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  Monday 10/12/15

Tomorrow I have maids coming to clean the place, so I've been trying to get the house ready. I had to pick up all over the house, plus put all of my business cards away, and do the dishes and laundry. Also, I decided to do the dusting first because they charge by the hour, and if they go over the time, they charge more, and our place is pretty dirty. So dusting is no biggie -- I don't mind doing it. I wanted to make sure they did everything else.  Especially the bathrooms and kitchen, which were filthy, as well as vacuuming the couch and under the bed. I considered having them clean the lanai, but that would be too difficult because there's a big lawn chair in the way.

Anyway, I got up late, but not too bad. I went down to the Safeway to get a few things. They were out of my CarbSmart ice cream bars, and also out of the yucky brand ones, so I was annoyed. I did get the good chicken tamales from their deli and some other things. I found these chocolate and cherry chia bars...they're ok. Not as good as Kind bars, but I can almost never find the chocolate Kind bars. It had been raining, but I got lucky and just missed it.

We ate dinner at home... I spent all night finishing up the dusting and getting things ready, especially putting away all those business cards! All told, I have about 40-something boxes of them (shoe box size). At least most of them are facing the same way now. Should make it easier to go through for sorting.

I have lots of categories and eventually hope to sort them into those categories, but it's going to take a while. I had done it years ago, but then when we moved, while in Riverside, one of the boxes of cards was dropped and they all went out of order again. I haven't really spent too much time on it so far, and I've gotten a lot more cards since then. I still want to sort them, though. I know I have lots of duplicates for my traders!

I stayed up really late again.

  Tuesday 10/13/15

I had a conference call interview at 8:30, and then I had a bunch of things to do before the maids got here. I had recycling to take downstairs, put the dishes away, and other stuff.  They came on time and did a great job. They were happy to help me move some of the living room furniture around so they could vacuum under it. I was so glad when they left because I was really tired.  It's great to have a really clean house again!

My hat/coat rack has been slowly falling apart. I had bought a new one but hadn't gotten around to putting it together. When the maids were here, I moved it for them, so they could clean under it, and one of the legs fell off! So that was that. After they left, I took it down to the street. Fortunately, this week is the bulky trash pick-up, and they were late picking it up, so I got it there in time.

I went back to sleep after that and slept very soundly until about 5:45 when David came home from work. We ate at home again... We had a nice evening at home after that. I didn't practice guitar today because of being so busy and then sleeping so much.

I went to bed pretty early, around midnight.

  Wednesday 10/14/15

I woke up around 7:40 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up, had breakfast and watched some TV. Then I went back to bed. I was really tired. It took me a long time, but I finally did get to sleep and woke up again around noon.

I was feeling so lazy from sleeping so long, so I forced myself to get up and go out. I first  stopped at Ross. I was looking for a nice clock for the kitchen because I accidentally knocked the last one down and broke it.  Ross' were nice but too big and heavy. Then I went to Walmart to get some foods, and then I also found a cheap wall clock there.  I stopped at Subway, but there was a long line. I went to Tap Room, where they have gluten free cupcakes on Wednesdays. I succumbed! I got a sandwich to go as well as cupcakes.

It was really hot out there, so I was very glad to get home. After lunch, and relaxing, I practiced guitar. Apparently I have this bad habit of bending my right shoulder forward when I play. I need to stop that. It hurts way too much.

Then I picked up around the apartment - I want to keep the place as clean as I can for a while. I started putting together the hatrack.  At that point, it was dinner time, so David and I went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their scallops special, but it wasn't very good. Usually it is really good there. Too bad. Well, you can't win 'em all.

When we got back, I finished putting the hatrack together. The instructions were terrible, and I was missing a screw, but I finally finished it. Yay!

Tomorrow I plan to start putting up the Halloween decorations.

  Thursday 10/15/15

I missed the Democratic primary debate. I might have to go watch it. I heard it was really good.

I had set the clock for 11:30, but then I apparently set it wrong, so I got up at 12:30 instead! I had to rush to get everything done before my guitar lesson.

When I went to take a shower, I hadn't noticed that the shower curtain liner was not placed back properly by the maids, so water got all over the floor. The floor is on a slant, so it even got into the closet and soaked the bottom of two boxes of business cards. I dumped them out. Fortunately the cards were not damaged because the boxes were pretty thick. I had to throw those out and put the cards in new boxes. What a pain.

It's hot in the afternoon, but otherwise, it wasn't a bad walk now that I leave my guitar at home and just use his! I used his electric guitar, so that was very cool.  Much easier to play. It's smaller and you don't have to press the strings so hard. I'm definitely getting one at some point.  Plus it's so much quieter to practice on. You have to have an amp to hear it well, so otherwise you barely hear it.

I had a lot of fun at the lesson. He gave me a new song to learn, "Anticipation." I had trouble at first playing the one from last week, but after I relaxed a bit, and my fingers warmed up, it was much easier. I gave him my business cards, and he gave me his cd, which was nice. Then I stupidly left it behind.

I stopped to get a soda and a shave ice on the way back. I need to stop eating the sweets. It's been bad. I'm not buying any Halloween candy this year, either. I'm not having a party, so there's no need. We're not home at Halloween.  Since we live in an apartment building, there's no risk of getting egged, either.

We went out to J.J. Dolan's at first. David had pizza. I just went to Taproom again (it's next door) and got a salad to take home.

  Friday 10/16/15

I went to bed really early last night, around 10:30, so I woke up around 7am. Too early! I went back to sleep for a nap later.

I finally got out the boxes of Halloween decorations. I have about 4 medium-large boxes and one small one. I put a lot of it up, but it'll probably take me a few days to finish. As usual in Hawaii, it's too hot for October!

This month really flew by. I wanted to put these up a lot sooner. I've just been so busy with work on my site. The Fall TV season always puts a lot of pressure on me.

For dinner, we went to Scratch, which is just a couple of blocks down Smith street. I've been there before a few times for breakfast, but David had never been. It's got great food, but it usually also has really long lines. They just started opening for dinner, so there weren't any lines yet. Yay!

The waiter was very nice and tried really hard, but something really bizarre happened. One of the things that I like about this place is that they mark which foods are gluten free on their menu. Well, I ask anyway, just to make sure, and I'm glad I did because I ordered something that's marked "GF" and yet it wasn't! Wow.  That was the first time that had happened to me.  Don't mark something "gluten free" unless it actually is! LOL!  I had a great salad and then their short rib (which is not really "rib" but it's the way they make it here in Hawaii - the meat is shredded). Normally it comes on polenta, which was the not-gluten-free part. They put it on potatoes instead. It was pretty good.

The restaurant was a little loud, but not too bad. There was a fairly large table with a screaming kid, but they took him out pretty quickly. David liked what he had, so hopefully we will go back. Always good to find a new place to eat at, especially one that he doesn't hate! LOL! He's just really picky, and not just about the food but about how fast the service is (since he's always in a hurry) and the noise, and how comfortable the place is. Since land is so expensive here, and all of the places are pretty tiny (especially downtown) so you get a lot of tiny, cramped places where you're sitting on uncomfortable chairs and sitting too close to other people. I understand completely, but to me if it the food is great, it's worth it.

I stayed up too late again. I had trouble getting to sleep because my neck has been hurting...hard to get comfortable.

I know I sound like a hypochondriac, but believe me, I have 3 real problems - diabetes, allergies and herniated disks in my spine. It makes me take a lot of pills, spend a lot of time in the bathroom, try to be careful about what I eat, and be in a lot of pain here and there. It's not fun. It's just part of my life, though. It doesn't stop me from doing too much. I mean, I can't drive, but I didn't much drive before that, anyway. Occasionally I have to miss something, but not too often. Mostly it just messes up my sleep schedule or makes me procrastinate a bit more.

  Saturday 10/17/15

David had a work thing, so I slept in.  I went out to lunch, but as I was leaving our building, I ran into Susan, our neighbor across the hall. She's very nice, so we had a good chat.  Then I walked over to Smith & King, and David met me there. I had a good apple, walnut and gorgonzola salad, and their lobster deviled eggs. The salad was much bigger than I expected, so David ate most of the eggs because it was just too much.  The bartender there was trying to be helpful while I was looking at the menu, so when I said I needed to eat gluten free, he kept making suggestions, but they were of things that weren't gluten free, so he wasn't much help! LOL!

I stopped at Walmart on the way back to get some things. This weird thing happened. I was in the bathroom and this woman was in the next stall, and she had her little boy with her. He bent down to look up at me. I was quite annoyed (she wasn't watching her kid) and said, "Don't do that!" so he quickly stood up. Hey, lady, you might not care if your kid watches you in the bathroom, but I don't want him to look at me! So gross. I know it's no big deal to those of you with kids, but to me that's a huge invasion of privacy. Keep your darn kids in line.

I'm having trouble getting motivated today to work or finish putting up the rest of the decorations...lazy!

We went to Waikiki for dinner...to the Kani Ka Pila Grille, in the Outrigger Reed. We haven't been there for a few months, at least. They changed their menu - pared it down.  It was good, though. The waitress was a little bossy at first. I guess she's just used to dealing with tourists who don't know anything about the restaurant or what they should eat. I got the BBQ ribs and they were really good. She kept trying to get me to eat something more plain because of the gluten allergies. I'm like, no, it's ok...LOL! She was nice, though, as it turned out.

I found an ad for something called Gluten Ease. I don't know if it works or not. It's supposed to be make you feel better and not get intestinal trouble from gluten. My doctor didn't know anything about it, but she couldn't find anything about it. It's just enzymes. So I'm trying it out to see if it helps at all.

It was raining off and on all day, and very humid. In our apartment, it was very hot as usual, but down on the street it wasn't bad. There was a nice breeze. All of the places were really over-air-conditioned, though, so I actually got cold.

The Irish bar, Kelley O'Neil's was very cold and it was filled with way too many people-- loud. We didn't stay there long, thank goodness.

After we came home, I practiced the guitar for about 20 minutes. I may do some more later on. It just hurts my shoulder after awhile, so I have to quit. It seems to work better if I split it up.

I got most of the Halloween decorations put up, including lights. I have 4 small items that require tiny batteries. Two of them I can't open. The screws that hold the battery cover in place are just not coming out.

I made a new Facebook Profile photo that has the last five Halloween costumes! Here's my new profile photo, which is the other Halloween costume I had last year...

All of my Facebook photos are set to "Public" I believe, so anyone should be able to see them. Here's my FB Albums. I post a whole lot more photos on Instagram, which is also public.

Well, I need to do work for the rest of the night. Too much procrastinating!

I stayed up until almost 5am, mostly working on my site.

  Sunday 10/18/15

I woke up around 9am and couldn't go back to sleep because of itching. I took a shower and then we went to the grocery store for our weekly shopping around 10. Then we went to Gordon Biersch around noon for lunch. I was very tired, and it was really hot. I had the pan fried citrus chicken as usual. David has been getting their chicken schnitzel (special Oktoberfest menu). It suddenly occurred to me that schnitzel is exactly the same thing as what they call country-fried or chicken-fried in the south! All those years we lived there, and I had never made that connection. Both can be either steak, pork or chicken. It's just thin-sliced (or pounded with a meat mallet), breaded and pan-fried, with or without gravy. The German version usually comes with spaetzle (pasta). We were watching the Chargers lose on the TV there, too.

I stopped at Long's on the way back because Times didn't have the batteries I needed. I got some sugar free candy as well. I got some candy corn, too, I admit. Oh, I got some Hershey's kisses, too, since I read that the almond ones only have 3 carbs apiece. I got some dark chocolate ones as well. I sure wish they made sugar free candy corn (which I've been saying for years).

I got a couple of more Halloween decorations. One thing I got was a little skeleton wearing a black hooded robe. I think he's supposed to dance and sing, and light up, but it doesn't work. I put in fresh batteries, too. I would take it back, but he still makes a good decoration. Tomorrow I need to go to Walgreens and Fisher to see if they have any good decorations. I especially like getting little things I can just stick in-between the larger ones. Like today I got a little wind-up dracula and a square wooden sign (about the size of my phone) that says "Happy Halloween!"

We both took a nap after we got back, but it was really hot, so I slept on the couch in the living room. The fan in our bedroom is not as good, either.

For dinner, we went to Downbeat as usual. I had my usual chicken quesadillas. It was really crowded for some reason.  The place across the street has boards and stuff up for some kind of zombie party! It looks cool. Reminded me of when we went to Vegas years ago and stayed downtown; they had the whole downtown set up for filming "The Stand" with boards over the windows, graffiti, large props on the ground etc. That was really cool. We had a view of it from our window.

Back to the present...We saw some guy with a shopping cart (filled with backpacks and small suitcases) and a young blonde girl. She had a scooter and almost started across the street before the light changed. He yelled at her (cursed at her) to stop. That's fine, but I felt bad for the girl since they looked homeless. I think they were headed for the park across the street. After we came back, they were back at the bus stop and he had taken all of the bags out of his shopping cart. I don't know if they were taking the bus or what. It's just such a shame that there are homeless children in this rich country of ours. Having been a child in poverty, it's just so sad to see kids who are even worse off than I was. I may not have always had a lot of food, but at least we always had a roof over our heads. Of course, I never had a scooter! LOL! I did have roller skates...

My right shoulder is really hurting me. I don't know if it's from sleeping on the couch or because I had to carry bags back from Long's (they had no handles). I took some Aleve and a muscle relaxer. I don't think I'll be staying up very late tonight... I didn't practice guitar today because of hurting so much.

We get a lot of people yelling, screaming etc. outside, late at night, but recently there's been one guy who seems to be out there yelling every single night. He's so annoying. He keeps yelling "Hey!" or something like that. I have to put on the TV or music to drown him out. I think he sits at the bus stop right below us. We're definitely getting air conditioning in our next place! I hate having these loud noises outside all of the time.

I went to bed around 11! Have a great week...

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