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  Monday April 25, 2016

Here's the rest of our vacation to San Diego! We were staying in El Cajon with my SIL.

I stayed up until about 3:30am last night, and then got up around 8:30, so I was very tired. We went to visit my MIL (in the senior place). She was supposed to be dressed and ready, but someone didn't get the message, so we had to wait to chat with her. I hadn't charged my phone, as I thought I had, so I had nothing to do. It's really hard for me to just sit and do nothing, particularly when I'm so tired. You know, long before we had cell phones, I would usually carry a book around with me, in case I had to do any waiting (especially back in college). I didn't think to bring my Kindle or anything...Eventually, we did get to sit with her outside and chat for a little while. It was kind of cold, though, so we didn't stay too long.

After that, David and I met with a guy from Allied Van Lines to look at our storage unit. It didn't take too long, this time. I had contacted other companies, but these were the only two that got back to me to set up times to look at the units. That's kind of irritating. I guess the others don't want our business! Tsk tsk.

Then we had lunch with my SIL Susan and her husband John at this barbecue place they like, Phil's. It was okay. I liked the sausage and coleslaw. I thought the ribs were a little over-cooked and dry. We had a good time chatting with them, though. I was very tired, so I'm sure I was babbling on too much.

Unfortunately, our friend George phoned to let us know that his mom passed away. She'd had liver cancer.  She was a really nice lady. I know that whole family will be missing her. They were all very close. At least she's not in pain any more.  She was suffering and they'd put her in a hospice.  It happens to all of us, sooner or later; but still, it's very sad.

After lunch, we packed up our stuff. John and Susan gave us a ride downtown to our hotel, the Horton Grand. It's an old place but remodeled, and very nice. We checked in and then took a nap. For dinner, we went to Osetra, which is a place we usually do like. It was good this time, too, but I was disappointed in their lack of gluten free choices. There were only a few dishes I could eat.  Last time, they had some really great appetizers I could eat. We weren't starving, anyway, but still....  David had sushi. I had a pear salad and then caprese, and then a flourless chocolate cake. It was very good. I also had some wine. I drank a lot of wine tonight...I don't, usually!

We walked over to The Field after that. I had more wine!  Laurie joined us around 8 after she got off work. We had a really great night, chatting. We also stopped over at a tequila bar called Lime. It has a whole menu of different types of tequila. I like the pomegranate martini there. I think that was my limit. There were a lot of people there. I was kind of surprised that it was so crowded on a Monday. We hadn't seen Laurie for about 5 years, until last night, so it was great to see her again and really spend some time together.

After we got back to our hotel, I went right to sleep. I woke up around 3am, though, feeling very sick. I ended up being ok, but I was worried there for a little bit. I don't usually drink very much. This is why! I hate that "room spinning" feeling. I went back to bed eventually, after my stomach felt better.

  Tuesday April 26, 2016

We had an early flight, so we got up around 6am. We checked out pretty quickly after showering and packing. I had found a little bit of blood on our sheet, so I told them about it, so they could get that cleaned. It was dried, but still...yuk!

We then took a cab to the airport. We had a really great vacation, and it went by way too fast! After we went through security, we stopped for breakfast at the PGA Tour grill. They had gluten free French toast, so I was in heaven! I had some bacon, too. It was all delicious. I felt much better after eating, and drinking water, and taking Aleve.

We were flying Hawaiian Airlines. We had flown Alaskan out here, and they were fine.  Hawaiian still serves a real meal, unlike the other airlines. The only problem with that is that it's not gluten free. I wasn't hungry, anyway. I slept for most of the flight. They did give out a gluten-free snack pack of rice chips and almonds that was pretty good.  Later, I did get hungry, but I had brought plenty of snacks, anyway.

We took a long nap after we got home, and then we had dinner at Murphy's. I ordered the filet mignon special. It came with mashed potatoes and spinach, with a red wine reduction. It was wonderful!  We shared it. It was way too much for one person.

It's great to be home again! It's not too warm here, but not cold, either. It's very windy still. Tonight it was very rainy.

I stayed up until about midnight, working on my site... So funny because I thought, wow, it's really late! But I didn't realize that my laptop is still set to Pacific time. Whoops!

  Wednesday April 27, 2016

Friday I have a conference call. Saturday is my guitar lesson. David's going to give me a ride, and I'll be taking over my guitar and my amp so my teacher can show me how to use it. Should be fun!

Then on Sunday, we're flying out again! We're going to Texarkana and then Magnolia, so we can look at houses to buy.

I slept for ten hours! And still got up before 11, so that was good. I finally did set my laptop clock back to Hawaii time.  LOL! So silly.

I had to phone the dry cleaners and let them know not to come by for another week and a half, since we'll be gone....

I went out for lunch to 'Umeke Market ....I sure will miss this place. I love their Mexican Club sandwich. I also stopped at Walmart, the flower shop, and Subway.

Then I went home and did laundry and unpacking, and practiced my guitar. It's so nice getting up early! I even went back out later to get dinner.

I've been emailing a lot of moving companies. David found the old documents we had for our last move, when we had all of our boxes moved into the storage unit, so now we know how much it all weighed. That got us a more exact estimate from the moving companies. However, I decided to email a few more companies to see if any of them are cheaper. Looks like it's going to cost us about $4100, but we'll see.

I stayed up until around 3:15am....

  Thursday April 28, 2016

Thanks to all of the noises outside, I woke up at a somewhat-normal time, even though I stayed up late.

The back of my knee has been hurting all day. I think sitting on the couch with the laptop has hurt it because I keep bending it a certain way.

I was sick a lot today as well. Not a great day!

I wanted to get a copy of my house key made, so I went to Wal-mart, but the girl behind the counter said that they couldn't make this type of copy (whatever that means). She wasn't very helpful nor all that polite, and I had trouble understanding her. After asking around, it doesn't seem like there's anywhere downtown to get my key copied.

Some plumbers and others are coming in to our apartment next week while we're gone, so I have to give my key to the manager downstairs. I was hoping to give her a copy, but now there's no time. It's kind of irritating because it means tomorrow, David will have to come home and let me in to the apartment, where I'll be stuck as long as we only have one key...

I couldn't decide on anywhere to eat lunch, so I just came home and had salad.

I called the maids to schedule them for May and June, so now it looks as though June 11 will be our last day here. Our place is pretty dirty and we're having some company in mid-May, so I wanted to make sure it looks a little less FILTHY! :)  Then we need to get the place cleaned before we move out.  We emailed our condo's owner to let him know when we'll be moving...now we just have to work out with him when we're going to leave. We want to be out by June 12 for sure.  It's a shame we have to leave so early because we still have to pay rent through the end of July because of the lease.

I still have 3 plants left that I haven't killed...I'm just terrible with plants. I think I either over- or under-water them, not sure which (might be both at various times). This little pine tree/bush I got at Christmas looks very bad.  Part of the problem now is traveling...I had bought these plant watering spikes,  but they're too big for my tiny little plants, so they fall over, etc. So last week, I just dumped a bunch of water on the plants right before we left. I'm surprised they're not all dead!

For dinner, we went to Epic, and it was delicious as usual. One of the many fine restaurants here that I'll miss.

  Friday April 29, 2016

I went to bed early last night, around 9, because I was so tired. I woke up a few hours later, so I guess that was a mistake. Then I stayed up until around 3am. I was supposed to get up for a conference call at 7, but I was just too tired...ugh. Then I woke up before 9am, but I was very tired, so after a while, I ended up going back to bed. I was so tired!

Some cable guys called to see if I would be home today because they're trying to find a problem with the cable in our building. So they came and changed out all of the cables. It didn't take long, thankfully.

I was sick as usual, but not too bad. I did manage to drag myself over to the Long's and Safeway to pick up some snacks and other stuff for our trip on Sunday. I got myself a soda from their fountain machine, and a snack. I was going to get something from the deli, but their deli case was all covered up, like maybe it wasn't working or they'd had some kind of accident.

I found out that I can just slide my key under the door of the officer managers downstairs and they'll get it on Monday, so that's helpful. Apparently they, and the president of the building, are the only ones who have access to that room.

So much to do and yet so little time before we travel again!

I did a lot of work on my site today, at least...

We went to Smith & Kings for dinner. It's not a very comfortable place to eat, so we didn't stay long. I got their chicken breast sandwich, which has cheese, ham and an egg as well. It was ok. Then we went over to Murphy's, where I had some mango sorbet. I only ate half of it, but still...it was too much.

We sent an email to the landlord about our move, so we're having the place cleaned for moving out Friday June 9, plus carpets, and then meeting with the landlord Sunday, June 11. So that means at least 3 nights in a hotel, possibly 4, depending on whether we fly out June 11th or 12th. We have to have everything out of the apartment by the night of the 8th, so they can clean it. Now we just have to make our plane reservations and then decide which moving company to use for our stuff in storage in El Cajon (we've narrowed it down to two).

We just had a quiet night at home... I tried to go to bed early, around 12:30, but I just wasn't tired enough. I tried two more times to get to bed early, but no luck.

  Saturday, April 30

We went to Gordon Biersch for lunch.  Then I stopped at a few stores. I've been wanting for a while now to put my guitar music in a binder, so I finally did that.  Stupidly, though, on the way back, I left it at Subway and didn't realize it until I got home, and undressed, so then I had to get dressed again and go all the way back. That was annoying! But I did see some very cute dogs in the Subway both times. First a lady had a beautiful old medium-sized dog in a stroller.  Then when I went back, a woman had an adorable little bulldog right outside.

David took me to my guitar lesson; usually I walk, but I had to bring over my amp and guitar so my teacher could show me how to use the amp. I've been playing with it but couldn't quite get it to sound right.  We worked on the two songs I'm doing in the concert May 15th. 

We went to Downbeat for a light dinner. We saw this guy who works there, who used to work Sundays, so we haven't seen him in quite a while. The food was great as always.

After we got home, I did as much work on my site as I could, and also did laundry, packed and more. I think I had a pretty good night's sleep.

  Sunday, May 1

We went to the airport around 10am. I had to leave my key with the management so that some workmen could come in and change out our light and plumbing fixtures (to save money and be more green).

We had a very long day. We had lunch at the airport. I ate at Burger King and he ate at a sushi restaurant (they were next door to each other).  This was the slowest "fast" food place I've ever been to! Wow.

When I went to the gift shop, the sole clerk was blind. I wonder how he could tell if people were shoplifting? Not that I would try it out to see :) It was very interesting.

I did more work while we were waiting to fly away.  It was about a 5 hour flight to San Franciso, where we changed planes.  We flew United, which I always hate. They have the least leg room of all of the airlines. You really feel packed in like a sardine. I didn't sleep on the plane much, so I was very tired. They had WiFi, but I couldn't get to my laptop (wasn't sure where David had put it, and he was sleeping), so I just got online with my phone to pass the time. They didn't have any gluten-free snack packs, either, so I just had to make due and hope it was ok.

They had a lot of weird artwork and furniture  at the SFO. We were a bit annoyed because they had booked us on different airlines, so we had to go out of the security and then go back in again. We had gotten the TSA pre-check so it was double-annoying that they made us go out and do all the usual stuff, like taking off our shoes. Our boarding pass was from so long ago, that we didn't have a gate number, and it didn't say many details. Then later, before we boarded, I asked which boarding group we were in, and they gave me a new boarding pass, which then said TSA pre-check. So we did all of that security stuff for nothing! Grrrr!!

It was about 10 at night when we got to the airport, and we were surprised to find anything open. Some airports have places that stay open later, and some don't.  We stopped at some restaurant that was about to close. I just had a pastrami sandwich with no bread, but it was very good.

They actually had a Yoga Room at the airport! Only in San Francisco...LOL!

The flight to Dallas was very bumpy, even more than usual, I think. We had slightly better seats on this leg of the flight, on American. It was cold and rainy in Dallas. We stopped at the Starbucks so I could get some caffeine. I was really tired! We had some breakfast there, too. We went to our terminal and then had to change again to another terminal, taking the shuttle twice (because they changed it). It's all kind of fuzzy!

More to come! Have a great week...

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