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  Monday December 28

My last blog for 2015! Whoop-de-doo!

Other than taking down the dry cleaning around 10am when the guy phoned, I slept until about noon.

I took a shower, and then we went over to Gordon Biersch for lunch. It's hard to remember it's Monday. It's hard to remember that as of Friday, it'll be 2016. It's hard to remember I'm 54 now and not 53! LOL! Too much to remember.

Some of my Christmas presents from David are still trickling in, since he ordered them too late. I got this small video camera; it was recommended by someone as being easy to use. We'll see.  So far it sure is.

I also got the season 1 DVD of Sleepy Hollow.

I didn't do much today besides social media, and cleaning up the kitchen. I've been very tired. It's only 8pm and I'm struggling to stay awake.

David got his hair cut today and picked up some new clip-on sunglasses for me. My old ones broke last week. A particular Walgreen's near the place where he gets his hair cut is the only place I've seen them around here. Tomorrow I need to go to the post office and mail some stuff.

For dinner, we went to Epic. It was really good. Their blackened fish is delicious.

It turns out we can go on the Holiday Lights Waikiki Trolley ride after all. Apparently you have to select "0" on the other tickets when you buy yours, or it doesn't work. What a stupid way to do it.

I have tons of things to do but don't really feel like doing any of them. I don't want to go to bed this early, though.

I played guitar for a little while, which woke me up a bit, but I'm still very tired. I'm just trying to do a little work on my site until midnight...

I tried going to sleep around 12:30, but it was just too hot, and I guess I wasn't sleepy enough. I finally did try again 2 hours later and got to sleep.

  Tuesday December 29

David went to the grocery store for me...we didn't need much. I still can't find eggnog anywhere!

We went to Square Barrels for lunch and I had a lamb burger like last week. I stopped at Starbucks afterwards and guess what - they were out of eggnog lattes! Sheesh.

I dreamed last night that we were at some sporting event, and they were playing some bad pop song. I learned it was sung by Serena Williams. I said, "As a singer, she makes a great tennis player."

I had a nap and then we got ready to get out. We met up with Tom and Cynthia at Kani Ka Pila Grille, in the Outrigger Reef. We had a great time at dinner, and then we walked over to the DFS (on Lewers) to pick up the Waikiki Holiday Lights Trolley. I had bought tickets ahead of time. It was fun, but kind of disappointing. I thought it would be more than it was (their website was vague). They played Christmas music, and we did enjoy singing along to that. It was very windy on the trolley, so it made it tough to hear.  Then they took us to the Honolulu Hale (City Hall, basically) where all of the Christmas lights and decorations are up. There were quite a few tourists there, which surprised me since it's after Christmas, but I guess there are just always tourists around.  They had rides for the kiddies, and a few booths. I took my new camera and took video, while Cynthia took photos.  Since it was so close to our house, we just left from there instead of taking the trolley back. (I will post videos later)

We walked over to Murphy's briefly; I had to use the restroom, for one thing. I was very hot. I had worn a long sleeve holiday shirt, and it was very warm and humid out (plus we'd been doing a lot of walking). We just sat in the bar and cooled off. I had some sorbet, which helped.

It was a very nice evening. I just did some work on my site. After David went to bed, I started making more Christmas cookies for some friends. I have some more to make tomorrow... I stayed up until about 5am, and then I had trouble sleeping because of itching.

  Wednesday, December 30

I kept having dreams about my brother David! He and I were walking all over San Diego. He was trying to find something out (something related to a job) and he kept trying to get answers. At one point, he was questioning someone that seemed related to the mob, so I was worried about his safety. That's what I get, I guess, for watching "Gotham" before bed.

David woke me up about 11:30, so I took a shower, and we took some boxes over to the post office. The usual ladies were not working (probably on vacation), so the woman there was not as nice, nor as efficient.

We always go back and forth about where to eat. There are a lot of choices here, but we're also kind of tired of the same places. We went to Smith & King because I like their food. I had their BLT salad, which is a salad of field greens, tiny tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese. It's really good.

I stopped at Wal-mart on the way home to pick up a few things, then Subway to get a soda. My usual stops! I don't love Wal-mart, but I'm very glad they built one nearby because there are few other large stores in our area, and it has one of the only bathrooms downtown that is open to the public. I mean, unless I want to go find a large bar or restaurant, but that is out of the way.

I got some more Christmas presents today! My foster mom Marianne and her husband David sent me the CD for the New York Philharmonic's Sweeney Todd (live in concert). I had recorded the video off PBS but I wanted the music, too.  Actually, I selected the wrong one for my wishlist, I think. The one I wanted has Emma Thompson and was from last year. This one is from 2000. Oops. That's okay, I collect musicals and don't have this one. I got confused because Audra McDonald is in both. Darn, apparently that version with Emma Thompson is not out on CD yet.

They also sent me David's new book, so that's cool. I can't wait to read it!

I got one of my presents from my husband, the 6 Star Trek movies on blue-ray. I think I just have one more left that will be arriving sometime in January.

Also, some people had work had given him goodies, and he just got around to bringing all those home. We got in total 2 small loaf cakes, 3 bottles of wine, some delicious candied nuts, and some chocolate. Woo hoo!

I just spent the day working on my site and doing a few other little things. Later, we met our friends George and Lena at Murphy's for dinner. We had a great time chatting. I gave them cookies.  They're going away next week to visit relatives, so we won't see them for a while.

Murphy's had their lamb chop special, which is always delicious! It came with mashed potatoes and some delicious brussel sprouts.

Now, back to work!

  Thursday, December 31

It's new year's eve day! We went to lunch at Gordon Biersch... they're getting the Aloha Tower Marketplace ready for a big party later tonight. We usually do go down there for new year's, but it sounds like this year that it will be too noisy and crowded.

We had a nap after lunch. I've been having my usual gluten reactions. Too much eating out.

Let's hope 2016 is good. For me, 2015 was pretty good.

Good parts: Lots of fun. My band had a great rehearsal in January.  Mary came out in February for a wonderful visit. I got to go to two scifi/fantasy/comic book conventions after not going to any for decades. I got to meet some celebrities and had loads of fun. We had our usual great trip to Vegas and San Diego in June and got to see many friends and relatives. Then we had a really nice trip to Philadelphia in July for our anniversary. I got to do lots of karaoke. I started taking guitar lessons and I'm having a blast with that. I pretty much have everything I want and need right now. We have friends here that we got out with and enjoy. I've seen more movies in the theater this year, thanks to Tom and Cynthia, than I have since 2001 when we left Lubbock. We did many fun Christmas events in November and December, and it was a really nice Christmas.  For once, there's no post-Christmas blues.  Things are looking up for my web site, too; we're going to try to move the site to a CMS called Joomla that will hopefully make things easier for us all.

Bad parts: I gained weight, and I still need to lose. That's my main goal for next year. I need to stop eating out so much and start exercising more. The eating out makes me sick a lot, too. My band has not gotten back together, for various reasons (although I do have some other possible bands that I might join). My laptop died, and I lost some very important files, so that was heart-breaking. I have a new laptop that I like, though. I think my phone is dying, so I'll need a new one, which I really don't want to pay for. Barbara was supposed to come visit this week, but she got very sick and was in the hospital (she's better now).  I was also hoping my SIL would come for a visit.  There were a lot of little things, but the main thing is my health, and that needs to improve.  There are some private, personal things as well, that I can't divulge, that I hope will improve.  Sorry to be vague!  X has been Y, so I hope X will get Z, but if that happens, then I may be Y.  So we'll see what happens with that. Could be that 2016 will bring big changes, maybe good, maybe bad. Oh, and the lack of air condition this year has been really hard on me. Worse than 2014 for some reason. Maybe we had more heat, or humidity, or perhaps the extra pounds I've gained have made that worse. We'll probably be moving to a different place next Summer that has a/c, which is good, but I hate moving...

OK, back to the present. Tomorrow we take down the Christmas decorations. I always hate doing that. It's a lot of work. I have to wrap all of the breakables, too, which takes a lot of extra time. I think I'm going to throw away my tree and the large wreath on the front door because both are old and need replacing. The lights on the wreath have a short, so it doesn't always light up, which is very frustrating. I got it at a discount last year and it's way too big for the door, anyway. I only got it because I couldn't find another one that lit up (I waited until the last minute).

We went out bar-hopping for new year's eve. First we went to J.J. Dolan's. I just had a soda there.  Taproom next door looked pretty dead.  Then we went over to Epic and had some drinks.  We were going to just have snacks, but they only had a set holiday menu - much more than we wanted to eat. We'd had a big lunch.  It was nice, and we had fun. I had a good Sparkling Sangria drink there.  It was a very festive place.  Then we went to Grondin, but same thing, just a set menu, so we didn't even bother ordering drinks (since it's not a very comfortable place to sit).  We just left and went to Downbeat, which is close by. I had a good drink and a delicious burger there. Then we went to Art's, where I was planning to do karaoke, but we were surprised to find that it was closed. Too bad. So then we walked over to the island's first bar, Smith's Union. People there are very nice. I sang a song ("Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar), and then David had an urgent matter than he had to check at home. We had bought some Champagne, so we took that home as well.  Then we went back to Smith's Union, but by that time, it was a lot more crowded. I sang one more song ("On the Radio" by Donna Summer), and then we left. I would have stayed and sung more, but we were both pretty tired by that time. We stopped in briefly at Smith & King's, too, and I had a drink there (some pear drink), but I realized at this point that I'd had enough, and drinking more would be a very bad idea, so I stopped drinking.  Also, the music there was super-loud hip hop, so we didn't stay long. We went home.

I was very sleepy, so I took a little nap, and then I woke up around 10 till 12! We opened the Champagne and counted down the new year with Carson Daly on TV.  I went out to our lanai and there was a lot of noise...cars honking, fireworks off in the distance, and people yelling. I had my little new year's horn and played that for a while. There were just a few other people out on their lanai who came out to celebrate. 

I wore my sparkly Star Wars shirt. You can see all the photos on my Instagram

The fireworks went on for a long time - almost an hour. That's what we get for living downtown, and near Chinatown. David went to bad right after midnight. I stayed up for a few more hours and then went to sleep.  First I tried sleeping in the bed, but I had to move to the couch for a while because he was coughing a lot. Winter allergies have been bad here for both of us. We've both had a lot of sneezing, coughing and itching.

  Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I woke up sometime after noon, I think? I was very tired still and achy all over. Too much walking around with sandals that aren't quite good enough support. Actually, I got up earlier but then went back to sleep.

I made some of my chocolate chocolate chip cookies for Tom and Cynthia because they've both been dieting. Instead of gluten-free flour, I used a combination of a little white flour, with whole wheat flour, oat flour and flax seed. I put half as many chocolate chips in but added some chopped pecans. I used half as much salt, too. I drizzled the cookies with melted chocolate with some peppermint extract (to make them more holiday).  So they are high fiber, low carb, reduced fat, reduced sugar and reduced salt cookies. :) they looked good, at least! No idea what they tasted like.

They had a party today, so we took a cab over to their place, near Ala Moana Center. They had a great party. They have a nice place. It's much larger than ours, with a lot bigger lanai - perfect for parties. She's a great cookie, so there was a nice spread of delicious food. She had meatballs, some kind of wonderful cooked beef, crab salad, curried chicken salad, deviled eggs, pigs in blankets, and a lot of other little mini-quiches and other appetizers I can't eat because they were in little pastry shells.  Also veggies and dip, chips, grapes, many assorted crackers and cheese, shrimp, and some little cookies, and nuts.  There was plenty to eat, that's for sure. We both stuffed ourselves. It was nice seeing them and meeting their friends. They belong to a Unitarian church, and Tom helps run it, so a lot of their friends were from that, or live in their building.

They have a beautiful view of the beach from their place, too.  They live just a few blocks from it and on a much higher floor than we do. They have a really cool pool there, too, that has turtles painted on the bottom. It has some kind of optical illusion so that it makes it look like the giant sea turtles are swimming in the pool.

We stayed for a few hours, but then we were getting tired, so we left. We had to find the ATM to get more cash, so we went into the mall. I didn't know it was open! Surprising to me. We went to Mai Tai Bar there on the 4th floour and had some drinks. It's right next to California Pizza Kitchen, so I also got a pizza to go for later (since there are not gluten free pizzas anywhere near me). We went home and then went out briefly again.

I'm so very tired...struggling to stay awake.  I had pizza for dinner. Later I snacked way too much.

I resisted a nap and then ended up staying up until 4:30 in the morning. I got a lot done, though. I took down most of the Christmas decorations, and worked a lot on my site.

  Saturday, January 2, 2016

I woke up around 10, and we drove over to Kaiser to pick up a prescription, and then we went to Ward Warehouse. We first went to the guitar store so I could buy a cable to connect my guitar and amp.  Then we did some other shopping and had lunch. It's a fairly small outdoor mall, so it just has a few eating places. David ate at the sushi place there, and I hate at Brian's Hawaiian Kitchen. Both are fast food type places but local. I had just read about Mochiko Chicken, which is a Japanese dish that's very popular here. Mochiko is a type of rice flour, so that means no gluten.  I was happy to learn they had this, so I tried. This is not really "fast" food because they make everything from scratch. It took quite a while to get my chicken, but it was so delicious. Like chicken McNuggets only way better. They have different dips so I had the sweet chili sauce, which is a little bit like sweet and sour sauce.  So good! I will have to go back there or try to find a place in the downtown that makes it.

After that, we drove home and I went back to sleep. I slept way too much today and I've still been tired all day when I was awake.

David talked to Barb on the phone; she's doing much better and is going home now to Fargo.  Sounds like she can't come visit now until next Summer. So disappointing, but I'm glad she's okay now.

We went to Murphy's for dinner, and I had their delicious lamb chops special again. I've eaten way too much this weekend, that's for sure.

I've just been working on my site and doing laundry. I have so much to do...feeling too stressed.

Well, hopefully I won't fall asleep too early. I just realized that I accidentally took two Hydroxyzine a little while ago. I don't remember how many hours apart. I'm supposed to take them at least 6 hours apart, but I messed up. I take it for allergies, so it's only 25 mg. 50-100 is for sedation. Hopefully my body is so used to taking it for so many years, that it won't completely knock me out or give me any other bad side effects. Seems to be ok!

I have such a long list of things to do. I'm still making cookies for one of the managers downstairs who was gone during the holidays. I made two batches tonight and I'll make two more tomorrow. Then I'll probably make some for myself (gluten free and low carb) and then I'm DONE! LOL! I made so many cookies, it's crazy.

This was a great holiday season. Sometimes I have post-Christmas blues, but not this year. For once, I actually had plenty of Christmas, and I'm ready to move into 2016. That is really rare. I think because I did SO MANY holiday things this year, and with friends, that I finally had a great Christmas. I can't complain about presents, either, as I got what I wanted.  It was all a great Christmas, more or less. Let's hope that next year is even better! Hopefully we'll be celebrating another victory with a new Democrat president.  Who knows what else may happen in 2016?

I stayed up really late, until about 6:30am, working on my site and doing laundry.

  Sunday, January 3, 2016

I woke up around noon. We went to Smith & King for breakfast/lunch, and then I bought a few things at Wal-mart. I was invited to a holiday party with some local scifi fans, but I just have way too much to do.

I made the rest of the cookies I needed to make for our downstairs manager. I guess I'll give the rest away to the mission down the street for the poor/homeless. I did some more work on my site.

David went with me to pick up dinner later on at Downbeat. I just got one of their chef salads. We had some drinks and then took it home. Not a very exciting day!

He had to go out of town for another business meeting. Hopefully he won't get stuck in an airport this time! Last time, he was stuck in Denver for two days and never did get to his destination.  This time, he's making sure to drive part of the way.  He's stopping in Las Vegas on the way there. So lucky! I wish I could have gone. He's meeting his sister Eileen and her husband Joe in Vegas (where they live) for breakfast, since he has a somewhat-long layover.

I've been straightening up the house and vacuuming a little. A repairman is coming tomorrow morning, and the place is very messy. I have Christmas decorations all over the living room and part of one bedroom. I had to make sure things were out of his way so he could fix our ceiling fans, closet door and blinds. I wish I'd had time to put it all away before he came. Ah, well, hopefully I can finish that tomorrow. I've got a big day, though. I have a conference call interview in the afternoon.

Now I still have to clean up the kitchen a bit before I can go to bed!

I was very tired but still couldn't sleep for a very long time. First it was my allergies keeping me from sleeping with lots of itching and and couching. Then it was my neck. I just couldn't get comfortable. For the past two days my shoulder has hurt a lot (from my spine problems). I've been taking more pain pills than usual. I think I probably need to stay off the computer for a day or two. It's so hard. I have lots to do.

Have a great week!

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