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  Thursday 10/1/15

I was very late getting the Chronicles out last week! I'm going to try hard to get it done on time this week. :)

I forgot to mention that I went to the dentist on Tuesday morning to get the second half of my dental cleaning done.  I made the mistake last time of telling her, when she asked me why I don't brush more often, that I had bad parents that didn't teach me to do so, and so it never became a habit. Not she treats me like some kind of Appalachian hillbilly! She's very nice, don't get me wrong. I got a lecture on gingivitis. Yeah, lady, I have a college degree. Do they not understand that people don't always do what's right for themselves? For the same reason I don't always eat right and exercise, I don't always brush my teeth when I should, or floss. It's called laziness and procrastination.

Anyway, she did a great job of finishing my upper teeth and even went back and did more on my lower teeth.  I will be going back in 3 months now, since the insurance approves it for diabetics.  That will probably make me brush my teeth more, too, since I don't want yet another lecture!  Thankfully I do have very good tooth genes, so it's not like my teeth are all green or falling out, despite my poor habits.

I keep trying to go to bed earlier, but then I have a hard time sleeping because I sleep too much in the morning, or I take a nap, or it's too hot, or too noisy, etc. Last night the problem was itching, and pain in my back from my spine. I didn't want to take a muscle relaxer pill, though, so I just kept trying until eventually, I got back to sleep, probably around 4. I always get up at 9 on Mondays and Thursdays, to change into clothes so that I can be ready when the dry cleaning guy comes. I go back to sleep in the clothes. Then he phones, so all I have to do is grab my keys and throw on my shoes, run downstairs, wait for him, come back up, and go back to sleep. Today I also set the alarm for noon after that. (This problem with itching and my back keeps happening)

I had my guitar lesson at 2, so I wanted to make sure to have plenty of time to eat breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth etc. Last time I was late because my guitar was top heavy in the cart, so I had to go really slow for fear that it would topple over. This time I wrapped it up in blankets (without the case), which provided plenty of cushion in the cart as well as kept it from getting rained on. I also tied it up with some yarn to the cart so it would be secure. It was MUCH easier to take it in the cart this time. I got there on time. Yay!

It was a little cooler today because we've been having a lot of rain, but it was still pretty hot in the afternoon sun. I put my hair up in a side pony tail. It only sprinkled on me a little bit.

The lesson went great! He could tell I'd been practicing. I almost have "For What It's Worth" down, in rhythm, without making too many mistakes, and I could play the scale he gave me, backwards and forwards. Not easily yet, but it's getting there. He gave me a new song, "Leaving on a Jet Plane," so that I can learn to sing it while playing it (the other one, the rhythms are too difficult for me to sing while playing - I'm not coordinated enough yet). So I had to learn two new chords, G and C.  They're tough, but I was picking them up fairly quickly. He praised me for learning so quickly. He said most people take a longer time. I don't know if I really have any talent at the guitar, but my past musical training has definitely helped. I learned to think ahead in the music and recognize patterns, and keep going in rhythm even though it's not perfect. Oh, he also showed me a capo, which helps you change key. I might use this for the song because it's a little lower than I'd like. (I thought it was pronounced like in Italian, "Coppo" but he pronounced it like "kaypo" (which is correct - I looked it upt). The originally Italian word is capotasto but "Capo" for a guitar is an American word, since the device was patented by a guy in Connecticut.

Anyway, the lessons are a lot of fun and keep me on my toes. It's worth walking two miles. I resisted the urge to get a shave ice this time. Instead, I just stopped at Subway and got some sandwiches and soda.

I'm very tired, but I'm trying to stay awake so I can go to bed at a more reasonable hour.  Looks like we're going to Dolan's for dinner for him, and then I'll stop at Tap Room next door to it to get my dinner. Now I have to resist their cupcakes and ice cream! Too many temptations everywhere :)

I successfully resisted temptation! Yay! I got a salad for later. We just watched some TV, and David went to sleep about 8pm. I'm very tired, but I want to stay up until midnight.

  Friday 10/2/15

I tried to go to bed at 12:15, but I just wasn't tired enough. I finally got to sleep around 4am. I woke up at noon... I went to the post office. I had tons of things to mail. Then I stopped at McDonald's for lunch. I got sick a little while later, so I've just been recuperating from that.

I did my guitar practice, but I guess I over-did it because I have blisters on three of my fingers! I was trying to get a recording of me playing that song I was learning last week, so that I can then sing with it. It's still not quite at that point yet where I can play it all the way through, in rhythm, without making a mistake. But I kept trying, and that's how I got the blisters.

We went to dinner at Duc's Bistro, which is probably our favorite restaurant here. It's right across the street, but we only go occasionally because it's a lot more expensive than the others. Also, we tend to spend more money there because it's so good, so we get multiple appetizers and dessert, and they also have great wine. I ate way too much.

I've been very tired all day... but again it's too early to sleep. I have a lot to do, but I don't really feel like doing it. Oh, well. I should probably stay off Facebook when I'm tried...I start getting annoying at stupid and crazy people. I'm just getting to the point where I don't want to have anything to do with people who support stuff that's just outright crazy and stupid. You know...the people who listen to FOX news, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh et al.  It's so sad how many people are just ignorant and brainwashed like this.

I stayed up until about 3 am...

  Saturday 10/3/15

I got up about 10am. We went to Kaiser to pick up a prescription and to get our flu shots. It took hardly any time, which is surprising, especially on a Saturday and without appointments. I brought my laptop in case we had a long wait (my phone had died), and I barely had time to turn it on and get on to Kaiser's Wifi before they called us in for our shot. For once, there was NO LINE for prescription pick up. Wow!!

It's very hot today, in the mid-80's as usual.... we walked down to Gordon Biersch for lunch. They have a special German menu for Oktoberfest that David likes (none of it is gluten free!). I had my usual, the citrus pan-grilled chicken. At least there was a nice breeze there. I enjoy that walk because it's a half mile each way.

I stopped at the shave ice place on the way back...so much for being good! LOL!

I cleaned out our big closet, which was quite a chore. We had a lot of plastic bags saved. It had gotten out of hand! Now I can recycle most of them. I also had a lot of small boxes saved in there. I'm trying to get ready for the holidays. My next project is to put all of my business cards in the smaller boxes instead of the large ones that are cluttering up the living room. Then after that, I want to go through the closet in the guest bedroom.  Then I can have the apartment cleaned before I put up the Halloween decorations.

After we got our flu shots, the nurse told us both to make sure to move our left arms around and massage the shoulder, but she didn't tell us why, or tell us how long to do it, and we were clueless.  We did follow her instructions, but didn't do it very long. A little while later, we both had really sore shoulders. Maybe because I already have a problem with the upper part of my spine that causes my entire upper back, shoulder and neck to hurt, I got a sudden shooting pain, like a spasm, in my upper shoulder (the area near my neck) and then it hurt for quite a while after that. Apparently that's normal....David says he remembers the pain from last year, but I only vaguely remember that.

We went down to Waikiki for dinner...we went to Hatsuhana, the Japanese restaurant in the Hilton that we both like. David eats sushi there and I get the jidori chicken and a small salad. The sushi is half price if you go early enough in the evening, too. Then we went to Irish Rose, which was freezing. I was actually cold tonight because there was a lot of wind blowing, and all of the places had their a/c cranked up.

We just listened to music until he went to bed. After that, I just worked on my site. I really need to do the dishes and laundry tomorrow! It never ends.

I went to bed about 4am. I had terrible trouble getting to sleep. I was itching all over. It felt like all my nerve endings were on fire. Like my body was hyper even though I was very tired. UGH.

  Sunday 10/4/15

David woke me up around 11 for lunch. We went over to O'Toole's; they have a little happy hour-like lunch there, and he can watch various games. Usually I have hot dogs, but they had different stuff today, so there was nothing I could eat.  So we stopped at the pub Smith & King's, where I got an omelet. It was really good! Then I got a soda at Subway before heading home. They know me well at Subway :)

I was just sitting here typing when I saw a pigeon fly onto our lanai (balcony). I've occasionally seen one fly to the railing and sit there, but I've never seen one land on the patio furniture. It walked around our whole lanai, decided there was no food, I guess, and then flew off.  I know it's just a pigeon, but I love all of the wildlife they have here, especially the birds.  Yesterday, when we took the cab to Waikiki, we were stopped at one point for traffic by this little beach park area... the large dumpsters were there, and there were all of these egrets all over. I love those egrets; we rarely see one down here, and it's even more rare to see more than one. I was watching them, and then this other red-headed bird flew up to them. Love it!

We went to Downbeat as usual for dinner. I tried their club sandwich for something different. It was really good! I did succumb and bought an ice cream bar, but I only ate half and put the rest back in the freezer.

After we got back, I practiced guitar. Those blisters turned into calluses and it made practicing so much easier! Yay!  I can finally play the song "For What It's Worth" very slowly, all the way through, without making too many mistakes or hurting my fingers. Now I'm also working on "Leaving on a Jet Plane," the new song, which uses different chords than the ones I learned before. Hopefully I can sing with this one. Now I need new calluses for the other parts of my fingers LOL!

We watched TV. I did the dishes and laundry, worked on my site. A productive day!

I stayed up until about 2 am, but it took me a long time to get to sleep because of itching and my back hurting. Then I woke up again around 6am when the alarm went off for David and had more trouble getting back to sleep. My body is fighting this wake-up-early thing. I got dressed and went back to bed at 9am, but for some reason, my phone turned itself off. I mean, it had died, but it was plugged in, so I turned it back on, but for some reason, it turned off again. So I missed when the dry cleaner called. I woke up around 11am and turned it back on, and I had 2 messages from him. I felt bad. I called him back and he came again to pick up the laundry. Well, at least I'm up pretty early for a change.

For the past few months, I've been getting acne in weird places as well as on my chin like usual. This week I got one right on the inside of my lip! I thought it was a cut, but then it didn't go away and kept hurting, so I finally popped it. I wonder if this weird acne is from menopause?

Speaking of menopause, it's possible that my itching might be from that, too. It's hard to know. It's the blood underneath the skin. I mean, you can tell because scratching only helps so much and the skin is no dryer than before. I think I'd rather have hot flashes! The itching is pretty unbearable.

This website is not showing up on the web! For some reason, every year at this time, when my domain name expires, Marcos, who hosts my site, thinks that he has it set up to automatically renew, but it doesn't. I had it on my calendar to remind him, but then when he sent me the invoice for last month, it said "for renewing suzann.com" so I thought he had it handled. My mistake.  He's been sick, too, so that doesn't help. I called him last night because the server was down as well, so all my sites were down. He fixed that and thought he fixed the domain name problem, too, but that didn't work. So frustrating. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I mean, it's Monday so I want to post this blog, but I can't because no one will see it. I guess I'll post it late tonight.

I tried practicing guitar today...it was not as easy as yesterday. I was having real trouble. My arm/shoulder/hand keeps cramping up, for one thing.  The new chords he has me working on are really tough for me. My fingers are tiny! The C chord is especially hard on me, but the G chord is pretty hard, too. I will persevere, but I may need to get that smaller guitar after all. In the meantime, I ordered some new strings, recommended by my friend Mark, that are supposed to be easier on my fingers. That should help a little, but it's not the strings that are mainly the problem. It's the fingers being too small to stretch like this, especially with my bad spine problems. SIGH. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

We just ate dinner at home tonight.... my site is working again. Yay!

I cleaned out the guest bedroom, then I spent the rest of the night working on my site. I stayed up until 4am. My back was really bothering me (I spent too much time on the computer) but I was very tired, so it didn't take too long to get to sleep.

Hope you have a great week!

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