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  Monday 5/23/16

David was home today because he had a tooth extracted, so he let the lanai guys in early this morning. They were only here briefly. I thought that was the end of their work, but the drain doesn't look finished yet...

I  woke up at 9, but it was tough because I went to bed way too late. I've gotten very little done today and had a nap, so I'm sure I'll be up late tonight, packing....SIGH!

Most of what I've done today is try to schedule people to come get the furniture and stuff. It's such a pain, having to get rid of it all.  There's only one charity here, apparently, that picks stuff up, and they don't guarantee that they can show up when they say they can, so I can't risk that. Besides, some of the stuff we need until the very last day, like our couch, bed, and TV's. I have someone coming tomorrow, and Friday, and two people next Tuesday....

I'm very stressed out and tired of packing.

We just stayed home for dinner, since he couldn't eat much due to his tooth, and I already had a salad at home. We went out just briefly, so I could get a soda and some water, and check the mail.

I spent most of the rest of the night packing and doing some other stuff.  I just have too much to do!

  Tuesday 5/24/16

I had a really hard time sleeping last night...partly because I took a nap, I'm sure. I was also coughing and itching. I got up quite a few times and then tried to go back to sleep. I got up around 10:15am and took a shower. David's office administrator Joan came by to get a couple of things. I spent a lot of time, the rest of the day, answering emails about other people coming by to get our stuff. One person is coming on Saturday to get MOST of the stuff, so that's great. I was sick a lot as well, from the usual gluten allergies.

I did a little bit of packing, but not too much. I need to do more tonight. I did email lots of people to tell them our new address.

We had dinner at Murphy's. It was very good. I spent a lot of the evening packing. I have about 42 boxes done now. I got most of the guest room done, and part of the big closet. Most of what's left in those rooms are boxes that are already packed. I just have to either seal them or re-pack them into better boxes. Then the only things left are the bathrooms and the kitchen. One of the bathroom is super easy.

I went to bed around 12:30 but did have a lot of itching. I somehow managed to really scratch up my stomach badly. I have 3 large scratches, one of them pretty painful, and a few little scratches.

  Wednesday 5/25/16

Happy Geek Pride Day! Star Wars came out 39 years ago. Wow, time flies. I was pretty much born a geek. I had a geeky mom and three geeky brothers, so I had no chance not to be a geek. I grew up watching "Star Trek" and "Twilight Zone," and reading comic books, and books like "A Wrinkle in Time." There weren't a lot of scifi movies back in the 60's and 70's. However, I did love the fantasy movies like "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" and the Godzilla movies. I didn't watch movies like "War of the Worlds" or "The Day the Earth Stood Still" until much later.

Star Trek and Star Wars both had a major impact on my life. I've always been optimistic, so "Star Trek" goes along with that idea. When I was 13 or 14, they aired "Star Trek" re-runs every day on Channel 8, so I would watch them and even tape-recorded some.  Later, "Star Wars" came out when I was 16, and I just fell in love with it. Whereas Star Trek was all about hope for the future and seeing the best in people, "Star Wars" had the more simplistic messages about the heroes winning, defeating evil, and saving the universe. Both shows got me through some difficult times in my younger years.

It's been a very long day.... still trying to work out with the realtor and the post office about delivering our boxes to our new home!  The realtor has a storage unit, but the post office doesn't want to deliver to it. Even though they've done so before! We keep waiting for the supervisor to call us back.

I woke up around 10. Cynthia came by around noon, and we went to Kan Zaman for lunch. It's a Moroccan-Lebanese restaurant.  I love it and always get the Merquez sausage and fries. Very yummy. She got the same and enjoyed it. They have a nice little outdoor area in the back. We had a good visit. Yesterday was Cynthia's birthday.

After that, a woman who'd contacted me online came to get a few items from us. She was very nice. I had a lot of time today to sit outside our building and enjoy the flowers and plants....but I've otherwise been rushing around, so I'm still exhausted. I tried to take a nap after that, but I couldn't. I'm not sleepy, just really tired.  Good thing, too, because I forgot Cesar, the maintenance guy downstairs, was coming by. He patched up some small holes in our walls, and I have paint chips so I can take them to the Home Depot this weekend to buy paint. Then Cesar will come by next week and paint over the plastered areas.  We're not good at any kind of fix-it stuff and he knows what he's doing, plus he has all the tools. Also, he's pretty cheap.

I was embarrassed, though, because the place is such a mess. I should have at least done the dishes! Ack!

I kind of wish we were on the 1st floor so I could go down to the jacuzzi more often. Too lazy to go down on the elevator form the 7th floor! LOL! It would be really good for my achy muscles right now.

After that, I went back out. I took some packages to the post office and then went to Wal-mart to get some things. Then I had a little time to rest before I headed out again, to dinner this time. We went to Epic and had a great dinner, as usual!

I did a little packing and also did laundry and dishes, and I generally straightened up the place. I ended up staying up until after 4am.

  Thursday 5/26/16

I asked David to wake me up when he left, around 7:30. I moved out to the couch to sleep, with my clothes on.  Hawaii Energy (our electric company) has this new thing where they will change your outlets and some other things, to make it more energy- and cost-efficient. They changed the date from some time in April to early May, when we were out of town. I left a key with the manager, but Hawaii Energy didn't check with them, so they missed our place, along with others. So they re-scheduled for today. I signed up for 8:30-12:30. Well, it's after 12:30 and they still haven't come.   They finally did come at 12:46, thank goodness. I was worried because I have my guitar lesson later this afternoon, and I need to take a shower.

It rained a lot all day!

In the meantime, we've been trying to work out our move with all of the boxes. Coming out here, we sent them via the post office.  Moving back that same way has proved difficult. The post office is not cooperating. So I called a moving company and it sounds like it won't be nearly as expensive as I'd previously been told, so we're probably going to just do that. And unlike the post office, they will pick them up in our apartment on the 7th floor, not make us take them all downstairs first. One less thing to worry about! The trick is finding a reputable company... it's a huge risk trusting people with your things.

I was dealing with that all day. I went to my guitar lesson about 2:30. It was great fun as always. I have a new song, "A Song For You," which is by Leon Russell. I like the Carpenters version, though. He helped me with that a lot. It was nice to have something to help me forget my problems for a while, too!

On the way to the lesson, I was noticing how many myna birds there were in this little area I always pass (a lot more lately than I normally see), and I saw that the rain had blown down tons of plumeria flowers. So I picked one up and put it in my hair. I was very happy after that.  It's really those little things in Hawaii that make me happy.

On the way back from the guitar lesson, I saw a bunch of chickens again! I wanted to take a photo, but someone walked through the area, disturbing the birds, before I got a chance. I was very tired when I got home, but I only had a little time to rest. We went to the great restaurant Vino for dinner. It's very near where my guitar lessons are...poor planning on my part! I think I walked about 4 miles today. No wonder my feet hurt!

We haven't been to Vino in a long time. Last year they went out of business, but apparently it was only for a month. We only heard about them leaving, not about them coming back, until fairly recently. We had some good crispy brussell sprouts, and I had osso bucco with gluten free pasta. That's my favorite dish. They're good there about knowing what's in the food. We had some great wine, too. Our waiter was very good, too. This is funny...I had made a reservation at opentable.com, but when we got there, they didn't see any reservation. Fortunately, they found us a good table, anyway. Turns out I'd made reservations for tomorrow night! LOL!

A woman from another apartment in our building was supposed to call between 4:30 and 5, to come up and get a few things, but she never did. Then she called later about 9pm. That's the second night in a row that she called after 9pm. So I just let the answering machine get her call this time.

We stopped at Murphy's after dinner for a little more wine. I considered getting dessert but decided against it.

We just watched The Daily Show and The Nightly Show until bedtime. I'm very tired! I went to bed at 11:45, which is really early for me. I was exhausted!

  Friday 5/27/16

I woke up after 10:30, so I slept a long time. Guess I needed it.

A woman is coming around noon to pick up a few items.

I didn't do any packing yesterday. I needed a break! Back to it today.

Yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday, and today I keep thinking it's Saturday! LOL!

A nice couple came by around 12:15 to pick up a bunch of things.  Then we went to Waikiki for lunch. We were going to go to Denny's (believe it or not!) because we have a gift card and also because, now that I know they have gluten free stuff, including English muffins, I like it... but anyway, they were temporarily closed for some maintenance problem. Bummer. So we just went to Giovanni Pastrami instead. I always love their Chelsea's Treat sandwich, without the bread. We didn't stay in Waikiki very long. David is off today, using up his vacation days before he leaves...

We have a going-away event for one of his co-workers that we're going to in a little while. That should be nice. Also it was very lucky because one of the women who works with David has a daughter who just moved into a new apartment and is needing a queen bed, so we're very happy to give her ours. One less big item to worry about!

It's hard scheduling everything. On Saturday, a couple is coming back to take a LOT of our stuff.  Then we have a dinner with some people he works with.  Nothing going on Sunday and Monday except for packing etc.  Tuesday during the day, we have more people coming by to take more stuff.  Then a dinner at his work.  Wednesday a company is coming to look at our stuff to give me a moving estimate.  Thursday is my guitar lesson.  Friday we have to rent a U-Haul and then take our big screen TV over to a recycling event at Honolulu Hale (town hall) and maybe take our friends to lunch if they help us. One of those days, Cesar is coming back to paint the parts of the wall that he patched.  Besides all that, and packing, I want to go see X-Men with Tom and Cynthia. Also, June 3 we might go on a moonlight cruise with George and Lena.  Also, I'm waiting to hear back from another moving company.  So, HECTIC, BUSY and STRESSED!!!

I stayed up until about 2:35am, working on my site and doing a little packing.

  Saturday 5/28/16

It's been a busy day so far! David woke me up around 11. I took a shower and we went over to Smith & King for brunch. It was raining but let up by the time we walked home. I burned my mouth there, though, on a potato. I thought I was eating a forkful of omelet, but there was a potato chunk hiding in there - way too hot! I didn't want to be rude and spit it out, so I burned my mouth. UGH.

We decided to go ahead with the one moving company that we have, that gave us a good price, so I canceled the other one that was supposed to come on Wednesday...

Two people from our building came by to pick up items we're giving away. One took one of the air purifiers and a lamp, and the other took the printer/scanner/copier and swim fins. The latter might also come later to get our rocking/glider chairs and the TV stand.  Hurray!  I'm holding on to the TV's, bed and couch until June 8 since that's our last day living in our apartment.

I'm glad to get rid of the stuff, and glad to make people happy who need it!  They've all been very kind and grateful. It's weird being in a half-empty apartment, though! Well, except for the boxes. It will really look bare Wednesday because a friend is coming by Tuesday to get most of the rest of it.

Right now I'm waiting for a woman and her friend that are coming by to pick up 10 different things, including some larger items, so that's super. It's hard to do packing or anything right now while I'm waiting....Well, it was kind of a chore, but it went ok in the end. There was just one woman and her car, no truck as she said there would be. David and I hauled everything downstairs on a small cart. The woman filled up her car, but there was still a lot of stuff left over.  Her friend is moving into a new place, so she's doing all this for her, but in the meantime, her friend had taken the truck to go pick up a bed.  And then it started raining! So she left, and we moved into the garage, leaving the furniture outside (some of it we covered in towels).  She came back about a half hour later and we somehow managed to get all of the rest of it in her car, without her having to make a third trip. Yay!

A little bit later, we met some friends at the Ethiopian Love restaurant down the street.  The food's really good there, but we avoid it because we always stuff ourselves like pigs :)  Our friends picked the place. Actually, I hadn't met them before, but they're friends now. Rob works with David and they have lunch together often. His wife, Nancy, has been a librarian, among many other things. I think now they do real estate on the side.  They're both very nice, and we had a lot of fun! I had some great leftovers from there, too.

Then we went to Murphy's for some dessert and drinks. We were considering stopping at this other place for karaoke, but there were not many people there, so it looked kind of boring. I did more packing. I've finished the guest room and I'm almost up to 60 boxes! I stayed up pretty late again.

  Sunday 5/29/16

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

We went out to lunch at Gordon Biersch as usual. We'll probably only go there one more time!

I spent the day working on my site. Then we went to Wal-Mart for some more boxes and tape, and then to Downbeat for dinner. Another great place I'll miss! It was raining really hard, so we lingered there a bit longer than usual, and I had a chocolate shake. I was dying for ice cream!

We watched a bunch of TV, catching up on our comedy/news shows. I had packed some stuff of David's, not realizing that he still needed some of it, so I had to go through and find the stuff. I mostly wrote down what was in all of the boxes, but I had done one box wrong and written "DVD's" when it was actually a box of papers and some other stuff. That's what I get for rushing through it, I guess. It was kind of a pain because I untaped at least a dozen boxes, and he had to move around a whole lot of them. Eventually, I taped them all back up and finished packing up the guest room completely.

Wow, I just flat-out can't sleep tonight. I don't know why.... I didn't go to bed until almost 6:30am.

David got us some paint at Lowe's earlier in the weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did, aside from all of the hard work and stuff.

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