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  Tuesday 10/6/15

My site is working again, yay!

I stayed up way too late last night, and I spent way too much time working on my computer, so I was having muscle spasms in my right shoulder. I slept very well, though, after I took some drugs...LOL! I woke up around noon and then didn't get out of bed until about 1pm.

Around 3:30, I practiced on my guitar for a while... My fingers on the left hand have some pretty good calluses. It feels weird now, especially if I try to scratch with that hand.

Otherwise I just worked on my site.

We went to dinner at Epic, which is always good. I had their duck salad. Then I stupidly left my leftovers there when I, er, left... D'oh! I didn't feel like going back for it.

I waited downstairs in our building for the security guy...I had 2 packages to pick up. The guy was busy elsewhere, so I stood around waiting for about 10 minutes. At least I did get to see and pet this huge, sweet dog that lives in the building. I think it's a St. Bernard. We call him BigHeadDog. I hope they have a 3 bedroom condo, at least...

The weather today was very nice. It's been in the high 70's for the most part. Woo hoo! Almost Fall weather for a change.

I updated my songs page, adding the recent songs I've recorded that I like (no guitar songs yet!)

Tonight's project is to convert the business cards from large boxes to small ones. It'll probably take me a few days to do them all, though.

  Wednesday 10/7

I stayed up way too late last night, and then slept in too late. So tired of this trying to get up early regularly and not succeeding. Other than a little work on my site, I didn't do much after I woke up.

David and I went to Murphy's for dinner (it was dinner for him, more like lunch for me). We just had the "Irish nachos" and I got a salad for later.

I worked a lot on my site, practiced my guitar, and also did the dishes.  I still haven't touched the business cards! LOL!

This was a boring but productive day. I still stayed up way too late, though. At least I didn't have any desserts today.

I updated my Songs Page, too, so check it out!

  Thursday 10/8

I got up around noon but I was very tired. I was sick with my usual problems, and then I took a shower. I got dressed and ready for my guitar lesson. I decided to just use his guitar instead of lugging mine over there...don't know why I didn't think of that last week!

But then I got sick again, so I had to cancel my guitar lesson. I'm really bummed about that. He was very understanding, but still...I love going to my lessons. I mean, I don't love the one mile walk each way! But I do love the lesson itself.  I guess this comes with maturity. When I was younger, I always hated voice lessons, in part because I never practiced enough and always felt like I was going to get in trouble, I guess, for not practicing enough.  I enjoy practicing the guitar! I always seem to do even better in my lessons, each time I go.

The Maid Brigade is coming to clean on Tuesday. Yay! This place is so dirty. I just can't find the time and energy any more to  clean the whole thing.

I'm sorry this week is so boring! I have the same routine every week, more or less.

I saw Chris Christie on "The Daily Show" last week and he seemed very reasonable compared to the other Republican candidates. I would never vote for any Republican or conservative in a million years, but the others seem batshit crazy or really stupid, or both. Kasich is ok but he's very pro-life and has no chance. He doesn't have any charisma. I was surprised to learn watching Christie that he's actually very personable on TV and has a nice commanding presence. But again I would never vote for him unless something crazy happened, like some KKK guy was the Democratic candidate, which wouldn't happen.

My website has been working fine, for the most part, but when I edit in Microsoft Frontpage, I sometimes get these annoying errors that make me save the page over and over in an endless loop. It happens a lot more often since he moved the site to a new server.  Marcos, who hosts the site, was sick, and now he's out of town. He's still working on some questions I have for him, but it's taking a while.

I've always loved MS Frontpage, but it's now 12 years old, and they neither make nor support it any more. I have Expression Web, too, which is similar, but it's too different for me. I hate having to learn new things.  Also, the Frontpage Extensions that both programs use, on the server, cause a lot of problems, apparently. I want to move to a CMS (Content Management System), but when I tried one last year that Marcos set up for me (like a test site), I couldn't figure out how to use it. You have to set it up in a certain way, to make it more user friendly, and I couldn't figure it out. I'm not a techie, really. I know a lot about Windows and using the Web, but I've had no formal computer training and this type of thing is beyond me. Or it would require so much time to learn that it's not worth it to me. The CMS is Joomla. Someone I know online might be able to set it up for me, though, so I'm waiting for her to do it. Keep your fingers crossed for me! It might make my website much easier in many ways.

I went to look at my site on my phone, and this horrible popup came up and took over my browser. At first, I thought the ad network I used was doing it, and I was horrified that maybe they had gone full sleazoid on me. However, it turns out I have malware on my phone. So I uninstalled a bunch of apps and deleted extra photos, videos, etc. I installed Adblock Plus' browser and will use that now instead of Chrome. I also downloaded Malwarebytes to see if it can find anything amiss. I do already have Avast antimalware app, but apparently that was not good enough! Grrr.

I skipped practicing the guitar today... just have too much else to do. It's fine. I usually only practice 5 or 6 days a week, so this will be my day off.

I finally feel like I'm catching up, at least a little, on some of my recent site work! It's hard this time of the year. Too many new shows and new DVD's coming out at once.

I'm finally going through my boxes of business cards to move them into smaller boxes. Yay!

  Friday 10/9

I haven't really kept up the blog this week. It seems like, when I get to the weekend, I've just got too much else to do, so I stop blogging. Bad habits!

I've found with the guitar that I have a bad tendency to rush (play too fast), which can be a problem. Because if I play the easier parts too fast, then when it comes to the harder parts, I can't keep up. It's better if I play slowly until I get it all down. I tried to use a metronome app on my phone, but it's not loud enough for me to hear. I ordered a real metronome online. I used to have one, but either I gave it away, or it's in storage.

I had the metronome for conducting... I never needed it with singing. With singing, you don't want to sing too fast because you need time to take a breath. So it was never an issue for me, to sing too fast.

I made a recording of my playing the first song I've learned on the guitar, "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. Then I added my singing. I can't sing and play at the same time...the song is too difficult to do that. The singing rhythm is different from the strumming rhythm. I'm sure I'll be able to, eventually. You can hear it here  Singing and playing at the same time is kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time, only worse - trying rubbing your stomach with one rhythm and patting your head with another! Or using both of your hands to do different things, and then your mouth to do another. It's really hard. It takes lots of practice. The guitar playing has to become a complete habit.

I was happy to buy some Honey Nut Cheerios because they said they were gluten free now. Then they had to recall a bunch of Cheerios because they were accidentally contaminated with wheat. D'oh! It'll be a long time before I trust them again...

So I had a bit of a scare this morning. I had gotten up early for a conference call, so I was going back to sleep. I was half asleep when a man jumped onto our lanai (balcony)!  Now, I'm used to the workmen or window cleaners going by our windows on their little platforms (and that thingy that powers them up and down is kind of noisy, plus also they're often talking).  However, this one stopped right outside and then a man jumped onto our lanai. I jumped out of bed, ran over behind the curtains (because we usually have our door open, so the air can come in via the screen door) and said, "Uh, hello?"  The man explained that he had to check the drain to see if was working. The workmen have been retiling the lanais and doing something-or-other to the drains. However, they tell us way in advance, which apartments they're doing, so we can move our furniture etc. off the lanais and know when they're coming. So this guy was clearly in the wrong place. I said, "Uh, they didn't tell me that..." he said, sorry, but I said, no problem, let me just close the blinds here.." and then I ran into the bathroom. I suddenly felt very vulnerable. We have three doors leading to that lanai, all open and unlocked, and here I am, all by myself, in nothing but my top and underwear! I felt safe on the 7th floor, silly me! Now, rationally, I knew I wasn't in danger, but the shock of what happened, I guess, really threw me for a minute.  I phoned David, but I forgot he was in class. So I called downstairs to the manager. She was shocked, too, and said they're not supposed to be anywhere near our floor and that they have to give us notice. She apologized profusely, but I felt better after talking to her.  Whew!

The weird thing is, I've had this nightmare for years that, while I'm lying in my bed, repairmen etc. are coming into my house without my asking them in and while I'm unclothed and in bed. I think that's because, once we bought the house in Tuscaloosa, where we were always having to have someone come to repair something, like the plumber or whatever, so that started giving me these bad dreams. I think they got even worse in Columbus, since we were renting (so in the back of my mind, I thought that someone else must have a key!). Probably also from all of the hotels we've stayed in (and at least once, if not more, the maid did come in our room while I was sleeping, even though we had the Do Not Disturb sign on the door). It took me a long while to go to sleep after that!

Later, David and I went to dinner at Smith & King.  Yet another annoying thing happened. We'd been there before a few times, on the weekend, and sat at the bar. The bartender/waiter had assured me that the meatballs were gluten free. He even checked with the cook! Well, when we went tonight, the waitress said they had bread crumbs in them. Yikes! I hate when that happens. Originally I was going to have the lobster deviled eggs, and the meatballs, both appetizers. So instead I just had two orders of the eggs. I also had the chocolate soufflee, which was yummy.  It was freezing in that place, and the waitress was very nice, but she was too quiet, and the place was loud, so I had to keep asking, "What?" over and over. You'd think she'd get the hint and start talking louder. David had the lobster mac and cheese - that sure smelled good!

I just worked the rest of the night. I had a lot to do.

  Saturday 10/10

We went to Gordon Biersch for lunch. It's usually good there... I love sitting there by the harbor, too. However, it was really really hot today. OMG!  Other than today, we've been having fairly nice weather, not so hot.

I signed up for a gluten free snack pack every month...a little pricey but yummy snacks! I always wanted to sign up with an X of the month club. This seems like a much healthier choice than others I've seen.

I went back to sleep after lunch. I was so tired! I stayed up way too late.  For dinner later we went down to Waikiki. We went again to Giovanni Pastrami, which is always good. They sat us right by the kitchen! LOL! But we didn't really care.

I'm still not doing well at the dieting and exercising thing. Next week for sure, I declare it! It would be funny if my health weren't at risk :(

I stayed up late again, working on my site... I did a lot of catching up on things this weekend.

  Sunday 10/11

We didn't do much today... David doesn't have tomorrow off, unfortunately. He went to the grocery store for me, so that was good!

Besides working on my site, I did laundry and a few other things, like working on the business cards.

Tuesday the maids are coming, so that means all of the cards have to be put in smaller boxes and put away before they come.

Have a great week! Sorry this is so late.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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