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  Thursday November 19

I didn't sleep very well last night because of allergies :( and then I had to get up early, around 7. I had an early interview call.  I set my alarm again for 10:30; I was surprised that the dry cleaner guy never called. I got ready and then finally called him about 11. He said he was running late, so I asked him to come later.

I had my guitar lesson at noon, a little earlier than usual. First I went to Starbucks and got a pumpkin latte, and a bacon and egg croissant (of course, I didn't eat the croissant). Then I walked the mile to the lesson.

The lesson went great, like always. My guitar at home is a little too big, so I struggle to practice with it, but then when I get to the lesson, it's much easier because he has smaller guitars for me to play on. Hopefully I will soon get a new, smaller one.  The b minor chord is particularly hard for me.  I'm learning a lot of new, fun stuff!

I went straight home afterwards, to be there for the dry cleaner. Then I did some singing and recording for awhile. Then we went out to dinner at Murphy's. I did some more singing and playing after we got home.

I'll probably go to bed pretty early tonight. So tired!

  Friday November 20

I slept way too much, so I still got up at noon. I went over to Starbucks about 2:30 and had breakfast.

It's been raining all day, so it's been cool (in the 70's).  Even in our apartment! Which is unusual. It's 4:30pm now and dark because of the storm.  Funny, though, if I put the ceiling fan on, it's too cold, but if I turn it off, then it's too hot...LOL! I guess that's typical Fall weather in most places.

We went to Duc's Bistro for dinner, which is right across the street, and also a great restaurant. I definitely ate way too much. Then we walked over to Smith's Union Bar. This is the oldest bar in Hawaii. We checked it out right after we moved here, two years ago, during the day. It was a real dive. I'm not kidding. They had no working bathroom. So I never wanted to go back there, but then I heard it was now a karaoke bar. They have it every night. I'm pleased to say that they cleaned it up and fixed the bathrooms. :) We were there around 7, so no one was singing. Eventually, though, someone started singing. I don't like to be the first one singing. I was third. They only had a couple of other people singing. I just sang two songs. It went very well. One of the ladies there was really good. I would have stayed longer, but they had no air conditioning. Even though it's cooler, it's still too hot. Plus, when I sing, I get really hot. I don't know why. My guitar teacher thinks it's because I'm working hard, using muscles. I guess that could be it...

I'm very tired of arguing with racists and other jerks.  It's been bad enough on Facebook. Not my friends but people who are friends of friends. And really not "friends" but celebrities.  Their fans.... I had to block so many this week.  Sick of all the anti-Muslim racists out there. I just read some horrible anti-Muslim crap on one of my favorite karaoke sites. There's this one guy on there who likes to post terrible jokes, some of which in the past have been racists or sexist, and he's not speaking to me now because I called him on it. Here I was feeling bad about that, and then he goes and posts something even worse. What a jerk.

I know people are upset, and many are filled with fear. What happened in Paris a week ago is terrible. However, let's look at some facts. These facts should not surprise you.  Most Muslims are not terrorists. Islam is no more a violent religion than any other. Most terrorists are not Muslim.  You shouldn't blame all of the Muslims for what a few crazies do, any more than you should blame all Christians for the ones who blow up abortion clinics or shoot people in black churches.  This is the very definition of prejudice. I never can understand people who don't get this.  These are facts, not opinion. Look it up.   Go read a book or use Google. Skip or ignore any site that is politically slanted and go to the ones with facts like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, BBC, CBC, any real newspaper (not tabloids), or the umbiased sites like http://politifact.com/   Here's a site   that gives you a list of the most unbiased sites. It's fine if you want to avoid Huffpost, Salon, CNBC - avoid leftist and right-wing news sites.  Get the truth.

Tomorrow we've got a big day!

  Saturday November 21

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night because of allergies and my neck pain. I didn't sleep a whole lot. We went to Gordon Biersch as usual for lunch. It is VERY muggy today, 79% humidity. We sat inside GB instead of outside by the ocean like we usually do because it was just too windy. I took my cart with me so I could stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up some things.

I had a little nap, but not much of one. Around 5, we went over to this restaurant/pub called Pint and Jigger. We were there once, the first year we were here. Jack took us and we really liked it. We tried to go there another time with some friends, but it was just too crowded.  We always forget about it, so we were glad to go tonight and it was not very crowded, especially for a Saturday. The food and service were excellent. Funny because we ran into the university's president, and his wife, and some other people we knew. It's always nice to see them.

The only thing I don't like there is that the tables are super high. I prefer to be closer to the ground :) It's pretty comfortable there, though.  I had this dish with bacon and corn (it was also super hot even though I avoided the jalapenos), and also some Brussel sprouts.  All very delicious.

Then we walked over to Central Union Church. This is where HPU usually has its big music concerts. It's a big, beautiful church.  You can see many photos I took on Instagram (also a few video clips). The concert as really great. They did a good job with it. The new choir director seems good.. we really enjoyed it. The St. Andrews Priori high school choir was also there with them and sang some, and they had some young Hula dancers as well. It was very entertaining. Their finale was an arrangement of "Rubby Ducky", complete with duck-call, so that was hilarious.  During part of the program, David got up there to read off the names of the graduates, and everyone clapped for them, and they got leis.

Oh, they always give the administrators leis for these things, but this time, they gave me one, too! What a surprise and so nice. I love wearing leis. I would probably wear one every day if I could.

Afterwards, we said hello and congratulated everyone.  Then we walked over to Blue Ribbon Cafe. I was going to sing, but since the University of Hawaii was playing football, they didn't have karaoke. I was annoyed. This used to happen to me all of the time in Alabama and Georgia, but never here. :(  We took a cab back to the downtown and I had some more food at Murphy's.  We ran into more people we knew from the concert! Funny coincidence. It was all a very nice evening.

Tomorrow I'm going to a pot luck, so I had to cut up a bunch of veggies. I might get some more tomorrow.

  Sunday November 22

The local scifi club, Last Outpost, is having a get-together at O'Toole's today. They're showing the first three Star Wars movies and having a potluck, and a club meeting. I'll be meeting new people, so that should be fun.  David will be going with me but won't stay the whole time.  Not his type of thing.

I have so much to today but....not enough time to do everything!

I decided not to go to the Star Wars get-together/potluck after all. I just have too many other things to do. I was too tired to get up early like I wanted to, so I slept in. Then we got lunch at Smith & King (the only place open that we like, that didn't have a long line).  It was kind of funny because the bartender there is really nice (we sit at the bar to eat, in part because the chairs there have backs; their other chairs don't so it's not good for my back - no support), but he kept messing up my order. He was not having a good day.

I was sick all afternoon, from the usual gluten problems, so it's just as well I didn't go to that Star Wars thing, I guess. I did get lots of work done on my site, though. Sunday is a very busy day for me , especially since I was very busy on Saturday as well.

Later on, Downbeat was very crowded again, so we went elsewhere for dinner. I can't remember where now!

It was not a very exciting day...I just worked on my site, watched TV, practiced my guitar...all of the usual stuff.

Lately I've been going to Starbucks occasionally. It's been cooler so it's nice to have Pumpkin Spice Latte.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We're meeting some friends for dinner.

  Monday November 23

I've been trying to clean the house a little so that after I take the Thanksgiving decorations down, I can put up the Christmas ones. Then we'll have the placed cleaned before Barbara comes out.

I posted on Craigslist that I was looking for a new band, and someone phoned me up within an hour or so! Wow! That was quick. This guy Glen plays in a couple of bands and so I might play with him. I want to do rock from the 60's - 80's and he says they can learn anything. He seems very nice. I'm going to email him again next week when I'm not so busy.

It's been raining quite a bit lately...I guess it's that time of year. It's been mostly nice, much cooler. I love the rain, especially when there's very little thunder to wake me up. Outside when the trees are blowing a lot, it almost sounds like we're right by the beach.

I had a couple of other guys email and call me. One I recognized from last time. You can tell right away if someone is very particular and not willing to compromise, and I've had that bad experience in the past. Of course, it's his right if he wants to be that way, but then it explains why he keeps looking for new singers.  The one that phoned me up is only willing to practice at his house, which is not very close to us at all, so I said no. The other one has a funk band, and it sounds like he's mostly looking for a female singer to do high male songs. So I said no to that one, too.  It's ok, I probably only have time for one band, anyway.

It must be hard to get good female singers, though, since most of the people are not asking me to audition or making it sound like they have a lot of other people to listen to. Hopefully it will work out! I liked my old band, and they could have been really good if they'd just practiced and rehearsed a little bit more, I think. We were getting very tight there, for a while. Ah, well.

I went to the  grocery store with my cart and got quite a few things we needed... then we ate dinner at home.

There's not as much TV for us to watch now because of the holidays....

  Tuesday November 24

I woke up around 11. I had breakfast and then I had to help David with a computer thing. He brought me some cash from the ATM, too.  Then I left around 12:30 to go see the last Hunger Games movie with our friend Tom (his wife Cynthia is out of town, plus she hasn't seen the other movies). I was juggling the recycling that I was taking downstairs - a bag of bottles and cans in my hand as well as some plastic bags and cardboard boxes, along with my purse and keys. Our neighbor walked by with her two gorgeous greyhounds, so I put everything down on the floor to go pet the dogs.  They were great and licked my face. I chatted with her for a minute, and then I picked everything up. As I walked away, I searched for my keys, but I couldn't find them (the door was locked either way - it locks automatically). I took the elevator down, still searching. I looked through the recycling a little bit, but I didn't want to empty it all out to look. I put the recycling in the bins and that was that.  Later, I found out that someone had found my keys and turned them in to the security people. I probably dropped them near our place. Whew!

I met Tom at the theater, we got the seats and went in. They have TITANAC which is like Imax, I guess. It has assigned seating, which is weird.  Anyway, the movie was ok. It was a bit too slow and sad for my tastes. I was shocked that every single preview we saw was a sequel. And there were MANY! I hadn't seen most of the movies that they were sequels for, either. I think Batman vs. Superman was the only one.

I had left the apartment without remembering to bring either my sweater or an umbrella, as well as losing my keys. What an airhead! It's always freezing in that theater, so I was not happy about that. Thankfully it didn't rain, too.

After the movie, I walked over to ZPizza and got a large pizza to go, and a sandwich for David. This is the only place in town that I know of that has gluten free pizza. It's not bad, either.  While I waited, I walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond. I looked around in there and bought a few things. I considered going over to Pier 1, but it was getting late, and I already had a lot to carry. I also had to stop in the restroom.

I got a cab pretty quickly after picking up my pizza. The cab driver was very nice. She used to live in our building, so we mostly chatted about that.  David met me at our place so I  could get in, since I didn't have my keys. Thank goodness I got them back right away.

I ate my pizza and then we went over to Murphy's. I got some sorbet there.

I started cleaning the house and did some other stuff when we got home, like work, and practicing the guitar. Oh, I finally bought the guitar I've been wanting; it's my birthday present. It's electric, so it should be easier to play, and it won't make as much noise. Also, it's a junior one, so it's a lot smaller and easier for me with my tiny hands.  Hopefully, at some point I can play with my band. That will be so cool!

I stayed up a little too late; went to bed around 2am. I was tired but had a lot to do.

  Wednesday November 25

David called and woke me around 11am. I had some breakfast and worked a little, then I walked over to my guitar lesson, which was at 1pm. I had more to carry than before because he asked me to bring the Beatles guitar book I had bought.  We looked at that, and played a few songs. I also played the two Christmas songs I got off the net, "Last Christmas" by Taylor Swift and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee. So it's a lot of fun trying out these new songs. He suggested some strumming patterns. That's the thing I need him for more most now. I can't figure out when to strum or how or what! Also to help me out when I'm having problems and to answer questions. He's very nice and always tell me how well I'm coming along. I get so impatient because I want to be good NOW! Or at least, good enough to sing and play at the same time without stopping or messing up. Next week I'll have been playing for 3 months. That's not a lot, I know. I think it'll be 12 lessons, too. On the one hand, it doesn't seem very long, but on the other hand, it seems like it's taking forever.

On the way back from lessons, I got a Frappucino at Starbucks (too hot for a latte), and then I got a few things at Walmart and used their restroom. Then I went to Subway and got a soda. I went by Tap Room but they only had one gluten-free cupcake left, and it wasn't chocolate, so I left again.

After some resting and work on my site, I did more practicing and trying to record songs.  We went over to Livestock for dinner. It's a good place, but usually we can't get in without reservations, and we're usually too lazy to do that. We got a seat in the bar and ate there. It wasn't very comfortable, and it was kind of loud. The food there is really good, although also really expensive. I had a salad that was mostly carrots of different colors (they called them rainbow carrots). It was really good. They were roasted and there was also their homemade granola, blue cheese and pumpkin puree.  Then I also had a lamb dish with wild rice that was delicious, but I took half of it to go. It was too much food.  We briefly stopped in at Dolan's to have drinks and so I could use the restroom. It was even more loud and crowded than the other place! I guess since it's the day before Thanksgiving, everyone is out celebrating.

I couldn't talk him into karaoke...maybe tomorrow night! We're meeting Lena and George for a late Thanksgiving dinner at the Beach House, which is a really good restaurant with an excellent beach view in the Moana Surfrider Hotel on Waikiki. They're having a buffet...hopefully some of it is gluten free.

I'm guessing we'll be watching football during the day.

I did more guitar playing and then cleaned the guest bathroom and picked up a little bit in the living room, kitchen and dining area, and in the guest bedroom a little. Yesterday I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom and vacuumed a little. I'll probably clean up the kitchen tonight if I don't fall asleep first!

We're planning all sorts of holiday activities! Mostly with Cynthia and Tom.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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