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  Monday August 24, 2015

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Today is Duke Kahanamoku's 125th Birthday!

It hasn't been a good day at all....

Last night I stayed up too late. I tried to go to bed around midnight, but it was hot and humid. We had a raging storm outside with lots of thunder and lightening. The rain was really loud. So I didn't sleep well. I had David set the alarm for 9, and I did get up, but I didn't stay up. Once the dry cleaner guy came to pick up the clothes, and I had breakfast, I went back to bed around 11 and slept until  after 3:30. Too much sleep.

We went to Epic for dinner, and I should have had a salad, but I'm just sick of their salads. I had a burger, and  a few fries.

It was a little cooler today; I guess the storm cooled us off a bit. David was working at the new buildings over by the Aloha Tower today. The students are moving into their new dorms there, and he was helping out (as were a lot of other people). Sounds like it was hard work! I need to go over there and check out the new bookstore.

I got a nice new stand mixer for Christmas. I don't do a lot of cooking or baking, so I keep it in a cupboard with the big glass mixing bowl. I made some whipped cream, and then I made some pancakes again. It was all going great until I picked up the mixing bowl to scrape the last of the batter out. Somehow I managed to injure my left shoulder/arm again (due to my spine problems). UGH. I had to take a muscle relaxer, and I'll probably get off the computer now for a while to rest my shoulder because it hurts...

I have a whole cupboard full of drugs! Every time I go to the dentist or doctor, seems like I get a huge bottle of pain killers. No wonder so many Americans get hooked on drugs. That doesn't even count my muscle relaxer pills, which I rarely use.

I kept trying to go back to sleep, but it didn't really work for more than an hour or two. I finally got to sleep very late in the morning.

  Tuesday August 25, 2015

I woke up around 2:30pm. It was raining all afternoon and early evening.

I cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen; it was quite a mess. I also put away the laundry and re-organized our clothes drawers a bit. I have to do that periodically or it becomes too difficult to find anything or close drawers (since we have so little room here).

David had a work dinner. I ordered from Aloha2Go, which will bring you food from lots of different restaurants. They have California Pizza Kitchen, which now has gluten free pizza, so I got that! It was great. It did take 2 hours and was cold, so I just reheated it in the microwave. The delivery guy was very apologetic because of the rain and traffic.

It was nice and cool during the rain but got awful again afterwards...hot and very humid. Yuk.

I installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking once again. I've used it off and on over the years, but I hadn't bothered yet since I got this laptop (a year and a half ago!).  Since I hurt my shoulder yesterday, and there have been other times when I felt like it was too painful to work much on the computer... I will try using this program to see if it helps.  It just takes some learning and getting used to. It works great for dictation, and works well in Notepad and Word, but I'm still learning how to use it in the browser. Also, it doesn't really work in Frontpage. It works sporadically, so sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. I think it'll be a great help, though; especially when my back and shoulders are hurting.

I felt like watching something really fun while I was working, so I put on some Netflix movies. I watched "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace." I hadn't seen any of the newer Bond movies. David and I used to go to them whenever they came out, but we stopped going to the movies, for the most part, years ago.  When we lived in Lubbock, I had Lynn to go to movies with, and David doesn't really like movies, anyway, so I left him off the hook. After we moved to Tuscaloosa, we didn't go to very many movies (I had no one to go with). We were not in the habit of going any more, really. I have to admit that I didn't think I would like Daniel Craig because he's not as good looking as the other Bonds. He has his good points, though. I like how they sort of went back to basics and made the movies more realistic, more like when the movies first started back in the 60's with Sean Connery.

  Wednesday August 26, 2015

The owner of Aloha2Go phoned me in the morning to say how sorry they were about my pizza being late, and cold! He refunded my whole bill. Wow! That's great service. But he did call around 7:35am, so that was not great. He did apologize, but why call so early in the first place???

I mostly worked today and tried to catch up on sleep! It rained heavily today, too. I didn't go out at all for two days, which I didn't like. I made some pork chops and green beans for dinner for us. Yes, I actually cooked for a change! LOL!

I started watching "Skyfall" but didn't finish watching it until late the next day. I didn't like it as much as "Casino Royale." There were some things I really didn't like about it. There were a lot of plot holes and things that made no sense. It didn't seem as grounded in reality. The action sequences were good, but too over-the-top. Bond falls from the top of a train after getting shot, into the water, and somehow survives. They think he's dead, but we never find out how he survived. I didn't like that they killed off M.  I guess that in "Casino Royale," it's kind of a reboot and Bond has just started out as 007. Frankly, I didn't really understand that while I was watching it.  So how come, two movies later, they're talking about how old he is and should retire? That makes no sense.  How can it be a reboot when they have the same M that Pierce Brosnan's Bond had?  The villain was good in some ways, but he was too cartoon-like. He reminded me a little of Tim Curry (who would have made a great Bond villain).  Then there was that gratuitous gay scene between the two of them, which seemed to mean nothing and went nowhere. It was just a weird movie with a lot of slow parts and too many characters, and plot points that went nowhere. The theme song was great! I hope that "Specter" is a lot better and more like "Casino Royale" than the other two.

  Thursday August 27, 2015

I was sick a lot today... I slept from about 9pm last night until 2 am, then slept again from about 11:30 to 3. More split shift sleeping!

We went to J.J. Dolan's for dinner so he could have pizza, then we stopped at the Tap Room so I could get my dinner, as we have been doing lately (at least once a week). I ran out of Sugar-free Popsicles, and I haven't had time to get to the store to get more, so I was going to get ice cream there, but the only two flavors they were cookie dough and avocado. Even if I wasn't allergic to avocados, i doubt I would like them in ice cream! Sounds gross. I don't really want to eat regular ice cream because of the sugar, but it's just been so hot.

I worked on my site a lot as always.  I went to sleep about 9pm again and woke up around 1:30am. I was a little sick, so I didn't want to go out.

Something I ate had gluten and made me very sick, so I was sick a lot later in the night and a lot the next day. I don't know if it was the Tap Room or not. I'm going to have to buy their food again and test it for gluten to see if it is indeed gluten-free like they said. If not, I guess I'll have to stop going there. Obviously more than one thing made me sick, since I was also sick BEFORE I got the takeout.

I went to bed early again, around 9pm, but then I woke up at 1:30am again. I went back to sleep around 6:30am and slept until 1pm.

 Friday August 28, 2015

The allergies have just been terrible, with lots of itching. UGH.

I slept a lot today because of being so sick. I tried to watch TV and do some work in the meantime.

I was supposed to go with David to this student thing down at the Aloha Tower, but I wasn't feeling up to it. He called me afterwards, around 7. I was feeling better, so we met up at Duc's Bistro and had dinner. Well, he'd already eaten, so it was mostly me. They have great food and know gluten well, so I never get sick there. It's a family operation. Great restaurant and it's not even a block from our house. I love their spring rolls.

I'm afraid that our washer, on top of everything else, needs a good cleaning. The towels are coming out smelling moldy. I don't know if I have the energy to clean it with vinegar and all that. SIGH. That's part of the problem with living somewhere so humid. The washer doesn't dry out. I did clean around the inside of it, so hopefully that helped.

Also, when I buy sugar less gum, I have to keep it in the fridge or else it melts!  And powdered detergent sticks together. So do other things, like spices, and gummy vitamins. Having this heat and humidity causes a lot of problems. Like more insects!

My fridge also really needs cleaning, so I'm going to have to hire someone, I think. I don't see myself cleaning both of those things...

I haven't been dieting or exercising like I wanted to. I'm afraid that I won't be able to fit into my costume by mid-September now. Maybe by Halloween?

  Saturday August 29, 2015

I slept so much yesterday that it was tough to sleep too much this morning. I only slept a little until we went to Zippy's for breakfast (even though I can't eat everything I used to eat there before). I just had some scrambled eggs and some Spam. Afterwards, we stopped at Safeway for a few things and then had a nice nap.

I did lots of work on my site throughout the day.  For dinner, we went down to Waikiki and ate at Nobu. We'd eaten at the one in Las Vegas before, but not at this one. I always forget about it, for some reason. I had these little tacos that were delicious. David had sushi.

My first guitar lesson got pushed back to Thursday due to flooding in the studio. I can't wait! Should be fun.

I was very tired about 9, but I stayed awake until after 10.

  Sunday August 30, 2015

I woke up around 3:30, did work and watched some TV, then listened to music. I went back to sleep for a little bit around 7am but didn't stay long. It was pretty hot and also, there was lots of itching due to allergies.

I guess we have another hurricane coming our way (Ignacio), but it's supposed to pass North of us. I'm not worried! I'm not looking forward to more rain, though. So far it's been nice and clear, and today is not too humid.

We went to Downbeat for breakfast. I'm so happy that they're open earlier now because they do have great omelettes. We tried to go to Scratch, but as usual, there was a long line.  Downbeat's just as good, IMHO. It looks like Grondin is now open for breakfast, too, so that's great.

We have a Hula concert-thing to go to this afternoon. That should be fun!

I can't remember if I said this last week or not, but I don't have to get a crown after all, just a filling, so that's a huge relief. It's much cheaper and is not such a difficult time (doesn't take 2 hours).  Tomorrow I have two conference calls in the morning, and in the afternoon, the rest of my dental cleaning.

David is teaching this semester, so he starts his first class tomorrow, too.

I took a nap in the afternoon, then got up and took a shower, got ready for the hula concert. Bill picked us up and we drove to an area in the mountains (Kaneohe) called Ko'olau Golf Club. It's now owned by a Presbyterian Church. It's very beautiful there in the mountains, and I took many photos, some outside and the rest inside of the hula concert. They're up on Facebook.

The reason we were there is that it's the 10th anniversary of this hula hālau (or school/group) for this professor who teaches hula at HPU. They really put on a great show! It was over 3 hours long, but I enjoyed it. This is not the hula you see in the tourist area but the real, traditional hula that the locals do. There was lots of singing, music and dancing. They had not only her students but some other groups that performed.  I'm sure there will be lots of videos of it on Youtube. One of the groups that performed, The Lim Family, were great, and I plan to download their tunes online. It was very humid when we left, and it was raining when we drove back, but not once we came out of the mountains. I guess we'll be getting more rain later this week.

We were both pretty tired when we got back. I haven't been able to get to sleep, though. My schedule is so messed up now!

Wow, I can't believe it's almost September now.  Have a great week!

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