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  Wednesday March 16

Last night we ate at home for a change! LOL! I did eat lunch at 'Umeke Market. I had a wonderful sandwich called a Mexican club. I had it without the avocado, on gluten free bread. It had a really nice spicy sauce. I bought a chef salad at 7-11 (they actually have pretty good  fresh salads there) and had that later for dinner.

I was sick a lot the last few days from eating at two Asian places that I should have known better than to eat at. Sorry, that's some twisted grammar there. Today I was better...

I didn't go to bed until after 6am because I took a long nap yesterday. I set my alarm and woke up a little after noon. I've been having horrible allergies today with bad congestion and watery eyes. UGH.

Although I just wanted to lie around in bed all day, I forced myself to get up and go to the grocery store. I took my cart, and I bought way more than I can really carry in the cart...so I was very tired when I got home. First I went to Long's to pick up some drugstore stuff. I saw this elderly lady pushing a cart with this cute little white dog in a bag. I asked her before I pet the dog. It was very friendly and licked my hand. Such a cutie!! That was the highlight of my day :)

We went to dinner at Smith & King. They have a great salad I like, with bacon and blue cheese. However, this week it had a bunch of kale in it and it was just too bitter. Yuck. I ate some of it, but I didn't like it nearly as much as I usually do.

Tomorrow is my guitar lesson. I can't wait! Things are going great and I've been back to practicing daily.

Otherwise today I just worked on my site, argued with idiots on Facebook, and watched TV. I was very tired and ended up going to bed around 1am.

  Thursday March 17

I woke up around 10:30, and I'm still very tired!

Today I just worked a little on my site and got ready for my guitar lesson. Then I got really sick again. I went to Starbucks before my lesson. I dressed up in my green shirt for St. Patrick's Day that we got about a decade ago when we went to Atlanta. An Irish pub there had a big to-do and a local radio station gave out these shirts that say "Q Me, I'm Irish." I always wear it on St. Patrick's Day. I also have an Irish green frog pin. It was a good lesson. I started taking guitar lessons 6 months ago! Doing pretty well.

After I got home, I changed into a nicer green shirt, and we went over to the big St. Patrick's Day celebration. We have two Irish bars right next to each other, Murphy's and O'Toole's. They close the streets and have lots of booths, and there are lots of people dressed up in funny hats and costumes. Of course there's lots of beer, too.  It was too loud and crowded, and they don't have many places to sit, so we left. We went to Grondin, which is one of my favorite places to eat, even though the seats are not too comfy. They have great food.

Check out the photos!

I did some more karaoke/singing recording for a change....

I keep thinking of things I want to write about in here, but then when I sit down to write, my mind goes blank!

Here are the songs I've  been learning so far in guitar lessons (I can sing as well as play them):

These are memorized:  Leavin' on a Jet Plane, Anticipation and All My Lovin'.

Almost there: For What It's Worth, Blue Bayou, Sing, Big Yellow Taxi, And I Love Her, Tumblin' Dice and Back in the USA

Still have lots of work to do: Bright, Me and Bobby McGee, Crazy, Danny Boy, Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow

Holiday songs I worked a lot on: Last Christmas, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Mele Kalikimaka

Basically, there are tons of songs I can learn easily by just finding the chords online...if it has weird chords, then you can usually substitute something else that sounds similar. Then it's just a matter of figuring out an interesting strum pattern so it's not so boring.

I can't believe it's been six months already since I started taking guitar lessons!

  Friday March 18

I slept in a bit and didn't wake up until after 12:30. Eventually I got ready and went out to run some errands. I paid a small bill at the dentist's office and made an appointment for April for a checkup and cleaning. I mailed a payment for my tax bill to the state of Alabama. I got my gluten card in various Asian languages laminated. I had Verizon switch out my sim card for a new one. I picked up some stuff at Wal-mart and got a soda at Subway, before heading home. I was just so tired even from that small outing. I was sick a little bit today, but not as bad as yesterday.

We went to dinner at Square Barrells, and then we went over to the Lutheran Church on Punahou St. Many of the students in the choirs were doing songs, either singing solo, or in small groups or playing the violin or piano. It was nice. We enjoyed ourselves. 

After that, we just relaxed at home, watching TV, the rest of the evening. He has to get up early tomorrow for some work thing.

It is certainly an interesting election season. I wonder if the Republicans will have a brokered convention? It looks like Hilary will be winning. I hope so!

I stayed up past 3 am to watch TV...

  Saturday March 19

David woke me up for lunch, and we went to Smith & King. They have a great brunch menu and the people who work there are super nice. I felt like getting a little more exercise, so we walked down to the harbor a bit and then up Bishop to the 7-11, where I got my soda, and then back home.

I hope to get my hair cut this afternoon...I really need a trim.

I walked across the street to Yes! to see Linda, the lady that cuts my hair. She was busy, so I went back an hour later. We had a nice chat, along with another guy there that was waiting. She's from Vietnam and goes back frequently. Looks like she'll be gone most of May.

A little later, David and I went over to the Kaimukī area to meet our friends George and Lena for dinner at this restaurant there called 12th Avenue Grill. It was rated best restaurant last year by the Honolulu Magazine readers. It was very good and had excellent service. I had a really good salad and then their corned beef dish, which was wonderful. Probably the best corned beef I've ever had. Since I didn't get any corned beef and cabbage last week, it was great to have it finally! Then I had a very small gluten free flourless chocolate cake with some gelato.  It was really delicious, all of it. I actually had beets in my salad and ate them. The fresh beets in salads are nothing like what they put in canned beets, I'm happy to say. I never eat beets because the type in the cans are so gross. My family never ate them, but when I went up to live briefly with my aunt and her large family in 1972, I was forced to eat them. I tried not to, but they just made me sit there until I finished them. They were gross. I don't remember who won that battle! LOL! But I've never touched beets since.

We had a great time with our friends, and also some really good wine. The waiter was very nice, and knowledgable about gluten.

We went out to O'Toole's for some more drinks, and they had a great Irish band! I enjoyed that a lot. I found a great drink called a Blind Russian. It's got kahlua, Bailey's, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and butterscotch Schnapps, mixed with milk over ice. Tastes just like a chocolate shake! Probably not good for my diet, though.

We stopped in for one karaoke song at Smith's Union bar. It was not a very big crowd, and not too many people were singing. When I got home, I spent a little more time on the guitar and finding new songs.

I spent the rest of the night working on my site, as I usually do on the weekends! I stayed up until almost 4am.

  Sunday March 20

David woke me for lunch and we walked over to Gordon Biersch as usual. It was a bit hot but not too bad. Plenty of wind still.

I worked on my site some more and then practiced guitar. I added some more songs: "I Will Survive", "Bad Moon Rising", and "Horse with No Name."

Today is my brother-in-law Joe's birthday. Happy Birthday, Joe!

We went to dinner at Downbeat as usual. I like all of their food, but lately I've been eating their chicken pesto salad. Very good

Just been watching TV, recorded a few songs, and worked a bit on my site.

Nothing too interesting going on... at least that I can talk about! Looking forward to next week because we're flying to Vegas.

I really love living in Honolulu, especially this time of year. The weather is nice. Even if it's hot or muggy, we get nicer breezes this time of year. We have some great friends, which is a real treat because some places we've lived, we had none. Because of moving so much and some other things to do with his job. We got very lucky here to find some good friends pretty quickly. I love having people to go out to dinner with, to the movies, shopping etc. People in Hawaii are very laid back and friendly.  Of course I love how beautiful Hawaii is, with the ocean, the trees, the flowers, the fish and birds. I never take any of this for granted. I love when friends and family visit, so I get to see more of the island.  I've been trying to get us out more on other parts of the island besides just downtown and Waikiki.  I also love living in a big city, and living downtown. I love being able to walk downstairs and just have many restaurants, bars, stores, gym, etc. The great thing about living here is that there's always something going on: parades, live music, marathons, contests of various types and more. It really is great and I'm so glad we got a chance to live here!

Have a great week!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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