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  Monday August 17

I went to bed last night about 2, but it took me a long time to get to sleep. Then I had to get up at 6:30 because I had a 7am conference call. It went fine, and then I made an appointment for the dentist to get my crown fixed/replaced (the root canal was the second one on that same tooth, so they had to drill a hole in my crown to do it).  My appointment is for September 10. I wish it were sooner. I hate having to chew on just one side. Sounds like it might cost close to $1000. UGH. We have HMSA and I guess that's not very good insurance here. The root canal surgery with a specialist cost $350. Why is the crown put on by the dentist more expensive? Beats me.

Now that the US has some public insurance (not as good as we should have, but it's better than what we had before), they should work on getting dental coverage for everyone. Your teeth are just as important as the rest of your body, and having infections in your teeth can lead to medical problems elsewhere, including your heart and brain. Having broken teeth can cause a lot of pain. Having teeth fall out can affect your work and your social behavior. It's for the good of society as well as the individual. It's ridiculous how expensive these things are, too, just like the medical costs. They also need to teach more in the schools about preventative dental and medical care (and to the parents as well).  I know that I'm certainly not the standard for this, since my parents didn't teach us right about almost everything, but I think there are a lot of families where they just don't brush or floss, or it's not important. When people have poor diets and too much sugar and fat, leading to diabetes and other health problems, of course they're also going to have other poor habits as well. Also, genes can make a huge difference in your teeth health as well as regular health.

I'm trying to force myself to brush and floss more, plus I'm supposed to rinse with this antibiotic stuff that the endodontist gave me. Blah.

I went back to sleep and only woke up briefly to take the dry cleaning down. I must have been really tired because he had to call twice to let me know he was here. That hasn't happened before! Luckily he's a nice guy. He called back ten minutes later and I heard him that time. My phone is pretty loud, but we also have the lanai door open, and there's lots of noise out there. Another good reason to get up around  9am and stay up.

I sent a card to my sister and her husband because this week is her anniversary. Also, they both just retired. Neither is 60 yet. Must be nice!

I finally woke up again about 2pm. It was very hot. Then I got sick as per my usual problems. UGH. I was sick all day, off and on, with pain and other problems.

We went to dinner at Epic. My mouth is a little sensitive right now, especially with hard things like nuts. Not just where the root canal was, but in the rest of my mouth, since I'm supposed to only eat on the right side. It kinda hurts after awhile. I've stopped taking the painkillers they gave me, too. (I did take more later)

The allergies have been really bad all day with watery eyes, sneezing, and sinus pain.

Despite all of the allergy problems, I finally picked up all of the junk in our guest room and put things away. Hurrah!! It really needed it. I'm oddly proud of myself...

Maybe I can finally really clean the house this week. Ha ha! We'll see.

I still don't have Windows 10. I had clicked on the "Get Windows 10!" icon on my taskbar and signed up for it, and it said that they would start installing it in July, but I still don't have it. I went to that page again and it has a link that tells you more information about why it's not installed yet. It says "Critical hardware components made by Intel for your PC don't have drivers for Windows 10 yet." Wonder how long that will take? Hmm, from reading in the Intel forum, sounds like I should wait...

  Tuesday August 18

I didn't get to bed until after 6 am because my allergies were causing me a lot of problems. I was then awakened about 1:30pm by the phone.

The washer is still leaking, but it only does it intermittently, so the landlord was going to send a repair person out, and I would have had to run some laundry before the guy got here, and then call him off if it didn't leak. Just too much hassle, so I just said, never mind, let's cancel it for now. It's only leaking a little. I'll let him know if it becomes worse. I'll just keep a towel there for now and hope it doesn't get worse!

I was sick again a lot today from the usual problems. I did manage to go run some errands, though. I had to send our old modem back to Oceanic Time Warner Cable, so I went to the post office. I also renewed my post office box and bought some stamps. They have new Elvis stamps now! I bought some of those, and some more Batman stamps, and some "normal" ones for David. Ha ha!

Then I went to Wal-Mart. I had bought a gift card from a friend (long story), but when I went to use it a few weeks ago, their scanners couldn't scan it. I didn't feel like hanging around, waiting for them to fix it, so I did that today. It took a half hour, but they finally just gave me a new one. I bought some new DVD-R's and some other stuff, then I stopped at McDonald's to get food. I was starving at this point!

When I got home, it was so hot.  After getting sick some more, I took a little nap before heading out for dinner with David. I took a shower, too. It was just so hot! I wasn't very hungry, of course, so I just had their "Irish nachos", which is basically, potato wedges with corned beef and melted cheese. Not the healthiest thing in the world.

I love all of the animals in this building, and I saw some cute dogs today in the elevators and got to pet them. That always brightens my day! There are some really sweet dogs here.

My brother David went to Turkey this past spring to work for a company called English Time that pays you to teach English to foreigners. He did this once before for a company in Korea. He liked the job, but he wasn't too fond of Korea (cold and too many smokers). Still, he was there a while. These other people screwed him over, though. They didn't pay him what they promised, didn't get him a work visa, and other stuff, so he kept pestering them about it (with good reason) until one of the guys got annoyed and fired him. He really loved Turkey, but he can't afford to live there without a job.  He has some other small income, but he had trouble accessing his bank from there. Anyway, long story short, we bought him a plane ticket tonight so he can come back to San Diego.  I know he'll pay us back because he has before.  Besides, he's family. I'm glad he's returning to the US because I was worried about him over there. I have 3 brothers and worry about them, even though they're older than me. I guess it's just what family does.  I'm sure if I wasn't married or in a good situation, they would worry about me, too. Glad that's all taken care of.

Otherwise, tonight I've just been working on my site... the usual!

We're supposed to have lunch at Zpizza with Tom and Cynthia tomorrow. Then Cynthia and I are going to see "Rickki and the Flash." I might stay there and see "Fantastic Four" after that, by myself, depending on how late it goes...

  Wednesday August 19

I tried going to bed around 2 am, but I just couldn't sleep. I didn't get to sleep until after 6 am. Blah.  I had set the alarm for 9:15, but then I woke up at 8:45. Don't you hate when that happens?

I usually wear a superhero shirt when I go to the movies (especially if I'm seeing a superhero movie). I was going to wear the light blue one I got a few months ago that has Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman on it, but I can't find it. I wonder how it could have disappeared? Instead I wore my pink one that has a silver/glittery Supergirl S on it. It's a more flattering color, anyway, I think.

David came home around 10:15 and drove us over to ZPizza in Ward Center. That's an outdoor mall area. They have gluten free pizza. We met Tom and Cynthia there for lunch. I'm so glad that my friends don't mind eating at places that are gluten friendly for me. I wish we had a Zpizza near us or that they delivered. I buy Udi's sometimes in the store, but it's not very good. The only good gluten free frozen pizza I ever had was from a company called Food by George.  None of it is low carb, either, so it's not good for me, anyway.  Sometimes you just want pizza, though! Plus their toppings at Zpizza are also gluten free, so I can eat it without the crust if I like. Unlike the two pizza places downtown, near us...

We had a nice lunch with them. Cynthia and I went to the movie. Tom went home and David went back to work.  We both enjoyed the movie and were singing along to the oldies. It wasn't a bad movie -- a very enjoyable rock chick flick. I would have preferred to see more Rick Springfield in it, or hear one of his songs, but still, it was good.  Meryl Streep was the star, so it was mostly about her, and some about Kevin Kline and then Rick Springfield third.  I read that they filmed all of the musical scenes live, so that it would sound authentic. No lip synching or dubbing.  Meryl is an ok singer (much better here than in "Mama Mia!") and she learned to play the guitar for the movie.  All of the other band members are seasoned musicians like Rick Springfield. They sounded great.  I sing much better than Meryl, though (I don't play the guitar), and look better (to be fair, she's 12 years older than me), so it just made me feel bad, somewhat, about not being in a band. I used to get annoyed whenever we heard a band play in public, especially if it was a female singer, and especially if I know I could sing it better. Similar thing.

Yes, I still have my band but we never meet, and I don't know what's going on with them. They just don't seem to care about getting together any more. I don't know what's going on... We last performed at Christmas, and we last had a rehearsal in January (which went great). I've called, I emailed, I Facebooked....SIGH. I tried to get an all-female band together, but that hasn't worked out, either. It's so frustrating. What really makes me feel bad is that if I had started taking guitar lessons back when I first wanted to get in a band, I would probably be good at it by now. I just don't know if I would have the time and energy now to learn to play well enough so I could sing by myself. I should probably look into it, though.

This way, too, if we should ever move again to another area (which I hope we don't because I love Hawaii!) then I only have to worry about myself and my own playing...not leaving my band or having to find new band members so much. I can then go to open mic nights and play, too. I just think it will make things easier, even if it means I have to work harder in the meantime.

Also, I've seen people who don't have a whole band and they play along with pre-recorded music (i.e. karaoke), so I can certainly do that, too.

Anyway, after the movie, I stopped at Buca di Beppo like last time and ordered their salad to go. I went to the restroom and was washing my hands. I went to open the door and saw another woman out of the corner of my eye, about to open the door, and it was my friend Lena! Talk about coincidence. That was so funny.  She and George had just eaten there after dropping off their latest visitors at the airport. They seemed kinda tired, but it was so great to see them.

They had been to the restaurant/pub Murphy's, which we go to all of the time, and really liked it. I was less than enthusiastic about it, when they mentioned it, so I had to explain that we eat there once or twice a week! Plus they only have a few things I can eat.  Hopefully we will get together with them in a few weeks.

I went across the street to the little mall area called Ward Warehouse, that has lots of nice shops, a few restaurants, and a cab stand, like last time. I stopped in a few stores to look around. I bought a couple of early Christmas gifts. They have some really nice stores there. I guess they're going to tear it all down sometime next year. They've been expanding that area and are building a Whole Foods there. That will be nice to have, closer to us. Still, I really like that mall so it's too bad that they're going to be changing.  I stopped at the little place to get a shave ice as well. I always get the Obama Rainbow flavor :)   It's not "shaved" ice, it's shave ice. It's not a Sno cone, either.   Its texture is softer. Kind of halfway between a Slurpee and a Sno cone. You can eat it with a spoon or straw.  Plus, they have toppings you can add on, although I never have.

I saw a cute little dog there, too, that didn't have a collar or leash. I hope it found it's way home! It was very friendly, so hopefully it does belong to someone there.

They have a cab stand there, as I said. There was no cab, but they have a phone just for TheCab (that's the name of it), and a cab came right away, so that was nice. The cab driver was a young woman, and she was very nice. Her English was a little hard to understand, but we got through it pretty well.

I had a little nap after I got home. So tired still! We didn't go out to eat tonight for a change. We won't be going out tomorrow night, either. David has some dinner for work. I will have to make sure to go out for lunch instead!

I should have stopped and taken more photos for Instagram while I was out, but I forgot. It was hot, anyway, and I was carrying that huge salad around.  Maybe tomorrow I will get up early enough that I can walk somewhere new, before it gets too hot, and take some photos.

My laptop is really driving me crazy. I'm so sick of it freezing up, especially in the browser. It usually means I need to restart my laptop. It seems to happen a lot more than it should.

  Thursday August 20

I went to bed a little after midnight, and I woke up at 9 with the alarm. I slept a little more after that, though. It's so hard to sleep when it's hot at night.

I had a very unhealthy breakfast. I'm going to trying eating healthy from now on.

I ordered this jacket for a costume for the convention in September. I can barely zip it, so I need to lose some weight! It's an XL, but women's clothes vary greatly from one outfit to the next. Normally I wear a size Large, not XL, but this is obviously smaller than that size.

Tomorrow I hit the gym for sure! Well, as long as I'm not sick....I've been sick a lot lately with my usual allergy problems that affect my gut.

David had a work dinner tonight, but at least he did bring me home some gluten free cupcakes! That was so nice of him.

After I rested for a while, I decided it was time to get up and do some stuff. I took a shower, then I went to Safeway around 3:30 to get some food, and some more sugar free Popsicles! It was so hot and humid. It started sprinkling on the way back, and it was pouring after that. I just missed the deluge!

After I got back and rested some more, I started cleaning up the house a bit. I dusted and vacuumed our bedroom, and I washed our bedclothes and the rest of the laundry.

I spent way too much time on Facebook today and a bunch of assholes really annoyed me. First, someone who is FB friends with an actor, that I'm also FB friends with, said some really racist and stupid stuff. The actor is very liberal and this person was arguing about immigrants. He actually said that he wasn't a racist, but he hates Arabs. OK! LOL! Then someone that is a FB friend, and I know the person in real life, but not well, got mad at me for something I said. This person really disappointed me. I'm not going to describe it, but it has to do with cheating on your spouse. I hate to think that anyone I know and like would do that. It's the ultimate betrayal of someone you're supposed to love. And the thing is, nowadays, there's no reason for it!  Tell your spouse, I want to have sex with someone else. Leave it up to them whether to divorce you or not. Just don't cheat -- that's the absolute worst thing you can do. If you don't love them any more, or whatever it is, just..Be honest.

And then this other idiot person that used to annoy me, I blocked her months ago, but she's still trying to annoy me by bothering my FB friends. It's just sad. And lastly, I'm sick of people talking about adults being bullied online. Sorry, but that's just stupid. If you're a kid, it's one thing. Adults can't be "bullied."  Someone can be rude or mean to you, yes.  You're an adult. Ignore them! (Now, if they're sexually harassing you, or stalking you, etc. that's different. Those are against the law. If they're hitting you, that's assault.)  So stupid. Someone actually said this to a meme about cyber bullying:  "Shame more adults than kids do this now."  I mean, come on. No, it's not a shame! You would rather kids did it or were the victims?  Jeez. People are such idiots and wusses. It's bad for kids to bully each other or to be bullied. It's not something an adult can do to you unless you let them. Remember, it takes two to have an argument. It's not bullying, it's called "being a jerk." Call them on it. Stand up for yourself. Or tell the boss if it's at work. Whatever it is, deal with it. If it's your boss, then decide whether you want to quit or find another job or not.

I updated my Carpenters Page! Also, in one month, I'm going to the Amazing Hawaii Comic-Con. I can't wait!

Ugh, 2 am and I'm not even tired.

  Friday August 21

I can't believe it's already Friday! Where has the time gone?

It seems a bit cooler today, from what I can tell. I didn't go out during the day. I was feeling sick a lot as usual. I did spend a little bit of time singing and recording.

We went down to Waikiki as usual. We went to this bar in the Sheraton called The Edge. I like it because it's right on the ocean, and it's not as expensive as most of the other beach bar/restaurants, and it's almost never too crowded to get a seat. The food is not great, but it's not bad. They have a little band there that plays mostly Hawaiian music. You may recall that this is the one that's right next to the Infinity Pool (which is why they call it "The Edge," I guess).

I had fish tacos, without the flour tortilla. They put it on lettuce. I failed to notice that there was avocado in it, so David ate mine (and I ordered it a second time, without the guacamole). Fortunately, he hadn't ordered anything else because he wasn't that hungry. I took some nice photos for Instagram. We went before sundown, so it was really beautiful. It was a bit overcast, and it started sprinkling just a little bit toward the end of our time there.

We then walked over to the Irish place as usual. We didn't stay too long....David had a snack. I can't eat anything there. They have a singer who plays guitar, and sometimes he's okay. It might be more than one guy. I don't really pay that close attention. Anyway, he was singing some fun oldies, and everyone was singing along, so that was nice.

I mostly worked on my site the rest of the night.

  Saturday August 22

David woke me up for lunch, and we went to Square Barrels again. They have a good breakfast and lunch menu and know which foods have gluten. This is our new weekend place instead of Zippy's, which I can't eat at, now that I know their breakfast is not gluten free. I walked around the area a little and took some photos for Instagram. It's pretty hot again, so I didn't stay out long.

I've been thinking about taking guitar lessons, so that I can maybe accompany myself singing and get gigs that way. I don't have to depend on my band that way, since they don't seem to want to get together very often.  Hopefully it'll be easier than piano lessons, but who knows... I found an instructor that's not too far away...a little over a mile away. I have a free consultation on Friday to see what's what (how expensive it will be and so forth). I explained via email what I wanted to do and what my musical background is. Hopefully he'll be a good teacher! I don't plan to be a rock star at 53! I just want to sing and play. I'd prefer to play in a rock band, but otherwise I'll make do with softer songs in the meantime. If I can learn the guitar, I certainly know tons of songs already and can get gigs playing in some local bars if nothing else, perhaps going to open mic night.

I have really tiny hands, but the guy said that he should be able to find something I can play until I get my own guitar. Maybe I can rent one somewhere. I have no idea which kind of guitar to get. There are so many out there on the net, even if you just limit it to smaller ones.

Lately I've been sleeping a split shift; getting up before noon and then taking an afternoon nap.

We couldn't agree on where to go for dinner, so we went to Murphy's. I had the turkey dinner, which wasn't bad. I've been avoiding sugar and most carbs again, and eating salads or other veggies when I can. I've been eating a lot of sugar free Popsicles so I'm not tempted to eat ice cream. It's just so tough when it's hot.

I did a lot of work on my site, and I cleaned up the house a little more. I cleaned my bathroom, which really needed it!

  Sunday August 23

Wow, can you believe it's been a decade since Hurricane Katrina? Doesn't seem that long ago to me...getting old!

There's this Vietnamese restaurant near us (well, there are many, actually) that just re-opened with a different name. It's called "Pho'hana" which is a kind of pun because "Ohana" means family in Hawaiian and that word is used here a lot. However, "Pho" is actually pronounced "fuh" so it's a weird pun. It only works if you mispronounce the word! Silly.  Anyway, we went there for lunch. I had the Pho because it was one of the few things without soy sauce or flour. It was pretty good. Pho is basically a soup with pieces of meat, and rice noodles, and some veggies. They usually put the veggies on the side so you can decide what you want to add. They include herbs as veggies, though, and give you huge pieces of basil and mint, which I'm not into; and also bean sprouts. Yuk. So I just ate the beef, and some of the noodles and broth. I took the rest home for later. I don't know why I try these other places when Duc's is the best one around by far.

We had a nap and then went to the Safeway with our little carts to get some stuff. It was way too hot and humid. I'm annoyed because I forgot to get more quinoa chips!

Then we went to Downbeat for dinner as always. I had the same as last weekend, a western bacon cheeseburger on corn tortilla. Not diet food, that's for sure.

I know it sounds like all we do is eat, but the rest is even more boring: watching TV, cleaning the house, working on my site, chatting on Facebook, or sleeping!

I'm really sleepy tonight. I decided to do some more singing/recording to wake up.

I don't know what's more amazing - the people that would vote for Donald Trump, or the ones that are worried that he might become president (I see both on Facebook, but mostly the latter). I don't think he has a chance. People forget that the election is almost a year and a half away. I wish that he would win the Republican nomination because I think any of the Democrats would easily beat him.  He's an idiot, and a racist, and a sexist, just to name a few things...

Of course I wouldn't vote for any of the Republicans in a million years! They don't represent my interests. It also amazes me that anyone who is not a rich white male would vote for them. Those are the only people they care about. That's been true for a long time.

I might go to bed early tonight. Still very tired and it's only 9pm. I'm guessing that if I do go to bed soon, I'll sleep for awhile and then wake up again and it'll be too hot to sleep.

I tried to go to bed about 1 but got up and down, tossed and turned, and probably didn't get to sleep until sometime after 3. It was just very hot, and then we had a big storm, so it was really loud with the thunder and lightening.

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