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  Monday 6/6/16

It's been a rough week! I'm still giving away furniture and stuff. We've been working with this moving company, and we still didn't have a revised estimate or contract with them until Tuesday. We've been very worried about this, so it's been a stressful few days.

This morning was the last day we're getting our dry cleaning from Hakuyosha Cleaners, so I said goodbye to the nice man that delivers it. Lots of goodbyes this week!

I went over to 'Umeke Market for my usual  Mexican club sandwich....last time I'll probably ever go there!

Cesar, the maintenance guy, came by in the afternoon and finished painting the places he had patched up last week. Unfortunately,  the bathrooms seem to be a different color. And even though we got paint that was supposed to match it, it didn't work. What a pain. I had to bring him back again on Tuesday to re-paint it, but it still didn't work. He finally did it again on Wednesday and it worked, more-or-less.

I spent a lot of time Monday and Tuesday this week getting the boxes ready for pickup and lots of other little things around our condo and co-ordinating the rest of the week. I've also been trying to record as many shows off my DVR's as possible.

We went to Epic one last time for dinner. That's a great restaurant. I'll miss it, and the nice people who work there!

  Tuesday 6/7/16

I didn't have to get up early, but unfortunately, my phone rang very early, and then I couldn't get back to sleep for awhile. I had a few naps here and there during the day.

A woman came by to get our Christmas tree, so that's one less thing to worry about! I spent most of the day going through all of the boxes and writing our address on them and making sure they're sealed etc. as well as trying to watch a lot of TV.

David had to run some errands, including getting rid of our car. It's old and he donated it to a charity (Kidney Foundation, I think?).  Then he and I took my computer and guitar over to the UPS place so I could have them pack and mail them for me. However, the cost of mailing the guitar was going to cost almost $200, which is not worth it. We'll probably take it on the plane instead.  Then I lugged the guitar home (I had brought the computer in our big suitcase, so I used that to take the guitar home, too).  I was hot, and tired, so I relaxed for a while.

I went over to Grondin for lunch, but by that time, it was almost 2, and they close their kitchen then... so instead I went to Downbeat and got a burger and shake for take-out.

I feel like I've mostly just been working, working, working, and then just resting, and not much else. And then I stay up too late watching TV. Ah, well, it'll all be over soon. And that's the other problem...I'm very sad about leaving and I wish I had time to do more fun stuff before we leave, like go to the beach.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. Probably our last time there!

I spent the rest of the evening finishing up with writing our new address on the boxes, making sure they're all sealed, and recording shows off the DVR, as well as packing our suitcases so I could then pack the hangars. I also went through the food in the fridge, doing laundry, and stuff like that. Too much work! LOL! And I'm staying up much later than I wanted to. Ah, well.

This is my very full schedule tomorrow:

8-11 - movers arrive and take boxes
12:30 - Teresa comes to get small computer desk
1 - a woman and her boyfriend come by to get the chairs and the TV table
2 - A woman comes to get the bedroom TV and the 2 end tables
2:30-4:30 - cable company comes to get cable boxes etc.
3- Jack comes to get bed and couch (Also, earliest time we can check in hotel)

River of Life is open 9-6 (that's the mission where we need to donate lots of stuff) We can probably go there after Jack comes to get the couch etc.

I don't know when the manager downstairs is coming up to get the other stuff, but I'll try to pin him down.

7pm - karaoke

I'm hoping the movers come late so I can snooze here while I wait for them! As long as they come... that's the important thing.

  Wednesday 6/8/16

The movers phoned me about 9:30 to say they're on their way, so that's good. I was able to get some sleep, at least!

I found out from email that one of the guys in my band died. That's so sad. Sonny was our lead guitar player and sang most of our songs. He was a very nice guy. I didn't know him very well. Apparently he died from stomach cancer ; sounds like it was very quick.  I was just thinking about him last night. I had run into him a few times in the past couple of months. He always seemed glad to see me and gave me a hug. He was a very good singer and guitar player. I don't know that much about him, but he seemed to be one of those guys who was just poor his whole life and never amounted to much. It's a shame because I think he was quite talented.

The movers came about 10:30 and are making quick work of things. At first there was a question about the paperwork with the insurance, but we got it sorted out pretty quickly. I've been having a nice chat with the guy in charge as he fills out paperwork and the other 4 guys move all the boxes. We have roughly 130 boxes in case I didn't mention that before...

Then the security guy is supposed to come up and get the rest of the furniture and stuff that's not spoken for. I hope he takes the bed. He said he would take whatever wasn't taken, including the bed, but you never know with people. Plus, I have a little bit of a hard time understanding him.

So the movers came and went pretty quickly, within an hour. The security guy got all of the stuff, so that was really helpful. I'm just waiting for the movers to bring my key fob back and then I'm going to take my old laptop to the pc shop to see if they'll recycle it for me, and then grab lunch before I come back here to wait for Teresa. It all went very easily. Hope it continues that way!

I didn't get a chance to go to the PC shop yet. The movers took a little longer than I thought. It was a very hectic day with a lot of people coming in and out and me trying to pack all of our remaining stuff into suitcase and bags.  We didn't get out of there until 5, then we checked into our hotel and I took a much-needed shower; then I rested just briefly. Then we headed over to Proof to pick up some pizzas I called in and ordered, and we took them over to Scarlet. They did a really nice of making a little area for us for our party. They put the chairs in a half circle and put some tables up with napkins and plasticware. Friends started arriving about 7:30. We had a wonderful time! About 11 people showed up, so that was great.  I sang a lot, but I wasn't the only singer, that was great. I sang You're No Good, Beach Baby, Hopelessly Devoted to You, We Belong, Firework, Bright, Dancing Queen and some other songs I forget. David and I did Don't Go Breakin' My Heart. Some of our friends left, so I tried I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. My voice was kind of shot, though, at that point. I tried All I Ask Of You with the KJ/waiter but he didn't know it very well. We had just a super time with our friends and stayed past 11pm.

I didn't stay up too late after we got back. I'd had plenty to drink and was just very tired.

  Thursday 6/9/16

I thought today would be a fairly easy day, but I was wrong. We ran out of time yesterday; that's part of the reason. We left the hotel about 8 am and I stopped to get breakfast at Subway.  We took three grocery baskets full of stuff over to the mission. It was raining, too. We had lots of trash etc. to get rid of as well, and two boxes to take to the post office. I took my pc in and they took it for recycling, promising me they'd destroy the hard drive and my data.  I had to get Cesar, the building's maintenance guy, to fix another hole in the wall that I'd forgotten about.

The maids came about 11:15, so I left them because they said it would take 4 hours. I got lunch at Grondin, one of my favorite restaurants here. It was delicious; and I got a soda at Subway. I slept for about an hour, and right after I woke up, the maids called to say they were done early. I rushed over there and the rug cleaners had already started, and the maids were sitting out in the hall.  So then I left again after checking with the rug cleaners. I stopped at the post office to close my P.O. Box and to get some water for our room. I did some stuff and then went back to sleep for another half hour.

David came home and we left again around 5:30.  We met our friends George and Lena at Vino for dinner.  It was great and we had a wonderful time. I was a little irritated because we just went there a few weeks ago, and they said the osso bucco was gluten free. Tonight they said it isn't. So that's just annoying. Who's right?? No wonder I get sick all the time...  But otherwise, it was a great evening.  Our friends bought us dinner, which was very nice of them. They drove us back to our hotel since it's over a mile. We walked over to Murphy's for more fun. There was a wedding party there. We watched some young couples playing shuffleboard ( or something like it).  We said goodbye to some nice folks there as well. Aw, it was a whole week of saying goodbyes to nice people. Then we came back to our hotel. 

I practiced guitar and David listened. That was fun!

  Friday 6/10/16

Today was a holiday -- King Kamehameha Day. Many places were closed.

We thought today would be a fairly relaxing day, but then we realized that we're supposed to clean our parking spot in our building, so we went to Long's and bought some kitty litter after reading online that it will soak up grease. We spread it out on the grease spots and then later swept it up. We had to buy another broom and dust pan, since we'd gotten rid of ours. It was kind of annoying, especially since it was not exactly clean when we moved in there.

We also had to mail some more boxes because we had saved way too much clothes and other things to take in our luggage. David mailed some stuff today at the post office and then I mailed some more on Saturday at the UPS.  All this rushing around was tedious and annoying.

Wal-Mart almost gave me a heart attack because I was at the self-serve register and for a moment, after I put in my card, it said something like "user has canceled card." I was like, what??? But then it worked. LOL! Whew!

Sorry, the last few days I've either been too tired or too busy to keep up on the blog. I think we had lunch at Square Barrells, but I'm not sure. I know I had my last guitar lesson in the afternoon, so that was sad. We had a good lesson, though. Later, I stopped at 7-11 and found out they had Diet Coke Slurpees! That is awesome. They taste good, too. Too bad they didn't bring them in until right before we leave. There are no 7-11's where we'll be moving. :(

In the evening, we had dinner at Duc's Bistro with our friends Tom and Cynthia. It's our favorite place here, so we saved the best for last. We had a fabulous time.  The people who worked there were very nice and sad to see us go, and the owner gave us some free wine at the end. It tasted like espresso. Very interesting. The food there is always fantastic. Our friends bought us dinner, which was very nice of them.

We walked over to Art's, but he was closed for the holiday. Too bad. I didn't get to say goodbye!  We stopped in at Smith's Union bar and I sang one song. There was a ton of drunk people there; they made for a good crowd. Too bad we didn't have more time to sing more.

  Saturday 6/11/16

We got up pretty early and got all of our stuff ready, and  I mailed another box.  I had breakfast at Starbucks, canceled my gym membership etc.

We met with David, our condo's owner, in our old place. He was fine with the place and its condition, as far as we could tell. We gave him our keys and whatnot. It didn't take long, thankfully.

We left our hotel not too long after that. Our friend Kathy gave us a ride to the airport with all of our stuff, which was nice of her. Normally we travel with two suitcases at most, but we had 3 suitcases, plus my guitar, and tons of other little bags. They say to bring only one carry-on and one "personal item" but they don't make a big deal out of it if you carry other things like a plastic bag with food, or a pillow etc. Kathy's very nice, as is her husband, Brian. We were sad to say goodbye to all of our friends!

After checking in, we went to the PGA Tour restaurant, which I always love. They have a good gluten free menu. I was not that hungry, so I just had their chicken skewers, which are good. I took a lot of photos and walked around, and had some ice cream.

We had a bad flight attendant on our flight, but otherwise it was fine. It went very fast; it was only 5 1/2 hours. This one flight attendant was very rude. They brought us drinks and then later I asked for a Diet Coke as they were going by. She replied, curtly, "Not now. We're picking up trash."  Okay...I wasn't saying, get it right now! Then later, I had on head phones and they came by with drinks. It was also hard to understand her because she had a thick accent. She was holding up a coffee or tea pot, and I thought she asked if I wanted coffee or tea. I said, No, but I'd like a Diet Coke and he'd like a Light Beer. She snapped, "I asked you if you wanted something to drink!"  Then when she handed over the beer, which had been in the melting ice, it was dripping on me quite a lot. I said, "You're dripping on me!" in a somewhat annoyed way, to say, "Stop dripping on me!" and she said, "It's okay, it's only water."  As if that was okay.  How rude and what a witch!  There were 3 or 4 other flight attendants, and they were all very nice, except her.  She should not be working with the public. I emailed the airline about her and they sent me an apology and a coupon.

David slept through most of the flight, and I did a little sleeping but mostly just listened to music.

We arrived at midnight in San Diego and checked into a little Best Western in Little Italy. It was fine. However, we were shocked to find out that nothing was open. All of the bars and restaurants were closed (on a Saturday night!). Apparently they don't allow places to stay open late there or serve liquor after 10 or 12 because they want it to say a quiet neighborhood. I understand that, but...it's very inconvenient. We walked all around there and found very little open.

We were both pretty tired and went to bed soon after checking in.

  Sunday 6/12/16

We checked out the next morning and moved to the Sofia Hotel in the Gaslamp. Our friend Barbara came to visit San DIego while we we there, and her flight landed about the same time as we checked in to the new hotel. She stayed there, too, which was convenient. It's a nice little hotel. The rooms are pretty small, but it has all of the amenities. In both hotels, the toilets were very low for some reason, so it made it hard to sit on without plopping down.  The shower in this one was very strange. It had no door, just a sheet of glass that only covered half the shower, so it was very easy to get water all over the bathroom floor! Also, the bathroom light was outside and across the way from the bathroom. We were on the 2nd floor with no view (not that we cared).

We had lunch at the Panda Inn in Horton Plaza. It was very good, and they were having a buffet, so they told me which items I could eat. The honey walnut shrimp was breaded, but with tapioca flour. I don't normally like shrimp, but it was very good. They also had duck and some other things I could eat. I must admit it's hard, though, to see all of the other yummy things I can't eat because they're breaded or have soy sauce. Normally I don't care so much, but it's hard on a buffet, especially when it smells so good.

Then we went to The Field and had some fu , then we walked down to Seaport Village for Barbara. It's just a touristly little outdoor mall on the harbor.  We went into some shops and walked around, and I took a lot of pictures of the water etc.  We stopped at a restaurant there to have a soda and rest. It was a nice cool day. I had my sweater, but I only needed it sometimes.

San Diego is a very dog-friendly city, so we saw many dogs this week, and I got to pet many, too.

We had a nap and then later went to Osetra for dinner. That's one of the restaurants we like most in the Gaslamp. I had a good caprese salad and then some really delicious seabass on risotto and asparagus. Yum! I ate a lot and was stuffed.

Then we went to another restaurant/bar called Henry's Pub, which has karaoke on Sunday nights. I invited people, but it was too last-minute for most people. They all had other plans or couldn't make it. Our friend Martin did show up, though, so it was great to see him. We sang "I Got You Babe" and the crowd enjoyed it. We put on a bit of a show. It was a pretty good crowd.  The KJ likes to play songs in-between the karaoke songs, which kind of slows down the whole thing, which is not great. Also, the music is way too loud. Otherwise it would have been pretty good karaoke.

The couple nearby us sang and they had this adorable little white fluffy dog in a baby buggy. I pet him and he was very soft. He even has his own Facebook page! What a cutie. We had a good night, but Barbara left after a while as she was very tired. I just sang a few songs and then we left.  We had a good time, though.

You can see a lot of the photos on my Instagram. Hope you have a great week!

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