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  Monday 2/15/16

Happy Presidents' Day!

Even though I was so tired, I had to get up around 8:30 am because the guys were supposed to come between 9 and 9:30. Instead, they came at 8:45! Fortunately, I was already dressed. They didn't take too long to fix it, though. They said they would come back later, but they never did. They have to pain the wall still, where they patched it up. Fortunately, there is a can of paint here that they can use, that matches.

We talked to my mother-in-law. Today's her birthday! So that was nice. She just turned 88.

We went over to Smith & Kings for lunch. Many places were closed, due to the holiday. I tried to find something soft because my tooth is still hurting me a little. It's much better than yesterday, though. They only have a few things there that I'm not allergic to. I ordered the pulled pork, but she accidentally brought me the pulled pork burger, which was way too much (undercooked) burger and not much pork, and way too many fries. Luckily I couldn't eat most of it because of pain.

I completely forgot that I wanted to stop at Long's and get some of their on-sale Valentine's stuff. Darn it. I hope some is left tomorrow, if I have time to look.

We had told the repair guys that we could be back by two, but no one every came. I just napped on the couch in case they called or showed up. Later, the woman at their office called to say they'll come tomorrow. I'll be glad when it's all done, but I'm not looking forward to having to move all of my stuff back in there.

We went to Square Barrell for dinner. I ordered the kale salad, but then I forgot that I wanted to eat something soft, so I had them put that in a to-go box. I then ordered the charcuterie, which is a few deli meats, cheeses, and pickled veggies, and crostini. David ate the crostini. The rest was very good. Delicious, in fact!  I also had a low carb ice cream bar as well.

Later on, I made a smoothie with some apple, some leftover canned fruit salad, some Greek yogurt, some milk, Splenda, cinnamon, vaniilla, and a little bit of the kale. It was yummy and good for my sore tooth. I also had some sugar free popsicles.

Otherwise, I just worked on my site and did some laundry... nothing too exciting!

I was hoping to have a friend come out in visit next week while David's on another business trip, but she's too busy with work. That's the problem of trying to get people to come visit. Either they're too busy or don't have the money...

I have a busy week ahead! I went to bed about 3:30 and as usual, had trouble sleeping because my back problems.

  Tuesday 2/16/16

I was very tired when I woke up around 7:30. The repair guys came back around an hour later and finished up the painting. They had to paint the whole wall to adequately cover up the places where they had to patch over. This was from the leak in the ceiling a few weeks ago. It's all done now. Yay! They had to come back later in the day to finish and then they cleaned up the carpet and put the bed back together for me. Nice guys and both play the guitar, too!

I felt really bad for a minute when the older guy was telling me something and I couldn't understand him. I thought he was talking about karaoke and he was saying "Carole King."  Apparently he knows her and has played with her and James Taylor. It was embarrassing, though, that I couldn't understand him.  He has a pretty thick accent.

When I went outside, I was surprised at how cold it was from the wind! My phone said it was 80 degrees outside. It really felt like about 70 degrees, if not lower. Brrr! I had on my shorts and sandals. It's been nice in the house. I have all of the lanai doors closed, so it's a lot quieter. Sometimes I do put on the fan, but I don't need it too much. In the evening, I had to put on socks! It was rainy today, too, I think.

I had gluten free toast for breakfast, but it kind of hurt to chew...gluten free bread it's a bit harder than regular bread. Regular white bread is soft and would be fine to eat. I think even white toaste would've been okay, but this gluten free bread is just too crusty.

I went to the dentist, so they could check out my tooth pain. They took an X-ray (and for once, that wasn't painful or uncomfortable), and said that the root has an infection, so the dentist said I could either get a root canal or extract the tooth and put in a new one. I asked him what he thought I should do, and he said he thought the root canal was the way to go. I agree. It's always better to save the tooth if you can. I already have one fake molar in my mouth, and it's horrible. It took me a really long time to get used to it, and it's hard to floss it.

Tomorrow I'm going to Kailua to get a root canal. The endodontist I went to before was in Honolulu, but they didn't have any appointments available in that office until sometime next week. At first they were saying Friday, but they called me pretty quickly to say there was a cancellation. I'm not looking forward to it. All I can do is hope that it won't be too painful or uncomfortable, or take too long.

After the dentist's visit, I got lunch at McDonald's (they have nice soft, mushy burgers, good for my bad tooth) and a hot fudge sundae. Perfect. I also went to Long's to see what Valentine's Day stuff they had leftover. I got a couple of bears.

After the repair guys left, I went back to sleep and woke up around 3:30pm. I worked on my site, and I practiced guitar a little. We ate dinner at home. I just made him a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. I had another smoothie. Later, I had some frozen gluten free Thai Chicken that I'd bought at Whole Foods. It was really delicious. Just spicy enough. I had half of it and will probaby have the rest tomorrow.

I've been trying to get someone to come out and visit me while David's out of town next week. I asked one friend, and she couldn't get out of work during that time. Too bad because she would love it here, since she's really into flowers and all that. I'm hoping that maybe I can get my friend Corrie to come out. She and I went to college in Stony Brook together, and she still lives on Long Island. If she can get out of work.  Priceline is really good for the low airline flights.  Last year, when I flew Mary out, it was less than $500, and that was booking it within a week of departure. From NY it looks like it's $700, but with the name your price feature, I might be able to get it for $500. We'll see if that works out.

We might be going to Las Vegas in March for a poli sci confernce! That would be great. Not only because we love Vegas, but my SIL lives there now, so it will be great to see her and her husband again. Also, the conference is at the Bally's/Paris hotels, which I enjoy. Especially the Paris hotel. I love that place. They have great restaurants, shopping etc.

Now that the middle room is fixed up, I need to move all of the stuff back in. UGH. Too much work.

I've been trying out a new program for my websites. Well, it's not new, just somewhat new to me. I used to use Microsoft Frontpage, for over a decade. I love it because it's easy to use.  They stopped making it, though, after 2003. We still use it, but it doesn't work as well with the newer versions of Windows. It crashes a lot and I have to find workarounds for various features. For years, people have told me that I should use a Content Management System (CMS) for my site. This is the type of thing you use if you're on Blogspot or Wordpress. They are web HTML editors but also a sort of database, as I understand it. They are pretty easy to use. Unfortunately, I'm told that Wordpress wouldn't work with my site because it's too big. I tried learning some others, Joomla and Drupal, but they were over my head. It's very frustrating because I like Frontpage still better than any other program I've tried, but they don't update it, so now it won't work right for me.

I've been using Expression Web the past few weeks, which is the program that Microsoft made after they stopped making Frontpage. It looks and acts a bit like Frontpage, but it has differences that are not immediately noticeable, and some that are just really annoying. Ordinarily, in ANY document I can just select large blocks of text easily by clicking at the beginning of the text, scrolling down, and then holding down the shift button and clicking on the other side of the block. Well, since my site uses tables, I can no longer do this. Apparently EW acts like Excel when there are tables, so instead of selecting the text,  it turns your cursor into a big white plus sign.  Now, I can select some text by hand, but only by clicking and dragging, which is not as easy (particularly with many large blocks of text).  Also, when there is bulleted text, the selecting works differently as well.

Speaking of bulleted text...the whole point of these editors is to be WYSIWYG -- in other words, easy. What you see while you're typing is what you see in the browser (more or less). Well, it puts weird line spaces between some of my paragraphs, so the only way to fix it is to look at it in the browser and then adjust it in the HTML. Which is frustrating and annoying.

Lastly, if I click on the underline button, instead of underling, it creats a style code: <span class="auto-style1">   I wouldn't really care about this, except it's not working, so that in the browser it doesn't look underlined. It has something to do with the CSS, and my pages already have some CSS that a former volunteer set up for me. Apparently that CSS is interfering with that and so it won't work. And apparently there's no way to tell EW to just put the regular underline code <U> instead. I can only do that in the coding by hand. Very annoying.

See, most webpages used to be made with just HTML. Over the years, they've developed other things like scripts and CSS. I'm not a web designer or developer. I just barely learned simple HTML and that's it. The reason the real hardcore geeks don't like Frontpage is because that if you make a site with it, it may not show up properly in different browsers. Now, personally, I don't care about this, but a lot of people do. To me, it's the content that's important, not the style. So anyway, this CSS is not easy to learn like HTML. I tried to learn it a little bit and gave up. The point of it is that you can set your style separately in a different page so that when you create any new pages in your site, it points to this style sheet and does whatever you told it to do, so that all of the pages look the same, and they stay that way in different browsers, too, I guess. It makes it easier than just changing one page at a time. I get that, but I never have time to learn these things. So with EW4 now, it uses the CSS a lot and now that's what's messing up my usage of the program. It's so annoying.

The best thing about EW4 is that it doesn't crash! Not once. that's a definite plus in its favor!

I'm very tired, so I'm going to try to go to sleep, even though it's only midnight. I have a big day tomorrow.

  Wednesday 2/17/16

I slept until 10:30! I got a good night's sleep, that's for sure. I had a conference call at 11, and that was fun. I had just had some gluten free toast for breakfast. I would have had sausage, but I need to do the dishes...no clean pans and my microwave is blocked by dishes. I had to move them out of the sink because the repairs needed to use the sink to get more water for their paint.  I'm so lazy...but I will do dishes later today.

I came up with this:

You know you live in a hot climate when.....

1. You have no heating bills (no heater).

2. You automatically put the ceiling fan (or a/c) on at the same time as the light, without even thinking about it.

3. You put your gum in the fridge (to keep it from melting).

4. You have to return powdered dishwasher soap because it has stuck together in one big block.

5. Most of your warddrobe goes un-used because all you wear are shorts and tank tops.

6. You have way more sandals than you do regular shoes.

7. You're waken up all the time by outside noises (because you have to leave all of the windows and doors open to get the breeze) (unless you have a/c)

8. You're overjoyed when the weather gets a little cooler and you can actually wear socks or slippers!

9. You know all of the best local stores and restaurants that have great air-conditioning.

10. You never have to worry about getting a tan or enough Vitamin D.

Those are all true for me. I could probably come up with 10 more! It's been very windy this week, bringing in cooler temperatures. I'm very happy that we can close all of our lanai doors and wear socks.

I was supposed to go get a root canal today...but I canceled it for now. My tooth is fine now and I have no pain at all. I've been eating normal food all day.  If it comes back, or even if it doesn't, maybe I'll reschedule it. I was just really dreading it, anyway.

I mostly worked on my site today...then I went out to get a soda and some gluten free cupcakes at the place, Let Them Eat Cupcakes, which is just a few blocks away. They had cookies, too. Yikes!

A bit later, we went to Murphy's for dinner. I saw one of our building's best dogs, Sadie, in the elevator. It always makes me happy to see any dog, or to pet one, but Sadie is one of the cutest and most friendliest ones here. She's always very enthusiastic and glad to see you. She has these bug eyes. So cute!! Her owner is really nice, too. I don't know what breed she is, maybe some kind of terrier? She's small but not super furry... Anyway, I was walking around with a big smile on my face after that. As if being out in the Hawaii sunshine isn't a good enough reason to smile!

I didn't like any of the specials at Murphy's, so I just had their Irish potato skins, which are really good. Later on, I had to take my pills, so I had the rest of the curry from yesterday. It's so yummy. I must get back to Whole Foods soon.

I had a nice chat on the phone with my friend Corrie (we went to college together). I did a lot of texting with friends and family tonight, too.

Oh, I had mentioned on Facebook that David collects political memorabilia, and a nice woman that I had bought some soap opera photos etc. from said that she had a Hillary Clinton 2008 yard sign for me. So I got that this week and it's also autographed by both Bill and Hillary! She met them back then when Hillary came to her city. It's cool to have that. David enjoyed getting it, too. Maybe I should have saved it for his birthday...

Some exciting news today. We're going to Las Vegas at the end of March! David has a conference there, and we have that whole weekend off, anyway, since it he gets Thursday off for Kuhio Day and Friday off for Good Friday. It should be great. My SIL and her brother live there, and I have a couple of internet friends who live there, too. I can't wait!

Another exciting thing is that it looks like my brother Stephen will be coming to visit next week while David is out of town on a business trip. That will be really cool. We haven't spent very much time together for a long time because of us always living so far away. And then when we visit, we're usually visiting so many other people, we don't get too much time together, or we have to share the time with other people. We're still looking into the costs of it, but I think it should happen.

Oh, darn, I'm going to have to really get started on getting that guest bedroom fixed up again, now that we're going to have a guest!

I'm watching last year's "Fantastic Four" movie. It's pretty good so far. I enjoyed the last two. I don't know why they felt they had to re-do the original story yet again, with different actors. I thought the other cast with Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba was great. She was a little miscast, but I got used to her as Sue Storm. It's silly to make them teens. I don't know why they had to make it interdimensional travel instead of space travel, either, or completely change Doctor Doom's origin and powers.

I bought a new iPod Shuffle, and last night I loaded it up with my favorite tunes when I thought I was going to have a root canal. Anyway, apparently iTunes has changed how they do playlists (I wish they'd quit changing things!). I made a new playlist for my Shuffle. First it made the background brown. I figured how to change that to white. But now they've made it difficult to edit the playlist. It opens it up in a new window and it's a different type of window than we're used to in iTunes. You can only sort by certain fields. I'm used to sorting by rating and it won't let me do that. Also, scrolling up and down in any of the lists is difficult. It scrolls too fast. Very annoying.

I wonder how much time we waste having to learn new things and then complaining about them? LOL!

Tomorrow I have my guitar lesson, and then in the evening, we're going to some lecture down at the Aloha Tower, and then a reception afterwards at the country club. Should be fun!

I tried to go to sleep around 3 or so, but I wasn't tired enough and was itchy. I finally got to sleep something around 5 oe 6 am.

  Thursday 2/18/16

It's been a busy day! Aside from taking the dry cleaning down, I slept until about noon. I mailed some stuff at the UPS and then went to Starbucks for breakfast. Then I walked to my guitar lesson. It went great, and I even recorded some of it. We've been working on the two songs I have planned for April's concert.

I stopped at Walmart on the way back and looked at some stuff I might buy later. Then I got a soda and other stuff at 7-11. On the way to the lesson, there seemed to be more homeless than usual, and a guy tried to hit me up for money, but I just shook my head and kept walking. Then after 7-11, I was texting outside and putting my stuff in my other bag, and an old man, who was scruffy-looking, sitting nearby, said, "Excuse me, can I ask you a favor?" and I thought, uh-oh, not another one... but he just wanted me to read a telephone number off the UPS business card (it was tiny letters), and he wrote them in a notebook. I felt bad about being suspicious, but good about doing a good dead :)

After I got home, I was very tired, but I only had a half hour to rest. Then I had to get dressed and ready for a talk that we went to at the Aloha Tower Marketplace. It was a guy named Neal Lane, an esteemed professor at Rice University. He was science advisor to Bill Clinton. His talk was "2016 Presidential Lecture Series on Global Leadership and Sustainability. Can Science Save Our Future? Advising the Next U.S. President" There was some finger food beforehand, like cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies, so I had a small plate of that. I thought it would be a boring lecture, but it was actually very interesting. He was a good speaker.

Afterwards, we went to a dinner at the Pacific Club for the speaker, his wife, the President of the university, the provost, their wives, and other people at the university... it was pretty good. They had made it gluten free for me, so that was great.  I had some good wine.They had a small appetizer of shrimp and scallops, then a ceasar salad with a parmesan crisp, and then the main entree (I was already full by then!).  You had a choice; I had the steak, since David ordered it for me. It was good. Then I had sorbet for dinner. Everyone else had some sort of chocolate cake. It was a nice evening.

My brother Stephen is coming out to visit next week while David is out of town! I got the airplane tickets tonight.  This should be fun. I haven't spent too much time with him since the early 80's. We're going to go see Deadpool with Tom and Cynthia, take a tour of the island, do some swimming and snorkeling...I can't wait!

  Friday 2/19/16

I went to bed pretty early last night, but I still didn't get up until almost noon.

I considered going to the gym, but since I have so much house cleaning etc. to do, I decided not to. I went to 'Umeke for a chicken sandwich (they have gluten free bread). It was okay.

Then I went back to the jewelry store and they had untangled my jewelry for me, and they would not take any payment for it! That was so nice. Only in Hawaii. They put all of the necklaces in little plastic baggies so they wouldn't get tangled again. I guess I have to get more of those. I do have a jewelry box but it's not big enough for all of my neckles. It was the biggest one I could find at the time. It has more drawyers than necklace hangers. The problem is, I mostly only wear necklaces, not rings or earrings or bracelets. I should look into getting more necklace hangers.

On the way back, I smelled wonderful smells at this bakery called Baker Dudes.  Tiny place, but they had tons of breads, pastries etc. I asked about gluten free, and they did have these amazing gluten free peanut butter cookies, so I bought some of those as well as some cinnamon bread for David.  I was doubtful about the cookies, but they taste great.

I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new photo frame. Those things always seem to break or die on me. I had a good one by Sylvania, big size, but it hasn't worked well lately. It keeps turning itself off and eventually it will turn itself back on, although sometimes the pictures look dark or it gets stuck on one piccture. So I got a new one, a Phillips. Hopefully this one will work better and for longer. It's not quite as big as the other one. I also have a small one by Coby, but it's never worked well. It turns itself off and on all of the time, or gets stuck, too. I like the kind that look like wooden frames.

David came down with a cold, so we didn't go out to dinner. He went to bed pretty early with a fever. He probably won't be sick long because he usually isn't. I just hope I don't get it, too!

I spent most of the day straightening up the house, putting stuff away. I had a huge pile of papers to go through. Tomorrow I need to start cleaning the spare room and moving stuff back into it.

I practiced guitar standing up. I bought this strap months ago, and my teacher had showed me how to do that in my lesson with his guitar. The only trouble is, the guitar is so darned heavy on my poor neck. I have to remember to rehearse sitting down and THEN spend a little time with the strap, to get used to it.

My friend Anji is getting married in May, so that's exciting. We took music classes together in Stony Brook back in the 80's and became good friends. I hope we can go to her wedding in Denver. It all depends on how many vacation days David has by then. He doesn't get too many per year.

  Saturday 2/20/16

David is feeling better today from his cold, so that's good. He almost never gets sick, or when he does, it doesn't last long.

We were going to go to the pizza place for lunch, but they were packed, so we went down to Smith & King. They have a good weekend brunch, anyway.

I spent most of the day either working on my site or getting the guest room ready. It's almost done and then I have to clean the rest of the house a bit. My brother won't care at all, but I do :)

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I just had a burger, with no bun. It was pretty good.

I practiced my guitar a little...my shoulder was hurting a lot.

It was a pretty laid-back kinda day. Nothing too exciting! I stayed up way too late working on my site, then when I tried to sleep, my neck was hurting me. I took another Aleve and stayed up for awhile, listening to music. I didn't get to bed until after 6am.

  Sunday 2/21/16

David woke me up to go to the store, but I was too tired, so he went. I'll probably go tomorrow to Safeway and pick up whatever he didn't get or other things I think of.

We went to lunch about noon to Gordon Biersch as usual. It's very windy today. We usually sit by the water, but it was too windy, so we moved indoors. Their "Indoors" is still open to the air, though, so it was still pretty windy. I was pretty cold from the wind by the time we left. I had to keep holding my hair back and the wind was hitting my back while we were sitting there.

Now I have to finish putting together that room, clean etc. OK, it's later now and I finally did finish putting the room together. I had most of my DVD's in piles, so I wrote down the names and put them in the bookcases. See, I had a list of all of my videotapes typed up years ago, and then I printed it out, and when I would get new ones, I would write them on the paper. Then when we moved, I went through the list and checked it out and added a lot of new ones. Then, when we moved here, I did nothing with the list until this past October, when I finally typed list on my computer. Right after that, though, my computer died, and I lost everything I hadn't backed up since June. I had thrown away the paper copy weeks earlier. So I don't have a complete list because there are so many in storage that were written down, but at least now I know what I have on hand here! Which may come in handy when my brother visits, if we want to want some DVD's. It's 3 and a half written notebook pages, so it's over 200 titles. This is just what I got since we moved here in summer of 2013, plus a few I brought with me. I also separated out the ones I haven't watched yet, so I can easily watch them if I have time.

Then I spent a while dusting and vacuuming. That's not too much fun! Glad it's over, though. I still have to clean the kitchen tonight and do a few other things. Then tomorrow I'll clean the bathrooms... I have errands to run, too.

This week should be fun! We have a lot of exciting things planned.

Have a great week!

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