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  Monday March 7

I happened to wake up around 8am and suddenly remembered that the building management said to have all of our stuff off the lanai by today! So they can work on it sometime in the next week or so. I threw on my shorts and ran out there, dragged in the rugs etc.  Whew! I closed all of the blinds and windows as well, but later I opened them to get the air in a little. Apparently they'll get to ours when they get around to it.

I was very tired and didn't really get up again until about 1:30pm. I was sick a lot all day with gluten problems.

I mailed a bunch of stuff at the post office, then dropped off a box at the UPS store, then took some disposable cameras to the Walmart to have them developed, then bought a few groceries. I stopped at Subway on the way home to get sandwiches for dinner. It was really hot and humid out.

They said that two of the packages would take 3-5 days, and the one going media rate would be 3-5 weeks...yet my brother got all three of them by Saturday. Wow!

We didn't go out for dinner -- just had sandwiches. It was a pretty low key day and night. I did laundry and dishes, and worked on my site. We caught up on some TV from the past few weeks.

  Tuesday March 8

We got some big news today, but I can't say yet what it is.

David gave me a ride over to the endodontist, where I had my follow-up appointment from the root canal I had about 7 months ago. I hate getting an X-ray there because it both makes me gag and stabs my mouth under the tongue, where it's very sensitive.  He also tested my other tooth to see if it hurt at all, or was affected by cold, but it's fine, so he agreed that I probably don't need a root canal. Yay!

Our door lock has been having problems for a month or so. I had the maintenance guy downstairs, Cesar, fix it, but it started messing up again. Basically, sometimes we can't turn the deadbolt lock all the way to the right, so we can't lock it. And sometimes we can't get the key out easily, either. Finally our landlord said it was ok to call this locksmith that he spoke with. The guy is really hard to understand and insists on explaining it all to me, and expecting me to understand what he's talking about. I don't care, buddy! Just fix it and leave me alone! Sheesh!

I've been having terrible allergies all day. My eyes keep watering. It's so annoying. I have eyedrops, but they don't work all that well.

I think I'm going to get a new phone tomorrow...getting the new battery last week didn't seem to help.

Tonight we're going to Duc's Bistro for dinner, which we both love, so that'll be great. Looks like Saturday we'll be going to Buzz's in Kailua with Tom and Cynthia, so that'll be fun. It's a good place and it's right across from Lanikai beach, which is beautiful.

David has a three day weekend this week because of his college's spring break. I wish I'd known that ahead of time...we could have made plans to visit one of the other islands. Ah, well. Hopefully we'll get another chance.

We had a great dinner at Duc's as always. I always love their crispy spring rolls because they're made with rice wraps so I can eat them, and they're deep fried like regular egg rolls, but also because they're delicious! I had their curried scallops special - wonderful! We had some wine as well. It made me very sleepy. We both went to bed very early, about 7:30. Unfortunately, I did wake up two hours later.

I have to admit that sometimes I'm not sure what day it is! I get kind of lost during the week. I used to be able to tell because of TV shows, but since I DVR everything, that no longer works.

I've had a pain in my left leg, sort of behind and above my knee, off and on all week. It's very annoying. Maybe it's the hamstring tendons? I don't know. It sort of starts behind my knee and goes up. Maybe I just strained something. It seems to hurt more when I'm sitting here, with my knee bended, although it has also hurt some when I'm out walking around. Getting old sucks. (Thankfully that went away)

Here's something "funny": I was looking up severe allergies and Google has this quote:

"Mild symptoms include skin rash, hives, runny nose, itchy eyes, nausea, or stomach cramping. Severe allergy symptoms are more extreme. Swelling caused by the allergic reaction can spread to the throat and lungs, causing allergenic asthma or a serious condition known as anaphylaxis."

Hey, you know what, those "Mild symptoms" are pretty bad!!! I guarantee you that if you're sneezing, coughing, itching, and having watery eyes, it will seem pretty severe. Maybe not life-threatening, which is obviously what they mean here by "severe," but you'll wish you were dead. I have no pets, but my skin looks like I own a couple of mean cats. That's just from the itching. UGH.

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep due to allergies and such.  My eyes just keep watering...

  Wednesday March 9

I woke up around 1:20.... I want to get a new phone because mine is having a lot of trouble lately, and getting a new battery didn't help. I read that the Galaxy S7 has a much better battery life and takes way better pictures, so that's good.

I went to Starbucks and had "breakfast" there. I was sick a bit after I got back.

Later on, we went to dinner at Murphy's. I was very disappointed because they had different specials - nothing I could eat. I just had their Irish nachos. I mostly just ate the meat and cheese.

After we got home, I cleaned up the bedroom a bit...put away the laundry and all that.

  Tuesday March 15

OK, so I got really bad about updating the blog this week. We had a lot of stuff going on , mostly personal stuff that I can't talk about yet. Big things going on! Here's what I can remember from the week.

I had my guitar lesson on Thursday and it went really well. It's always nice to chat with my teacher, too. Later in the week, I wanted to learn Eva Cassidy's version of "Danny Boy" for karaoke, since it's almost St. Patrick's Day. I had tried to learn it last year but didn't have time to really learn it well. I started learning it to sing, and then I realized it would make a good song for the guitar. I looked up the chords, and they weren't too difficult. So I've been learning that and I even made a recording of it. I'm hoping that I can make a video recording of it in the next couple of days. It came out pretty well.

Thursday night, we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner and had a great time. It's always delicious there, and they have great service.

On Friday, I got a new phone finally, the Galaxy S7. I like it so far. There have been a couple of little glitches, but mostly I like it. It takes way better photos than the S5 did. It has some cool features. I think I need a new SIM card, though, because sometimes it says that it can't connect. I went back to the Verizon store on Sunday and the guy there reset my connection, and I thought that fixed it, but it's happening again. Earlier today I took the phone back in again because when I connected it to my laptop, it wasn't being recognized. They couldn't figure it out and just thought it was a bug, but then my friend Greg on Facebook helped me fix it. There's a way to tell it that you want to connect, apparently. I don't know why they make these things so difficult!

Since David had the day off, we went to the Chinese restaurant across the street from our place for lunch. I took my paper that tells about gluten and how I can't eat it, which I had used Google to translate into different Asian languages.  The waitress read it and seemed to understand it, and she assured me that the orange chicken dish was safe and had no flour or soy sauce. Well, she was wrong, so either she didn't really understand, or she was not honest, or she just didn't know the ingredients well.  When the chicken came, I thought it looked battered, but I ate it anyway. I should have known better. It was delicious, of course.  Later, at home, I used the EZ Gluten test to test it out. It takes about 20 minutes and you can't do it in the restaurant (you need to grind up or process the food to test it). So of course it did come out as positive.

For dinner, we went to Square Barrels for dinner. They have excellent food.

Saturday morning, David had a work thing. Then later, our friends Tom and Cynthia picked us up around noon. We all drove over to Kailua to a restaurant called Buzz's Steakhouse. David and I had been there twice before. It's got good food and drinks. We had a really nice time. Also, it's right across from the Lanikai beach, which is the most beautiful beach on Oahu (or so they say).  It was very windy, and we didn't stay long, but I got some nice photos.

Later, we went to Waikiki. We wanted to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Hatsuhana, at the Hilton, but it was closed for a private party. We tried this new buffet restaurant down the street instead. Bad idea. It was not very good, and overpriced, and I'm sure that I ate food that had gluten, again. There were no signs to tell me which were gluten-free, and the staff barely understood English.  Stupid of me to eat there, but we were hungry and didn't feel like looking for any place else. I've been sick the past two days because of eating at that place and the Chinese restaurant on Friday. Blah.

Sunday we went over to Gordon Biersch for lunch as usual, and then Downbeat for dinner. We're in a good rut LOL!

Monday we ate dinner at Epic. It's always good, too. It's been humid the past few days, and then it rained. Whew! Much nicer now.

Tuesday the pest control guy came by for his bimonthly visit. You know what? I mean, he comes every other month. Here's the thing. I couldn't remember, does "bimonthly" mean, twice a month, or every other month? Turns out, it means BOTH! No wonder I can never remember which it is. How confusing is that? How stupid. What's the point of having a word that means two completely different and conflicting things? Why even us it if no one knows for sure what you mean? Anyway...he came and sprayed for bugs as usual. Nice guy.

Other than this, I just worked on my site quite a lot, practiced the guitar, did a little bit of housework, and watched TV. Nothing too exciting!

I had some work things that really stressed me out...some annoying stuff. Dealing with JERKS.

More news to come soon! I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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