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  Monday 12/21/15

Things have been crazy all week. This morning I got up really early. I stayed up too late making Christmas cookies! After the dry cleaner guy came to pick his stuff up around 9:45, I took some boxes of cookies over to some people that David works with who are leaving earlier this week than everyone else.  I had some nice chats with everyone.  David was not there as he had a lot of meetings.  Then I headed over to Starbucks to have breakfast and caffeine. Then I had a little time to kill, so I went over to Walmart to pick up a few things. I also had to use the restroom. Then I realized it was almost 11:30, so I left my basket of stuff with a cashier, saying I'll be back in a half an hour or so.

I walked across to Pioneer Plaza, where this group called Karol's Karolers was performing. They were a little late, but their concert only took about a half an hour. They're very good, and festive, fun. They had quite a crowd. I was glad I got there early because there aren't too many places to sit. Since some of David's work colleagues are now in that building, I saw a few people I knew. David also stopped by briefly on his way back to his office. I really enjoyed it.

Then I went back to Walmart, but I was told someone took my basket full of stuff! Apparently they won't hold stuff for you (would have been nice if they'd told me that). By the time I figured it all out, it was getting late, so I just left. I rushed home and changed my shirt from the Christmas one I was wearing to a Star Wars shirt.  Then I took a cab over to Ward Warehouse, where the theater is. I was worried that I would be late, but I got really lucky. I phoned TheCab and they put me on hold, so I was freaking out. But then I saw that there was actually a cab just sitting there outside our building, so I took that one.  Yay!  And he took me to the wrong street at first, but I still got there with plenty of time to spare.  Tom and Cynthia were just walking up when I got there.  They had bought our tickets online, so we went in and then they had to show their printed-out tickets at a special table. I went to the restroom while they did that. They gave me my ticket and then went inside, while I went to stand in the very long concession stand line. It took a long time, and again I was worried that I would be late! The line took about 15 minutes. Then the sodas are self-serve, so I went to get my large diet Coke only to find that the first 3 machines were all out! Finally I found one, then I couldn't find a lid. It was like a comedy of errors.  By that time, there was a long line to get into the movie! Sheesh. Those 3D glasses really slow things down, too.

Fortunately I was able to find my way to my seat beside Cynthia right after the first preview started. We saw some good ones. I can't wait for Superman Vs. Batman, and Captain America Civil War. They both look good.

We watched "Star Wars: Force Awakens" and enjoyed it. I will put my opinion about the movie at the end with spoilers warning, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.  As always, I had to go to the bathroom before the movie was over. I should know better. However, I was having bad allergies, so if I hadn't had something to drink, I would have been coughing my head off. I can't win, either way.  But I really didn't want to miss a minute of the movie, so I hung on until the end, even though I was in great pain at that point and just thinking, "Hurry up!"  LOL! As soon as the credits started, I turned to Cynthia and said, "Meet you out by the bathroom!" and rushed out.

Oh, I forgot, there were some real jerks there at the theater. The movie had not started yet, so I took out my phone to make sure it was turned off, and to see if I could find out how long the movie was. I barely had taken it out, and I heard a guy behind me on the left yell, "Turn off your phone!"  I turned to Cynthia and said, "was that for me?" and she shrugged. Then a woman right behind on the right said, 'That screen is very bright!"  I mean, jeez, the movie hadn't started yet!  People have just become total A-holes about that. I turned it off, but I was so annoyed. No wonder people don't like to go to the movies any more!

Anyway, after the movie I took some photos of the big movie poster and another display they had there.  We chatted about the movie for a few minutes and then parted company. I went over to Zpizza and ordered a gluten free pizza to go, and then I walked over to Pier 1 Imports. I had a coupon, but I didn't use it because they had a lot of stuff on sale. I got some great Christmas stuff, including some things I was looking for....  I had two large bags, so I couldn't really walk around much after that. I did walk through part of this mall area that I hadn't been to in a long time. They have an olive oil store there, and I'm out, so I bought a bottle.  Then I went back to ZPizza. Oh, first I got a large soda at some other fast food place because Zpizza only has small cups.  Then I called a cab after picking up my pizza. I didn't have to wait too long, fortunately. I don't like taking that many cabs...such a waste of money, but David's too busy during the day to take me, and I don't drive, and I can't take the bus....

After I got home, I tried to take a nap, but I kept coughing. I was very tired though. We didn't go out for dinner. We just stayed home, so I had the pizza. I ended up staying up late again, making more cookies.

  Tuesday 12/22/15

I got up pretty early again and trudged over to Walmar to get the rest of the stuff I needed for making cookies etc. It was a bit frustrating because they now require that if you want to buy a gift card, you have to buy it at the customer service desk and pay cash. So I gave up and went over to Long's to buy my gift card.

I took all of the stuff home, and then I had to finish up with the cookies and Xmas cards etc. for David's administrative assistants. Then I loaded up my cart with their boxes of cookies and cards, and I went over to David's office. He and I gave out the cookies and cards. One of them won't be back until after the holidays, so I gave her cookies to the lady that cuts my hair. She was very happy to get them.

It was fun playing Santa! :)  I went to this vegan restaurant on Fort Street called Loving Hut.  The food there is a bit pricey but really good. They have a huge selection of gluten free dishes.  They had no a/c, though, and the people waiting on me didn't seem to understand English much, but it was ok...we got through it.

After that, I went home, and I couldn't nap again, so I recorded some songs on the guitar.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. They had a gingerbread version of their restaurant inside, which was very cool.

I was very exhausted, so I went to bed before 8pm! Then I didn't get up all night, which surprised me.

  Wednesday 12/23/15

I woke up after 8:30 am. Wow, I must have needed sleep!

I had a weird dream that we were visiting some friends and one of them wanted to try on the boots I was going to wear. I said, no, you're not a size 6. I don't want you stretching them out!  Then there was this all-girl band and they wanted me to sing with them;  I said, sure, but I didn't know the songs. They were a Fergie cover band. Strange dream!

Last Friday my desktop computer died, just like it did back in October. Back then, the computer repair guys at Pacific Computer picked it up, took it back to their office, and it worked fine. They couldn't find anything wrong with it.

I cleaned up our apartment a bit today in case that guy came and also for later.  David stopped by to pick up his car key.  After 11, I took a shower and then walked very fast over to St. Andrew's church. Karol's Karolers was performing again, and this time I was meeting Tom and Cynthia. It was a very nice concert. I think they sang the same songs as Monday, plus a few more. The church was very busy with decorations and such (getting ready for Xmas Eve services, I guess).  We enjoyed the concert and sang along on all of the ones we knew.

Then we walked over to Square Barrels for lunch. We had to sit at the bar because there were no tables available. The food was very good, as always. However, I have to say that the bartender was kind of a jerk. He asked if we wanted separate checks or not, and Tom said, put it all together before I could say anything.  So then I looked at the credit card and figured out that mine came to $20, so I told the waiter to put $24 on my card and the rest on Tom's.  Well, when I told him that $4 was the tip, he said that he couldn't do that. He coudln't get the tip money from that. I don't know why not.   We just did this last week at Downbeat and they had no problem with it! Jeez.  So I was annoyed and I think we ended up overtipping him in the end. I should have just said, ok, then re-do it, split mine to $20 and no tip for you. I mean, he wasn't at all nice or helpful about it.

We walked over to our place after that; I took my usual route and pointed out various places to them on the way. They were kind enough to come over look at my Christmas decorations, which I really appreciate. I mean, I would decorate one way or the other, but it's nice if SOMEONE gets to see them besides me and David (and the window washers!).  So that was fun and we had a nice day together.

I was still waiting to hear if the PC guy was coming by, but I took a nap for about an hour before he phoned me. He suggested unplugging the computer, waiting and then plugging it back in. Sure enough, that fixed it! Hopefully it will continue to work.  The nap was very refreshing. I did work on my site in the afternoon.

David and I went to J.J. Dolan's for some drinks and then over to Taproom for some gluten free cupcakes, and then over to Smith & King for dinner. It was a nice night. He's off now from work for a few weeks. I still have to buy his Christmas present. Originally I had bought him a leather jacket, but I think it was from China so it's too small (I can wear it). So now I think I'll just get him a bottle of scotch to go with his other presents. He's really hard to shop for.

He's been very busy at work (even more than usual) so I just bought my own presents on Amazon and had them shipped. It was so late that only about half of them will get here in time.  The main thing I wanted was the amplifier for my guitar, anyway.

After doing some work at home, I practiced guitar. I haven't been doing as much of that the past two weeks as I was before, so I'm trying to get back into the habit of that.

I still have many Christmas cookies to make for the people who work in the building, and so that we'll have more later when  Barb arrives for her visit, etc. I took the evening off from that, but I'll start again tomorrow.

I did wrap Barb's Xmas presents and worked on my site, among other things. I stayed up way too late.

  Thursday 12/24/15

It's Christmas Eve! We have no real plans aside from lunch.

I woke up around 8...I was very tired, but David had news so it woke me up. Our good friend Barbara is in the hospital with meningitis! Sounds like she'll be ok, though... that's too bad. Hope she'll get through it quickly for her sake. Now she's not visiting us until whenever.... Bummer. I know she would have loved to see the Christmas decorations as well as get away from the cold midwestern weather. I feel so bad that she has to be in the hospital over Christmas. She loves Christmas as much as I do. I sent her some flowers, a bear, a card and some balloons, so I hope it cheers her up!

We drove over to Kahala Mall around 10 when they opened. It was not too crowded. I was surprised.  We were looking for stocking stuffers for each other. He doesn't like shopping, so we were only there for about an hour. That's not enough time. Then we went home and walked over to Gordon Biersch for lunch.

I stopped at the way home at Walgreen's to get some more stuff. I was hoping they would have clip-on sunglasses because mine broke, but they didn't. I will try at the other Walgreens nearby, over the weekend. Am I the only person in the world with glasses that don't have built-in sunglasses? LOL!

I also stopped at the nice wine/liquor store in HASR to get a good bottle of scotch for David's present. He's so hard to shop for, so I usually just get him that.

After that, I went back to sleep for a long while. I have a lot more cookies to make by tomorrow, and still so tired. Also, it's really hot.

There sure was a lot of Star Wars merchandise at the mall! Wow!! I've seen quite a bit in Walmart, but otherwise, not been shopping in real stores all that much, or I've been shopping in places that wouldn't have that type of stuff, like Ross.

We're not sure what places are open for dinner tonight, so we're going to head out and see what's open... then maybe we'll do karaoke if anywhere is open.

We tried to go to Epic, but it was pretty crowded, so we ended up going over to Murphy's again. Neither of us was all that hungry, so we just shared some Irish Nachos (potato wedges with corned beef, cabbage, and cheese flavored with horse radish). We stopped by Art's Hideaway to see if it was open, and amazingly, it was. We went home for a while. I had some gluten free fruitcake that I ordered from Swiss Colony, and we watched Mr. Magoo's Christmas special. My main present from David arrived (the guitar amp).  They actually put the amp in a large gift bag! Wow!

Then I got ready. I put on some makeup and put in my contacts. I dressed up a bit in a Christmas shirt, and we went back to Art's.  They were having some kind of party there, with pizza.  It was very fun. They always have really nice people there. I sang four songs, 3 of which were Christmas songs. When I did Mele Kalikimaka, this one woman got up and did the hula arm movements with the song. It was really cool; very Hawaiian.   Everyone had a great time.  It was a really nice way to spend Christmas Eve.

I'd had a few drinks, but I came home and did some guitar playing and singing. I put Barbara's presents in the box that the amp came in - good size!  After David went to bed, I filled his stocking (he'll do mine in the morning) and then later, I cleaned up the kitchen finally. I'm very tired, so I think I'll make cookies tomorrow instead of tonight. I still have to make them for the people downstairs in security and maintenance.

I finally went to sleep around 4am.

  Friday 12/25/15

Merry Christmas! We're having a great day. I woke up around 10, and we opened our few presents. Some of mine from David haven't arrived yet because he waited too long to get them from Amazon. That's fine, though. At least I got my amp, which I'm looking forward to trying. I got a DVD from my one SIL and a Starbucks gift card from the other. David got me the amp and some DVD's. Also, we do stocking stuffers, but I can't have candy, so I got some fun little things for my collections. I got some lady bugs, and some jewelry, and gift cards, and some Star Wars things.

We also have presents from our friend Barb, but since she's not coming next week, we'll open them via Skype.  Oh, also David's mom sent us a Southwest Airlines gift cards.  David's sisters sent him some stuff...

I gave him a bottled of single malt scotch, and some whiskey glasses that have a map of Las Vegas on them. Also, I got him a T-shirt that has both the logo of the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Chargers on it.  I also got him some candy and gum for his stocking, and a new belt, and some gift cards, and a Padres magnet.  He's really hard to shop for.

We went over to Zippy's for brunch (spam and eggs). It didn't take long to get seated, but it took a while to get waited on. They were pretty busy. Our food didn't take long, though.

We chatted with David's mom and sisters on the phone. I'm baking cookies. It's way too hot in here to have the oven on! I made cookies from about noon until about 4 or 5, off and on. I made about 4 different kinds, and then I took a shower (I was so hot and sweaty!). Then I took them downstairs. The security guy was away, so I had to wait until he returned. He was surprised, I guess, that I brought them all cookies. But he's new. I do this every year.

After a little while longer, David and I got ready to go out for Christmas dinner. We had reservations at Il Lupino, down on Waikiki, near the Sheraton. We went there last year and it was very good. We call the cab at 6:15. Our reservations were for 6:45. We waited and waited. Usually they don't take too long. David phoned them back after about 20 minutes. Someone else had somehow taken our cab, so we had to wait for another one. I phoned Il Lupino and they were able to push the reservation back for about 15 minutes. we just barely made it on time. It was sprinkling a little, but I had my umbrella.

I had Osso Bucco, which is my favorite dish. It was delicious and came with a wonderful risotto. David had bolognese. He said it was really good, too. I had a really good panna cotta for dessert, too. Our server was very helpful about the gluten issues. The menu said their macadamia nut bread pudding was gluten free, but she checked for me and that was misprint, so it wasn't. Glad I found that out!

We had a bottle of wine and the whole thing was a grand old time at dinner.  Then we walked over to the Irish bar he likes, briefly. I had a shot there, too. A band was setting up, but we didn't stick around to hear them. We went over to In Between, which is a karaoke bar I like. It's very small, so David isn't too fond of it.  It was about half full. I sang two songs, had a drink, and then we left. There was a cute little dog there, too, that we both got to pet.

After that, I came home and recorded some songs, listened to music etc. I had recorded my karaoke songs on my phone. I had accidentally recorded some of the songs last night where we sang along, so that was fun to listen to!

I cleaned up all of the Christmas debris (gift bags etc.) and finally got my amp out of its box. Another thing, like my guitar, that came in 2 boxes and looked MUCH smaller after being taken out of all of the packaging. It's only about a foot tall. That's nice because it means it doesn't take up much room and won't be too heavy to transport. I need to buy some kind of cable, though, to hook it up to my guitar.

 It got super windy again, so I had to close the lanai doors. I went to bed shortly after 3am.

  Saturday 12/26/15

I have to say, aside from Barb not coming to visit next week, this has been an excellent Christmas. Usually I feel some sort of post-Christmas letdown, but so far, it's been fine. I pretty much have everything material that I want, so that's not an issue. We live in a beautiful place that I just love. I try not to take it for granted because who knows what will happen in the future?  I enjoyed so many wonderful Christmas concerts and such the past 2 weeks with Tom and Cynthia. It's just been joyous.

Now, if only I could find some eggnog....I've been trying to for two days to find some! The Safeway was out of it. Long's didn't have it. I even looked for eggnog ice cream. App Marently McDonald's no longer has eggnog milkshakes. I'll probably try Walmart tomorrow, and if they don't have it, maybe Times will. Not that I need it, but I like to have a tiny bit at Christmas. I love it. I could get an eggnog latte, but it's not the same. It doesn't taste as eggnog-y. Hmm, maybe an eggnog frappucino would, though? LOL.

I just made a pretty good similar-to-eggnog low carb drink with cream, milk, rum, vanilla, Equal and nutmeg.  Yummy!

Today is a very rainy day!

We went to brunch at Smith & King. They make a pretty good omelet. We were going to go to Scratch, but there was a long line. I stopped at Long's on the way back to get some more baking stuff. I wish I'd brought my cart because they are having a huge sale. All Xmas stuff is 75% off! I just got a couple of ornaments and a large glittery bear (2 ft. tall and only $4!).

Since then, I've just been online, social media etc. Wasting time :)

At dinner time, I wasn't very hungry (had a lot eat earlier). We looked for a place for David to eat, and I just wanted to go out... a lot of the places we usually go to were closed. We just stopped by O'Toole's for a few drinks. It was a lot smokier than usual. They have smoking laws here, but the jerk who owns most of the Irish bars on the island refuses to ban smoking (he posted No Smoking signs as required by law) and the local police refuse to enforce it. Also, they get a lot of cigar smokers in there. UGH.  So we didn't stay very long.

I made him a sandwich at home. It's okay, I enjoyed going out, having sodas in the bar...we had to get the mail, anyway. I got another present from my wish list, a new music stand!  It's a nice big metal one, so it'll come in handy.

All week I've been so confused about what day it is...hard with David being home because we usually have quite a routine schedule.

I spent some time today on the site https://www.freelancer.com  That's an amazing site where you can find part time or temp jobs, or hire people for same. I don't know why more people don't use it. I used it before to get a logo designed for my site. It only cost me $25 and it's quite a nice logo. Otherwise I was just watching TV and killing time... it was a nice day off, for the most part. I did do some work on my site later. I was waiting for someone to send me something, so I ended up staying up pretty late, like around 4 or 5 am.

  Sunday 12/27/15

Today was a pretty lazy day. I slept in late until about noon or so. I just had something to eat and checked my messages, then I took a nap. Lots of sleep! Now it's 9 at night and I'm wide awake. Oops.

We went to Downbeat for dinner as usual. There wasn't a lot of choice because most places were closed...even those that are normally open on Sundays. We walked around a little but didn't stay out too late.

I've started picking up the house a little bit more. The guest bedroom and kitchen are both a mess. I cleaned up our bedroom and master bathroom a little, and now I'm resting. Even though it's a much cooler day (rainy), it's still warm in our place, particularly if I'm moving around a lot.  It's in the mid-70's today so it's nice out, except for the rain.

Nothing too exciting going on. It's been a nice, peaceful and relaxing weekend.

We were going togo to the Waikiki Christmas Trolley this week with Tom and Cynthia.  They drive you around on a trolley and play Christmas music, and you look at the local city Xmas decorations and lights. However, when I just tried to buy tickets, it wouldn't let me unless I added a child ticket, so I guess they only want families. Too bad! It sounded like a lot of fun..... I'm sure we'll see them for some other event.  Hopefully we'll also get to see our friends George and Lena before they leave for a trip.

Have a great week and Happy New Year!

STAR WARS SPOILERS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I enjoyed it, but I felt that the plot was not terrible original. They took way too many elements from the first movies. Another Death Star-like weapon. Another mysterious young woman who was really.....   More surprises about who is the son or daughter of whom.  Poe is a copy of Han and Rey is a copy of Luke and Leia sort of merged together. Finn is a great character and the most unusual and new one of the bunch. I admit it kind of bothered me that they made him so cowardly, and then almost killed him off.

Of course the worst thing was killing off Han. Now, we didn't see his body so maybe he'll return. I doubt it, though. The second worst thing is only seeing Mark Hamill for a few minutes at the end of the movie. That was disappointing.

I really didn't like the choice they made for Han and Leia's son. He looks Italian and nothing like either of them. He looks like an Italian Josh Groban to me.

Those were my main complaints, but other than that, I did like it and enjoyed it. It was fun and had a lot of great lines. It was very entertaining. I look forward to the next one.

It seemed to me that Rey is Luke's daughter, according to those flashbacks she had when she touched that lightsaber. Maybe I read that wrong, but that's what it seemed to me.

As my SIL pointed out, they seemed to completely undo everything that happened in the first 3 movies, which is disappointing.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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