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  Monday August 31

I was invited to 2 conference call interviews this morning. One was at 7 and the other one was at 8. I hadn't gotten a confirmation for the first one, but that's not unusual. Finally I phoned the company and they said it was postponed. Thanks for telling me! Fortunately, I had already stayed up all night, anyway, so it wasn't as big of a deal as it could have been. The other one was fine, but I was just so tired...

The dry cleaning delivery man came around 10:30 as he usually does, but I was so exhausted that I didn't hear the phone ring the first few times, and then for some reason, when I swiped "answer" it just wouldn't work. I grabbed the dry cleaning bag and my keys, and put on my shoes, and headed out the door. I finally got him right before the elevator arrived.  Whew! Since they don't charge extra for picking it up, I always feel bad if I'm not ready when he phones. He calls when he's on his way. I'm sure they do factor in the cost of the "free" delivery service in their prices, but still.... plus the man is just so nice.

Don't get me wrong -- I really love the fact that I no longer have to wash David's work clothes and have to worry about whether they'll be wrinkled before I can take them out of the dryer, or whether I have to iron them (I hate ironing!), and he looks so much nicer with pressed clothing. However, I hate having that time commitment. Every Monday and Thursday, I have to be home between 9 and noon, and either be awake or have to be dressed while I'm asleep and have everything ready to just grab.  It's not a big deal but slightly annoying.

I think I tried to go back to sleep after that but couldn't....I don't know, it's so hard to keep track of the days, especially when we had so many things going on this weekend. I went through the 300+ photos I took on Sunday of the hula concert, edited them and uploaded them to Facebook (and deleted most of my photos on my phone).

Other than that, I mostly just worked on my site and watched TV. Nothing too exciting!  My shoulder's been hurting a lot for the past two days, probably from spending too much time on the computer.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I just had their turkey dinner as usual. It was ok.

It's been really super hot and humid. I've had a lot of itching and watery eyes, too. I really need to make another appointment with the allergy doctor at Kaiser. I'd had one back in July, I think? But I canceled it and need to get another one. I don't know if they can help me, but it doesn't hurt to try again. I haven't been to an allergy doctor since we lived in Columbus (and I didn't like the guy there very much, so I only went once. He couldn't help me, anyway).  I had a really great allergy doctor in Tuscaloosa. One of the few things I liked there! Ha ha! You should see, though, my back, and my arms and legs. They're all scratched up badly from the itching. At night I put Benadryl gel all over. I practically bathe in the stuff.

The problem is that Benadryl spray and gel are meant for things like bug bites or poison ivy, not for allergies. The allergies are in the blood, not the skin. The skin itches because the blood under it itches. So when I use the Bendaryl spray, it feels soothing for a while but doesn't really help the allergies much. The medicine I take is supposed to take care of the allergies!

UGH. I did laundry... last week, I had noticed a moldy/mildewy spell on the towels, and I cleaned the inside of the washer. It had a black ring around it. I thought that might have solved the problem. I was hoping not to have to clean it with vinegar and baking soda. That sounds like too much of a hassle. But it looks like I'm going to have to now :(

I made some blueberry pancakes with the gluten-free, low carb mix that I buy online from https://www.holdthecarbs.com/ Very yummy! I don't like all of their stuff, but love the pancake mix, and the sugar free chocolate chips, and the chocolate chip and almonds snackpack. I double the batch and then I have a lot left over for other meals. It's very handy.

  Tuesday September 1

Last night I went to bed about 2:30 (tried to sleep before that but couldn't) and then I woke up around 7:35 (probably from David leaving; he closes the door too loudly!).  I did some work on my site and had breakfast (more pancakes).  Later, I walked down to the Aloha Tower Marketplace (it's half a mile one way) to check out their new bookstore. It's a campus bookstore. Their old one was pretty small and didn't have much. The new one is a lot better.  Not the best one I've seen, but not bad. Better than the one they had at UCR years ago and the one at Texas Tech (maybe about the same as that one? Although I did like that they sold beanie babies). Not as good as the ones at Columbus State or at Alabama.  The student center and bookstore at U of A was awesome. I spent a lot of time (and money) there. But this is a much smaller school, so it's not a fair comparison. Besides, this one is right on the harbor, so the view is definitely better!

I stopped at Walmart as well to get a few things, then at Subway to pick up lunch. I had way too much to carry as usual! And man, was it hot and humid. UGH. It was supposed to rain, I heard, but it didn't. It should tomorrow.

After I got back, had lunch and cooled off, I was tired, so I went back to sleep for about 2 1/2 hours.  David and I met up for dinner at Epic. We ran into Lorraine, who is really nice, so we joined her for dinner.  I had the arugula salad, which is always good, but I'm kind of sick of it. Then we had dessert, so I got the flaming creme brulee.  It was really yummy and came with a banana cream.

I put away the laundry and straightened up...David had a work phone call, so I stayed in the bedroom doing that for a while.

I'm annoyed at our cable company because they changed the way they do the DVR. I just don't like their new format or layout. It groups all the shows together (by name) and it doesn't seem to have an option for you to look at them ungrouped (which requires extra clicking).  I hate when I'm used to doing things a certain way and then they change it. It's hard to get used to the new way of doing it.

My arm is hurting, probably from carrying too much easier today. Stupid me for not taking a cart.

  Sunday September 6

I didn't do a very good job this week of keeping the blog updated. I hurt my arm/neck a lot so I was doing a lot of sleeping this week, and taking medication.

We didn't do anything all that exciting for most of the week, anyway!

Sometime during the week, I ran the washing machine with apple vinegar in it. Heloise Hints suggesting cleaning it this way, with white vinegar. I didn't have white vinegar, but I think the apple vinegar did the trick.

On Thursday, the hurricane passed nearby, so we had torrential rains. I'm not exaggerating! All week I was waiting for the rain, and we got a little on Wednesday, but otherwise it didn't really rain until Thursday. I went out to my dentist appointment, and I didn't realize how hard it was raining, so I wore my sandals. I had a good umbrella, but my feet and shoes got drenched. The dentists' office is only 4 blocks away!  It's a long four blocks in that rain.  I took off my shoes and dried off my feet with paper towels when I got there. Being Hawaii, they don't care if you go barefoot, anyway.

I had my tooth filled, the one with the crown that I had a root canal in, not too long ago. The procedure was fairly easy. They didn't even have to give me any painkillers. I hate having my mouth open for a long time, but otherwise it wasn't bad.  They gave me plastic bags to put on my feet, so I wouldn't have to put my dry feet in the wet shoes! It worked great. I didn't care how I looked.

I got early to my appointment. I thought it was at 11, but it was at 11:30!  So I was sitting there for a long while.  We were all watching the rain pour in the street outside. Also, they had satellite TV and it kept going out.  We were all wondering whether the power would go out. Thankfully, it didn't, at least in our part of the island. Something funny happened while I was sitting there. We heard thunder crack and a huge amount of water came down, and then this HUGE cockroach came RUNNING in, under the door, to get out of the rain. Poor thing looked so scared (if a cockroache can look anything!). It ran right toward me, so I quickly lifted up my feet! LOL! It was just very funny (and kinda gross).

The rain let up a little when I walked home, and then it started pouring again later. I stopped at Tap Room to get lunch on the way home.

Poor David had been walking from the Aloha Tower, which is about a half mile away, and near the ocean, so he got pretty drenched and had to run home to change his pants and shoes.

I was supposed to have my first guitar lesson that same afternoon, but I re-scheduled it, since I didn't want to walk a mile in that downpour.

We got delivery food for dinner again, since it was too rainy to go out. I had the gluten free pizza again from California Pizza Kitchen (via Aloha 2 Go), and David had wings.  The pizza was really good, but super spicy for some reason.

On Friday, I went to the allergy doctor at Kaiser. It's the first time I've gone to the allergy doctor for quite a while. He gave me a new medicine (Singulaire, which is actually an asthma medication) to try that should, hopefully, stop the itching. Unfortunately, it does take a few weeks to get into your system. Now I'm taking about 10 medications per day! Yikes. 4-5 of them are for allergies.

Since it was Labor Day weekend, and David had to stay late at work on Friday, we didn't go to Waikiki as usual.  We went to Square Barrells for dinner.

I did some singing and recording... trying to learn some newer songs.

Saturday morning I was really tired, but we went to the Ethiopian restaurant for lunch. It's only 2 blocks down. It was really delicious and we both loved it.  They've increased their portion size, which is good because before it would not have been enough.

I don't remember if I said this or not, but last weekend the power went out downtown for a few days (not in our building). Thankfully, it's all back to normal now!

Saturday night we just went to Murphy's again for dinner. Neither of us was very hungry because we'd had such a huge lunch. We just shared their "Irish nachos," which are really good. They're basically potato skins with corned beef, cheese, and cabbage. The cheese has horseradish in it, so it has a little kick.

We discovered that this awful little dive bar Smith's Union has karaoke every night! We normally don't walk that close to that street, so we had no idea (there's no sign or anything, either). I'm annoyed that I didn't know that, all this time.

We were going to stop there on the way back from Murphy's, but we both forgot! LOL!

On Sunday, we went to Gordon Biersch for lunch. I love their lemon chicken. It's really great. I got the sweet potato fries. Their rice pilaf is also really good. It's always nice to walk down to the harbor, even when it's really hot like it was today. It's just so pretty down there. We walked through the Aloha Tower Marketplace, which has been all re-done now for the students. It looks really nice.

I spent part of the day chatting with a fellow TV website editor....that was fun!

At night, we did go to Waikiki. We went to the Hilton, and we walked around the beach a little bit, so I could take some nice photos for Instagram.  Then we went to our favorite sushi bar restaurant, Hatsuhana.  Our waitress had a little trouble understanding English, but eventually we got it figured out. Usually they're better about that there. I just had to make sure that my food was gluten free. She gave me a small salad that had their dressing on it, which I know has soy sauce in it. I had to convey that I wanted the packaged Thousand Island instead.  David loves their sushi, and we didn't even know that they have it 25% off on Sundays when you come early! So that was cool. I love their Jidori chicken, which is just really good skin-on chicken thighs, broiled with salt.  Yummy.

We walked over to the GS Studios karaoke, which is where they have the private karaoke rooms, and we sang for an hour. That was fun. We stopped in at the Irish bar for a drink, and it was mercifully quiet for a change.  Then we went home.

I did the laundry Saturday night, and I think the mildew smell is gone from most of the clothes. Yay!

The TCA (Television Critics of America)  is the professional organization for TV Critics. Twice a year, they allow you to apply for membership. I had tried once a few years ago, so I wanted to try again. I had to get copies of some of my blogs and other articles and send them, as well as fill out information and get some references. I don't know if they'll let me in or not, but it would be great if they did! I think I will be able to get more interviews and more access to TV network sites than I already have. Also, they have events twice a year, in L.A., and maybe I can go to some.  You can't go if you're not a member, though.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I'm sure that if I worked for Entertainment Weekly or the L.A. Times, I could get in with no problem, but they want to keep out amateurs and dilletantes, so they might not think I'm worthy.  Many of the TV networks and their PR people consider me "press," but that doesn't mean that the TCA will. I might, what else do I have to do? I work on my site more than 40 hours per week. I interview actors. I review just about every new TV show. I post constantly on social media. I keep a professional attitude. My site's been around a long time. I think I've paid my dues!

I've still been itching quite a lot. Tonight I tried to go to bed early, but I was itching too much and now tired enough. My legs are scratched up badly.

Hope you're having a great three day Labor Day weekend!  We have a lot of fun stuff coming up.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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