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  Tuesday 5/18/16

I had posted on FreeCycle that I need boxes for moving, so a nice lady dropped off about 10 boxes for me. She phoned about 8:30, so I hurried to get dressed and grabbed my keys, went downstairs and got a shopping cart, then waited for her. It didn't take too long...

Last night at dinner, I somehow managed to chomp down on the inside of my lower lip, and it hurts quite a lot. I hope it goes away soon!

I had a regular doctor's check-up at 10, at Kaiser. They were fitting me in, so I had to wait an hour to see the doctor. I had already canceled the appointment previously, so I wanted to go one more time before we move. It was very cold in the offices.  The appointment went fine.

Afterwards, we stopped at KFC for lunch. It was really good, as usual. I take off the skin, and it's still really good.  Then I took a little nap after I got home.

I went downstairs to talk to the building management about moving. It was not a pleasant conversation. Apparently they now have a rule that if anyone comes into our building to do ANY work, they have to put the building on their insurance and give them some paperwork. What a hassle. Then if anyone buys or gets my furniture, they have to schedule it 12 hours in advance to use the special elevator. Even if it's just one item and not very big. And if not all of my furniture sells, I can't leave it for the bulk trash pickup because we have to have all of our stuff out by the 9th, and the bulk trash pickup isn't until the 13th. The city will fine them if they leave it out early, and they have no place to store it.

Fortunately, the cleaning service, Maid Brigade, is fine with doing the insurance thing.  Hopefully the rest will work out as well. It's just very stressful to deal with all of this stuff.

I was walking over to the post office, and it was raining. The cute little dog Sadie who lives in our building, was outside going potty. Her owners are very nice. I waited until she was done to say hi to her. She is such a little bundle of energy! Very friendly and enthusiastic. It was nice of him to wait for me to say hi to her, since it was pouring rain. We hope to get a dog like that after we move!

I got a bunch of large flat rate boxes for my business cards. I figure that's probably cheaper than trying to send them in larger regular boxes. They're heavy.

We had dinner at Square Barrels. They have a really great Philly cheese steak. It's even great on lettuce. Their fries are really good. Too good! :)

We just watched TV as usual. Now I'm going to start on the packing..... I taped up a lot of boxes and packed about 7. I stayed up way too late again!

  Wednesday 5/19/16

I woke up at 9am and tried to go back to sleep, but I really couldn't. Good, maybe my body is finally getting used to the early morning hours.

I worked on my site and did more packing. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought more boxes, and more tape, and popsicles. It was very hot out.

I was on the phone with the guy who's in charge of Maid Brigade. I told him that they required him to have our building on his insurance. He was a bit upset about it (not at me) and said that his insurance company told him that it would cost $75 every time they did work in this building. I suggested he call the management. In the meantime, I got a call from someone else there, saying that the carpet cleaner guy was coming at 4pm on June 8th.  Then that guy called me and said it would be more like 2pm, but he had the wrong date. He thought it was this Saturday. I set him straight. Eventually the manager guy called me back and said that they would pay the $75 fee for the insurance and not charge me any extra, so that was very nice of him. I'm so sick of the stupid rules in this building.  We're really not going to miss living in this building or this particular condo.

One of our friends is getting a lot of our furniture, and she wanted to come on Friday, but the elevator is booked up that afternoon. You have to book the elevator any time there's furniture going in and out. It's fine if there's a lot, or big items, but it's a little crazy for smaller stuff.  So we're still trying to figure out which day to get that.

In the meantime, I'm still packing and trying to figure out how I'll transport all of these boxes over to the post office.

I'll probably be mostly packing the next few weeks and not much else.

I have to be home every morning for the next 3 working days because the repair guys have to go through our apartment to get to the lanai for some reason. Some work they're doing. I hope that means it's the end of the lanai repairs!

We went to dinner at this new place called Tchin Tchin on Hotel St., right next to Livestock Tavern.  It's a wine bar, but it also has beer, cocktails, and food - mostly small plates. I think they just opened in April, but I hadn't heard of them. I ran across them, searching for new restaurants downtown, in Google. I found this article.  So we decided to check them out. There is no sign for the place and it's in between some other places, and you have to go up some steep stairs to go there! But it's worth it. We sat on some couches and had a great time. They have tables as well, and a bar, and an outdoor area with more tables. Anyway, David had the foie gras, which was very good. I had a salad, and a cheese plate. It was quite a bit of food and all very delicious. I also had some wine, which was great. I'm sure we will go back again, unless it gets too popular and crowded. We enjoyed ourselves. The wait staff was very good, too. The music was a little loud at first, but they turned it down (or else the songs after that were just quieter, I don't know).

We went home and watched TV, and I practiced guitar, and then I went back to packing. I'm pretty much going to just be packing whenever I can, as much as I can stand, until it's done.

  Thursday 5/19/16

The day started out badly, when I woke up coughing before my alarm went off. It was very bad congestion...I thought maybe I had a cold at first! Just allergies.

Today is the first of 3 days where the workmen are actually IN our apartment while they work putting new tiles in the lanai. It's a real pain. I have to be here while they're here, can't leave. They have the door open the whole time, so I have to worry about mosquitoes or other insects. They had to move my boxes out of the way and put this plastic stuff on the floor. UGH. They were nice guys, though, and they played 70's music.

The dry cleaner was late but finally arrived after 11...his car battery died.

I waited for the security guard, so I could sign up for a time tomorrow for a friend to pick up some of our furniture, but he wasn't around at first. I got to pet some nice, friendly dogs in the meantime!

I spent the first half of the day working on my site. I couldn't really do much packing, with the guys in the way, in my living room.

They left around 2, so I went to Starbucks to grab breakfast, and then I walked to my guitar lesson.

It's always fun at the lesson. We chatted a little about the concert, and then we determined that I have 3 lessons left after today. Boo hoo! Then we worked on some songs and made plans to get some more songs, so I can build up my repertoire.

It was very hot again today, but luckily, we had nice breezes. I was just exhausted after I got home. I only stopped to get a soda and then I was pooped. I didn't have very long to rest, though. About an hour later, I had to get dressed again so we could go out to eat dinner. I almost suggested we stay home, but I was very hungry and didn't feel like cooking.  We went to Murphy's, and I had the garlic pork chops. They're very good.

After we got home, I went back to packing! I ended up staying up pretty late. Even though I've been getting up early, I'm still staying up too late.

  Friday 5/20/16

It was a very long and tiring day. First, I had 2 one-on-one interviews, and they went very well. I had to get up at 7:30, though, and I was very tired. Very groggy.

Then one of the lanai repair guys came and put grouting (I think) in the tiles on the lanai. He was here for about 2 hours and seemed like a nice kid.

I did the laundry, straightened the place up a little bit, and got the furniture ready for Teresa to take. This meant moving some furniture and boxes. I also phoned the post office in Magnolia to ask about delivering our boxes to the realtor's storage unit, but the woman looked up the address and said that they don't deliver there, it's outside their area. I kept trying to get her to give me a different answer because that doesn't really make sense, but she wasn't very helpful. So I texted Kim, the realtor, hoping she would have some other idea. Sure enough, later on she did text me back to say that she spoke with a supervisor at the post office who would be phoning me. Hopefully it will get taken care of next week.

I also enlisted Cesar, one of the maintenance guys downstairs, to come by on Tuesday to patch up some little places in the wall where the Command hooks didn't come off the way they should...some of them took the paint off. He's done some work before for me, like putting shelves together and fixing the doorknob. Hopefully he can make it look nice.

Then Teresa came by around 11 to get the furniture. I went downstairs about 10:45 and got the cart ready...they have these big flatbed type carts that will hold a lot. They also have grocery carts, but I figured that would not be big enough (and I was right).  First Teresa parked at the end of the parking lot, near the entrance to the parking garage, which is really the best place to park if you're moving furniture, but they made her move because they were trimming the trees there. Then they had her keep moving, so it was kind of funny, like, come on!!  She's a good-natured person, though, so she was not annoyed or anything. Then we went up and got the furniture and I helped her bring it down to her car. She's very nice and it's always good to see her.

After that, I went out and got lunch at McDonald's (to go) and then went to the post office. I had some stuff to mail and it took a while. I was surprised when I got home that my burgers were not too cold and my hot fudge sundae hadn't completely melted. At this point, I was just exhausted. So I ate and then went back to sleep, not too long after, about 1:30. I slept until about 4pm and then just stayed in bed a little while.

After doing some work, I got dressed and ready for our evening. David and I went to Auntie Pasto's for dinner with Bill, his Associate Dean. We had a good time. The food was okay. The waiter was kind of weird. It was a bit hard to hear him because the place was pretty loud, but he told us a story about how he used to work in a restaurant in New York City back in the 60's, and he was serving Truman Capote a lot of wine. It was a pretty good story, but then he got weird in the end. Very strange waiter. I'm sure he thought he was just being funny!

Anyway, David left, and Bill and I went to Blaisdell Center to see the Verdi opera "Il Trovatore," put on by the Hawaii Opera Theater.  I'd never been to a real opera production before (just one years ago in college), so it was quite a treat. I really enjoyed it. The singers were amazing. The woman who played the old gypsy lady was my favorite. She was a great actress as well as singer.  They have a digital screen above the stage that puts the lyrics in English, so that was very helpful.

During the opera, it occurred to me, after all these years, why they call them "soap operas" -- because operas are very dramatic and involve things like mistaken identities, evil twins, psychic visions, ghosts, secrets like a long-lost son, plus lots of love, romance, vengeance, and often, people dying of diseases.  And in fact, when I mentioned to Bill that something in the opera didn't make sense, he replied, "It's opera, what do you expect?" Which, of course, is what people often say about soap operas if you complain about the lack of logic! Soap operas are just opera without the singing. I can't believe that it took me all this time to make the connection.

I'm watching an interview on TV with Arianna Huffington, who has a book called the Sleep Revolution. She talks about how people think you have to have sleep deprivation to be successful. It's kind of amazing, when you think about it, how many things affect our brains. It's a wonder we can get anything done in life, between lack of sleep, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, the rest of our diet, childhood trauma that affects our personalities and lives, stress and PTSD, anxiety, OCD, poverty and so much more.  People are pretty messed up! Yet somehow we go on and things get accomplished. Amazing!

It was a great night, but I kind of wish I'd been able to have time to pack some more, and practice guitar.

It was almost 3 am by the time I went to bed....I probably shouldn't have taken that nap, but I was too exhausted to function.

  Saturday 5/21/16

I woke up a little after 9...my body is definitely adjusting to the new time.

I did some packing... I have 23 boxes packed. That's everything in the living room, everything in our bedroom, and half the guest bedroom. So I still have the rest of the guest bedroom (including the closet) and both bathrooms, and the kitchen, and this big closet. Too much!

We went to Smith & King for brunch. I spent most of the day packing and working on my site.

For dinner, we joined our friends Kathy and Brian over at Epic. She's the chair of the English department and also a 4-time Jeopardy winner! Nice people and we hit it off very well. We stayed until after 11, we were having so much fun chatting. It was nice of the people there to let us sit there, even though it was pretty late.

  Sunday 5/22/16

I slept about 10 hours last night! I woke up after 11. We went to lunch over at Gordon Biersch as usual. I left my phone at home, so I didn't take any photos or anything. There was a large group of Japanese tourists there, like usual, but then this one tall, good-looking guy (maybe in his 50's?) walked in and they all started applauding him, and then they were all posing for photos with him, like he was some kind of celebrity. We figured he's probably some celebrity in their country, but we couldn't find out. I took some photos with David's phone, so we'll see how it goes, if we can find out who he was.

I spent a lot of time packing, watched TV, sewed some buttons, and did the laundry. Nothing too exciting!

I'm almost done packing up the guest-room...then I can tackle either the kitchen or the big closet. I have about 36 boxes done.

I'm packing the business cards last because I want to send them in flat rate boxes, hoping that will be cheaper. They're pretty heavy and I have thousands of them.

I've been posting around online, and now some offline, for people to buy or take away our furniture and other stuff that we're not keeping! Slowly getting there. The hardest items to get rid of will be the big screen TV, which is really old, the mattresses (can't donate those or the TV), and the air purifiers (both of which are very old and one is very heavy). We found a couple of places where we can take the TV, but we'll have to rent a U-Haul truck to do so. Fortunately, those are not very expensive. Only $20 for 4 hours!

I stayed up until 2 am - way too late!

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