number, I dialed the last cab driver who called me, named Nick, and gambled that he would be driving. Well, it turned into one of those annoying phone dreams where I had to dial several times, and then he couldn't understand where I was. I was outside of Epic restaurant, but I kept saying I was on Bethel Street (wrong street), but he didn't know where it was. I kept looking up to find other places nearby, but he wasn't getting it. That was a really annoying dream.

Then I dreamed that my friend Anji came to visit, and we had all sorts of fun.  Then it almost time for her to leave, but we were going to go down to the beach first. Then I suddenly remembered I had an appointment and had to leave. I felt bad about having to leave. I know, that one was kind of boring.

Then I dreamed that David and I were eating at the Denny's in Waikiki. That was a pretty good dream. Then I was meeting him in some mall down the street, but we kept missing each other. I was kind of relieved to wake up after that very long string of dreams, some of which were just annoying.

I was coughing a bit this morning, but hopefully it was just regular allergies and not more of the bronchitis.

For lunch, we first drove to this place called Edge of Town Café. It was in kind of a dilapidated area...some nice homes, but they were clearly not as nice as they once were and the owners couldn't afford to fix them up.  Anyway, the Café looked really small, and not the type of place I had envisioned, so we didn't stop.  We checked out Larry's Pizza instead. I had read that they had a salad bar, so that's why we went. Turns out they have this whole buffet on the weekend called Larry's Hot Pipin' Pizza Parade, where they bring the hot pizza out to you.  The salad bar wasn't bad...it could have used some more green lettuce, and not just shredded iceberg, but it had some good toppings.  They do have gluten-free pizza, as it turns out, but you have to order that separately. I just ate the toppings off the pizza. It was pretty good. I don't know if the toppings were gluten free or not, and I didn't bother to ask.  Anyway, it was interesting and quite popular. I had to giggle when the young servers came over to the table and yelled, "Pepperoni?" or "Fat Larry's Supreme?"  I'm glad I don't work there because that would make me laugh all the time.  They were nice kids, though.  Everyone here is very nice.

There are different sorts of "small towns" that you can end up in; this one is a nice one, even though I have to admit that the town reminds me a little bit of Mayberry or Willoughby. :) However, it seems authentic. People here seem happy and friendly. I guess that's good, clean, small town livin' for ya!

I finally got around to calling the credit card companies to change our address. Paypal was exceedingly difficult and annoying! I never could get a human being on the phone, or an automated system that actually worked, so I gave up an emailed them. Hopefully that will fix it.  Crazy. I called the number on the back of the card, and when it asked me questions, the audio kept cutting off, so it would say, like "please your your four--" or "I'm sorry--"  over and over. Maddening!  So then I went on their website and got a different number, but then it asked me to put in my card number and said "You're not authorized to make purchases on this card."  Well, that's funny, since I have!! LOL!  So I hung up, gave up, and emailed. In the meantime, their website was not allowing me to change my address on any of my cards, either, so I also had to email them separately about that, for two different Paypal accounts I have. What a pain.

We had a pretty un-eventful afternoon. I mostly worked on my site.

When we moved in, the realtor told us that there was only one garage door opener, but the owners had ordered a second one that would come in the mail. Well, we have a two car garage, with two doors.  When the movers came and put all of our boxes in the garage, it was on the far side half of the garage. Unfortunately, that's the side that works. The side with our car does not.  Now, the package did come, but the instructions to program it make no sense. So I emailed the company and have to hope they can help me....

Tomorrow we plan to empty out the fountain in the backyard because it filled up with rainwater, so it's not good (attracts mosquitoes).

I finally finished unpacking the suitcases and put them away! I unpacked all of the rest of the small boxes that we had sent, too. I put together the TableMate II. That one is super easy, and it's also the third one I've put together.

I tried to put our bedstands together, but I don't have a Phillips screwdriver, so I'm going to have to buy one. Now I'll have like 4 or 5 of those by the time we get all of our stuff.

This page has crashed on me today, so I'm very annoyed...

I tried to go to bed by midnight, but I just wasn't tired.  Here I am at 4 am, wide awake!

We heard some fireworks again. I wonder if we'll hear any tomorrow?

Happy 4th of July!

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