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  Wednesday January 27

I had a hard time sleeping last night...too much sleep from when I was sick. I think I'm pretty much back to normal now.

Our landlord is coming over about 12:30 to inspect the damage to our ceiling, and then the water extractors are supposed to come around 1. Then I have to leave at 1:30 for my guitar lesson. Hectic day!

I just had one chicken sausage and a few rice crackers for breakfast.

It was very busy... the landlord did come over and then we waited about 40 minutes until the service person (a woman) came by to set up her fans and such to extract the water. Apparently it generates a lot of heat, so she suggested I move any valuables out. I moved out the guitars and some other equipment, and most of my DVD's, CD's and tapes. What a pain. Fortunately our landlord helped me. I got all hot and sweaty and was almost late for my lesson. Luckily the landlord has a key, so he was able to wait while she finished and lock up for me.

What a pain in the butt, though, to have to move all of that stuff out, and now it's all over, in the way. And I still have to put it back. Bad for my back, too!

I had a great guitar lesson as always! The teacher had worked on the Carpenters song I gave him, "Boat to Sail" and figured out the chords. Some of them are pretty hard, but I think I can do it. It's a pretty repetitive song, so once I learn a few new chords, it should be ok. One of the chords is particularly hard on my fingers, though.

Then we worked on two other songs, "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell and "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin. These were my choices because I sing them pretty well, and I think they're somewhat upbeat yet don't require a full band. I have a lot of practicing to do, though!

He and his students have a concert in April, so I'll probably participate this time around. As of next week, I'll have been playing 5 months! Yay! When I think of how far I've come in such a short time, it's pretty amazing. I remember when playing a C, F or G chord was difficult.

I stopped at McDonald's on the way home. I was starving! Then I had a little nap.

We had a boring night at home, watching TV, like usual. I had bought some pork chops, so I cooked them up. I think I'll chop them up in the food processor and add sugar free barbecue sauce. Should be yummy.

I'm still trying to figure out which program I want to use to replace MS Frontpage. I called them today, but the woman I spoke to was no help. She sent me to someone else, and I got their voice mail. I don't know if I'll call them back or not. They do have Expression Web 4, but that's so very different now from Frontpage. Doesn't seem easy at all. I really want another easy program like Frontpage. Is that so hard to get? Am I asking the impossible?

Here's a problem I have at home. OK, I like sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap (really, my legs), but it hurts my legs after awhile (even with a really lightweight laptop and a protector board to keep the heat off). So I'm moving back to my chair. The thing is, the chair is not all that comfortable for sitting long periods, despite lots of cushions. It's better for my legs because I can use this little desk (I can't use the desk with the couch). UGH. I know, too much complaining!

I stayed up late watching TV and working on the site.

  Thursday January 28

I had an early conference call interview, which went well, and then I realized, uh-oh, I left my phone in the other room. I was just checking to make sure the dry cleaner guy had not phoned, and then he called. Talk about timing!

I can't remember what I did on Thursday. Brain lapse! Thursday afternoon, the guy from the water extraction company called and said he would be over between 5 and 6. I agreed, but then after I hung up, I thought, hmm, we usually go out to dinner around 5:30. So I called him about 5:15 and asked if he knew when he might be here. He said it would be at least a half hour because he was caught in traffic. He was saying that he wasn't sure if he could come by tomorrow or not, so I asked him if he could come over tonight around 7.  He agreed and then we went out to Murphy's for dinner. I had their stuffed chicken, which is always delicious. Then the guy called me at 6:05 to say that he was in my building! Apparently there was some kind of miscommunication. So he said to call tomorrow morning to reschedule. ARGH.

I spent a lot of time today arguing with idiots online. This restaurant/bar that recently opened doesn't know how to treat its customers. We had drinks there, and the waitress told me that most of their food was gluten free. So we returned later, and I asked the waiter whether a particular item was gluten free or not. He didn't know, so he went to ask the cook. When he came back, he said that nothing was gluten free! I was shocked. That rarely happens. So I went on Facebook to complain and the restaurant didn't answer for a few weeks, but meanwhile some of their customers started arguing with me about it. Very frustrating because they acted like I was asking for some kind of special treatment. For one thing, I wasn't saying just for me, but for all of their customers who may or may not have allergies or food preferences or problems, that all of their employees should know what the food ingredients are. Also, it's just not that hard to have gluten free options. You can have regular oil and vinegar for salads. You can leave bread off sandwiches and burgers. You can have a bottle of gluten free soy sauce. No biggie.  The restaurant finally responded and it's pretty clear that they're idiots who don't understand any of this. Well, I'll be glad to do a happy dance when they go out of business, which I'm sure will be sometime in the next few years.

I was also arguing with some other people about gluten free...it's so frustrating because there are so many misconceptions out there.   Yes, there are some people who avoid gluten because it's a fad, or they think that they will lose weight. Most people who are eating gluten free are not like those people. They're either Celiacs, or people who are allergic, or people who have gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Then there are some people who don't bother going to the doctor, but when they eat bread or pizza, it makes them feel yukky. Their stomachs get upset.  We don't know how many people are affected because most people don't bother to get tested unless it's a real problem, and also because not all Celiacs have symptoms.

I stayed up really late because I wasn't that tired, and I had an early conference call the next morning.

  Friday January 29

I've been reading this book The 14th Day of Christmas by my foster mom's husband, David. It's been fun to read! It's his autobiography. He's a professional folk singer but has also directed a lot of plays and some movies. He's really had an interesting life.

I finally went to sleep this morning about 10am. I had phoned the water extraction company and asked them to have the guy phone me, so he came and got the equipment. Next week they'll be repairing the wall and ceiling, and possible painting the wall as well.  Meanwhile, our hallway and half of our bedroom is still filled with many boxes of DVD's etc. I can't really move anything back in there until they're finished.

I spent a lot of time the past two days on recording some more songs and listening to music online.

In the evening, we were going to go out to Duc's for dinner, but they were closed. We forgot they said they were going to be closed for a month while they go back to Vietnam to visit. So instead we went to Scratch. The food there is always good, but their chairs are not very comfortable, and they were playing loud music.  Then we walked over to Dolan's for some more drinks, and then we went to the karaoke bar Smith's Union (oldest bar in Hawaii).  I had quite a bit to drink at the first 2 places, so I just had soda there. I sang a few songs. There were these two nice Scottish guys sitting near us at the bar, and one of them sang "Jambalaya." He wasn't a great singer, but he had fun with it and got people in the bar clapping along. Usually people there are very drunk and in a good mood, but they weren't really into it that night. They got better as we went along, though.  So I was chatting with these two Scottish guys. They decided to stay downtown rather than on Waikiki because they wanted to mingle with the locals.  The one guy was complaining that the bar didn't have the song "Amarillo by Morning." According to him, its the most popular karaoke song in the UK.  I said, well, the one you chose to sing was better because it's more upbeat. Now, at this point, I didn't know they were Scottish, so I asked, do you know that Scottish song? LOL! I sang it for them and they figured out which one I meant, "I Gotta Be (500 Miles)" By the Proclaimers. Great song. Anyway, they sang that one, since I suggested it, and it was SO much fun. I mean, they didn't really sing it in tune, but they sang with great enthusiasm, and we all sang along and loved it. It was a real blast and we had fun chatting with these two guys. I just sang 3 songs, but it was fun.

I sang "Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles because I had just learned it, but the version they had there was not very good. Then I did two crowd pleasers that I knew they would like better, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." You can hear me sing "Heartache Tonight" here on TIK.

I went to bed about 2am...

  Saturday January 30

David had to get some new clothes, so we went over to Ala Moana mall in the morning, around 10. I was very groggy but I wanted to go with him. It was pretty hot and humid today, and the mall is outdoors.

I also stopped by California Pizza Kitchen to pick up a gluten free pizza for later.

On the way out the door last night to dinner, I smacked my left knee hard against a drawer in the bathroom, so today it was really hurting a lot, especially since I just had sandals and not my good shoes. We ended up doing way more walking in the mall and climbing stairs, than I had planned.

Before we went to lunch, I changed into better shoes and took an Aleve, so my knee is fine now. We walked over to Gordon Biersch as is our habit lately, for lunch on the weekends. It was really good. I stopped at the HPU bookstore as well and got a few things, like a new wallet. They also opened a new convenience store there, so I bought some stuff there as well. I got this really delicious ice cream bar (it says "greek yogurt" on it, but I'm not sure what's in it). It has a blueberry-flavored ribbon in it. So good....

It seems like things keep breaking down in our building. Last weekend one of the elevators in the parking garage was down, and this weekend, one of our main elevators was down (which is really irriating).  Today the security system on the outer doors was not working.

I didn't realize it's the Chinese New Year already! It's actually February 8, but I guess they start the celebrations early. I would have gone to the parade again because it's fun, but I was very tired from all the walking around. It's about a block from our place, so I could hear it all afternoon. We heard many drums, and I'm sure we will hear more drums, and fireworks in the coming weeks.

I did work during the day... my site was down for a bit due to some problems...annoying.

Later, for dinner, we went to Livestock Tavern. Usually they're pretty good, but we both thought that the food was mediocre. The prices there are ridiculous, and so it's not really worth it to go there if the food's not great.  Also, it was REALLY loud.  We couldn't even talk to each other. Afterward, we checked out this near cocktail place on Fort Street in the Topa Financial Building. It's one of those too-expensive hipster places, I think. They had quite a few scotches, whiskeys and tequilas. I had this one drink called The Last Word, but I didn't like it. Too pungent.  So then I tried another one, I think the guy said it was a St. Germaine's Sour. It was nice. Very light and kind of sweet.  David sampled some scotches.  it's the kind of place where you sit on lounge chairs rather than in a regular chair. It was very comfortable! And the music was mostly quiet there - real oldies like 30's and 40's stuff.

We just watched TV after we got back home. I stayed up too late, trying to catch up on stuff. I really need to do dishes and laundry tomorrow, among other things. David is going to the Pro Bowl.

I was typing this and I heard a cop yelling outside, "Get down! Get down on the ground right now!" I went to the window, and there were a couple of cop cars. I couldn't see too much because trees were in the way. It's never dull here in the downtown! LOL!

  Sunday January 30

I ended up staying up until 3am...just got involved in stuff on the computer. I woke up around 11.

David went to the Pro Bowl today. He's never been. I'm sure he'll enjoy it. I kind of wanted to go, but the tickets were sold out. He had to find one online and it wasn't cheap, so I just let him go. Honestly I would have liked to have gone, but not for a huge amount of money. I'm not a sports fan at all.

I have a lot of stuff to do today if I actually get up off my butt and do it! :)

I did a few things, but not really the things I wanted to do or should have been doing. Ha ha!

I didn't start the laundry until quite late, and I still need to do the dishes and clean up a bit. I've done almost nothing on my site! I went to Safeway with my cart and picked up a few things. Today was fairly nice weather...83 degrees but not too humid, and there was a lot of wind.  Still, it's hot lugging groceries home, even for a few blocks.

Mostly, I worked on singing. I recorded a video of myself playing the guitar and singing. It came out pretty well on my new video camera. I will definitely do some more. I need to do some more practicing, though.

I also recorded quite a few songs for TIK and SS. It's been fun singing again. David came home early because the game was pretty boring. I guess they don't get many of the big players.  He didn't like that they didn't place AFC against NFC, so he had no rooting value. We went to Downbeat for dinner, like usual. I wasn't that hungry. I had a salad but only ate half of it. I had the other half later on.

I phoned this guy Glenn, that I spoke with back in November, to see if he still wants me in his band. I got his voice mail, so hopefully he'll call me back.

That was my exciting day! But I can't complain because it's been a nice weekend.

Have a great week!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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