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  Monday 8/10/15

Last night I had trouble sleeping, in part because of the heat and because of my neck, so I watched a movie, "The Grand Budapest Hotel." It was pretty good. I didn't know if I would like it or not because I had seen a previous movie by Wes Anderson and didn't like it much. This one was pretty good. It had a great story. Ralph Fiennes is excellent in it. He reminded me a little of the actor Sebastian Roché who's been in lots of shows I watch, but especially his role as Jerry on "General Hospital." I interviewed him last year and he's a very nice man. But it was just so funny how much Fiennes sounded like him.

I had to get up early for a conference call interview... I went back to sleep around noon and slept for another 4 hours.  I know I keep saying this, but I'm still trying to get up early so I can do the things I need to do, like get my hair cut and go to the store and gym!

We went to Epic for "dinner". They changed their menu now, so there are even fewer things on it I can eat. :(

My neck has still been hurting, so after I finished some more important work stuff, I got off the computer for a while and did some laundry and other cleaning stuff...

This building we live in is old, and huge, so they're constantly fixing things.  We have these big windows, so it's bad enough when the window cleaners swing by, but now they're been doing some kind of repairs on some of the lanais, so they're moving up and down here all of the time. It's fine in my bedroom because we only have a few of the blinds open, and you can't see into where the bed is. In the living room, though, we have the blinds half open and the lanai door open, so I have to have a blanket handy to cover myself. It's very hot here, and we have no a/c, so I'm usually only wearing a tank top and underwear.  Thankfully, I notice that when they pass by, they're always looking down, so they're probably told not to look in to people's windows. Of course if they're actually washing them, that's more difficult because they have to look right at the windows! Fortunately, the things that take them by our window are pretty loud, so I can tell when they're coming before they pass by. I can jump up and run out of the room, or grab a blanket quickly.

I ended up going back on the computer and stayed until almost 5am.

  Tuesday 8/11/15

I've been pretty healthy for the past week or so, aside from my neck problems and some minor allergies (eyes watering too much). I've been really careful about what I eat. Maybe not going to Zippy's over the weekend helped! I don't know, since they won't answer my emails...

I woke up really early, watched TV, finally went back to sleep, then I woke up for good around 1:30pm. I picked up around the house. The plumber came to replace the washer faucet (they've been doing some minor repairs in the whole building). He says it has nothing to do with our washer leaking, which is a shame.

I went to the grocery store about 4:30 with my cart...I forget that it usually takes me at least an hour, so David met me there, and we got some rotisserie chicken for dinner.  Unfortunately, they had overcooked it, so it wasn't as good as usual.

Right after I walked in the store, I took my purse out of the cart, so I could text David...then I saw that a guy tried to walk out of the store with some drink, right past the security guard! Of course the guard stopped him. They took his photo and told him never to come back. Kind of weird because the guy must have been drunk or high, or crazy. Why else just try to steal a soda or beer? And walk right past the guard.  Made no sense. If he really wanted to steal just ONE CAN, then why not drink it in the store and then leave? No one would know unless they happened to see you do it.

I bought some tamales from the Safeway deli. They were pretty good. Strangely, they had cheese, and if there was chicken in there, I couldn't taste it. Usually they don't put cheese in tamales.

I stayed up way too late...watching TV, listening to music, working on my site, etc. As usual! I did do some work on learning some songs. I can't actually sing late at night here, but I can at least find some songs to sing and get the lyrics ready, listen to the original song, etc.

  Wednesday 8/12/15

I was supposed to go to the allergy doctor this morning, but David's too busy to take me, and I don't feel like spending the money on taking cabs both ways. That's the only problem with having Kaiser because the place is a few miles away. Not as convenient as it could be.  I had forgotten that I was also going to pick up my Metformin at the pharmacy, so he's going to have to take me sometime this week, anyway.

The alarm was set for noon, but apparently I got up, turned it off, and went back to sleep. I have no memory of doing this. I must have been really tired. I didn't hear a phone call, either, and usually those wake me up.  I did take a second allergy pill last night, so maybe that's why. I was very itchy last night. I can take one every six hours as needed, but sometimes if I take a second one, it really knocks me out.

I had a very detailed dream about my old high school. It was now a college, and David worked there. I had told him that I wanted to take classes there, but we were arguing about it, for some reason. He didn't want me to spend the money or something. Finally, he said that I couldn't take classes in the Fall because they were full up and had already turned people away. I was shocked and didn't believe him, so I went over to the campus. It was much bigger in my dream and filled with people, even though it was still summer school. I happened to see my brother Pat, who was taking classes there, too, for some reason. I got in a line and then asked, when I got to the end of the line, for information about taking classes. I was told that they're already full up and turning people away.  While I was standing in line, someone who had been working on a tall building fell.  We saw his ladder or some part of the building fall, and the person fell. We all gasped and said, "Oh, no!" and someone said, "That poor boy!"  But then apparently he had fallen on something soft and was safe, so we all were relieved. After I got out of the line, I wondered if maybe the choir would let me sing in it, without registering. Then I realized that they probably had a newer arts building and it wasn't in the same old little building that was here when I went to high school. As I started walking toward what I thought was the arts building, I woke up.

We went to dinner at Murphy's. I wasn't that hungry, so I just had an appetizer. It was really really hot and humid tonight, and with no breeze.

In the afternoon, and again after dinner, I worked on some new songs and recording them. It was tough with all of the heat, though. I get very hot when I sing, anyway! I don't know why, but I always have.

I had to really work hard to force myself to do the dishes, and it really wasn't that difficult after all. Just being lazy, I guess! I still have to clean the middle bedroom, which is very messy, as well as clean out the refrigerator. Ugh.

  Thursday 8/13/15

I was pretty nervous all day because of my root canal tomorrow. In some ways, it's worse that I already had one before because I know how awful it can be.

So this is weird...I signed up for the Windows 10 upgrade, which they said would be at the end of July, but it still hasn't happened. I wonder why?

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I didn't get up TOO late, so I went to get my hair cut (finally!) at the little place across the street called "Yes!"  The old Vietnamese lady there is really nice. I think I'm going to have her color my hair for the convention in September. They have this kind where you wash it 20 times and it washes the color out, so it's not so permanent. I really don't want to be a blonde! Just for the convention.

I just had her layer it because it had been a while, and trim the very ends.

For dinner, we just went to J.J. Dolan's for pizza, for him, and then I got take-out at The Tap Room, like usual. They didn't have any gluten free cookies or cupcakes, so I just had some ice cream.

I've been eating way too many sweets still, especially ice cream. It's hard in the summer for me because I just crave ice cream all of the time. That's enough of that. Back to sugar free popsicles for me.

Even though my schedule has been late, I managed to get to bed fairly early so I could get up for my root canal. At first it was tough to sleep. I was still nervous and thinking about tomorrow. I finally did get to sleep and had a pretty good night's sleep. I was very stuffed up, though.

  Friday 8/14/15

I woke up around 9:30 to have a bite to eat and take a shower, etc. I took a muscle relaxer and also some Aleve, to help me relax.

I got in fairly quickly at the endodontist's office.  David went to have lunch while I was in there. They offered to let me have these movie goggles, and I admit, that did sound interesting, but I knew it wouldn't take 2 hours, so I didn't want to start a movie and then have to leave it. I brought my iPod; I wanted to just listen to music instead. They did give me sunglasses because they had the window shade open and it was very bright. Also, they are sort of protective goggles from any gunk that comes flying out of my mouth. The last one didn't do that.

At first they gave me some nasty tasting stuff in the back of the throat to numb it. Then they gave me some shots to numb the area around my tooth. That was pretty painful.  Then he poked around in there to see if the tooth was broken or not (it wasn't). That wasn't too bad, but I kind of had a minor panic attack when I went to use the suction thing because when I lean back like that, (sorry to be gross) I have post nasal drip, so I was kind of choking on that. I asked the doctor to remove the thing that they put around the tooth to keep stuff from falling down into your throat. He wasn't too happy about the delay, I guess, but he did that and let me relax for a while. I tried to tell him that it was just nerves mixed with my congestion, and I apologized profusely, but he didn't smile or anything. His nurse is really nice, but he didn't seem as nice today as he did last time I saw him. I was very upset from it all and was kind of shaking with nerves.

But anyway, once I relaxed more, and we chatted again, I felt better. He told me to go ahead and swallow if I felt I had to, and that helped me quite a bit.  The rest of the root canal didn't take long. I'm guessing about 20 minutes. I had my iPod but only listened to 3-4 songs, so it wasn't very long. There was no problem at all at that point. I tried to concentrate on breathing through my nose, moving my feet or fingers to the music, etc. Anything except freaking out because I really hate the drilling, and having to have my mouth open all that time.

It was quite a relief once it was over. It sure felt like an ordeal. The doctor was much nicer after that. He did say that he gave it 74% chance of success (I guess since it's had problems and this is my second root canal on that same tooth).  He said that the tooth has 4 roots, which is unusual. Most teeth only have 2 or 3.  So that's why the other endodontist didn't get it all done the first time.

They took an X-ray afterwards and that was very easy, since I was all numb. Unlike usual when it's annoying and somewhat painful.

We stopped at Kaiser after, so I could fill the doctor's prescriptions and pick up my other one. I got an antibiotic rinse, and some painkillers.

My face and gums were all numb, which is always weird. I went home and tried to take a nap, but at first I couldn't.  Then I tried again and eventually I did manage to nap.  Which was good because my face was really itching a lot from the numbness wearing off. It was still a little numb after I woke up, but not nearly as bad.

I did take the painkillers because it hurt a bit, as well as another muscle relaxer. I felt okay other than that, and we went out to dinner on Waikiki as usual. We went to Giovanni Pastrami, which we both like. I was glad that I could eat and not worry about my tooth or anything. They just said to eat on the right side until I can get my crown re-done, since they had to drill through that to do the root canal.

They also said to brush normally, but I was afraid to do that for a day or so because I didn't want to brush on it while it was hurting. I finally did brush the next day.

  Saturday 8/15/15

I got up pretty early and we went to breakfast over at Square Barrels. Oh, Zippy's finally answered my email and told me that I shouldn't eat the bacon or hash browns (they aren't gluten free), so we probably won't go back there much any more. I can eat the eggs, and Spam, but I don't like those as much. Square Barrels is a nice little locally owned place, and they know what's in their food. I had a turkey burger. It was kind of brunch more than breakfast. It was very good. It's rare that I can eat turkey burgers or veggie burgers because they usually have flour in them.

We stopped at Murphy's and I had sorbet. Bad me! No more sorbet or ice cream.

I just mostly worked on my site a lot... For dinner, we went to Gordon Biersch. We hadn't been there in a little while. It's always nice to eat on the harbor. It was beautiful there. I had the lemon chicken as usual.

Walking by the mall there, I noticed they took down a lot of the barrier around it. The new Barnes & Noble campus bookstore looks like it's almost open. It's all coming along nicely. I can't wait until it all opens! Supposed to be all ready for the students to move in soon. I hope they get in a lot of shops and some more restaurants there as they were planning (I believe). It will be nice to have more options.

I wish we could get a movie theater downtown here! That would be so convenient. I wouldn't mind going to more movies by myself if it's right down the street. The Dole Cannery theater is not too far, but I have to walk through a seedy area to get there. Also, if we're meeting up with people for lunch or dinner, there's nowhere right there to eat.

It was a pretty low key weekend, all the way around...

  Sunday 8/16/15

We went to the grocery store finally. We really needed a lot of things, even after going to the Safeway earlier in the week.

One of my allergy medicines, Flonase, is now non-prescription. It's cheap at Walmart, but not at the grocery store. I won't be getting it at the grocery store any more. Yikes. That's the second allergy medicine of mine to go non-prescription. It's crazy.

I had some upsetting news today and was very angry and upset for quite a while. I'm still annoyed but basically over it. :( I decided to clean the kitchen a bit, using my anger to a positive outcome. Later, I did the laundry as well.

I'm still having some jaw pain when I open my mouth, but it's much better than it was.

We went out, but the first place we wanted to eat at was too crowded, so we just stopped at McDonald's on the way home and got takeout for lunch. It was so hot! 90 degrees. You know it's bad when the low is 79 degrees every day. It was overcast on Saturday, so it didn't seem nearly as bad, I guess.

Later, for dinner, we went to Downbeat as usual. It was way more crowded than it generally is on Sundays, and our regular guy was not there.  It was still great, but service was not quite as wonderful as usual. The food is always awesome. I didn't feel like having the usual stuff. To be honest, when we left our building, it smelled like barbecued ribs. Someone was probably grilling. So then I craved barbecue! The closest thing they had was a Western Burger with bacon and bbq sauce, so I had that. Thankfully, most of their sauces are gluten free. I love Downbeat! It was really good.

I had clicked on the "Get Windows 10" box in July, and it said they would let me know when I can upgrade. I then took the notification off my taskbar because I kept accidentally clicking on it again. I put it back on to see if there was any change. I got this detail: "Critical hardware components made by Intel for your PC don't have drivers for Windows 10 yet."   Great, I wonder how long that will take? Bummer.

I wasn't tired, so I stayed up until 2 am, and then I still had trouble getting to sleep. It's been just too hot, and the ceiling fan in our bedroom is wobbling a lot, so we don't like to have it on too high.

David's been using his new tablet. We finally figured out how to get his work email's calendar on there, so that's great! It's a pretty amazing device that can do most of what he used to do on the laptop. At least it doesn't freeze up, like my laptop does. Then again, from what I read, Android OS is a lot safer, at least on tablets and phones, from viruses and such, and they have a built-in malware scanner. I'm guessing that most of my problems with my laptop freezing up have to do with the antivirus program or with shockwave, neither of which are on the tablet.

I would definitely use the tablet over this laptop if only for a few programs that I must use for my website, like Microsoft Frontpage. I'm waiting for the day when I can get a Windows-based tablet that works work and has apps for all of my needs. Maybe next time I buy a new laptop!

I owe some people emails... I hope to get to those later today or tomorrow at the latest. I've just been so busy lately and trying to catch up on things.

My SIL retired this week (and maybe her husband, too, not too sure about that). She's only 57, I think? She worked for the state of California and got a great retirement deal. Must be nice! I hope they both enjoy it.

Have a great week!

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