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  Monday 5/30/16

I was very tired when I finally went to bed. I went to bed dressed, in case the dry cleaning guy came, but then eventually I called his company, and they said that there would be no pick-up or delivery today, so I went back to sleep.

David woke me up around 11 and we went down to Waikiki. We had lunch at Denny's - we tried last week and it was temporarily closed for repairs. We both had breakfast food, and it was delicious. Most of their breakfast foods are gluten free, and they label everything. Also, they have gluten free English muffins, which are pretty good.

After that, we went to Foot Locker so David could get some new running shoes. We stopped for some drinks and cheesecake, too.

I had a little nap at home after doing some work.  I had some very bizarre dreams about my family, and then I dreamed I was in some bar down the street from here (by myself for some reason) and then I found out it was having karaoke. But the person the called up to sing was Barack Obama and his family! I was very close by, but alas, I had left my glasses and phone at home, so he was a little blurry. So I ran home and grabbed my stuff, and ran back...but it was too late. They were already gone. Darn it!  Then I  was going to sing, but they put in the wrong song, so I had to wait for the next song. It took a long time. I woke up after that. I was awakened by the sounds of people at the pool downstairs (splashing and yelling). I'll be glad not to have that any more after we move!

Later, we went to dinner at Epic. I just had my usual duck salad. I did a lot of packing after that. I'm almost done with the big closet. It mostly has boxes of Christmas decorations that just need taping up, so it's fairly easy.

As you know, I record a lot of TV shows on my DVR's. I've had certain shows on my DVR for a long time, trying to catch up. Not just watch them but I also try to record them to DVD and get the transcripts for my site. So I've been binge-watching "Arrow". Almost done with season 3 and then I can binge-watch season 4. Now that the TV season is mostly over for the year, I have a little bit more time....

Anyway, I've just been watching as much as I can on my DVR's so that when we move, I won't leave anything behind! We'll see if I can do it... I ended up staying up until about 4am watching TV and packing.

  Tuesday 5/31/16

I got up around 11 and ran over to Starbucks. I was very tired and needed the caffeine! I also stopped at the post office to get more tape.

A nice woman and her husband and kids came by to pick up our dresser. David came home to help them with that as it's kind of a big unwieldy thing. Heavy for me, but not for them. We had a cart, too.

Then Brian came by to get our coffee table and some other things. His wife, Cathy, works with David. Very nice people and we had dinner with them last week.

I took a little nap after that. Later on, we went to HASR, a restaurant nearby, and met with people that David works with for a little dinner. It was kind of a good-bye celebration as well for those of us who are leaving. Two others are moving away, and one was retiring.  We hadn't been there for a while because we were treated very rudely by the owner, but our waiter was nice this time and seemed to be knowledgable about gluten. The food was very good. It was kind of sad, saying goodbye to people.

I stayed up pretty late packing. I shouldn't have had that nap because I'm messing up my schedule again. I'm all done with the big closet, so now I just have the bathrooms and kitchen to finish, plus my business cards (50 small boxes of those). Hopefully I can get that done by Friday.

  Wednesday 6/1/16

I slept in a little, and then I was very sick, so I slept in even more. Not a good idea! Now I'm back on a late schedule and I'm going to be super tired tomorrow when I have to get up early. ARGH.

We confirmed with our moving company about next week. I just have to finish packing and give the guy the exact number of boxes and their dimensions so that he can draw up our contract. It'll be nice to have all of that done!

I put up the furniture and other items I have left on the "free" section on Craiglist, so I immediately got two phone calls. I hope they work out. One guy wants both of our old TV's. The only problem is that he works during the day, so he has to come get them at night. I have to talk to the people downstairs about that because normally they require that you let them know so you can use the special elevator and it's only until 4:30.  I hate all these stupid rules. I don't really see how they have a right to tell us that we can't take one of our own possessions out of our apartment. That doesn't seem illegal. It was not in our original lease.  These are fairly new rules.  We didn't get their permission to bring it in here!

Another woman sounds like she might want our smaller bed and some other items. That would be great because that's the last "big" item.  I'm crossing my fingers!

I went to McDonald's for lunch and picked up the cupcakes I ordered. They're gluten-free and reduced-sugar but still very good. I don't think you can even taste that they're not "normal" cupcakes. The woman at the cupcake place was reluctant to even make them, which I don't understand. I don't understand any business person who says "I can't do that" unless it's something very difficult or expensive.  To me that means you shouldn't be in business. Anyway, eventually she relented. I don't know if she's the owner or not. I had to get a minimum of 24 and they weren't cheap. They'll last me a few weeks, I'm sure, unless I give some away.

I'm excited because we're having a little get-together with our friends June 8. I don't know if they'll all come or not. I always worry because I've had a few parties where no one showed up. That's so embarrassing. That's what happens when you move a lot, though. People are not always ready to commit to someone they don't know very well.  I invited about 15 people, so hopefully at least some of them will show up. We'll be staying at the nearby hotel, the Executive Center, from June 8-11, since all of our stuff will be gone out of our apartment by June 9 and then we're having it cleaned. We can't fly away until the 11 because the condo owner is meeting with us then to get our keys and inspect the place.

We're having our party at Scarlet, which is a fairly new gay bar/club nearby...we went there in March when my brother was visiting. They have karaoke every Wednesday. There was almost no one there. It's a good place for a party since we'll practically have it all to ourselves.  Otherwise I would probably go to Art's, which I know better. Then again, Scarlet has a way better song list and a very comfortable lounge area.

One nice thing about moving is that I get to give away to other people who are appreciative and needy. If we'd been in a house, I probably would have had a yard sale, but instead I'm giving it all away. I couldn't sell much on Craigslist, so I've been giving it away instead to people in our building and to others online. It's mostly young people, so it's been nice to help them out. I'm going through my bathroom tonight and I found tons of stuff to give to the local mission. I also have a large bag of shoes and another one of shirts.

Whew! I finished with packing up the bathroom. I had a lot of stuff in the shelves. I packed some, put some aside to give away and trashed the rest. Now I just have to do the kitchen!

  Thursday 6/2/16

I tried to go to bed about 2:30 but couldn't sleep. I got up and played some guitar, quietly, to relax a little. Eventually I was able to sleep! I set the alarm for 9am, went downstairs to ask them if it's ok for a guy to pick up the TV around 7 tonight (normally they prefer if you only do it before 4:30pm). I have to wait for the one woman to ask Jennifer, who's in charge. Then I got a cart to bring up so I could bring down the air purifier for this guy who's coming at 10.

I'll be very glad when it's Saturday and I'm mostly through with all of this packing and giving-away stuff!

Right after the dry cleaning guy came and went, I took the cart back down with the air purifier. The guy came right when he said he was going to, so that was good. He seemed nice! One down, three more to go today.

The second woman did not show up, which is a shame because she was maybe going to take the small bed and the rest of the stuff. Darn it! The other woman came for the scanner. Tonight we get rid of the TV's so that will be both literally and figuratively a big load off!

David had come home to help with the woman that never showed up, so he and I wrote down the sizes of all of our packed boxes.

One of the security guys downstairs took the laundry baskets.  2 more people that may come tomorrow are getting the Xmas tree and the fleur-de-lis cast iron doorstop. Only 6 items to go after that! Yay! Not counting the stuff that's being picked up or mailed next week, like our bed, our couch, our two chairs, the TV's and my computer.

I stopped checking my blood sugar during the holidays and went way off my diet. When I wanted to go back to checking it, I couldn't find my blood sugar monitor. I found it yesterday so I'm starting to check it again.  Back to my boring diet...LOL!

The Oceanic Time Warner guys are coming next Wednesday to take away our cable boxes...I'm still hoping to watch the past season of Arrow by then, but we'll see if I run out of time or not. I was hoping to record 2 other shows off there for DVD but don't think I'll have time... I'll miss OCTWC because they're very good. I called DISH and will be getting a new DISH and DVR's in our new home. Hopefully right away!

I left about 1:45 and chatted with the security guy, Severin, downstairs. He had expressed interest in what we're giving away. He said that whatever is left next week, he'll take! So that's great.  Then I walked over to Starbucks and had some food and a latte.  The girl there had some problems with my order, and she made it all wrong, but I didn't feel like waiting any more, so I just took it.

Although it was hot, it was also very windy, so it made it a nice day.  I sat outside the Starbucks for a while and at one point, the wind actually blew my glasses off the table and onto the ground! Then about 2:30 I walked to my guitar lesson. It was kind of a distracting lesson because they're doing a lot of maintenance work in the building and half of the electricity was off in the studio, and then the electrician was in and out, and someone was calling about the problem, etc.  But otherwise we had a good lesson and mostly worked on Beatles songs.

After the lesson, I stopped briefly at Wal-Mart. By the time I got home, it was almost 5. I rushed to get ready and walked over to David's work. He and I then went to Square Barrells to meet some of his faculty there for a little get-together. I had to leave about ten till 7 because this guy was coming by to get our old TV's. He actually didn't come until almost 8, though. I had only 2 glasses of wine at the restaurant, but not much to eat, so it really made me a little tipsy.  He was supposed to bring a friend but only brought himself and his truck, so David and I helped him take it all downstairs and lift the big TV into his truck. I'm surprised we did it so easily, and with very little injury.  It's just nice to have that out of the way.  Funny, though, because right after I got home, I realized that I had packed the remote to the big TV! So I had to scramble to find it. Thank goodness it wasn't too hard.

I got really tired around 9, so I went to bed, and woke up around 2 am with terrible heartburn.  Probably from the wine. On the plus side, my blood sugar is doing well.

  Friday 6/3/16

I spent most of the day trying to finish packing. I had told the moving company I would try to have  it done today so I could tell them exactly how many boxes, and the dimensions for each box, but it didn't quite work out by 5pm. I was exhausted, mentally and physically.

I had to take a break. Around 10:30, we had lunch at this Filipino restaurant with Tom and Cynthia called Max's of Manila. It was pretty good. The waiter was clueless about gluten, but he talked to the chef. They recommended the fried chicken. It was very good, although it had a little too much dry white meat for me. The skin was delicious. There was no breading or anything like that, that I could tell. It was like getting plain buffalo wings except that's all dark meat, so it's better. Anyway, we had a nice time visiting with them...they were a little late, and then we had to cut things short because none of us had realized that the movie time was change from 12 to 11:45! I was very tired, too, and practically sleeping with my head on the table before they arrived.

We made the movie just fine. They show so many previews that it would be difficult to really be late. The restaurant was right across the parking from the movie theater, more or less. I even had time to go to the restroom and get a soda.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" was pretty good. Not as good as "Captain America: Civil War," but better than most movies. They came back to our place afterwards. I gave Cynthia my plants. Bye bye, little plants! Hopefully she can take better care of them than I did.

I finished packing, more or less. I got the information to the moving guy, but I'm pretty sure he had already left for the day, so we probably won't hear back from him until Monday about getting the contract with them and when they'll show up June 8. Hopefully it won't be a problem. Otherwise we're either going to have put stuff in storage or try to mail it, which would be a big headache either way.

We had dinner at Murphy's and then came home. I was very tired. I practiced guitar a little, just to stay awake. I didn't want to go to bed too early. I conked out about 9 and slept almost 10 hours.

  Saturday 6/4/16

I woke up pretty early, around 9:30. We went to brunch not too long after that, to Smith & Kings. It's probably our last time visiting there. Their regular cook wasn't there, but the food was still very good. The potatoes and omelet were actually way better than usual because the guy overcooked everything. I like potatoes and ham crispy, but not bacon, so I did ask them to remake the bacon because it was burnt. It was delicious after that. They have bottomoless mimosas there in 5 different flavors and a great menu. We always sit at the bar because their tables are really high and just have stools, no backs on them. The ones at the bar have backs. My back needs some kind of support!  The people who work there are very nice. We ran into this couple that lives in our building on the 28th floor. They usually have their dog, Sadie, with them. She is adorable; my favorite dog here. I hope I can see her before we leave! We had a nice chat with them. We sure are leaving a lot of good friends and acquaintances! Not to mention dogs...

It's funny how people are about being "positive." First of all, it's very hard to change who you are, especially once you're an adult.  There are those people who are worries, and those who aren't. There are those who are complainers, and those who aren't. There are those who are optimistic, and those who aren't.  I'm an optimist who likes to complain but doesn't worry, so I would say I'm generally positive, but I'm not one who's always positive. I think that people who are always positive are either delusional or just extremely polite (like they were brought up never to say anything bad).  Either way, not normal! :)

So I will be generally pretty content or happy wherever I am. I'm not happy about leaving Hawaii and it's hard for me not to be sad about it.  We have one week left and I'm already missing it. It's paradise, so that's hard not to miss. Moving is very stressful, too, so right now I'm just exhausted and busy with all of that as well.  Once we leave, though, I'll be fine. I'll miss everyone and everything here, but we'll have a very fun week in San Diego and then moving into our new home. We'll explore the area and make new friends. We have a nice big house, and we'll get new furniture, and a new car, and new clothes, and a dog. That's all good. I've never lived in a really small town in the middle of nowhere, but I'll have all of that stuff, and I'm sure I'll be involved with the university stuff, more so than other places we've lived. I'm sure it will be fine!

As everyone keeps saying, we can come back to visit any time!

There's a little park across the street from our condo and they're having a big fair there this weekend with games, booths etc. and a big loud band. They have it every year. I can hear "Besame Mucho" out my window right now....LOL! Good thing I like music.

I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to get some things, including some paper plates, since all of our dishes etc. are packed. Now I just have to do some work on my site and then I can get back to finishing up stuff around here. Tonight we're meeting George and Lena down at Aloha Tower for a sunset dinner cruise!

In the meantime, I had two people come by to pick up stuff. One picked up this big cast iron fleur-de-lis and the other one picked up our old brown suitcase. Now we only have the small bed and frame, the Christmas tree, and a few other small things, let to give away.

It's frustrating when people email me and then I don't hear back after I respond to let them know that they can have it.

We had a great time on our cruise!  It was fun to see our friends, and it was such a fun little cruise. The food was great, too. They even got me gluten-free stuff. We had all-you-can-eat crab legs, steak, and grilled veggies. They had potatoes, and I had rice. They also had little pastries and some bread. We ate lots of crab and drank mai tais and wine.  The dessert was macadamia nut ice cream. David had lemon since he's allergic to nuts. It was all very good.  I took lots of photos. We just had a blast. I'm glad we got to do that before we left.  We might see them again this week before we leave. David and I stopped briefly at Epic so I could have some more wine.

I just worked on my site the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I've got to go back to finish the packing. I have some boxes to tape up and a few things left to wrap with bubble wrap. I would also like to write our name and address on the outside of each box. I bought some white tape for those boxes that have too much writing on them. I can write on the tape.

My back left tooth is really hurting.  I think this is from gritting my teeth Friday when I was rushing to finish the packing (from stress!). Last time I had this problem, it hurt much worse, and it lasted 3 or more days. Hopefully this one won't last as long. It hurts to chew on that side now.  I should probably go back to the dentist and get one of those mouth guards.

I stayed up until about 4am.

  Sunday 6/5/16

I had a lot of really bad nightmares last night. Yuk. David woke me up about 11:30 to go to lunch. We went to Gordon Biersch one last time.  I stopped at Wal-mart to look at suitcases because we wanted to get another big one. They had a 28" one for about $35. I knew Ross would have a better selection, though, so I went over there afterward and they had a 33" one for $65, so I got that. Then I had to rush home to use the restroom. I've been sick off and on all day. UGH. I took a nap in the afternoon.

We went to dinner at Downbeat, like usual. Probably my last time! I love their food...

We spent the rest of the evening working on moving stuff. I put away the clean clothes, taped up some more boxes that needed taping, got the dry cleaning bag ready for tomorrow, threw some stuff out, moved a bunch of boxes around, started writing our address and phone number on all of the boxes, and changed my address for all of my magazines. Whew!

Now I'm watching TV and working on my site a little, and then I'll go back to work! I still have to repack some of my boxes of business cards, wrap up some classes and pack them, and tape up more boxes. Then I'll be finished with most of the packing work. David has to pack up his office still.

I wrote our address on more boxes and broke down quite a few others I had, and move more around. I tried to go to sleep around 3pm but then the phone rang around 3:30 am and I couldn't get back to sleep between itching, achy legs, sore neck and coughing. Eventually, I did sleep some more.

Hope you have a great week!

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