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I didn't keep track of this week's events at all! I've just been very busy. Also, I was sick a lot with the usual problems.

Wednesday I started going back to the gym and dieting. I haven't been 100% great at the dieting, but aside from some Halloween candy, and one frapuccino, I'm doing ok. Thursday I had my usual 2 mile walk back and forth to guitar lessons. Friday I went back to the gym. Saturday we walked to Gordon Biersch and back, which is a mile. Sunday we walked a little bit, but not much. I'm going back to the gym tomorrow for sure.

Wednesday night I stayed up way too late working, and then when I did get to bed, I kept waking up because of alllergies - coughing and itching. I haven't been doing a very good job at remembering to take my Flonase, so it's totally my own fault.

So then I didn't get to sleep until after 10 am Thursday morning, so I could only sleep for a few hours before I had to get up for my guitar lesson. That was really tough. I was not in very good mental or physical shape for the lesson! It went well, though.

I'm still having a lot of fun learning guitar. The teacher says I'm learning really fast, so that's great. This week I felt a little like we had to take a step back because I've been focusing so much on the chords that I've neglected the strumming. So I have to focus more on that.

I'm now learning a totally new thing, which is guitar tabs. These are bizarre. Instead of using regular music notation, they use a completely different notation. Very strange and for me, hard to learn. I've just barely started, though, so hopefully it will get easier. It's daunting! I still think piano is a lot easier :) So besides learning the three songs I've bene playing chords on, now I'm also learning to play the melody to Greensleeves. Instead of chords, I'm not learning to pick, with the finger, so that's pretty cool!

Friday night David had a work thing, so we went out for dinner later than usual. I have been spending some time recording on Singsnap and that's been fun.

Earlier in the week, a woman that I've known online for a while decided to pick a fight with me, and she was just acting weird and wouldn't let up, so I am done with her. It's sad when you like someone and then they turn out to be weird. This happens way too much online. You never really know someone unless you meet them in real life and get to know them there. Funny thing is, I told her this and she objected to it. I guess she knows now! LOL! She probably thinks it's my fault. She just likes to create drama. I don't that she is "crazy" so much as very damaged. She's insecure and has had a lot of problems in her life (haven't we all) and that has led her to create drama where there is none (at least online). That's very sad. I hope she learns from the experience, but my guess is that she'll just blame me because it's always someone else's fault.

Anyway, we went to Duc's Bistro Friday night; he had already eaten, so I just got an appetizer and ordered takeout.

Saturday night, we went to Waikiki as usual. We went to Nobu, which we really enjoyed, but my gosh, that place is too expensive. Even at happy hour. They have these little mini tacos I love. They're about the size of one of those mini Snickers bars. They're $7 apiece. I had 6 of those, and a salad. David had 8 pieces of sushi, and we both had 1 drink each. It was over $150! Wow. It was really good, though.

Then we stopped at the In-Between for a couple of songs. I love that place. There were only 3 customers besides us. Everyone always sings so well there. I did "Cool Kids" by Echosmith; my brother-in-law John told me about that band, and this is their big hit. I like their song "Bright" better, but they didn't have it. So anyway, this was the first time I'd sung this in public and they loved it. The bartender, when he took the mic back from me, said that he really loves that song. Then a little later, I did "Dark Lady" by Cher. I've done that one many times and it's kind of my Halloween song. They loved it. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but David is not a night person. He gets up so early now for work.

Last night I was singing some more on Singsnap, and my browser froze up, as it sometimes does, so I shut it down, but then it didn't restart right. Now it's not recognizing the hard drive. I tried phoning Dell, but my warranty expired in January. I'm kicking myself because I usually get a 3 year warranty, and this time I only got a 1 year warranty. The computer's less than 2 years old. So Dell wanted me to ship it to them and they would have charged me $159. Forget that. I'll take it to the place down the street. They're not open until Monday. I'm really hope it will be something easy, quick and cheap to fix! Like maybe a loose wire or something. Or at least I hope they can save what I have on the hard drive because otherwise, I'm going to be really upset. I last backed it up in June, I think, so I will lose quite a bit, mostly photos, some files etc. I wouldn't mind getting a new laptop, but I'd rather not. I'm not the type to buy a new one every year... I like the one I have now. It's got a big screen and works great. Or at least, it did!

The problem is that I don't have a good backup computer any more. The last one I had, David broke the screen (It was his regular laptop and he dropped it), so it's useless. I'm presently typing on my really old laptop with Windows Media Center. I think I got it at least a decade ago. It has 2 memory chip slots, but one of the slots has broken connectors so you can only put one memory chip in it. So it's super slow. You can really only run one program at a time, and even then, it will sometimes freeze up. Web browsing is almost impossible, especially with today's flash and whatnot. Even my Gmail takes a long time to load. I usually only use this laptop for recording my singing. The worst part is that I can't get into my website. It just takes too long to load, so I keep getting time out errors. Thank goodness for Gisele because she can put up files for me.

Oh, I do have one other pc - the one I run transcripts on for my site. However, it has no modem, so it's not very useful! So today was very aggravating as I kept trying to do work but it's so slow...a lot of my work involves copying information from the web and pasting it into an HTML file.

Of course we do have our phones, and the tablet, and the Kindle, but they're not too useful for my work. I can't even post this blog until I get a working computer with Frontpage! Too bad I left Blogspot...

I've been looking into moving my sites to a Content Management System like Joomla, but it's hard to set up (at least for me). I have someone who's supposed to help me, but she has her own sites to run.

I can't believe Halloween is less than a week away! I'm excited. We're meeting some friends down in Waikiki. I guess I'm going to try to wear my Defiance - Amanda costume if I can fit into it... not really sure yet if I should bring the gun, since it looks so realistic. Probably not. Nobody's going to know who I am, but I don't care.

I was glad to hear that Hillary looked so good when they were questioning her... that's great. Nice when something negative turns into a positive.

Well, in about a week, I guess I'll be taking down most of the Halloween decorations... I leave some of the pumpkin/Fall stuff up until I put up the Christmas decorations, around Thanksgiving. I do have a few Thanksgiving decorations as well.

I got one thing accomplished this week, which was a bunch of little things taken care of around the house. Our doorknob had come off, so I got Cesar downstairs to fix it. We replaced all of the burnt-out lightbulbs, especially the one in the hallway that I use a lot. We just have one more thing to fix. There's this little chain in the toilet that keeps breaking. It needs to be replaced. Hopefully we can get that done soon. I hate when things are not all working right.

Cross your fingers for me that I can get my laptop fixed tomorrow QUICKLY!

I'm very achy the last two days from going to the gym, especially my hips, back and legs.

Update: my hard drive is completely dead and they can't fix it.  Boo hoo! So upsetting. All of the places that will even try to retrieve my data charge between $300 and 1200.  Most of them won't charge you if they can't retrieve it, but still!! That's too much. I did back it up in June, at least. I am missing a lot of stuff, though, that I would really like to get, especially my bookmarks, and some files, and photos.

Marcos, who hosts my web sites, is going to give it a try for free. I'm going to send it to him tomorrow and hopefully he can do it. If not, I'll take it to one of those more expensive places.

I bought a new laptop Tuesday, a Lenovo Ideapad. It's ok so far. It has Windows 10. The only problem is that Frontpage, which is what I use for my websites, doesn't work quite as well with each other version of Windows.  Marcos says he can help me do something to fix that.  So we'll see!

Monday I was very depressed after finding out that my hard drive was dead, but I went to the movies with our friends Tom and Cynthia. We saw "Pan," which was a lot of fun. It took my mind off my troubles for a while.  Then they came back with me (good thing our place is fairly clean), and we hung out here a little bit, then we met up with David for dinner at Epic. We had a fun time!

Tuesday I didn't do too much besides getting the new laptop and setting it up.  I like having a brand new, fast computer but I hate setting it up with all of the installing programs and what not.

Make sure you back up regularly! I knew that, too, but I just get busy and forget.

This morning I couldn't find my glasses anywhere! So I'm wearing contacts. I finally found the glasses, later, on the bed. I guess I must have gotten up sometime this morning and grabbed them from the bathroom and then left them on the bed. Good thing I didn't sleep or sit on them and break them. Although I must say that glasses are pretty durable now. They used to be so easy to break if you dropped them, sat on them, etc.

I went by Taproom to get lunch today. I like their salads. They also have the gluten free cupcakes, so I got some of those. They also have these homemade marshmellows that are delicious. They're not at all like the kind you buy in the store. They're little yummy soft squares of deliciousness. These are pumpkin spice flavored. So good!!

I actually made some gluten free, low carb cupcakes last night but they don't taste all that great. They're allright... I ran out of Splenda so I only had vanilla and agave to sweeten them with, which is not enough. I used this package cake mix from LC Foods at http://holdthecarbs.com and also added some chocolate chips, then I frosted them with dark chocolate frosting. They will do when I run out of the others...LOL

I need to get back to the gym but been sick a lot. It's hard to go exercise when you're spending half the day in the bathroom or in bed.

I guess I'll go ahead and post this now...have a great week!

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