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  Monday May 9

I'm getting up pretty early these days, around 9. Yay!

I went downstairs to chat with the building manager...the Hawaii Energy people messed up. They were supposed to come in last week and switch out the electrical and plumbing fixtures for new green ones. So they're coming back on the 26th instead. I got my key back, too.

I also had her put up a card asking for boxes in the building, and a flyer for my concert.

I went to 'Umeke Market to get lunch. They kind of messed up my order, but it was still very good. Then I got a few things at Wal-mart.

I spent a lot of time on the phone today, trying to get things ready for our move. I'm still looking for boxes. We're mailing our stuff in June, but the post office there doesn't have room for all of our boxes, so we're mailing it to a storage unit that our realtor, Randy Ray, owns. Then I guess we'll have to rent a truck to pick it up.

I unpacked our suitcases tonight and put all of that travel stuff away in the closet. I'm slowly getting the apartment in order so it can be cleaned on Friday. I put all of the clean clothes away.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had a garlic-crusted pork chop, which was pretty good.

  Tuesday May 10

I did a lot today. I recorded video of myself singing and playing the guitar, which is something I'd put off for awhile.

I cleaned up our middle guest room, and the living room, so that was a big achievement. It seemed like a big task, but it wasn't too bad.

I took photos that I might use on Craig's List to get rid of furniture.  Our friend Jack is taking our couch.

The guys working on our lanai put primer on it yesterday, and today they painted it. There were some mighty strong fumes!! I had to close the door, and it was still pretty bad most of the day. I found the paper they had given me that said the lanai renovation was supposed to take about 37 days. Well, it's been TWO MONTHS and counting! Geez. I was hoping it would be done by now, so I could put my patio furniture back out there. No such luck.

I got lunch over at Downbeat and chatted with Dave who works there. Nice guy.  We chatted about our moving. David had a work thing in the evening, so he got home a bit late and had already eaten.

The moving company, Republic, sent me a form to sign about the move, but there were several things I had questions above. It uses a kind of neat technology that lets you sign legal documents more easily than having to scan, print etc.

I've been trying to watch as much off my DVR as I can before we leave. It's difficult! Between work, and planning for the move, and the guitar, it's hard to find time for anything. And with trying to stay on an earlier schedule, too, I'm just exhausted. I should probably drink more coffee.

  Wednesday May 11

I keep getting up at 9, but some nights, like last night, I go to bed a little later still than I should. I will definitely be able to sleep tonight because I'm very tired.

The people who own our new house agreed to some repairs that the inspector required, so that's good. There was just one little water heater thing they didn't want to do, so the realtor is paying for it. That's great! Randy and Kim have been great realtors.

I signed the moving document today, so we're officially having our stuff picked up in storage June 15 in El Cajon, and it will be delivered sometime between June 21 and 28th. We'll be in San Diego when they pick it up from there, and we'll be in Arkansas when they deliver it, so it all works out.

Our friend Barbara will also be visiting us when we're out in San Diego, so that will be great. We'll be arriving in San Diego June 12 and probably leaving the 19th or 20th. Barbara will be there until the 16th. Then we'll go up to Riverside on the 17th to visit our friends up there. Weird, but we haven't been up there for 3 years! Doesn't seem like that long.

I went with Tom and Cynthia to see "Captain America: Civil War."  It was great! Very good movie. Long, but good. It was great to see them.  After that, I walked across to Ward Warehouse, the mall I love. I got a new guitar tuner at Island Guitar because I can't find the one I had. I bought a few other things at other stores, and I took a lot of pictures to remind me what the mall looks like. Although, they're also tearing it down later this year to put in luxury condos, which is a shame.

I'm sad to leave Hawaii, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can before we go. I'm also looking forward to moving into the new house and getting to know the people there (well, not the packing and unpacking part!), and getting a new dog and car...

I was very tired after I got home, but I couldn't take a nap (I tried, sorta). I just did a little work on my site and then we went for dinner at Epic. Another great restaurant I'll miss. I had the duck salad, which is what I usually have. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but a waiter there actually developed a gluten-free menu for the place, just because of me! That is so cool.

I enjoy this building we're in, and the people we share it with, especially the people with dogs. I was going down in the elevator with 4 other people, and a woman got on the elevator with a man, and she had this beautiful lei (it smelled so nice!) and announced that it was her birthday. We were all kind of joking around after that. Then this guy got on with his cute little dog, and I got to pet it. It was only interested in the smell of her flowers, but that's ok. The people here are just so nice, and friendly.

What's bad is when I just don't feel like doing anything, but I have so much to do...like tonight!

  Thursday May 12

The pest control guy came today...he's such a nice guy. Last time I'll see him!

I was very tired all day, and not feeling that great. In the afternoon, I went to my guitar lesson. We just went through the two songs I'm doing this weekend, a few times. I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back and got a few things, and then I went to McDonald's.

David was at HPU graduation all afternoon and evening. He was very tired when he got home!

I spent a large part of the day putting up photos on my site of our furniture and writing up an HTML page with descriptions of the stuff. I emailed our local friends about it, in case any of them want the stuff. I'll put it up on Craigslist at the end of the month... I hope we can get rid of it all!

I spent the rest of the  evening dusting the house. The maids are coming tomorrow to clean the floors, bathrooms and kitchen. I'd rather do the dusting myself.

I stayed up way too late, to 2 am. I just had to get some stuff done.

  Friday May 13

I spent half the day getting the place ready for the maids.... I get everything off the floor, and off the counters in the kitchen and bathroom, and out of their way. I put the dishes in the dishwasher etc. Whew!

I went out to get lunch. I picked up a gluten free pizza at Proof. It was pretty good. I also got a sandwich for later, and a soda, at Subway. I just barely had time to eat when the maids called to say they were on their way. They're an hour early! At least that means they will be gone sooner. I might need a nap after they lave.

I'm hoping we can go to karaoke tonight! But that didn't work out...he was too tired. I was, too, actually. I did sleep for an hour before dinner. We went to Murphy's for dinner...everything else was too crowded. We just went home after that and had a quiet night.

Then I ended up staying up wait too late, until almost 2:30 am. I had a lot of trouble sleeping because my neck was hurting.

  Saturday May 14

David woke me up at 8:30am.... a little bit early! We went to Lowe's to buy about 30 boxes for packing, and then to Times supermarket to get some things (non-perishables). Then we went to Kahala Mall. First we went to Whole Foods, and then I got a burger to go at The Counter, which I love. I got a lamb burger on their great gluten free bread, and delicious fries. Their fries are super thin, which reminds me a little bit of Steak 'N Shake fries.

My neck was really hurting a lot this morning. I guess it's from all the cleaning and moving things around. After we drove home and put the stuff away, we walked over to Smith & King so he could get lunch. I had their chocolate souflee, which is wonderful (and flourless).

I might have to take another nap! And I did...I probably slept too long. I was awakened around 4:30pm by the phone. Our neighbor in 404 had about 10 boxes for us, so we went down and got them. They were broken down, too, which is convenient for carrying.

After that, we walked over to Gordon Biersch for dinner. I had my usual pan-grilled citrus chicken there. It was particularly yummy. It had been raining, so it was a little humid, but not too bad. The weather has been gorgeous. I hope it holds out until we leave, at least. Last year it didn't get too hot or humid until July.

I did a lot of work on my site and stayed up just until about midnight.

  Sunday May 15

I woke up around 8:30. I was sick a little bit today from the usual gluten allergies.

I've just been really nervous all morning. If it were karaoke, I would drink, but I can't risk it with the guitar. My fingers might stumble. Plus I need all my concentration. I was going to wear a Queen shirt, but I couldn't find it, so I wore a Beatles Revolver shirt instead.

We went over to the Hard Rock about 11:30. The concert started about 12:10. I was second. About 5 of my friends showed up, so that was awesome!!! It was George and his friend Tom that's visiting from out of town (George's wife Lena is out of town); our good friends Tom and Cynthia; and Teresa, who runs the performing arts program at HPU. It was really nice of them all to give up part of their Sunday to come see my feeble efforts! LOL!

I was so nervous, and my fingers were really shaking, so I just concentrated on making sure I got through it without messing up too bad, without having to stop. I made lots of mistakes, but thankfully the band was there to cover me up, to a large extent. My singing was fine, but I probably didn't sing loud enough, for the most part, since I was concentrating on the guitar more.  I know I messed up the words a little bit, but not too noticeable. They all said I sounded good, but of course they're very nice people!

I was second, and there were 17 performers. We saw most of them. I was not the only person over 50, and I wasn't the only first-timer, and I wasn't the only one not singing too loudly, so that's good. Oh, and another HPU person was there -- his son, I think, was performing. Nice people. We had a great time there with our friends. I can't wait until they put the video up on YouTube so I can see how I did.

I didn't eat or drink until after my turn. I had a couple of good stiff drinks after that, and a good burger. Hard Rock Cafe has gluten free burger buns now! Yay!!

I was very exhausted afterwards, and my brain wasn't functioning all that well, either. David had a nap, but it was too hot for me.

We left about 5:30 to meet our friends Shaler and Lilia for dinner at the Tiki Grill down in Waikiki. They're just here for a couple of days and then they're flying to Kauai for some friend or client of his that's renewing their vows. It was really great to see them and catch up. The dinner was fantastic, and so was the wine.

We came back around 9...we were very tired! I went to bed pretty early, around 11:15.

  Monday May 16

I got a phone call that woke me up around 8:30... Maid Brigade called to tell me that my Mastercard hadn't gone through, so I gave them another card number to process. This is about 5th time this has happened, and I had put off calling them.

So you may recall that back in early May, someone from Bank of America phoned me to say they needed some information to complete my profile for my Mastercard. It sounded somewhat suspicious, so I said that, and the woman on the phone told me that I could call the number on the back of my card instead.  Also, in the meantime, I got an email as well that claimed to be them, asking for my date of birth. So I phoned the number on the back of my card, and the woman I talked to said that it was definitely a scam, that they would never ask for this kind of information, and to send the email to abuse@bankofamerica.com

I phoned them again today and waited for 20 minutes on hold.  I finally got to speak to a real person, who said that my card had been blocked because they needed to know my date of birth and whether I was an American citizen. She also asked if I lived in the USA. Mind you, she asked the second question AFTER I had already verified my address. So I replied, yes, I just told you, I live in Honolulu, which is in the US! I didn't get any apology, or any explanation as to why they would just block my card and not tell me or warn me.  So I'm a bit annoyed!! I sent an email to Mastercard, but I'm sending a letter to Bank of America because apparently there is no way to email them. I've had this card since 1989, otherwise I would probably tear it up at this point.

After breakfast, I went over to Wal-mart to pick up some photos that I'd had processed, and also picked up some flowers at Flower Fair. I will miss that place. I always enjoy their beautiful flowers and also they have this great African parrot named Susie who whistles at you.

I spent most of the day finishing up cleaning the place, doing laundry and dishes etc.

Around 4:30, I walked down to the Aloha Tower and met Shaler and Lilia. They had visited the Iolani Palace. I took them up to the top of the tower, so we could look at the view and take photos, and then we walked around the Aloha Tower Marketplace just a little bit, got cold drinks and then walked back to our place. On the wa, we stopped at David's office so they could see that. We sat for a while and chatted. Then David left with us, and we walked back to our place so they could see it.  Then we went to dinner at Duc's Bistro, our favorite restaurant in town, which is right across the street from our place. We had a great time and enjoyed the company, and the wonderful food and wine. Then we later walked over to Epic and had a few more drinks there before we had to say goodbye to them. They got a cab back to Waikiki. They're flying out tomorrow to Kauahi. Someone they know is renewing their wedding vows.

It's been very hot and a little humid the past two days (in the 80's). Otherwise, it's been a great week...next week I start packing!

As always, you can see photos of most of this stuff on my Instagram .

It's been a very busy week, trying to organize everything for our move. I'm giving away these items and will be selling them on Craigslist as well.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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