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  Monday 9/14/15

Let me apologize again for all of the complaining! I guess being sick and in pain is just part of getting older. I still had trouble sleeping last night because of too much itching! Also, my left shoulder has been hurting a lot, all day, and I was sick briefly, earlier today. Bleeccchhh!

We still have no hot water! They're saying it might be fixed on Wednesday. I had a cold shower today, and it was no fun. I did manage to finally clean up the kitchen a bit, but I can't really wash the dishes without any hot water.

I got up around 2pm and had breakfast: turkey with melted cheese, and a low carb ice cream bar. Later, we went to Epic for dinner. I had the duck salad, which is always great.

On the way out the door, I heard a cat yowling loudly. It's not the cat we usually see, but some big long-haired cat. It's just as shy as the other one (they only come over to you if you have food), but boy, it sure makes a LOUD sound! I thought it was stuck somewhere, the way it was howling. But I walked by it, and it was fine.

There's a bus stop right in front of our building, and one was stuck there, or having some sort of incident. This made the traffic get messed up and it was hard to cross the street. Also, you'd think by now that I'd remember to take the umbrella with me! We've been having tons of rain.

I stopped at Subway on the way home and got a soda, which is what I usually do after we go to Epic (they're right near each other). The ladies (and one guy) that work there are very nice and know me well by now. I picked up a package waiting for me downstairs. Fedex came earlier while I was sick, so I couldn't open the door. I got two new DVD's, which is good! Ones I would have bought anyway, but I got them for free. Yay!

Tomorrow I have an early morning interview, and then the pest control guy is coming. Good!  Because I still see some insects (mostly really tiny ones). I hope he can get rid of the tiny little grey/white spider mites. They're so annoying and creepy.

Wednesday I'm hoping to go get my new guitar, but we'll see...Thursday I have another guitar lesson, and David has a work dinner.  Friday night is the HPU 50th anniversary party. I have the Comic-Con all weekend. David was invited to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. I don't know yet if I'm going. It depends on when Stan Lee will be at the convention that day. I bought tickets, but so far they haven't said WHEN. It's a bit frustrating. Anyway, busy week!

  Tuesday 9/15/15

I woke up about 8:40 because I had a conference call at 9. Then I had to straighten up the house a bit. I even vacuumed the living room. Later on, I need to finish vacuuming the rest of the house, dust, and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. At least it doesn't look so bad right now.

The pest control guy came and sprayed...he never heard of the little spider mites! So weird. He seemed happy to learn about something new. He sprayed extra near the couch and my chair, so hopefully that will get rid of them.  His treatments have kept the cockroaches away, so that's great. I tried going back to sleep for a little while...

I haven't been keeping this up very well the last few days. Busy busy busy!

We went to Murphy's for dinner. It was raining a bit, but not too bad. We both had their chicken special, which was very good. Their regular chicken and turkey dishes tend to be over-cooked, but when they make this baked thing where they roll up a chicken breast with cheese and other stuff inside, it's usually really good. This one had mushrooms and spinach as well, and a wonderful sauce. Apparently the cook doesn't like making those regularly (too much trouble), so that's why they only have it occasionally. They also do lamb chops very well.

I spent most of the week just working on my site, as usual.  Between the heat, the rain, the allergies etc. I haven't had the energy for much else.

  Wednesday 9/16/15

We were shocked to get our Verizon bill, which was $75 more than the previous month. You may recall that last week I phoned them about why we kept getting text messages saying that we had exceeded our regular data allowance. We have 4 gig between us, but normally we don't go over that. The reason is that I'm usually at home, so I use my laptop for data. The cell is on the Wifi, anyway. He uses more of it than I do, but he also has a computer at work. When I phoned, the guy I talked to said that he didn't see that we had used that much data and that we only went over a little and would only be charged $30.  He suggested we ignore the texts. We both had our doubts about his competence, though.

So I figured it out by looking at our bill online. It was from the tablet I gave to David. I bought it in June, but he didn't really use it much until August when his laptop died.  So apparently just being connected to Wifi is not good enough. I also learned this from Debra when I posted it on Facebook. The default setting uses the mobile data, which of course is using that 4 gig that we have, and more. So every time he watched a video, or left his browser window open on a site that has videos, checked his emails, etc. it was using data.  I turned off the "mobile data" setting and hopefully that fixed it.

I phoned Verizon, first to talk to an account person about this; she gave us back half the money we paid over, and also, I agreed to put our data up to 6 gig for just this month, so we don't go over again, since we already are close to the edge of it and the billing cycle has barely started.  It's only $20, so that's no big deal.  Then I called technical support about a problem I was having on my phone with some ringtones. The woman there helped me after she figured it out. She also agreed that taking off the "mobile data" setting will probably fix the other problem. Let's hope that's right!  Their support lines open at 7 am Eastern, which is 1am our time, so I'm usually up then, anyway.

I washed our sheets and pillowcases, and I vacuumed most of the house. I felt industrious, I guess. We finally got our hot water back, so I was table to take a nice shower and then start the dishwasher.

We didn't feel like going out anywhere for dinner, so I just went to Subway and got us sandwiches.  The nice thing about Subway is that I can't eat unhealthy there. All they have is sandwiches and salads, pretty much. I can't eat their meatballs (not gluten free). Their pastrami is gross tasting and none of their cookies or other desserts are gluten free. Most of their chips are not, either. So I'm limited to sandwiches without bread, or salads.  But I do get kind of sick of eating there.

We've had this old wooden mantel clock for quite a while, and it died. New batteries didn't help. So I bought some new clocks online. First I got this one that looks like an old bicycle, and the face is old-looking and says "Grand Central Terminal - New York" on it. It's also got a pencil holder. I got two smaller ones for our bedrooms. I actually have 2 clocks already in the guest bedroom, but neither of them work! I came across this bear clock for that room, since my bears are in there. I got this small round wooden clock for our bedroom.

I was very tired last night, and my allergies were so bad. I was really stuffed up. So I actually went to sleep around 9. I slept on the couch because it was just too hot in our bedroom. Well, then the UPS guy knocked loudly on the door at 9:30! I can't believe that. I'm going to complain downstairs about that. That's way too late. Plus, he left a package, which he's not supposed to do. He's supposed to leave it downstairs with security if we don't answer. I went to bed in our bedroom after that, and then I was awakened at midnight when one of our new alarm clocks went off! Somehow I had accidentally set it. Oops! After that, I couldn't get back to sleep. I didn't go to bed again until around 6am.

  Thursday 9/17/15

I woke up around 10 and couldn't get back to sleep. I was just about ready to try again when I heard this really loud noise outside. It was way too loud to be something on the street. It sounded kind of like an airplane, but way closer. I went to look out the window to make sure it wasn't an airplane that was about to crash, and it was a helicopter! Here are a few photos I took That is one of the odd things about living downtown. You see all sorts of strange things. Later on, there was some big commotion at the bus stop below us (which is pretty common, unfortunately). Some big dog was barking, a man was shouting, a little kid was crying, and all the other little nearby dogs started barking, too. It might have been a homeless man because I heard him say, repeatedly, "This is not my fault! You shouldn't have woken me up!"  So who knows...

After the dry cleaning was delivered, and I had breakfast, I was very tired, but there wasn't enough time to go back to sleep. I took a shower and brushed my teeth, and then I barely had time to get dressed. I had my guitar lesson at 1. It was a tad cooler today than the horrible heat and humidity we've had lately, but still, the studio is over a mile away, so I try to give myself at least a half an hour to walk it. I put up my hair, put on my good socks and shoes (for support) and wore my coolest shirt. I probably should have brought a hat or umbrella, too, but I didn't. Thankfully, it only drizzled on me a little, and it felt nice.

We had a great lesson. First he had me show him the notes on the scale on the piano (that part is easy), and then he related that to the guitar strings.  I learned three chords: E A and D. Well, I didn't "learn" them, but I learned how to make them. He showed me how and gave me a chart so I can practice.  Also, I learned how to strum.  That part is pretty easy, but you'd be surprised how much co-ordination it takes to strum with one hand when you're also trying to remember to move your fingers in the correct place on the left hand.  Especially when you're over 50! LOL! The hour went by really fast, but physically, it was tough on me (especially my right arm and shoulder/back).

We're really busy this week and the weekend, but hopefully we can go get a guitar and the other stuff early next week. I wonder if they have guitar cases on wheels??? Otherwise, I hate the idea of lugging it two miles every week... He's a very good teacher and seems really nice, but I wish his studio were a little closer.

I had been a bit sick right before my lesson. As I walked back, I was trying to take a different route than last week, so I could find this shave ice place that I had passed with David, but I didn't see it. Anyway, first I went to Long's and was going to pick up a few items there, but then I had to rush over to Walmart to use their restroom...was sick again. So I just got my items there, instead. That's what Long's gets for not having restrooms for their customers! Then I stopped at McDonald's to get a late lunch. I usually order 3 or 4 cheeseburgers (since I don't eat the bread, they're not very filling if I only get one or two), and a diet soda, and sometimes a hot fudge sundae. I treated myself after my 2 mile plus walk!

When I got home, I found out that 3 of my cheeseburgers were doubles! So I saved some for later. I was very tired after that, so I went back to sleep until about 7 pm.  David had a work dinner, so he didn't come home for another hour or so.

Since then, I've just been working on my site etc. The usual! And doing laundry.

Tomorrow morning I have 3 conference call interviews between 6 am and 7:30. Hopefully I can go to sleep after those. We have a party to go to in the evening. I hope I can find time to get my hair done. Also, I have to go to the store and bake some cookies for another party on Saturday. Busy busy busy!

  Friday 9/18/15

Wow, this whole weekend went by really fast! I was just going going going.

After my conference calls in the morning, I went back to sleep about 8:30. I woke up at 2pm, and then I hurried over to the grocery store to buy ingredients for my cookies. Then I took a shower etc. and got ready for the party. I had a hard time deciding what to wear, but I eventually settled on this blue, green and white dress that is fairly flattering. I wore contacts and makeup for a change. I walked down to David's office, and then after a little bit, we walked down to the Aloha Tower Mall with Bill. The HPU 50th anniversary party was held at Gordon Biersch. After we got there, they gave us some VIP badges on lanyards, and we were escorted upstairs where the administrators (and I think donors or alumni?) were. It was really nice to see all the people there, some of which I knew from previous events. The sun was very bright, so it was hot and hard to see, even with sunglasses on. There was a nice breeze up there, though.  They served drinks and food...mostly tempure and sushi. I'm not a sushi eater, so I just had wine, and later, Champagne.  We went downstairs for a little while, where the rest of the professors and staff were (I'm not really sure how they divided it up). They have a stage down there, so there were speeches made by the president and others. There was a lot more food down there, so I had some good snacks and more wine. We made the rounds for a little while and then went back upstairs. It was a very fun party. Oh, and since it was the 50th anniversary party, they played a lot of songs from 1965, so that was great.

At the end of the evening, they had a beautiful fireworks show! It was the best one I've ever seen, and it went on for some time. It was really great. It was particularly nice to see our friends Matthew and Sarah.  Turns out Matthew has a guitar I can use for my lessons! Yay!

There were some professional photographers there, so hopefully there will be some photos up soon. If I find one good one of the two of us, I might use it on a Christmas card.

I was very tired, so I didn't stay up long. I went to bed around 10pm, but then at some point, I woke up and had trouble getting back to sleep. It was very hot. I finally got back to sleep around 1.

  Saturday 9/19/15

I woke up early, around 8. David had to go back to the ATM to open up the room for some people there that were using the facilities, so he took me over to the convention center first, around 8:30. I was worried about being too early, since the convention started at 10, but there were already many people there, standing in line. I was lucky to get there early and get a wristband without having to stand in line. I had bought 2 tickets, one in case David went with me, but our friend Tom agreed to go. Tom is kind of a fan of scifi but has never been to a convention, so he did find it interesting. However, I had forgotten that he had food surgery recently, so he was only able to stay for a few hours. Still, it was nice to see him and chat with him, and it was great to have him stand in line with me.

The main convention center area, on the first floor, had a counter to get the wristbands and program, and a small table for buying T-shirts and other stuff. Before Tom arrived, I bought a convention T-shirt and some comics that were printed especially for the convention.

While we were standing in line, I should have been trying to figure out where exactly the Stan Lee photos and autograph area was, but it didn't occur to me. I was busy chatting with Tom.  The program did have a map, but it was very confusing. The Stan Lee events were being run by a separate group called Stan Lee Collectibles, so the people running the Amazing Hawaii Comic Con didn't have anything to do with that, and so they were all clueless. They didn't even post the autograph/photos times until late Thursday night! They only posted times and no clue as to where they were, even though several of us asked on their Facebook page.

The bathrooms there were not crowded (thank goodness!), but they only had the one out in front of the big exhibition hall, so any time I had to go, if I was way back in the exhibition hall, it meant having to fight my way through the large crowd. They also had some vending machines there. I had a soda and chips from that before Tom arrived.

There was one large exhibition hall that they used for almost everything, aside from a few panels upstairs on the second floor.  So, when you walked into this huge room, there were artists' tables and vendors all over the place (the map indicated, falsely, that the vendors were up front and the artist's alley was behind them). In the back right was the Stan Lee stuff, in the middle back were the concession lines, and to the left was the "Main Stage" which was a room sectioned off with curtains. They really should have had the Stan Lee stuff in a completely different room because the long lines for that ran into everything else and made it more crowded and confusing.

Once we got into the convention, it was difficult to figure out where to go. Originally I wanted to get John Romita Jr.'s autograph at 10, but I was worried that if I did that, I would not get a good place in line to get my photo with Stan Lee at 11:30. So first I asked someone at one of the tables where the Stan Lee photo area was, and the guy told me it was outside at the table where they were selling T-shirts. This didn't sound right, but I went out there, anyway, and of course, he was wrong. So then I asked a guy who worked for the con, who was helping out at the registration table with the people in line, telling them when to go up, etc.  Well, he was utterly clueless. He didn't even understand my question, and I had to keep repeating it. Then he insisted that I didn't have a ticket for Stan Lee's photo, but instead it was "just a picture of Stan Lee" (even though it was clearly the ticket that I had printed out). So he was of no help. He did say, eventually, that it was inside the main hall, but he didn't know where. So then I went back in and asked a person standing at the door (checking wristbands), and they told me it was way in the back of the room. By the time I got in there, there was already quite a line. That was about 10:15.

I told Tom that he didn't have to stand in line with me, since he wasn't getting his photo or autograph, so he left and walked around. The people running the Stan Lee stuff were pretty good; very efficient. However, if I had known ahead of time that I would stand in a line for 2 hours to spend less than 5 minutes with Stan Lee, to get an unpersonalized autograph (not to mention paying $200 to do that)...I'm not sure I would have done it. Not that I'm sorry I did it, but it was exhausting and I was a bit disappointed. I completely understand that they had to hurry things along because he's very popular, but they should have let us know ahead of time.

There was a very nice couple in front of me dressed as Spider-Man (and Spider-Girl?), so that helped the time pass. The great thing about fans is that they're usually very friendly and happy to chat about fandom. We were all very excited to be there and be able to meet Stan Lee. Originally I had planned to wear my Batman shirt, but since I was getting my photo taken with Stan Lee, I decided it was more appropriate to wear my Spider-Man shirt.  Most of the people in line were wearing Spider-Man shirts, or costumes, or had Spider-Man stuff for him to autograph.  It was mostly Marvel attire.  They had us put our bags aside while they watched them as we went in. They had the areas sectioned off in the same way, with curtains. Stan was sitting on a chair, and I walked in just as the other two left. I said, Hi, and he said hi, their professional photographer took our photo, I said bye, and then I walked out. LOL! So short. Too funny. But he seemed nice. Hard to believe he's 92. He looks great.

Anyway, I followed the couple around back to pick up our bags, and then we got into another line to pick up the printed photo. I realized it was the wrong line, so we went over to the right one (we had inadvertently gotten into the line to buy tickets to the Stan Lee events). The photos were already printed out and looked great. Well, I look very fat, but otherwise, it was great! :) Then we got into the other line to get the photos autographed. Of course then we had to wait until Stan was finishing up getting all the photos done in the first line.

The convention sells VIP tickets in a limited quantity. You can pay extra to get in line sooner or get better seats to events. By the time I went to buy my tickets, they were already sold out. This is something new they do at cons, and I don't like it. It's really not fair.  So, anyway, the other reason we had to stand in line longer is that the VIP ticket holders got to do theirs first.

We were told that Stan would only sign his name, nothing else, so that's a shame, but again I understand why they do it, to speed up the line. They don't want you to take photos while he's signing, but I did take one surreptitiously, anyway. So, anyway, that was 2 hours of standing, and it was very hot (despite the a/c), so I was pretty tired after that.

Tom texted me that he was leaving; his foot couldn't take it any more. So after that, I just wanted to sit down and relax for awhile. First I stood in the concession line, and that line was very slow all weekend. I don't know if they had anything gluten free, but I just got a cheeseburger, some fruit, and a soda. They only have a few tables to sit at, so I went into the Main Stage area to sit down and eat, cool off for a while. The panel there was an artist I didn't know named Mark Bagley, and his wife. After I finished eating, I tried walking around the tables a bit. It was very crowded and hot. I bought a couple of things, but I was really tired, so about halfway through, I went up to the second floor panel to see if I could sit there for awhile. The panel there was two young people who'd started in animation voice over work. It was fairly interesting, but the room was not as well air-conditioned as the others. Oh, and I first accidentally went up to the parking area (the escalators up are right next to each other, and I didn't know they were different), so that was annoying.

They did have some really comfortable chairs there in the second floor, near the escalators, but I didn't stay long. I went back down to the panel at 2 where Kevin Eastman was speaking. He co-created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in 1983. He has quite an interesting story, which he told well. There were also some great photos he shared via a slideshow.

I had to leave this panel a little early because David picked me up around 2:45. We were invited to the 50th birthday party of one of his colleagues, a man named David that used to be Dean of the Math and Science college. I first changed into a new shirt. I went to the registration desk to see if they had scissors, so I could cut my wrist band off, and the woman said that if I wanted to get in the next day, I needed to leave it on! What!!!???!!! I was shocked.

The traffic was bad, so David had a hard time picking me up...well, it's Saturday night, near Waikiki, so of course it's going to be bad traffic.

When we got to the birthday party (I believe it was in Kailua), I got scissors and cut off the wristband anyway. It was a fun party! We knew many of the people there. It was outdoors, and fortunately, I didn't get bit by any insects! It was kind of hot, but not too bad. The host and hostess are really nice people, and their moms were there as well. They were very sweet.  The food was really good. It was a potluck and there were many things there that were gluten free. We had to leave a little bit early because David had to go back to ATM for some emergency thing. I left my cookies behind because most people hadn't gotten to dessert yet. I couldn't eat most of the desserts, but they did have a package of gluten free snickerdoodles, so that was great! I had a couple of those. I transferred my cookies to a large plate and took back my containers.

Fortunately, David was able to take care of the "emergency" fairly quickly. We went out to Murphy's for some more drinks. I got some sorbet but took most of it home. We were still really stuffed from the party.

After watching some TV, we went to bed pretty early.

  Sunday 9/20/15

I got plenty of sleep, but I was still very tired. I woke up around 7 to get ready, and I went with David back over to ATM. I got breakfast at Hooter's. They open early on the weekend for football and serve breakfast.  David had to let in some people again to the rooms. I ate my breakfast and then he took me down to the convention center again.

Although the schedule said that the first event was at 11, they wisely let us in at 10am again. There was a really long line to get in again. I brought my ipod with me so I could listen to songs while I stood in line by myself. There were two nice dudes in front of me, and a family of four behind me. The kids were a little antsy, having to wait around, but they were cute. They were nice enough to hold my place while I had to run to the bathroom at one point. Fortunately, there was a big fan right above us. Did I mention that the main convention center room has no a/c?

I got in line first to get Kevin Eastman's autograph. I bought two comics and he signed one. I told him how much I liked his panel yesterday and that he was a good speaker. He seemed very nice and glad to hear it, even though I admitted I had never before bought a TMNT comic but had enjoyed the movies.

While standing in this line, I met two nice guys behind me. One was in his 20's, I believe, a real fan boy. The guy behind him was a bit older and had kids. Chatting with them was fun and really made the time go faster. I bought some of my remaining TV MegaSite pens (the ones with little lights in them) and gave them a couple.

That line took a little over an hour. I got some water and used the restroom...I was going to get into another line, but it was way too long. Stan Lee had a panel at 3pm, so they were giving out wristbands for that at noon. (Yet another reason they should have had him in the other exhibition hall, which was much larger and could have fit almost everyone) Although I really wanted to go to that panel, I didn't want to stand in another long line, only to be near the end and possibly not get a wristband. Also, standing in another line so soon was not appealing.

So instead, I went into the main stage area again and sat down to rest my feet and have a snack.  There's this great bakery that sells gluten free stuff, and they always have a booth at these conventions where they sell macarons, my favorite cookie. It's made out of just ground almonds, powdered sugar, and eggs. My favorites that they make are strawberry-guava and salted caramel. They're really expensive, though. I believe they're $2 apiece, or 4 for $8, 8 for $15.  They're small, light and fluffy so they go fast.  Really delicious. Their shop is near Pearl Harbor, though, so I never go over there. Too far. Anyway, I munched on those while I watched bad cartoons in the panel area.

After that, I walked around some more, looking at the tables, taking some photos. I got in a short line for the guy who draws Bob's Burgers, Devin Roth. I bought a print from that show, that he signed, and I took his photo. Apparently John Romita, Jr. was only here on Friday and Saturday, so I missed him. Then I went to get lunch, and the line was really slow. I got a cheeseburger again, and a soda. there was no place to sit because they were keeping people out of the panel room while they had the line for people to get their wristbands.  The tables near the concession area were all full. I noticed one table where there were just two guys sitting there, not speaking, so I asked them if I could sit down and eat. One of them was very nice, and we chatted a bit while I gobbled down my burger. It's amazing how many people come to these things by themselves or just with some person they barely know. Their should be a scifi club or meetup here where people can have more scifi friends to hang out with. That was so great about S.T.A.R. back in San Diego. I always had someone to hang out with at these events, and part of the fun of them was running into people you knew.

Of course, the advantage of going by yourself is that you can go wherever you want to, too. Anyway, after that, I did more walking around and taking photos. Then I stood in a short line at the Main Event room again, and then they let us in. This was to see Rob Liefeld, who created Deadpool and some other heroes. I got a seat right up in the front, so I could get a good photo. I passed out the rest of my pens to the people in the first two rows.  People love getting free stuff! They were like, "For free?" LOL! Then a guy came out and told us all that the first 6 rows are for VIP ticket holders. I moved back and got a pretty good seat on the aisle.

After giving a very lively speech, Liefeld took questions from the audience. He said to just raise your hands and he would come over to you (he had a cordless mic). So I raised my hand and he came over! That was quite exciting. I asked him whether the Spider-Man costume inspired the Deadpool costume (both are red and black, with a hood/mask). He answered (I didn't completely understand what he said LOL). I got some close-up photos with my phone (my other camera's batteries died), but he is just a bundle of energy and moves around so much that I couldn't get a good photo! Apparently my question should have been, can you stnad still so I can get a picture? Ha ha! Anyway, he was very amusing and fun. The people around me were grinning a lot to me, when he came over, in cameraderie, so happy that he came over to us.  If you don't know who Deadpool is, he's going to have a new movie out soon starring Ryan Reynolds. I'm sure it will be a big hit. The X-Men's Colossus will also be in the movie. I barely know who Deadpool is because I don't read the current comics myself, but I've seen him in a few cartoons. He's a crazy, fast-talking loudmouth. Funny thing is, I can see how he is because Rob Liefeld is the same way! Okay, not crazy, but he's kind of hyper, talks really fast and loud, and never stands still for very long.

At the end, he showed us the trailer for the new movie. It looks really good, and we all loved it. It was a great and entertaining panel. After that, I walked around some more and took more pictures.  I was so tired of standing. I went to get a drink in the slow concession line.  There was a nice young woman in front of me, and we chatted about how long it was taking. She said she was starving, and frankly, she was very skinny, so I was concerned that she just might pass out. So I took out my remaining cookies and gave her one. I had mentioned that I just wanted a soda and had tried the vending machines, but they only took ones or change, and all I had was a five, so she suddenly realized that she might have singles. I was very grateful to her for giving me change for my five. I probably should have given her another cookie, but I didn't think of it until it was too late. Frankly, I just wanted to get out of that line! LOL!

Kevin Eastman had started his panel before I got in line, but I could hear it from where I was standing. It was almost exactly, word-for-word, the same talk that he gave yesterday. So after I got out of line, I went and sat down in his panel, and he was just about at the same place that he was yesterday when I had to leave. Perfect timing! I had left about 40 minutes into it, so there was only a little bit of his talk and slideshow left, so then he took a few questions.

After that was the Stan Lee panel, so I did more walking around and taking photos. I took a great photo of George Perez doing a drawing for this guy. Turns out there was a long line to see him, so I couldn't get an autograph or anything. That's fine, though, it was just great to see him and take the photo. I was also able to get a really good photo of Rob Liefeld, in front of his name at his name, actually standing still! Yay! He's really a handsome guy. He's only about 6 years younger than me but is still quite good looking.

I did walk over and listen to some of the Stan Lee panel. He's very funny and the crowd, of course, worshipped him. I was getting tired, though, so after that I took a cab home. There was fortunately a cab line outside, so that was very convenient. The cab driver asked what was going on and wondered if it was something to do with Halloween. I explained that it was a comic book convention with thousands of people there. I wonder how many there were?

There were so many fabulous costumes at the convention, and I wish I could have gotten them all! You can see man photos here at the newspapers page, and on this FB page. You can see mine on Instagram. I'll probably be putting more up on FB as well. Here are many  photos that the newspaper took from the weekend. Some more links: Facebook page #1  and Facebook page #2

I bought a few things...some t-shirts, a few comics, and buttons, and some Star Wars figures. It's funny that back in the 70's when I had no money, the convention dealer's tables had lots of great things that I wish I could buy, but now that I'm older and have money, I didn't find too much that I wanted to buy. C'est la vie!

I was very exhausted when I came home, but I changed clothes and we went to Downbeat for dinner usual. After we went home, I didn't stay up too late. I went to bed about 7:30pm. I slept for 3 hours and then got up again. I had some low blood sugar, so I ate. After awhile, I went back to sleep. I got up and moved to the couch because our room was just too hot. I was pretty much there until around 8 when I moved back into the bedroom. Whew!

Have a great week! Can you believe that there are only a few weeks left of September?

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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