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  Monday, January 5, 2016

I had a really tough time sleeping last night. I felt fine when I woke up, but my arm pain came back later in the evening. I play to do very little work this week on the computer so I can rest my arm/shoulder.

I tried to think of something that I needed to do that wouldn't require over-use of my arms, back etc. but all of them are taxing. I watched a movie before I went to bed, to rest it a bit.

I've been texting more than I used to. David and I text each other a lot. I've been texting one of my SIL's and also some friends, and sometimes my brother Stephen.

I set the alarm for 7, but then I went back to sleep. I had put on my calendar that the repair guy was coming after 8am, but I remembered wrong, I guess. It was 4pm that he was coming.

So, anyway, the dry cleaner phoned, like usual, around 10, so we could do the dry cleaning pickup/exchange.  Then I went back to sleep for a few hours. I had a conference call at 1pm. Then after a while, I went out to take the cookies down to the building manager, and mail a package, and get a soda.

The repair guy came, but he didn't have his tools with him (which really makes me wonder, why, if you have an appointment to fix things, do you not bring your tools???), so he's coming back tomorrow to fix the ceiling fans and two of the blinds in our bedroom.

After that, I just did a lot of work on my site, which is probably why my arm is still bothering me. I finished cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes, too. Hopefully tomorrow will be pain free!

  Tuesday, January 6, 2016

My shoulder was much better today, but otherwise, it was not a very good day. It had a bad start. I had set the alarm for 10, but I shut it off and went back to sleep. I woke up around 10:30, jumped out of bed, thinking I was late to meet Cynthia, who was coming by at 11, and then I realized that's tomorrow. Oops.

I woke up later, around 2. I had a couple of crises to contend with. One has to do with my website. I got this email from one of the ad companies I use, Conversant, telling me that I had violated something or other and they were going to stop their ads from working on my site. No warning, no explanation, nothing. So I replied, tell me what's going on, I don't understand. I also emailed their support address that I previously had, and posted on their Twitter and Facebook, as well as on their site's contact form. I also tried phoning, but their operator kept sending me to the wrong office. Then on the last one, I got voice mail and left a message. No one has yet to email or call me back. :(

The repair guy said he was coming back today, but he didn't tell me when, and I forgot to ask. I went out around 3pm to get a Subway sandwich and stopped at the Flower Fair to pick up a new plant and a 2016 calendar (I get one there every year - it's very beautiful with bamboo).

When I got back, I texted him and eventually he did come. The ceiling fan in the middle bedroom (the one with the light that's not working) needs to have a part replaced, but it's all wired together, so he'll need to take it and find the part. However, our landlord wants to take a look at it first. He usually lives in California, but I guess he's back in town. We've actually never met him. So anyway, he's coming on Thursday, so that gives me just a little bit of time to clean up the place before he comes. I need to put away all of the Christmas decorations.

I should have done that tonight, but instead I worked a lot on my site. I did drag out all of the stuff in the closet so I can pack the boxes tomorrow. I stayed up until almost 6am. Bad idea!

  Wednesday, January 7, 2016

I woke up around 9 and texted Cynthia to cancel. I was just too exhausted and not feeling well. I woke up around noon when I got a call from this guy at Conversant.

We had a really horrible conversation on the phone. I guess they use some kind of software to monitor the sites that use their ads, and so it flagged my site. He said it was for one of 3 reasons, none of which made any sense to me, but worse - he couldn't tell me which one it was.  They were flat out not willing to work with me or give me any information that would help me fix whatever the problem was. They just killed the ads. After working with these guys for over a decade. I was very upset and outraged. He also implied that perhaps I had paid some company to drive traffic up on my site by using robots rather than humans. Even though I explained to him exactly what our site was about and how we work on it. That was very insulting. He also looked at a few pages on my site and complained that they all had been updated years ago. I said, no, go to the "What's New" page and that will tell you all of the new content we put on our site. I mean, we have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pages, all generated one at a time by hand. There's no possible way we could keep them all updated. Not to mention, a lot of the pages are for old shows, so there isn't much in the way of updating we could do, anyway. I said to him, "So, what, should we change all of the dates on the pages so people think the content is new? Because I think that's very sleazy".  He hastily said, no, that's not what he was advising, but I really think they care more about that kind of crap than about real content. I think that the company is doing badly (they used to pay my site a whole lot more than now) and they're just vainly trying to figure out how to cut their losses.  It's just such bad business to treat log-time partners or customers that way.

Time to put up more Google ads, I guess! Even though they don't generate anywhere close to the same amount of revenue.

The last two days I was also dealing with our landlord via email. We've had a difficult time communicating, so it's been added stress and frustration.

My shoulder is much better, but I've been having my usual gluten allergy problems.

Honestly, I really feel like going back to sleep , but I need to put away all of the decorations.

  Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm afraid I did a horrible job of keeping track of my blog this week. It was just a very bad week.

Our landlord came by on Thursday; we had never met him so that was fun. I had worried about what he would be like, but he is a nice guy. He fixed the ceiling fan light, and he figured out what was wrong with our washing machine (that leaks sporadically), so that's good.

On top of all of the other things that happened, my desktop computer has been having problems off and on for months, just shutting down and giving odd error messages. It finally just shut down for good. Apparently the fan was having problems, so it was overheating.  The computer guy at Pacific computers came to pick it up and replaced all that stuff, and I finally got it back today. It cost me almost $190.  Yikes.

David was out of town on a business trip...he was supposed to come back Wednesday, but his flight was delayed AGAIN so he didn't get back until Thursday.

I never did get to Whole Foods, but Cynthia and I are going to try again  this coming Thursday.

I canceled my guitar lesson again because of being sick. Hopefully this week will be better. I have to get back into the habit of practicing every day.

I finally got all of the Christmas decorations put away Sunday! Yay! The place really needs cleaning now.  We still have a group of presents to open. Our friend Barbara sent them to us. She was supposed to visit, but then she got very sick. She's home now and doing much better. I had to send her our presents, since she won't be coming any time soon. So now we have to wait for her to feel a little better, and for our presents to arrive there, before we can open them over the phone (as is our tradition).

Our place looks so bare now without all of the decorations. I've had stuff up everywhere since early October, so it looks so weird.

We've decided to eat dinner at home more because I'm just tired of getting sick all of the time. It'll be healthier, too, I hope. Monday I was sick a lot and just went back to bed after the computer repair guy brought the computer back. I slept far too much. I felt bad because he didn't notice until after he left that I forgot to sign the check I gave him, so he had to come all the way back. Oops! Good thing they're only a few blocks away...

So sad that David Bowie died. I can't say I'm a huge fan of his music, but he had a really good singing voice and was an important voice in my generation. I loved his song "Space Oddity" and a few of his others were okay, like "Modern Love," "Fame," "Under Pressure," and "Golden Years." He certainly was someone that set trends, did what he want, and lived his life his own way. We should all be so lucky.

I always have the same New Year's resolution, more or less. Lose weight! I need to do that. I'm fairly sure I put on weight during the holiday season. I probably have at least 50 lbs. to lose. If I want anyone to take me seriously playing guitar and singing, I need to look better. I'm not getting any younger so losing weight, at least, is something I can do to look better.

I think the next movie I'm looking forward to is Deadpool, coming in mid-February. That should be a good one.

Right now there's not too much going on. We're just waiting to see what's what and what's next in life.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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