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  Monday November 9

I've been really busy the past few weeks! I was not doing a good job of keeping track of this blog. Shame on me!

The same old things have been going on... I'm still eating too much and not exercising enough. I still keep trying to get up early, but when I do, it doesn't last long. It's still too hot in our apartment.

I has cooled off a bit, though, especially outside. We're in the windy season. When I say cool, I mean it's in the low 80's instead of the high 80's! Still pretty humid.

I'm still having really bad allergies with lots of itching and coughing.

I took my monitor back to Wal-mart; it cost a little over $100 and I don't need it (the older one works fine). I'm not exaggerating when I saw it took an HOUR to get it returned! Can you believe that? Part of the problem was that I didn't have the receipt. It never occurred to me that I'd need it because I thought the old one had died.  I did buy it was a credit card, but I wasn't 100% sure when I went in there which date I bought it. I quickly figured it out, though, on my phone, by looking at my texts to David.  The manager had to go upstairs, where I bought it, to make sure they sell it and then she had to find it in the computer, I guess. Still, an hour is ridiculous! And I didn't even get a "sorry it took so long" or anything. I was pretty annoyed. I hadn't brought my good walking/standing shoes, so my back was killing me. I did a little bit of walking around, but not too much. Finally I sat down on this huge display of bottled water they had.

  Tuesday November 10

The next thing that happened was that I got into a fight with an online "friend." She's this woman in Germany that I've been emailing back and forth with for years. We both go to the karaoke sites online. I enjoyed chatting with her.  She was also friends with this other guy, and he had posted a song...I liked it and said, wow, I should add harmony to that, and it would sound great. Now, this may sound presumptuous, but I've had guys who took my songs and added their voices before. It's kind of a compliment, actually. Anyway, this song he had posted had some personal, special meaning (not that he told us, so I had no way of knowing).  So she asked me to take my song down, which I did. I kept chatting with her about that, and other things...as we often do, going back and forth.  Then she kept telling me that I was very rude, not just about this song, but other things. She brought up discussions we had THREE YEARS AGO! I mean, literally, I'm not exaggerating. I didn't even quite remember what she was talking about, but Gmail keeps all my emails, so eventually, I was able to go back and find them. I explained to her that I wasn't trying to be rude and that it was a big misunderstanding. I still did apologize, just to keep the peace. That wasn't enough for her. She kept insulting me.  So finally I just said, forget it. That's it. Obviously she's someone who likes a lot of drama. I already kind of knew this, based on what she had told me before about some fights she was having with other people.  So I told her not email me any more, and I unfriended her on FB.  Now, back on the karaoke site, that other guy asked me not to comment on this songs any more because he's her friend. Whatever. It's so childish, so high school. Funny thing is, she used to complain about the people on the karaoke sites and how they're so immature and cliquish.  She's worse than most of them. I mean, she mostly just told me gossip about them, and I found it amusing, but you have to figure that anyone who has that many problems with people on a site like that has some sort of social problem. It's not a message board; it's a site for posting songs. I haven't had problems like she described at all because I mostly just post my songs and then that's it.  I only had problems with ONE other guy because he had posted some inappropriate jokes on the chat, and I asked him not to, and he got really mad at me, and now he's not speaking to me. Not a great loss. But otherwise, as far as I know, everyone on both sites likes me.

Thing is, I really don't care. As I always told her, your online friends are not real friends. They're not real people to you. You may think they are, but they're not. You can't be a real life friend with someone you've never met! I can't believe that anyone is stupid enough to think that you can. I mean, sure, you can like someone and have an online friendship, but it's not the same as a real friendship. I know I've complained about this before. This former friend got mad at me before (I should have seen the signs because she got mad pretty easily) when I suggested this.  You don't know the person. A lot of people lie online. It's easy to do because you can't see them or talk to them. You can't hear their voice or know if their photo is current or even them. I know people who go online and just make stuff up all of the time. I used to have a gay friend who would go on chats and pretend to be a woman. I have another friend who was a phone sex person, and then she became an online psychic. She really does believe that stuff now, but years ago she told me it was just to make money. But anyway, my point is, you don't know what people are like online. Even talking to them on the phone only gives you part of the picture. In real life, you can see them, which of course is obvious, but you can tell more about them. It's harder for them to lie about who they are.

I just think (as I've said before) that calling an online friend a "friend" devalues the word. Real-life friendships are precious and hard-won. A friend is someone that you would let into your house and not worry about whether they're going to hurt you, or your kids, or your pets, or steal your stuff. You would invite them to spend the night if they need it. You're always glad to see them. How can you say that about online friends? That would be crazy because you haven't met them.

Now, there are people who are more like acquaintances... I have Facebook friends that I went to school with, but I didn't know them very well, and I still don't. Some of them have turned out to be very disappointing and we're no longer FB friends. Most are ok, I guess.  Then there are some others that I knew in S.T.A.R., the scifi club in San Diego. Some of them I knew better than others.  Most of them I haven't seen much, if at all, since the 80's. We were all very different people. Funny thing is, some of them that I didn't know very well in real life, I'm very good friends with on Facebook, and we seem to have a lot more in common than we did then. You just never know how people are going to turn out.

But I digress...anyway, I miss my friend in Germany, but she's obviously got some real psychological problems, so it's best if I don't interact with her any more. I feel bad for her, but I don't need any more crazy in my life.  I think this link best describes her and people like her.

David has tomorrow off, but he was too tired to go out or anything...

  Wednesday November 11

Today was Veteran's Day. It kind of threw me off all week about what day it was.

I finally did get around to putting all of the Halloween decorations away in the boxes in the guest bedroom closet. I had to sort of re-organize the closet a little bit. I had put up the Thanksgiving decorations, too. You can see them all on Instagram I had bought, quite a while ago, another wooden box for my "bookcase". These hold all my DVD's, and I've gotten so many in the past year that I needed a new one. Actually, I already need another one, but I will run out of room soon if I'm not careful.

I still can't find my iPod!

I'v been going back to Starbucks now that the weather is a tad cooler... also sometimes going to the gym, but not enough.

  Thursday November 12

The pest control guy came today...kind of surprised me because I forgot he was coming! Thankfully I was already awake and hadn't yet gone back to sleep.  He's a nice guy...we were chatting about his wife, who's been in graduate school and is doing an internship. I guess it's going to be financially difficult for their family for the next half a year. It was kind of an awkward conversation, but not too bad. He was explaining why they weren't going back to the mainland for the holidays.

I had my guitar lesson, like usual. It's always fun, but sometimes kind of nerve-wracking as well. Basically, I practice all week and then I have to show him how I'm doing, so it's kind of like a test, in a way...   He's very nice, though, and always points out my improvement.

I stopped on the way back to do some shopping and get some food. I was gone around 3 hours! Well, my lesson is an hour, and it takes a half hour to walk each way there and back.  I also stopped at the post office on the way back, and the line was very slow. I just had one package to mail, and I was right near the big downtown post office, plus it had started to rain...

  Friday November 13

I was gone most of the day. I took my guitar in a cab down to Ward Warehouse. I went to Island Guitar and had them put some softer strings on the guitar. I left it there while I went to the movies with Tom and Cynthia. I had some time to kill, so I walked around the mall there. It's a really nice little mall, but it was hot and it's not air-conditioned. Next year they're going to tear it down, which is a shame. The cooking store already left. Too bad because it was a good store. I went to the shoe store there and wanted to get some new sandals, but they had to order them from the other store. Hopefully they will fit.

There's a little bakery there that had my favorite cookie, macarons (they're actually more of a pastry than a cookie).  The woman there said everything there was gluten free. I didn't know if I believe her or not, though. She seemed kind of ignorant. I believed her about the maracons because those are usually gluten free. I bought some other stuff and I did eat it, but then I kind of had a stomach ache all weekend, and then on Facebook the people who run the store said that no, the croissants I had bought were definitely NOT gluten free. Oh, well. I kind of figured they weren't because they just tasted too good.

I loved seeing the puppies there at the pet store, and there's also a really big, old, friendly dog that lives at the Wedding Cafe there. I went to Kinkaid's after it opened and just sat, had a drink to kill time, in the air conditioning.

I walked over to ZPizza and met Tom and Cynthia there. They're eating healthy and losing weight. Good for them! They had salads. I had half of a gluten free small pizza.  Then we went to see "Spectre," which was pretty good (the latest Bond movie).  Then afterwards, I walked back over to the guitar store and picked it up. I bought some more picks, and a Beatles guitar book. I've been having fun trying out the songs in that book, since I know all of the Beatles songs really well. I also bought two new Star Wars shirts, one for the new movie.

That was a very fun day. Shopping, eating pizza, and movie with friends...what else is there?  Unfortunately, Cynthia's going out of town for a while again, until December.  I might see Tom next week if we go to the Hunger Games movie.

I thought Spectre was way better than Skyfall, except that Skyfall had a great theme.

I was very sorry to hear about the Paris shootings etc. I don't know anyone there, though, so I'm sorry but...it's not a big deal to me. I love Paris, too. I'm thankful that they didn't hit any of the big Paris landmarks or museums. I hope one day we can get back there.

I don't know...I've never been one to get all worked up about people that I don't know AT ALL dying. I mean, at least if a celebrity that you like dies, you feel like you know that person from their work. The people in Paris, or in 9/11 or wherever...they're just people...somewhere...sad that anyone has to be murdered, of course. It's terrible and should not happen. Neither should wars or any other kind of violence. It doesn't affect my life that much, though.  Also, we're much more likely to die from heart attack or a car accident than from gun violence of any kind. It doesn't keep me from eating bacon! It probably should...  But anyway, I've had people I know and love die and that's much worse. That's worth getting upset about. I don't know, maybe I just have more perspective since my mom died when I was 10.

Usually I notice that it's Friday the 13th, but I was just too busy today. No time for snarky comments on social media!

  Saturday November 14

Wow, I can't believe that it's mid-November already.

There's a new restaurant here called The Dumb Coq.  Of course it does have a lot of farm animal pictures in there...LOL! We ate there and it wasn't bad.

We watched some of the Democratic debate. Not really my kind of thing.

We went to Square Barrel for breakfast. We had gone there for lunch on Wednesday (not much else was open), but we like their breakfasts better. Then for dinner, we went to Waikkii as we often do.  We went to Hatsuhana, this really good Japanese restaurant in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It's always delicious.

It was not a very fun or exciting weekend.

  Sunday November 15

We went to Gordon Biersch for lunch. It was a very windy day. I always love their citrus pan-grilled chicken.

I mostly worked on my site over the weekend.

Please click on the link and nominate my friend Jeff's book so that it'll get published by Amazon! And please share! Jeff is actually a published author that had many books published in the 80's. This is his first new one in awhile!

We tried to go to Downbeat as usual for dinner, but it was too crowded.  We walked down to Murphy's instead. they had a really yummy pork special that we shared. We've both been trying to eat less..

  Monday November 16

There's this local scifi club that I heard about called The Last Outpost. They're having a get-together next Sunday at O'Toole's where they're showing the original 3 Star Wars movies. That should be fun. Hopefully we'll meet some fun people, too. I invted Tom, but I don't know if he'll come or not. I imagine David will come with me to some of it.  I'll probably wear my new Star Wars: The Force Awakens t-shirt.

My mind is blanking on what I did today...nothing too exciting, I'm sure. I'm trying to start cleaning up the house a little bit because it's gotten pretty dirty, even though I just had it cleaned a month ago!

He had a reception, so I went to Downbeat and got take-out, and I also stopped at Subway to get a sandwich for him for later and a big soda for me.  As I walked past Smith Union bar, it sounded like they were already doing karaoke at 4 in the afternoon! Wow! I was tempted...but it's kind of a dive.

  Tuesday November 17

I was chatting with one of the security guys downstairs and I asked him how his day is going. He replied that it wasn't going all that great...turns out he was arrested! He had bought a moped from someone. Well, turns out that it had been stolen, but then he got it back. He never bothered telling the police that it was no longer stolen, so when he took his new moped out, he got arrested! He had to spend an hour or so in jail. Yikes. Then he had to go straight to work. I said, yeah, I think you can classify that one as a bad day... He's such a nice guy, too. One of the nicest ones we have here.

There were giant flood lights downstairs on the road in front of our place.... I guess they've been working on the street and can't do it during the day (too much traffic). It was annoying. Even more noise than usual! At first, I thought maybe they were shooting a movie or an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" because I've seen them use those exact type of lights!

All week I've been arguing with idiots and racists about the Paris bombings and Isis. Here's a good article  that suggests how we can beat the terrorists. It's sad how many scared and ignorant people there are out there.

He wanted to eat at home, so I got more Subway. I really need to go to the grocery store.

  Wednesday November 18

I got up late, around 2. I stayed up way too late last night. I had so much to catch up on.

I tried to accomplish more today, so I did practice guitar quite a lot, and did the laundry, as well as updating my site. 

We went to Dolan's briefly and then I got take-out at Tap Room. It's much less crowded on Wednesday --no football! 

I've just been working on my site, writing this blog and watching TV. I need to go to bed now. I have a conference call tomorrow at 8 am. Or should I say,  5 hours from now? LOL. Ugh.

Have a great week!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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