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  Monday January 11, 2016

I wish I could write this like a real diary, but of course I can't. It's not anonymous. I don't want to say things that would hurt or embarrass my friends or family members. I can't talk about private stuff that's going on in my life, that affects other people or that was told to me in confidence. I sure have some great stuff I could tell you! Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to tell some of it.

One day I will try to get my life story published. Maybe some of the people I write about will be dead. Who knows? Or maybe they'll find it after I'm gone and decide to publish it.

I know that my life seems great now, and for the most part, I really do enjoy it. But still, even if you live in "paradise," it doesn't mean that every in your life is perfect. There are two things I wish I could change, and I can't tell you one of them. The other one is my weight, and I hope to change that this year. We'll see!

Today I got up fairly early, but then got very sick again and went back to bed. At least I did get my computer back from being repaired. The old PC I use for my site's transcripts had overheated, so they replaced the fans etc.

The week has not started off well. I can't go into details, but let's just say that privately, today was a bad day for us. Hopefully things will get better.

Last week, David was out of town on a business trip, so there was no new dry cleaning to give them the Hakuyosha cleaners (they pick up and deliver every Monday and Thursday). I had a ton to give them this morning! I might have to take a cart downstairs on Thursday to pick it all up. (They actually brought it over in two trips because some of it wasn't done!)

This past weekend, I got a lot done. I did a lot of catching up. I had a lot of fun over the holidays, but I kind of made it an excuse to slack off everything else, such as working on my site, practicing my guitar, and exercising. Now it's back to the real life.

Still, I sometimes feel like I'm just banging my head against the wall because I keep doing the same things over and over of not eating right, not exercising, and still having way too much to do on my website.

For years I've used MS Frontpage for my site, a program that hasn't been updated since 2003 and has not been supported by Microsoft for a long time. It didn't really matter as long as I had XP on my old laptop, but with each newer version of Windows, I have more and more trouble with Frontpage. it's a shame because I really like it, and I wish I could use it forever, in many ways.  I've been looking into using Joomla instead. I'm told a Content Management System (CMS) is supposed to be a lot easier, but so far, I don't see that. I've had someone trying to build a version of my site in Joomla and to be it's just really confusing and lacks the features that Frontpage has that I like. It's giving me a huge headache!! I really hate learning new software.

I didn't go out at all today, which is rare for me. I hope tomorrow will be better.

Then I stayed up way too late.

  Wednesday January 20, 2016

Well, I didn't do a good job AGAIN of keeping track of my activities! I was just so busy all last week and half of this one.

I did get the phone number to call for Microsoft sales, so I can phone them and ask, which of their products is now the closest to Microsoft Frontpage or can be used as a CMS. I tried to ask on their chat support, but they said I have to phone.

I still have to call the guys about the band...the ones I talked to back in November. I've just been too busy to do anything. I don't know how David does it! He works long hours and also works on the weekends.

I can't remember what I did all week, but I was busy! I know I went to Whole Foods on Thursday with Cynthia, so that was a lot of fun. I found some great gluten free stuff there. We had lunch there; they have a great salad bar. It was nice catching up with her, "Just us girls!" She went out of town again but will be back soon. We will hopefully be seeing "Deadpool" in February, but we're also talking about taking a trip some Sunday, the four of us driving up to the North Shore, having lunch, seeing turtles and waterfalls. That would be great! We need to do more of that kind of stuff. There's so much of Oahu we haven't seen yet, or haven't seen often.

I had my guitar lessons on Wednesday, and again today. I still need to get back to practicing every single day. Lately it's been more like 3 times a week. I'm enjoying it a lot, but I want to play better. In today's lesson, I asked him about my amp and what all of the buttons do, so that was very helpful. Jan. 2 I've been taking lessons for 4 months! Woo hoo!

Right now I'm working on some Beatles songs (I have a Beatles guitar book), and "Sing" by the Carpenters," and "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin, and "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell as well as still working on perfecting the older songs like "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" I might also work on this other (fairly obscure) Carpenters song called "Boat to Sail".  I had some Christmas songs I was working on, but I've put those aside now until next Fall. No sense working on them in January!

I was all set to go to an open mic night here downtown...this place called Fresh Cafe had it on Thursdays. But then when I asked the other week, they said it was now being held at this other place, Bar 35. But then Bar 35 doesn't have it on their site, or on their Facebook page, so I don't know what the heck's going on! Oh, and apparently Fresh Cafe is closing down, so that must be why they stopped having it.

Speaking of music...you may know that I post my songs (home recordings of my karaoke) on two sites, Singer's Showcase and ThisIsKaraoke.com Well, The first site has been having problems for a while. They updated their software, and there were many bugs, and then people just got impatient and left. The site has never really recovered from that, IMHO. I still record, though, and post on both sites, while I can. I heard that you can also upload songs to Smule, so I may do that if the other two sites ever go away.

I've had my usual minor problems with allergies, and my back hurting. We were doing well on eating in, until the weekend! I've been getting a slight stomach ache, which I figure is from taking Aleve etc. so I'm cutting way back on that kind of thing. I'm thinking of cooking more with turmeric, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.  These medical problems really get in the way of sleeping some nights.

David had a three day weekend, of course. I can't remember anything all that exciting about it.... I believe we mostly ate, drank, exercised and napped! I also did work on my site, of course.

Friday night he had a reception down at Gordon Biersch for new grad students, so I tagged along and had dinner (separate from what everyone else had since we were paying). It was nice to chat with people, and the citrus chicken there is always good.

We went to Waikiki on Saturday as usual. We went to Nobu, which is delicious but way too expensive. Every time we go, we're like, let's not go here again for awhile...and then we forget. David likes their sushi. I like their drinks, and salads, and especially their little mini-tacos.

I think we went back to Gordon Biersch on Sunday because David loves this one dish there...it's a good weekend place for us. I might be getting the days mixed up. My memory is so bad on these little details! Because I haven't had enough sleep, and I have so many things to think about.

I seem to recall that we did go to In Between Saturday night after dinner, for a little bit of karaoke. We just went in for one song, but there weren't too many people there, so I ended up singing three songs. It was fun, but the small crowd there was not as enthusiastic as they usually are.  The bartender and his friend were fabulous singers, though.

Monday was a holiday, so we still went out to dinner, which we shouldn't have! LOL! We're trying to eat more at home, so that didn't help.  Then Tuesday we went out with some friends to private room karaoke (they don't like to sing in public).  That was fun, but it was a place we'd never been before called Pandora's.  They have a terrible song selection. The food was ok and the people there were very nice. The equipment is old and some of the mics don't work well. We were first in this one room, and we had the books with the songs, but only by title so that makes it harder to find songs for most people. I had no problem, really.  Then we moved to another room because one of the people in our party knows Vietnamese songs, and they only had them in that other room. Well, turns out that particular song system is way more difficult, and there are no books, so we had a really hard time finding anything. It was annoying. I mean, I got to sing plenty, and I had fun, but it was kind of irritating. So we will not be going back to that place!

Turns out one of the restaurants we go to, Tap Room, has gone out of business (some dispute between them and the people who own the property). That's a shame. I liked the food there, and they seemed to know which food had gluten or not. Also, they had the cupcake place in there, and they had gluten free cupcakes on Wednesdays. Well, not that I need those, but still....it was great. I hope they're able to start up again.

We heard that there are a bunch of new restaurants opening up down here...that's what I need! LOL!

Tomorrow I'm having the place cleaned, so tonight I did most of the dusting. I like the maid service to just vacuum, mop, and clean the kitchen and bathrooms...dusting is easy, and I don't mind doing it. They get paid by the hour, so it's faster if they don't have to dust. Plus. I always worry about all of my little knick knacks. See, this is a nitpick of mine. I like to move everything off the surface, then wet-dust it, then wait for it to dry, and if it's a wooden surface, I also spray it with Lemon Pledge, wipe that and wait for that to dry. Then I wipe each item and put it back on the surface.  Whereas a maid service will just pick up the item, wipe under it, wipe the item, and put it back down. All wet. Yuck.

Oh, I also forgot to tell you that I happened to look up while I was in the guest room and saw that a huge chunk of the ceiling is hanging down! I was like, WTF???  It's the ceiling facade that's actually hanging down, of course.  It's like a big foot-long chunk.  And underneath, where you can see the concrete or whatever that is, is a big crack. I was guessing that the people in the apartment above us must have somehow done it, by dropping something heavy? I have no idea. You know, we here loud sounds here all of the time. But apparently those people are on vacation. Then again, they left on the 17th, so it could have happened before they left.  Anyway, I went downstairs to talk to the building manager, and she's going to have it fixed.

Go to my Instagram and you can see a picture of the ceiling hanging down as well as some of the things I've been eating, drinking etc. lately and karaoke.

Can I just say again how much I hate that our apartment faces the building next door's barbecue area? There are always yummy smells coming in our window. Nothing smells better than barbecued meat. No wonder I always crave steak and hamburger! Right now I can smell something scrumptious. Smells like soy sauce and barbecued meat.

One of my relatives has gotten into texting lately, so that's been fun...texting back and forth. I wish everyone I know would do texting, although I could see how it might be more bothersome than email if you feel like you have to answer right away. We just answer when we get around to it, like email etc.  Some people don't have unlimited texting, so they have to pay extra. One relative I know was complaining because I guess the texting wakes him up if he's asleep (I guess he doesn't know how to turn it off!). LOL! People are so funny. Even your own relatives, that you think you know, can surprise you.

I guess I'll close this here. If I think of anything else to add, I will add it here!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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